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McDonalds Monopoly Prize‏

By SPTravis

During the Monopoly McDonald’s Instant prize and collect to win just before christmas I pulled my tab and I won an instant prize from SNAPFISH. It was a prize pack of 10 free snap shot package from SNAPFISH, worth $30 value. Not a huge prize but I thought wow I actually won something. I went on McDonald’s to claim my prize which linked me to SNAPFISH I filled out my information and my code and they said it would take 8 to 10 weeks to recieve my prize pack. The monopoly game finished October 31st. I still didn’t get my prize. I called McDonald’s and they said someone would get back to me which they didn’t, as well I sent them an e-mail.
I don’t understand, a world wide company like McDonald’s, and they wont return my call’s or e-mails for a prize that I won. 
WOW!!!! Thanks McDonald’s



By Jane Moir

This company does not follow the scanning practice and staff get very nasty when you mention it to them. A lot of the items in the store have different prices that at the register.



By Ricolo


I was excited to use this site when I first saw it and purchased a few things, EVERY single item that came was either too big or too small, and I had to return it, not only did they deduct the shipping of the credit back but I also lost 10 dollars per item for shipping it here, in totaly I probably spend at least 100$ in shipping, all of their sizes are wrong. Recently I bought a body suit that was suppose to be a S and it was XXXS it wouldn’t not even go on. I couldn’t even return it although the package it came in was OPEN, anyone could’ve tried it on, I wrote them a message and they didn’t even more to read it! Also have you noticed that they say the item is coming directly from the designer/manufacturor and that is why it takes them so long to ship it, but then they have the same model modelling different items from different designers, so how does that even make sense? I think they delay shipment on purpose. My friend who purchased an item from here as well said it smell


Bad Boots from Mark’s Work Warehouse

By JP72

This is the letter I sent Marks about a very expensive work boot I purchase only 8months ago at their store.

I bought these boots only 8 months ago expecting to get a couple of years out of them. Already the sides are separating at the seams. These were the most expensive boots I ever bought, so I was expecting longevity out of them. The last boot I bought was a no name and I got 3 yrs out of them. I’m very disappointed and will never buy Dakota again.

They told me that they wouldn’t do anything for me, not even a damn sorry.


Beyond the Rack Purchase Never Came

By Sharon

Your review…I too would never order from BTR again as the first and last time i ordered, my purchase never showed up and when i emailed the company all they kept telling me is that it is on backorder from the supplier and would ship it as soon as it comes in. Well….over a month has gone by at this point so i emailed them once again and told them that i’m not waiting any longer so i would like a refund. Of course the refund was credited to my card but this has made me think twice about ordering from BTR ever again.


Loblaws - Bad Advertisement in Richmond Hill, ON at Yonge & Elgin Mills

By KanukZhoper

On boxing day, Loblaws advertise a 32″ RCA TV for $195 and each store had a min. 4. Got there at opening and was told that they don’t have them, ask for a manager but was told not in yet. Call customer service, they call back a week later and said that the store had 3. So the store assistant manager call me and told me that the manager in charge came in at 9am and sold them. Didn’t like the answer so I ask customer service to have the General manager of the store to call me. STILL WAITING! false advertisement/bad business what ever. Been a customer since this store open over 10 years ago…must look elsewhere!!!


Weyburn Boston Pizza Bosses are Rude

By BP Staff

At Weyburn Boston Pizza the bosses are so disrespectful its unbelieveable!! they call waitresses dumb idiots and to their deilevery driver they talk behind their backs saying their so slow when the roads are icy. They are immature and swear at the cooks and waitresses and called my co worker a lazy piece of shit as she quit right after that. As well as 3 others quit. Also, they do not do the schedule till the day of. most people don’t know they work until the bosses come calling telling us to get our asses there when it’s not on the schedule and once we get there we stay for an hour and than they tell us to go home. They are very rude to their employees!


Bad Boy Furniture

By Northman88

I bought my furniture from Bad Boy in September with zero percent financing and zero payments for one year. The salesperson did not inform me of an annual $21.00 fee.

I had just recently moved and my address on my Driver’s License was my old address. I informed the salesperson of this, she took both addresses and noted that all bills, documents, etc. should be sent to my current address. She required verification of this address and I presented her with a letter from my workplace, which she confirmed with her supervisor was an acceptable document.

Bills for the $21.00 annual fee were sent to the old address and therefore I never received them.

TD finally called my house and left a message regarding the overdue payment. 

I called TD back unaware of the fee or that it was overdue. The woman on the phone told me she was going to change my address and send a new bill.

I received the new bill, phoned in for help setting up the payment online and paid it immediately upon receipt of the new bill. I made sure to ask the girl on the phone if I was required to pay anything else. She replied “No, you don’t have any other fees owing”.

