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Sierra Building Group (Sierra Homes) Markham ON:

by Richard

Dealing with Sierra homes has been an awful experience. It has been close to a year and all our requests have been done poorly (according to a sub contracted worker it is due to the low quality materials provided by Sierra homes) or our requests have been totally ignored. My father in-law has contacted Leigh Pawlick from Sierra homes numerous times, as have I and she seems to avoid calls and emails are met with short messages lacking in detail.

Our biggest complaint with Sierra homes has to do with our balcony and air conditioner. It has been two months short of year now and all the balcony’s and air conditioners are up in our condo townhouse division, and our home still hasn’t received any attention. Why from the beginning did they skip our home is a complete mystery to me. We have been told over and over again (emails can be provided) that they are working on it, or “2 to 3 days” - was what I was told I received and this has gone on for a long time.

I will try to post up a link to pictures of the strange work done inside of this home when I get the chance where I have posted this same review on

0 stars for Sierra Homes : Markham Ontario :


New Orleans Pizza, Stratford - Disabled Customers Not Welcome

by elanes

We had ordered a pizza from the Stratford location and I was going to get as my husband had some business to do down the street.

I realized when I got there the store wasn’t accessible so waited for hubby. H went in and made the suggestion of a small concrete  ramp to make the store easier for the disabled the owner said he didn’t care so my husband said he was leaving. The owner said what about the pizza and hubby just said if you don’t want disabled customers in his store he didn’t care to eat their pizza and we have continued to tell everyone of our friends the store when they’ve wanted to order from New Orleans.


Quiznos Canada - No Fresh Tomatoes?

by Linda

Went to Quizmos on Hespeler Road in Cambridge and ordered a pizza with the works about 6 weeks ago. The girl making it asked if I would accept pizza sauce instead of fresh tomatoes..I replied I really preferred fresh tomatoes but o.k. When I went to pay for it I notice a big basket of fresh tomatoes. I asked who I presumed was the owner why I was told I couldn’t have fresh tomatoes when they had so many.He said ….look at the lineup we don’t have time to cut up tomatoes. I said those customers are more important than me? Why don’t you hire more workers? Then I told him I won’t return to his store. WILL NOT RETURN TO QUIZNOS. BAD ATTITUDE . THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. OR WAS IT BECAUSE I WAS A WOMAN ALONE?


London Drugs Saskatoon Knowingly Sells Recalled Baby Items

by Josi

This last Friday I was in my local London Drugs store in Saskatoon where I noticed a NUBY Noah’s Ark Teether on sale.  I has recently read that these teethers were recalled due to bacteria in the gel.  I picked up the teether and gave it to a cashier, notifying her that it had been recalled.  She thanked me and kept it behind the counter.

Sunday I was back in London Drugs and the same teether was back on the shelf!  I have written London Drugs, but I am completely appauled that a store whose focus is health would knowingly sell recalled children’s items.  Disgusting.


Best Cooler ever at Canadian Tire, and it even runs off of Propane! GENIUS!

by juniperjune

This is the best cooler ever! It will run off household current, a cigarette lighter or a bottle of propane. We plugged it in at home over night to cool it down first. In the morning we filled it up, loaded it into the car and plugged it in to the cigarette lighter. Once we were at the camp site we hooked it up to a small propane bottle. One bottle lasted over 24 hours. You can buy a hose adapter and hook it up to a BBQ propane tank. The tank should last at least 20 days.

This cooler cools up to 20°C below ambient temperature. It even comes with an ice cube tray! It really does make ice!

The only draw back is the handles. They are not recessed enough to get a really good grip on it. Plus it would be really good to have a lock on it. The raccoons at the camp site are really bad! What we did was we got a second hand dog cage. We placed the cooler inside and used a bungee cord around the top to keep the odors inside. Then we put a lock on the top of the cage. The raccoons did not even try to open it at all!

