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Bell Mobility Canada: Very Dishonest Customer Service Reps

By Megan

Just a few days ago I finally cancelled my cellphone with Bell Canada. I have to pay over $600 to cancel it because I’ve only had it for a year and a half.

The final straw that led me to cancel with them is the fact that I just can’t trust their customer service representatives at the call centre.

Back in August, I called to change my plan. The representative I had told me I needed to add on a $20 bundle so I wouldn’t get charged for breaching the data contract. She sounded sincere so I told her that was fine as long as I legitimately needed it. She assured me I absolutely did, and made it seem like she was doing me some big favour.

Fast forward to a few nights ago when I once again decided to change my plan. This time I used their online chat option, and I talked to a really nice girl on there. I wasn’t able to get a cheaper plan (my current one with that added bundle from August was $90.40 a month!) but she happened to mention that I didn’t need that bundle. In fact, the bundle that had been added had no data properties whatsoever!

The next day I called Bell’s client care hotline, and told the man I got that I wished to make a complaint against the first CSR that I spoke to back in August. We had to wait a while for his supervisor, so in the meantime he asked what the issue was. I explained to him that I had been paying $20 extra for 10 months on my bill because an employee had lied to me, and told me I had no choice but to add the bundle. He proceeded to make up a bunch of excuses for why the employee was right, and how the girl I had talked to online was wrong. He then asked if I still wanted to speak to his supervisor, I told him I absolutely did.

After being put on hold for 20 minutes, a supervisor named Roxanne came on the phone. She also didn’t seem to believe me at first, but after persisting she went through my account details and admitted there was no data involved in that bundle. She then said she could only compensate me for 3 months worth of the bundle. I asked her how it worked out that I was only being reimbursed $60 when I had been cheated into spending $200. She told me it was too bad, and that she wouldn’t do anymore. I told her to immediately transfer me to the department that processed cancellations.

The real issue with me isn’t the money I spent. The issue is that I spoke to 3 different customer service representatives AND a supervisor, and they all had different answers for me. The only one who provided decent, TRUTHFUL information was the one I talked to online. How do they expect me to stick with a company that doesn’t have employees available to answer questions? These employees are lying and tricking customers into spending money they don’t need to spend. Its ridiculous.

I refuse to pay $90 a month (for 19 more months too!) to a company that lies to its customers, and isn’t even sympathetic about it afterwards. I’d much rather pay close to $700 to get out of my contract then to continue supporting the idiots at Bell.

I sincerely hope anyone considering going with Bell Mobility reads this and chooses not to.


Bad Experiences With Bell Canada

By musiclifesoul

So i’ve had a few bad experiences with BELL Canada before with a mobile phone which i disconnected, but i stayed with thier home service which i figured they would never be able to screw this up.

So i had been a long time customer with them for 6+ years and then i had to move to another city to a new home, thats when things got ugly.

As a long time customer i gave them the chance to provide me with a deal to continue and they did, by adding a couple more features, but still managed to add an extra $2bucks on the bill. There was no charge for transferring the line or providing a new number they waived all of that. Now heres where it got ugly. I was promised and then emailed the confirmation of the line installed on Sept 2nd between 11am -5pm. I was off work so i stayed home. i called at 4:45pm because i hadnt heard from them and the rep told me nobody would be able to come as they had alot of work etc. i was upset as i spent a wasted day at home.I had no choice as they had already disconnected my old number so i had no phone and had to wait until Tuesday after the holiday for a technician.

Technician comes out and installs the line etc. Works for about an hour and the line goes dead. I call back after being on hold for almost 3hrs and they tell me they have to charge me if theres an external issue around $80 bucks. I say “hell no” hang up and call a competitor who was able to install the line and a cheaper discount rate.

I wake up a couple days later to find a Bell Technician truck in my driveway. ???? i was pissed. Yelled at the technician to stop working and called Bell yet again. The tech says they get dispatched after each dis-satisfied call? which is a complete lie. I call back Bell, needless to say, it took me over 7 days to cancel the lines, up until this day if you call my old number , theres a message telling people to call a new number that was supposed to be issued to me and then for the icing on the cake..wait for it….

I check my mail and theres a charge of over $75 for costs to a line i never used or had? Bell needs to get their act together. For me , i switched, i had enough of it.


