Walmart Canada: Customer Service

By Thrifygirl

Recently I went to walmart to shop for diapers and wipes for my newborn baby. As I was shopping I found a bag of opened diapers. So I placed them in my cart and figured I could possibly get a good discount on them at the cash. When I got to the cashI asked the red headed cashier  to ask the supervisor to came to see if I could get a discount on the opened package of diapers.She  started to gab about the coupon restrictions and how there told to never give away anything.After all I was paying for it . She continued to say how stupid people were because even if something was broken people would pay for it.She explained how at Halloween Walmart sold a skid of broken black cats at no discount at all. I was trying so hard to pay attention to the prices on the display to make sure everything was  at correct price. I love the Scanning code of practice! So I finally get a word in to ask for a supervisor to give me a discount. She arrives almost right away and looks at  the diapers and says well we usually don’t give a discount but you can have 10% off. So Iam happy with that because I have a coupon to use with my purchase so I am going to save $3.50 now. So the supervisor leaves and the cashier continues to scan all my items.I wait patiently for my savings and dont see her make the change so I ask” did you take 10% off? No , She says Its up to me she says and we arent giving you the 10% off. Iam like what did she just say? I am being told be a Walmart cashier that shes not going to give me my discount. So I tell her that ” Yes”  the supervisor  just said 3 seconds ago to give me the discount. So she plays stuipid for a minute and calls over another walmart employee. She asks her if its okay to give me savings of 10%. The Walmart employee agrees to give me the discount.

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    Review says...

    In the end I still think you got ripped off. Here people open a diaper package and usually steal one diaper to change their kid. Walmart then tapes the bag back up and sells it for $5-$10 depending on what size of bag/box that it was…. Its pretty standard practice for them to mark these things down like that or to just completely write them off and donate them.

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    robcool says...

    walmart makes top dollars(billions) buy ripping the little guys off - watch them all the time - everyone should know about the Scanning code of practice so they dont get ripped off.

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    Natural Nurture says...

    WalMart makes it a policy to not give the UPC code of Practice any heed UNLESS THE CUSTOMER ASKS for it…which I believe is contrary to what they have signed on to with the Retialers UPC Code of Practice…which I am pretty darn certain is supposed to happen with out any understanding of the practice by the customer….THE CASHIERS are to be trained to offer it free without holding up the line, embarassing the customer and bring action in the best interests of the customer…that is the CODE…but the WalMart Practice taught is you don’t get if you don’t ask…WRONG in my humble opinion. Guess that sort of deviance contributes nicely to the bottom line.
    When I went through this process and was told like it was a gracious gift that they would honour the price on the shelf (lower price)…I said well is there not a UPC code of practice that says I get it free….Believe it or not she says well did you want it free…and I said in my flattest voice…DUH would you not want it free…and she says do you want it free…then I got it free. Their policy in training cashiers..IS YOU HAVE TO ASK…Walmart Smarts…that is like in hurts…I can not believe how many times I have seen pricing errors at WalMart and not one I can recall that was in the best interests of anyone by WalMart….now you would think if it was a mistake then it would by a 50% chance it would be in our favour too…but WalMart is like a mini VEGAS..the house always wins.
    Now that all the little players have been put out of business by the big box bully…you have play with a rigged wheel…and be wise enough to catchem loading the dice. Sad reality of the BIG BOX BULLY.

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    nanny says...

    I have been having issues with one of wallmart stores lately also. Some of the cashiers will look at a coupon forever & in my opinion trying to find a reason not to allow coupon.

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    Shane says...

    You guys are a bit silly. Don’t you realize the Scanning Code of Practice is VOLUNTARY, not a law that Wal-Mart must follow? Obviously, this is designed as a way for retailers to put their money where their mouth is when stating that customer service is their first priority.

    It’s not anything designed to protect you.

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    Ash says...

    July 4, 2013
    Several times I have gone to Tire & Lube Walmart at Kenaston & McGilveray. Rose is my go to gal who I trust and always receive the utmost professional outstanding customer service. Rose is very knowledgeable and definitely trustworthy. Cheers to Rose!!!

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