You can’t leave this cooler in your car overnight as it would drain the battery, and if it is running on propane, it needs to be properly ventilated. I would suggest the dog cage.

  • Three-way power source absorption cooler
  • Uses 12V DC or 120V AC, propane gas or 12V connector for cigarette lighter
  • Cools to 20°C below ambient temperature
  • A 1-lb cylinder of propane gas operates the cooler for 24 hours
  • 40L capacity
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)/weight: 52.0 x 51.0 x 45.0 cm / 19.5 kg

Canadian Tire has it Reg $279.99
3-Way Power Cooler, 40L : Product #37-0100-6


Walmart London Coupons

by balllot

This morning I was in WalMart at WhiteOaks Mall London.  I had coupons for a few items, mainly Kelloggs Cocoa Straws.  They are on for $1 each, and my coupons are for $2.  The lady rudely told me that she can only give me the $1 off, as it’s illegal to give more money than the product value.  She said it’s a government law that coupons cannot exceed the price.  I was fine with that, but I had a few more coupons and she just kept giving me attitude about it all.  I felt like I was doing something wrong by using coupons.

When I got home, I called the store manager and complained about her.  At least he was helpful and polite.


Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada - Wonderful!

by poppleton

Right before I was due with our second baby, my husband and I went to MWWH on one of their 20% off evenings  to find some new dress pants for him.  When we got home, we noticed that on the pair of pinstripe pants we bought there was a white faded line down the front of each leg.  I returned to the store to exchange them, but they had none in stock.  I was told that they would order some in, but a couple of weeks later, they still hadn’t arrived.  I had to go back down to the store to try again, and this time the pants were delivered to my door.  With the same stripe down the front :(

I ended up emailing their head office since I didn’t want to head down to the store a third time (we had just had our baby a couple of days before), and received a call the very next morning from the district manager in my area.  He apologized profusely, and said that he would be personally going to a couple of the stores in the city to find a pair of pants that were not discoloured.  He showed up at our door a couple of hours later, again apologizing, and explained that they had a problem with that particular dye lot but he had managed to find one pair in great condition.  He let me look over the pants, again apologized, and let me know that there was a gift card waiting at the store for the amount we had paid for the pants.

Although there were some mix-ups in the beginning, I am so impressed that the company went to such lengths to ensure that we ended up happy with our purchase.  I have never before heard of a store manager personally delivering an item to someone’s house!  They have definitely ensured that we will continue to be frequent customers at their location.


Ordering from Sears Canada - Worst Experience EVER

by terrarankin

Here is an email I sent to head office (sorry it’s long, but you will see why):

I would like a telephone response to this email by March 31st for the following concerns:

1.  An order was placed by my mother,  in September 25/08 for baby furniture for myself which consisted of 3 pieces being a 4 drawer dresser, 3 drawer chest and hutch.  These items were ordered as a gift for me and all calls, etc were to go through me, the person receiving the items.

2.  The 3 pieces were to be received in October (4 drawer dresser), November (3 drawer chest) and December (hutch).

3.  I called in December, as I had yet to receive any furniture.  The 4 and 3 piece will be in December.  Hutch pushed back to January.

4.  In December I received a call from the Orillia store that the 3 drawer had arrived.  I picked it up and the next day they called again to say that the 4 piece was there and they were sending it back if we did not come get it.  I explained that we were just there the day before and they only gave us the one piece.

5.  I called customer service and was offered a $100 gift certificate for the inconvenience.  I was informed that the hutch would be in January 21st.

6.  We picked up the 4 piece and put it together and at the end realized that we were sent 2 left side pieces of the dresser. We had to disassemble the unit.  I called customer service and they said to return it to the store and they would send an exchange.  I was offered a $25 gift certificate for the inconvenience. (I still have not received this, but was informed on March 24th I would receive it in 5-6 weeks).

7. I called customer service January 20th re: status of my orders.  4 piece was to be in this week and the hutch was pushed back to a date not determined.