In the new year, I received a bill for an overdue payment and interest charges. Not knowing what this could possibly pertain to, I called TD. The first female customer service representative told me that my account did not show that I have zero percent financing for one year. She instructed me to go into the store where I bought the furniture and assured me that they could fix the problem. 

I went to the store and they explained that not only could they not fix the problem but that I needed to call TD once again.

I called TD from Bad Boy and this time the male customer service representative told me that since the $21.00 annual fee was not paid within 30 days (even though I hadn’t received the notices), that the financing agreement is taken off and interest would accrue (another fact Bad Boy did not disclose). He explained that I needed to talk to Account Services but that they were not open after 12:00pm on Saturday and I needed to call back on Monday.

I called back on Monday and asked to be transferred to Account Services. I was on hold for one hour before I hung up!

I called back 20 minutes later and a new customer service representative reviewed my account and told me that I did not need to speak to Account Services but that I needed to fax this complaint. He repeatedly refused to transfer me to Account Services after several requests to do so.

Unsure of what to do, now that three different people offered three different solutions, I called Bad Boy again to see if they could help.

I explained my issue and the representative told me that I needed to speak to their Manager of Operations. She called me back today and informed me that she attempted to speak to TD who would not look at the account and therefore could not help.

My issue has been deflected by so many people and my major concern is my credit rating. I have worked my entire life to gain perfect credit and I should not be penalized for an error that I did not make. 

It is Bad Boy who: 

1. Did not follow through with providing the right address to TD
2. Did not inform me of the $21 fee
3. Did not inform me of the result of not paying it in 30 days

I'm currently waiting on a call back from the Manager at Bad Boy after informing their representative that this is completely unacceptable. I'm not holding my breath on getting a call back.

Buyer beware: Bad Boy is named that for a reason.


Don’t Bother with Beyond The Rack

By Christa

It is a SCAM! My sister purchased about 10 pairs of clothing and boots from them and they were said to be ‘designer’ - EVERY single one of them was outrageously cheap in quality and some were falling apart when recieved. I personally received a pair of ‘designer’ boots that was MISSING the embellishments on 1 of the boots! Yea, ‘designer’ *roll eyes* Were they willing to pay for return shipping? No. They even said they couldn’t guarantee an exchange? Really!? Their shipping is also TERRIBLE. EVERY box I’ve received has come damaged. The thing that angers me the most is the fact they send you a survey which you think “awesome, I’ll let them know how I feel” well EVERY single time one of these surveys have been emailed, it comes up saying they won’t allow me to do the survey because I’ve done it already which is not true. I honestly believe they are restricting people from filling out the surveys in fear some ‘higher up’ will find out ALOT of people are unhappy and getting scam
I would say not to waste your time with BTR because if there is a problem, you will *NOT* get your money back even if (and it will ALWAYS be) BTR’s fault! It’s a major scam and a cop out in my opinion. Think about it - A ‘3rd party’ fills your order and then they send it to BTR and then they send it to you but if the 3rd party screws up, it’s NOT BTR’s fault? So they won’t take accountability for it and YOUR the one out all that money whether you keep a crappy FAKE product, or you return it you’re out the shipping!


Not True Subway!

By Sandra

Just got a sub of the day and it cost me $4.00 with out tax where as your web site states if is $2.99 sooooo not true

there is my receipt details
Store#41164 tko01/20/12 13:11:58
60 Cottrelle Blvd Unit 22
Trans#47 Clark22 sothi
Dwri TRDT 012012 Reg-ID REG-MAIN

If you guys wante to charge extra please remove the web price
and I made sure it was for canada
as you staff said that the ad is for US again not true

Your food is good but do not false advertise

thanks & have a great day


Bad Service at Hallmark

By Greg

I purchased a precious moments figurine from the Hallmark store at Square One in Mississauga for my wife. She ended up not liking my selection so I went to the Hallmark store at Oakville Place to return since I lived in Oakville. They politely informed me that they could not accept my return since they were a franchise store and did not carry Precious Moment figurines. I was a bit annoyed but accepted their explanation since they did direct me to another “corporate” store at Burlington Mall where I could return the item. Since I work in Burlington I brought the figurine back. The cashier immediately told me that “we can’t take that” if it is not in our system. At this point she had not even scanned the item to check it. She then walked off to see her manager. The cashier and the manager returned and scanned the item which did show up on their system. The manager relunctantly agreed to take it back at the disbelief of the cashier. The cashier then tried to refund my money but 
the barcode on the receipt was not being accepted by her cash register. She then informs me that she can’t take it back if the barcode won’t scan. At this point the manager took over and cashed me out. Before refunding my money, they both had to open the package and then went over the figurine carefully to ensure that it was not broken while I waited. Not only was I frustrated but I was made to feel like a thief.

