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Rexall - Not Helpful at All

By Dennis

I get my meds from Rexall drug store in Scarborough On Ellsmere Ave Ontario.I have been getting them there for the last 3 years..I always get my Meds ever 28 days like clockwork..Once they screwed my date of 28 days,,I can not live a day without these meds.When I went to the Rexall drug store to seek help in this matter they would not listen to anything I said..I asked them to please listen to me there is a way around this problem,but he just kept on talking over me with no care about my health..I thought they were there to listen and help people but this guy was the most uncareing person I have ever met.I will do my best to turn any one and every one from shopping from this store


Will Never Shop at Sears Home Store Again

By Unhappy (Ex)-Customer

Sears Home Store, South Edmonton Common location

I spent a lot of money on a bedroom suite and did not get the goods as promised. Paid in March, waited several weeks for Apr 30th delivery … understandable because 1) made in Canada and 2) made of real wood (no veneer).

Requested, up front, for delivery and assembly but the delivery guys “… don’t do assembly.” Finally found someone to help me put my bed together but there was a manufacurers defect so that was impossible. Sears sent a “medic”, one whole week later, only to find that I recieved the wrong type of bed, frame vs. platform.

Waited another week before they even ordered a replacement from the manufacturer. I mistakenly thought that they were trying whatever they could to remedy the situation. When it comes to occasional furniture, it’s not that big of a deal but we’re talking about someone’s bed, a very crucial piece of furniture … I cannot be more dissappointed. I will never shop there again.

Now (today) they tell me that there’s a further delay because the manufacturing plant shut down for summer holidays!! Excuses, excuses … I’m asking for my money back and they can take the goods away. I paid up front in March and I’m still waiting for a proper bed? I don’t think so! I recommend other shoppers to take their business elsewhere.

Never ever ever will I shop there again and I will advise any one who will listen not to shop there either.


By Merangue

I have been playing on this site since 2001. In over 10 years, I have won nothing but screensavers. I did win the Jackpot once but Pogo immediately changed my numbers. Another time my cards completely changed. It does make me think that Canadians cannot win on Pogo,com.


Problem with Coupon at Jean Coutu

By sarchambault

This is new to me. I went to Jean Coutu (Orleans, ON.) today to use a $2.00 Stayfree coupon (Printable) for the same product on sale for $2.49. They reveiwed the coupon, called the manager and told me because the coupon says “will reimburse you for the coupon’s face value” (them explaining this means not a product on sale). I tried to reason with them explaining they were misunderstanding the coupon. They refused to assist me.

I called J&J when I was back home and they reasured me that Jean Coutu was incorrect in making that decision but it is up to the individual store. They also suggested I have the company call J&J while I was there and they would explain to them how a coupon actually works.

Hope this helps somebody.


Terrible Service at Classy Auto Kitchener

By Setsuko

I brought my car to Classy Auto for a brakes and rotors job. I was told it would take 1.5 hours. I returned after that 2 hours to find my car unfinished. I was told that something was seized. I continued to wait, asking what was happening another hour later. I was told “He’s working on it, he’s working on it”. I remained at the shop the majority of the time, leaving occasionally for food or a drink. At no point was I approached to be made aware of the situation with my car. I felt I was receiving unclear and vague responses to my questions. I waited for my car for 7 hours before my husband arrived. At that point he investigated the situation with the car and quickly discovered that the mechanic was attempting the wrong method to push in the caliper. He then had to demonstrate how to push it in and the mechanic replied with “Oh! That’s how it works”. A ‘licensed’ shop should know how to replace brakes and rotors, in less than 7 hours and without assistance from a non-mechanic.

They were also using incorrect tools. I demanded a receipt and the owner then said “Well then there is going to be tax on it”. I spent a total of 7.5 hours waiting for my car, without apology or explanation. I received an apology as I walked out the door AFTER stating I will be reporting it to BBB Canada. It was extremely unprofessional, inconsiderate and cost me a day off work. At this point I would question the authenticity of the “mechanic’s” certification and the shop’s legitimacy.


