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Appliances From the Bay

By Sandi

I ordered a fridge, stove and dishwasher all in stainless and a super red washer and dryer all Whirlpool from the BAY. I also ORDERED A deluxe QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING.
All items appeared on the scheduled delivery dates of my choosing. 

The salesperson and delivery people were very helpful and courteous.
So I am sorry you had such a pathetic experience but I have nothing but Bouquets for my dealings with HBC.I think THE BAY is an awesome company and their merchandise, service and prices are second to none.


Screwed Over By The Bay Canada

By Tess

I ordered an item on the website for the Bay on Dec 10th. Shortly after I received and email stating that my order is being processed. I waited for a week and my order still hadn’t come, so I called the customer service dept. to inquire about my order. She advised me that my order had been cancelled but could not tell me why it was cancelled. I asked her why nobody called me or sent me notification that the order had been cancelled, she said it wasn’t her responsibility. Really? So she said that I would need to reorder the item and couldn’t guarantee that it would make it for Christmas. And then proceeded to tell me that the item is no longer in stock and that there was nothing they could do!!! Seriously? This is the customer service I received from the Bay! shoppers beware!


HBC The Bay Canada: Furniture Nightmare

by Jen

We recently bought a new house and therefore had to order $8000 in new appliances.  We got quotes from about 5 different sources (The Brick claimed they were “too busy” to quote…all righty then).  The Bay came up with the best quote.  However, the day before the stove was to be delivered we got a phone call saying it would be sometime in August (supposed to be July 25).  The dishwasher arrived as promised on July 30.  But we had paid for installation - and the delivery driver told me that “someone else” would be installing and he had no further information.  Looking at the pile of dirty dishes on the top of the counter, which I had let pile up in anticipation of this glorious day (I have four kids), I wanted to cry.  When my husband phoned, they said that the delivery driver was indeed supposed to install - but that since it was their last delivery of the (very hot) day, they probably just wanted to go home.  Um.  The customer service rep agreed to send someone on Saturday, between 12-6.

So now, we had to stay home on the Saturday of a beautiful long weekend.  As 6PM approached, I started to get nervous.  Again my husband phoned and was told it was a 3rd party company so have no idea whey they didn’t show up.  I rolled up my sleeves and started in on the dishes.  After 30 minutes and a lot of negotiating Bill got the rep to agree to send someone today (Sunday), again,  ”between 12 and 6″.

So we’re homebound AGAIN. And if the dishwasher is not installed TODAY…urghhhhhhh…My biggest complaint is that they don’t have an excuse.  I mean, I hate excuses, but don’t just say, “it’s a subcontractor” as if that’s an excuse.