I recommend not shopping at Hallmark (especially at Burlington Mall). Carleton Cards has much better service in my opinion and will be getting all of my future business.


Mobilicity Phone - No Reception in Richmond Hill, ON‏

By Jam

I had purchased an unlimited data, text and phone plan from Mobilicity. The phone does not have reception in Richmond Hill. I talked to the rep at First Markham Place that I purchased the phone and plan. She was apathetic after the sale.

Beware, do not buy the Mobilicity plan if you live in Richmond Hill.


Designer Boots My A**

By Christine

I ordered a couple of pairs of boots, waited a month and a half to get them from Montreal to BC and when I opened the boxes, I was disappointed to see that the boots are “plastic fantastic” designer boots, RIGHT!!! 
The thought of returning them for a credit to BTR was not an appealing idea and the thougth of having to pay the shipping just annoyed me, so I am wearing a pair of “cheap” plastic smelling boots that quite frankly are going into the garbage.
I did receive a survey to fill out, which I did with my concerns, and have not heard from this company, so there you go, get your money and later!!!
I will NEVER order from this company again and will tell my friends to NEVER do it either. Your best and worst advertising is way of mouth, not a good review from this shopper.


McDonalds Customer Service

By Krayola

Letter I sent to McDonalds Customer Service:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have recently had some poor experiences with your restaurant and I want to share them with you. I have visited two separate locations in Windsor, Ontario, and both locations have left a bad taste in my mouth. 
The first location I visited was on Pillette and Wyandotte. This visit was sometime early September. It was approximately 9:30pm. The restaurant was moderately busy, but there was plenty of staff working, all behind the counter. The lobby was a complete mess. Every table needed to be cleaned, the self serve beverage station was a gross sticky mess. Even the floors were sticky and dirty, and there were flies buzzing around the dirty tables. The food and service were okay, but the state of the restaurant was unacceptable.
The second location I visited last evening with my two nieces and my daughter. It was approximately 7pm. All three girls were very excited to visit the Play Place at the Tecumseh and Lauzon location. When we arrived, the girls wanted Happy Meals because of the Halloween pails they come in. My mother took the girls to the Play Place and I went to the counter to order. There were a lot of people waiting to be served, probably 15 people, although there was only 1 cashier working. There were other staff behind the counter, one girl was carefully positioning Sweet and Sour sauce in a container, another was chatting with the kitchen staff about her weekend. I ordered the Happy meals and some coffee. I thought it was strange that she did not ask if I preferred a girl or boy toy, but I did see that she put girl on the receipts. When my order was brought to the tray, the girl serving said, Oh sorry, we don’t have any pails left. We served a lot of Happy meals today. I was annoyed, as I would not have ordered 3 Happy meals if not for the pails. Then I notice there are no toys. The girl said, Oh yeah, we don’t have any toys either, just cookies.I would have preferred to be told that when I ordered, as I now know that the cashier knew about the toy shortage and that’s why she didn’t ask me which type of toys I wanted.
As with the Pillette location, this restaurant was a filthy mess as well. All tables were dirty, covered in food and trays. The floors were sticky and the self serve drink station was a disaster. Oh, yeah, and the Play Place was closed. A sign read that it was closed due to a special party, but then another customer told us that it was broken. We could see that there were no children in the Play Place and the door was locked. No Play Place at McDonalds on a Saturday night? What special party? 
What is the point of updating the decor in these locations if no one is going to clean them?
Please contact me regarding a solution to these issues, I cannot believe that this is standard operating, or that this is the image McDonalds wishes to portray, of a filthy, dirty place to eat. I am also disappointed that I have to mail a letter regarding these issues. I cannot believe that such a large corporation does not have an email contact for customers. This makes the response time, and therefore resolution, much longer.

After three weeks, they sent me a letter, apologizing, and promising to forward my concerns to the stores I mentioned. Also sent me coupons for two free value meals and three Happy Meals.
Not bad, we shall see if they bother to clean up the restaurants…


Shoppers Drug Mart

By Ali

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in Bridlewood Mall. My son wanted a gift card for his teacher, but I didn’t have my credit card. We left the store (not knowing my son took the card) and the manager went after him and told him off for taking the gift card. Because it’s zero balance my son thought he could take it and I’d put money on it the following day.
I understand if the kid made a mistake and the manager just explain in a nice way why he can’t take it yet, but to deliberately be nasty and rude to a child is disgusting, even though my son apologised right away. I don’t know what kind of a company would hire someone like that.
I wont shop there anymore, my future business goes to Walmart.