8. On January 23rd i received a call that the 4 piece had arrived and that it was COD.  It was to be on my mothers Sears card.  Head office called my mother and the Orillia store and it was straighted out.

9.  On January 24th we picked up the 4 piece and the hutch was also there.  We got them home and realized that both pieces were the wrong colour.  One was a dark wood, the other an oak colour.  We ordered the Natural.

10.  I called customer service on January 24th and the representative was extremely rude and very unwilling to help in any way. We brought both pieces back.  Now we were to receive the pieces on February 27th.

11.  On February 28th we were informed that the 2 items were in.  However, for some reason, they were sent to the Chippewa store for pick up.  My mother spent an hour on the phone with customer service trying to straighten out that delivery was to be to Orillia and that the items were to be on her sears card.  She was given the impression that everything was straightened out.

12.  On March 2nd my mother was called that the pieces were ready to be picked up at the Bracebridge store.  Again, another hour on the phone trying to fix this mess.  They were going to purolate to orillia that day.

13.  I called Orillia store on March 3rd.  They had the hutch.  I called bracebridge store, they dont have anything.  My mother called bracebridge store, they do have the 4 piece there.  They will send to orillia by purolator tomorrow.

14.  For the next couple of days I was on the phone with the orillia and bracebridge store, and customer service several times trying to track down the item.  One time I called head office i was put on hold by an agent for over 15 minutes and I finally had to hang up.  No one attempted to call me back.

15.  My mother called head office to ensure that the items would be on her card. They assured her they were.

16.  On March 6th I called the Orillia store and both pieces were now there.  I picked them up on March 7th (I had to bring my mother’s Sears card because it was COD for some reason). Brought the items home, and the hutch was the wrong colour.  It was the oak colour.  The dresser had dings and a dent in it.  Mind you, these items were to go though inspection before they were shipped to me.

17.  On March 6th I called customer service as I just was fed up and didn’t know what to do.  At this point, I have an 8 month old baby, with only one dresser.  I was offered a $160 gift certificate for the damage of the dresser, as well as the travel to and from the orillia store.  The hutch was brought back and ordered again.  It was to be in on March 27th.  I was on the phone with head office for over 1 hour.

18.  On March 10th I happened to be at my mother’s house and sears called.  They said that the hutch was no longer available by the manufacturer (storkcraft).

19.  On March 11th I called storkcraft, they are making this hutch in this colour still.

20.  I called Head office and spoke with Kim who said that she does not know why I was told this as it looked like this item was in fact available.  She was going to look into it and call me back within 48 hours.  I did not receive a phone call back.

21.  On March 24th I called Head Office to find out what was going on.  I spoke with Stuart (I believe) who said that it was noted that the item was voided, not available.  He said it was noted that someone did call me, but that there was no answer.  I do have an answering machine so I’m not sure why a message was not left.  I was told that the $25 and $160 gift certificates were issued on March 19th and that I would receive them within 5-6 weeks.

I feel like compensation should be provided to be for the above and for the following reasons:

A.  September 2008 to March 2009 trying to order baby furniture and coming up in the end with 2/3 of my order and not even happy with the items i have now as I dont have the entire collection I wanted.

B.  Hours my mother and I have spent on the phone (I would estimate at least 4-6 hours).  My mother should have never had to be involved with this as I repeatedly told sears to only contact me.  My mother was constantly called instead of me even though I was constantly told that they had my number on file

C.  Driving time to and from the Orillia store

D.  Time spent putting together and disassembling items, opening packages, repackaging

E.  The stress and hassle for the last SIX MONTHS

I have never in my life experienced such a horrible retail experience.  I can say that the customer service agents were sympathetic to my situation and did try to help (except for one or two unprofessional service agents).  I hope that Sears will offer me an appropriate compensation for this.