Canar Rock Products South Edmonton‏

By Sick and tired

Just before the May long weekend I had 5 yards of #1 soil mix delivered to top up my 25 year old massive perennial flower bed. It’s been about 3 weeks now and every where this dirt was spread is now a blanket of various weeds! This product is full of weed seeds and people should not purchase from Canar. I have had dirt delivered over the years from other companies and have never had a problem. The manager said this was a normal part of gardening and that I could cover all of my hundreds of perennials and use weed be gone or just start hoeing! I have been gardening for over a decade and have never seen such a mess. I asked for a refund or at least give me a bottle of weed killer. He said sorry we can’t do that. A few weeds are normal, even after a decade of weeding my yard diligently, but this is now an overwhelming mess. Thanks for nothing Canar!


CF&R Services INC (The Jel Sert Company ~ Kool Pops Refund Offer)‏

By anythingdeco

I have to write a quick review about the service with the mail in rebate from Kool Pops. Many companies offer ‘Mail in rebates’ on their products and the standard ‘6-8 weeks’ for receiving your cheque is often more like 8-12 weeks right??? don’t receive one at all! How many times have you received a letter saying that you didn’t fill it out properly?

So..Kool Pops.. this company sells FREEZIES. buy their inexpensive freezies and they offer you a mail in rebate that basically equals the value of their product. The catch..well..the rebate came in about TWO WEEKS. Yes..TWO WEEK! So people..I say to you. This company should start making cereal and diapers and other grocery items because if their customer service for freezies is like this for a $2 rebate on $2 freezies..I’m on board!



by sherbear609

This is a first for me… I had made an appointment last week for the dog to get his summer shave.

Well DH took him in and they could not take him due to being short staffed. Well DH said he can come back next week. They appologized. They are throwing in a top dog package free.. so my pom will be having a spa day for free :)


Expired Formula at Save On Foods

By Jay

I purchased some cans of formula from save on foods back in may when they were $10 off, used my coupons for an additional $8 off the total ($12 a can) with no problems.

After opening the second can for my daughter, she became very ill, turns out one of the cans had expired.

I contacted the manager of the store who told me without a receipt there would be no refund, lucky for me I found the receipt. I went into customer service for my refund and the lady left to check the shelves for the formula and to check stock, she returned and said they didnt carry that kind, I showed her the receipt and she told me I bought it reduced to clear , I told her the other cans I purchased all had 2012 expiry dates and that this can made my daughter very ill, she didnt seem to care in the slightest and processed me refund, giving me $10 back in change. I was pretty embarrassed by her comments to me, and didnt think to check my refund at the time. Once i got back to my car, I realised she shorted me $2 on my return and although I understand the $8 in coupons I used arent cash, Im out of pocket that as well (I get that they cant return the coupon to me, or return that portion in cash) but this refund actually cost me (with the $2 she shorted me) -$10.

Im MOST upset that no one care a damn that this expired formula was on the shelf, the cashiers comments indicated to me that it was my fault I purchased it on clearance. Like I said bfore, this made me daughter VERY ill.

I wont be buying baby products there ever again, and I have sent a letter to head office to inform them.

The customer service I recieved was embarrassing, but I am most upset that they did not even bother to appologize for putting an expired product on the shelf.

I spoke to the company that sells the formula , and they informed me that its NOT ok for any store to attempt to sell formula thas near or has expired, she said its unacceptable and a rep will be visiting this store to ensure that the other cans arent past or close to expiry date.

Just a warning to parents, please check the expiry dates on ALL products- I feel so dumb for not having thought to look at the dates prior to this incident, and now triple check before a purchase and before I give my daughter anything- lesson learned the hard way for this first time mom


Virgin Mobile: No Refund

By Fredericton, nadda virgin mobile town

Recently purchased a Fredericton, NB sim card with prepaid vouchers but it doesn’t work. I’ve visited the virgin store 3x to check why, had Virgin change the sim 2x and confirm my smart phone compatability.