High Bill from Bell Canada

By Sam

about 8 months ago bell canada nearly give me a heart attack.. not really

no contract signed up for internet with them. for the past five years i m with rogers and they r really good compared to bell…anyways

at the end of the month i see my bill and the charged me $300 for internet usage.. i bearly used 90GB of 150GB that i was promissed with…

that was a lie… i found out later. that the sales person never changed it on my account,,, it was 20GB instead of 150 GB. after few days of talk.. the credited my account and i cancelled my plan and went back to rogers… very bad experience


Bell Canada Customer Service Sucks!

By slsb

  • System Welcome (Name).
  • System Connecting to server. Please wait…
  • System Connection with server established. Please wait…
  • System Muthu (SCI-12047) has joined this session!
  • System Connected with Muthu (SCI-12047)
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) Hi (Name), welcome to Bell Internet Services, my name is Muthu (SCI-12047). By looking at the option you have selected, I see that you have questions regarding your account, how may I assist you with this?
  • You I would like to cancel my account as of Monday January 17, 2011.
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) I don’t have access to cancel your account.Please call 310-SURF (retention queue) for assistance.
  • You I have tried to contact Bell using that number, I have been told that it is not available in my area. that is why I am using the chat system as it is on my invoice stating that I need to use this system.
  • You I live in Calgary
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) Let me know the province name?
  • You Calgary, Alberta Canada!
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) Thank you
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) I would love to help you out with this, however I don’t have access to cancel your account.This chat support is exclusively for Bell Internet (Ontario & Quebec regions).Please call 1-877-222-7077 for asssitance.
  • You That number is for Telus. I have an account with Bell!
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) It is phone number available from my end or you can call 1-800-310-2355 for assistance
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) There has not been any activity in this session for some time. Please note that I may have to end the session if the inactivity continues for more than 3 minutes.
  • You This number is number is for Telus. I do Not have an account with Telus for internet and they have told me that they are not able to assist me as they do not have any record of any internet account. Please provide me with a correct phone number that I may contact a representative from Bell. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. If you are unable to help me, please direct me to your supervisor.
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) Give me a moment
  • Muthu (SCI-12047) I will transfer to my supervisor.
  • System You are being transferred to another Agent. Please stand by…
  • System Muthu (SCI-12047) has left this session!
  • System Prem (SCI) has joined this session!
  • System Connected with Prem (SCI)
  • Prem (SCI) Hi (Name),
  • My name is Prem (SCI), and I will be continuing with you from here.
  • You Hi
  • You I want to cancel my account with Bell as of Monday January 17, 2011.
  • You So far the numbers that have been provided to me are not available in Calgary and are for Telus which is a completely different company.
  • Prem (SCI) Please give me a moment
  • You Telus told me that they are not able to access my account as I do not have one with them, I have one with bell
  • You I am not sure why Bell is having such difficulty providing me with a phone number, I thought Bell was a telecommuncations company.
  • Prem (SCI) (Name), do you have Internet service at Alberat region?
  • You NO! I am living in Calgary, Alberta Canada!!!!
  • Prem (SCI) Yes (Name), Bell is not providing the direct Internet service other than Ontario and Quebec regions
  • Prem (SCI) in Alberta, the Telus is providing the Internet service
  • You That is not true. I have an invoice from Bell. I called the 1-877 number provided by your staff. Telus told me that there was nothing they could do for me since my account is with Bell.
  • You If you can’t help me, please direct me to your supervisor.
  • Prem (SCI) Okay, do you have any B1 number for your Internet service?
  • You When I signed up for the service it was through Bell Not Telus. I have never had internet service from Telus.
  • Prem (SCI) Okay (Name), if you have the Bell Internet service, there will be a B1 number for your Internet service, so please give me that, I will check
  • You I have an account number and a customer ID number on my Bell invoice.
  • You the account number is (Account Number)
  • You The customer id number is (account Number)
  • Prem (SCI) Thank yo
  • Prem (SCI) but in that billing address is (Address)
  • Prem (SCI) So, you had internet service in the Alberat region
  • You Yes that is my address, but I have never heard of the Alberat region. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada just like the address says. Clearly I have an acount with Bell, so now I would like to cancell the account as of Monday January 17, 2011.
  • You Hello?
  • Prem (SCI) (name), may I know your province please?
  • You Alberta…
  • Prem (SCI) Yes (name), in that Region, we don’t offer direct internet service
  • Prem (SCI) and if we have the access to cancel your account, I would have done that for you instead of asking you to contact the other department
  • Prem (SCI) But we don’t have that option
  • You I have internet service from Bell, I am using right now to talk to you.
  • You I want to talk to your supervisor!
  • Prem (SCI) I am sorry, I am the only floor supervisor available right now