FYI Sears did nothing more for me.  I called and emailed Storkcraft and they sent me the Hutch, FOR FREE! And they got it right the first time!!


RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore) in Newmarket, Ontario

by cheapskate101

I recently went shopping at RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore) in Newmarket, ON and I had a Clean and Clear gift set come up as double the shelf price. I asked the cashier for SCOP and she got all mad a freaked out as if the money was coming out of her paycheck. She called the beauty department and they said I was right. She still would not give it to me for some reason, so I got kinda frustrated asking her why she would not give it to me. I wasn’t being mean or anything i was just kind of frustrated because these people don’t even know their own policy! She then proceeded to come closer to me and say “Listen, I don’t care how bad your day was today or what your going through, I don’t appreciate your attitude!” WTF??? My attitude?? I wasn’t giving her any attitude! I was getting a little frustrated of course because I didn’t feel like arguing with her. She was the one giving ME attitude! She then said fine take it to customer service and they will tell you the exact same thing i a  m telling you. So she brought it there and i proceeded with my order.

I then had another item, a 9 pound bag of fries, come up 7.99 instead of 2 for 7.99 which they were clearly advertised for in the store. I said I wanted to use SCOP on that too and she got all mad again and brought it to CS (Customer Service). After I was done my order, I went to CS and they immediately gave me both items for free. No questions asked. The CS lady(very nice by the way:)) then called the mean cashier who wouldn’t give it to me and said i was right and she just rang it through. The cashier then left the cash and came over to the CS lady and said “Listen I have been working here for 5 years, I am not an idiot!, I know what i am doing!” I was shocked! Obviously she doesn’t know what she is doing. The best part is, i had just asked to talk to the manager and tell him about everything, and the confrontation happened right in front of him! (she didn’t see him) I am not sure if he saw it though because he was talking to me, but he was still there.

So point the point of this is RCSS needs to train their employees and not just hire anyone, like in this case, and Customer Service at RCSS is GREAT! (well at least at this store:))

Clarification by Boo Radley

SCOP stands for Scanning Code of Practice. You can read more about SCOP here.


Flying Air Canada “As painful as a root canal done by an infant with a rusty butter knife”

by Alfred K

I travel a lot.  I am on a plane about once every other week, mostly for work sometimes for fun.  I have not flown on Air Canada for a domestic flight for a couple years.  I’ve avoided them like the plague and opt for the much friendlier WestJet.

I had the displeasure of flying Air Canada last week, and it was as painful as a root canal done by an infant with a rusty butter knife.

What airline makes you print your own baggage tag, and affix it to your own bags?  Air Canada does.  You would think this would lead to better efficiency and a quicker check-in since you’re now doing their baggage agent’s job.  Of course with Air Canada you get no such luck.

Instead, there is a line-up of 20 people at Toronto Pearson in the middle of the day with only ONE baggage agent.  ONE!  Not only was one in every five passengers showing up without baggage tags, they decided to argue with the agent.  The agent with their blank look and no desire to help, just slowed everyone down.

My return from Vancouver was made even more painful, as the Westjet counter is clearly visible.  Where of course there were 4 agents, processing everyone quickly, with never more than 5 people in line.  Over at the Air Canada line, again 20-30 people waiting, with TWO agents.  Did I mention that Air Canada agents are useless?

I ask the agent, “Does your management know that there is a huge line of irrate customers here while your competitor is doing a much better job with more agents and a better experience - all clearly within sight of your customers that you choose to ignore?”

Her answer was that she’s certain management is aware of the complaints.

All I did was laugh and tell her that her management is making a very good effort and ensuring they go under.

I will try my best to continue to avoid flying Air Canada.  They clearly have no intention of providing any level of customer service, and choose to ignore the needs of their customers.  Kind of like the US auto industry, and where did they go?  My biggest worry is that Canadian taxpayers will end up owning a piece of yet another useless company.