I’ve called Virgin’s CSR’s about 9 times (over 9 day period) and I’ve been finally advised:

Answer: Go change your sim card (which I’ve already done.). Shocked that they cannot fix it I asked for my money back…they advised they do not provide refunds. End of story, no more options from Virgin.

Its kinda like a an old school mugging where they take your money and leave you nothing…expect I have a receipt this time.


Kitchener AutoClub SCAM

By Clare

This story is VERY SCARY which just happened to us.

I was a member of Kitchener Auto Club, a garage located at Victoria St. S Kitchener.

Owner KEN MARTIN misled us to buy maintaince service YOU DON’T NEED and lied to us to replace things that is UNRELATED!!

KEN told us to replace four Oxgen Sensors ONE at a TIME, that is JUST for diagnosing purpose!! The cheapest one cost $250, for so-called “process of elimination”, can you believe it??

For a misfire issue, any mechanics knows that has nothing to do with sensors, even if all sensor broken down won’t make car shaking. But KEN made up story said he wants to replace them all!! Worst!! I phoned retail store found out KEN made 80% profit just by selling us that part!!!

Eventualy KEN said he found the problem, simply a P.C.V. hose needs to be replaced. And then told us we also need to use “New-Engine flush” kit cost $120, which is Mandatory for fixing this issue. Later we found that’s just $11 at PartSource, for regular maintaince, totally irrelevent to the P.C.V. hose!!

Another customer we met the other day also so-called “club member”, who just paid $700 for four regular tires bought from KEN!!

This is their website:



Never Taking Our Car to Canadian Tire Again

By LindsyS

My Husband took our car to have the winter tires taken off and the summer ones put on. He also got an oil change. Afterwards he went to run some errands with my son who is 15 months old. They came home and the following day (Mother’s day) my Husband took our son to go get flowers for me and when he returned he told me he had been hearing a funny noise coming from the front end. We packed our son back in the car to drive across the city for a Mother’s Day brunch with my fam, but before we left my husband checked the tires. 4 of the 5 lug nuts that hold the tires on the front of our car were so loose my husband could easily move them with this hand. The other front tire was the same. We had to call a mechanic to our house on Mother’s day to check that our car was undamaged and to properly install our tires. It was so dangerous that we couldn’t drive it into a shop. My HUSBAND had driven all over the city with our SON in the car when at any time the wheels could have come off. MY WHOLE FAMILY WAS IN THAT CAR! Canadian tire didn’t give a crap and it was only after my husband threatened to sue that we got our money back. I will NEVER take our car there again. It is not worth saving the money.


Poor Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By panagia

I have stopped going to shop at the Canadian Tire on McGillvary and Kenaston in Winnipeg. The reasons??

First, it is very difficult to find floor staff to assist you or answer your questions.

Second, some floor staff do not appear to know their stock, and don’t appear interested in making the effort to find the answers to customer questions.

I am sure that there must be good floor clerks in the store somewhere, but I have not had the pleasure of being served by one yet.

In contrast, the clerks at the Canadian Tire store on St. James street are great! That is our CT go to store now.


Sears Canada Sucks

By Cheryl

Their delivery is a joke. They make you pay extra and no one know anything. Pasting my complaint made to the company:


I would like to log a complaint about your crappy customer service. I ordered a mattress on 05/27/11 delivery request id: xxxxx. On the delivery date 060711, I had some issues and the mattress could not be delivered. I was informed that delivery could be rescheduled FREE of charge as per agent Tom.

Due to time conflict, I could not get the time slot needed for delivery since sears had 12-6 pm and my condo would let me book the elevator for the mattress for 4-6 pm. After several calls to reschedule (I find it appalling how you can reschedule only 6 hrs after the supposed time slot since nothing was on the system!), one agent, peggy advised me that I could ask someone at the store where the purchase was made for timed delivery and they would have to fax the request to the delivery dept.