Don’t Buy Event Tickets from Metropolis Records Toronto

by FunkyMunky

Just thought I’d share this with anyone who ever bought or will be thinking of purchasing event tickets from Metropolis Records store at Queen and Spadina in Toronto - DON’T!

I have purchased a ticket with a face value of $40 for $50 for an event that was later canceled (The Don Jail party, if anyone knows about it). The guy has refused to reimburse the full amount, claiming that $10 difference was his service charge. Other stores had a service charge between $5 and $8 and have been refunding the full amounts, as I was informed by other party-goers. This guy caused so much drama for me, it’s not even funny.

Please do not purchase event tickets from him ever again! His name is Ali and his business name is Remix AV.


Today I had to Fight with Telus and Won!

by dealsniffer

Oooooh I am sooo mad at Telus still! 3 months ago I decided to phone and find out what web sites I could visit because I had this 100 partner sites included in my spark 11 plan. The guy told me and I visited a couple and was charged $8.45. Phoned back the next month and talked to a lady who told me she would do stuff for me so I would be credited the 8.45 and also get a new plan that included unlimited web browsing for the same price I was paying for spark 11. I was told the reason there was problems was because spark 11 was discontinued and whatever and I would need to be upgraded to avoid more phone calls to them. I was soooo happy about the great customer service…until the bill today! Charged full price for new plan and over $30 for web browsing! WHAT??? So back on the phone and fought with one guy for quite awhile about the whole thing and I guess he was not allowed to do what she did anyways and he completely screwed things up. I asked him what he was going to do to  make me happy outright and he said there was nothing he could or would do. I was now so much more upset and I demanded to speak to someone who would do something to keep me happy and fix this. So he finally got someone who gave me a whole year of the better plan for free. I am not jumping up and down yet because I am waiting to see if this actually happens and if I need to phone back again. Each time I am assured I won’t have to phone back. I don’t quite trust what they tell me anymore. I will believe it when I see it and let people know if this actually happens. But it goes to show that you can get more accomplished if you ask to talk to someone higher up.


Your Dollar Store With More - 5095 Yonge St.

by Mommy

I think this is a great site and fabulous idea.  I visited the above noted dollar store in August 2008 and was treated very badly by the clerk, store manager and the owner.  If you want to visit a store where customer service is not a priority then visit this place. The “head” clerk got lippy and loud in front of the whole store.  The manager followed suit.  In all my life I never really had a bad experience with a store until I visited this store.  I got the run around, never received an apology and when I contacted the head office they mentioned I would receive a call from the owner.  Never happened.  This store’s policies change on the whim of the manager and or owner.  Signs are posted but not followed by anyone and if you challenge their authority, you get treated badly in return.


Sears Canada Delivery Problems

by PC

I had a bad experience at Sears Canada.

I wanted to get myself organized and purchased a mattress bed set for my new apartment. I purchased it 2 months in advance in march so it could come in June. I received the reminder phone message 2 days in advanced that the bed was coming and to prepare to have the space ready. Well, that morning of the delivery Sears had the nerve to phone me and tell me that they couldn’t make the delivery. After lots of calls asking why when it was ordered 2 months in advanced all I got was answers that they apologize for the inconvenience the item never made the delivery truck. But, I kept on telling them 2 months in advanced that is not acceptable for a major store to have goofed up on. I ended up cancelling and went to the wonderful Sleep Country. There I paid a little more but, the delivery came through and they were nice. My end result is I am not going to purchase any major items again from Sears Canada and let everybody know about this Bad experience.


Awesome Customer Service at Lowe’s in Barrie

by Julieandsteve

My girlfriend and I went to Lowes after reading on here that the hanging baskets were b1g1. It was late Sat. night. They were sold out except for a couple rough looking ones. The girl working in flowers was able to convince the men unloading the truck with the next days shipment to let us get ours. She went above and beyond. Then another employee went and got us a cart. When we went in the store we were asked by different employees if they could help us. It was a great expereience.