I called the store at Vega St and had an unpleasant women who spoke as if i was disturbing her, saying that the delivery dept did not have all night to deliver when i asked her if 4-6 pm was ok and she advised me it will cost $75 because it is TIMED delivery. I put my request for 4-6 pm delivery as I had no other option.

On 060911, the driver called me at 2:58 pm saying they were coming in 15 mins. I advised him I paid for time delivery between 4-6 pm because I don’t have an elevator to which the man replied that I should just book it and my delivery was between 12-6 pm. He had nothing on paper saying it was a request for 4-6 pm when I asked him.

I called the sears call centre because it made no sense for me to get the mattress earlier when the elevator was booked by someone else and I paid special for TIMED delivery. The agent advised me nothing was noted on the file, that they don’t do time delivery. I called the store again as someone did take my credit card number and it was charged. Was advised I had to talk to customer service who told me the request was made and they did put on the paper for delivery between 4-6 pm and that I had to call delivery dept and say I paid special. Here I call delivery dept and advised nothing noted on my file. Delivery between 12-6 pm as per system.

Exasperated I told the agent I paid special, that I called the store etc and was put on hold for 5-10 minutes. She advised me that the driver would do his best to accommodate my request. How nice, “try his best”.. I paid $75 for someone to try his best and for another person not to have noted the special request on file. The driver “tried his best” and came at 15:50. Fortunately concierge let him in because it was close to 4 pm. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if the person who had booked the elevator was still using it, or if I had not called to all these depts or if the driver had arrived earlier around 1 pm since everyone read delivery as 12-6 pm which is the NORMAL FREE time slot. Would I have had to rebook again and be charged more?

I think your company should be ashamed of taking money from people for “special” request when the instruction is not even followed and no one from the company and call centre is aware of it. Do you think I was willing to pay extra just because I was feeling generous that day? To add insult to injury, they charged taxes on the delivery special request when I was advised it would cost $75 period. My card has been charged $84.95.

Seriously I would like to have the taxes reversed. I paid $75 which increased to $84.95 for a special request that was NOT even one and had to do extra work to call around to make sure my mattress arrived on time and no one was aware of the instructions. How ridiculous is that! I was lucky that concierge lets them in this time. The frustration and hassle is so NOT worth the purchase nor the special delivery fee since in the end no one knew it was a timed delivery.

Kind regards


A copy of this e-mail will also be forwarded to your national customer service centre


Shoppers Drug Mart Does Not Give a Damn

By Unhappy Customer

I purchased expensive cosmetics shoppers dufferin/rutherford vaughan on, was told by cosmetic “manager” (joke a manager, hire anyone to be a manager in cosmetics) I would be given Lancome gift. supposed to phone me about “event” in store where prizes,gifts plus my special Lancome gift would be set aside for me in the drawer with my name on and phone #. this manger in cosmetics is alexis. never phoned me about the event, I phone after the fact, expecting to pick up my put aside Lancome gift with my name on — lo, behold she tells me it was GIVEN TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER. so she never bothers to phone about event and gives my gift to someone else!!! when speaking with her about it she became rude defensive insulted me said she’s ending the phone conversation, wont give me another gift from another company which she does have,offers me no compensation ie as gift from another company, nada, disinterested, has such an attitude no apologetic she also has her own hoursnot there every day,leaves youngsters there without manager only supervisor of store available, has youngsters working there who have little knowledge about productsalso have attitude nthey think tons of makeup makes up for ?? I told alexis because of this I am now returning a product which I have not used or opened since I bought from there–she REFUSES to take it back!! this is not the only shoppers where beauty boutique have no little managers no knowledge about managers and to try to return is such a hassle!! I am sick and tired of shocking customer service throughout shopppers stores not just beauty boutiques go to the bay where they dont have a problem they are professional, ethical, treat you with respect I am disgusted!!!!