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Problem With Virgin Mobile Canada

By t

ok dropped the phone my fault sent it in to get repaired virgin phones me say it going to cost 150.00 to fix it “left on my voice mail” call back 4 times to confirm yes repair it. my phone sent back not repaired what the !

now they whant to charge me for the lonner phone 250.00 dollars what my options????


Great Experience With Lowe’s Canada and Moen

By Cam

I needed a replacement receipt (or so I thought) for a Moen kitchen faucet I bought at Lowe’s in 2009. Working with my bank I was able to identify the date of purchase and the amount of the receipt. Lowe’s customer care was great at taking my particulars and an image of my receipt was emailed to me in a couple of days. All very professional and courteous. Oh yeah, it turns out that all I had to do was call Moen, tell them which faucet and finish I had and the replacement part was couriered to me immediately and no receipt required and an excellent experience with well trained and knowledgeable staff.


Dormez-Vous Return Policy and Customer Service Sucks!!!‏

By Pissedoff

Placed a cash deposit at Dormez-vous Lasalle store, and the sales director said it’s 100% refundable, so I give the money with my trust and without hesitation, but few days later I decided to refund it because friend will give me a second hand nice bed, but Dormez-vous told me they will sign me a check and send to my house, the problem is, I currently don’t have any bank account in Canada so I won’t be ablt to take this check to any bank here, then I asked them to change the name of the check to my husband’s, but they said they can’t change the name which is not the same with the order, I asked the lady how am I going to do?can I take a cash back? she said NO! then ask me to call customer service, but obviously, the representative didn’t give it a shit, customer service want me to ask my husband’s bank to change it for us, and they just don’t want to assist us on this! I was soooo angry, because they were very happy to sell products to customers, but when it comes with some problems, they just leave it! how rediculous…can’t believe such a stupid policy comes from such a reputative company! Is $100 dollars a BIG problem for Dormez-vous? then why they didn’t mention there’ll be these problems before customers pay deposits? I am waiting for the returning call from their supervisor, didn’t know what they are going to say, at least something helpful…pray pray.


Bad Customer Service at Quizno’s

By Hanswahini

I had just visited one of your quiznos store no #4764 and had ordered some sandwiches my order no is # 01119 had asked for cheese bread an was given white bread the boy serving me was rude an refused to change my sandwich and he told me that I dint tell him but I surely remember telling coz that is how I always take my stuff he told me that he served 6 customers and I was telling him then though I had even not started eating the sandwich the tomatoes on my vegi sandwich were also not fresh I was very disappointed by the behavior of the staff and I felt offended as he was very rude. I surely will not return to quiznos due to the bad attitude or is it that I am a women I was treated bad and was not taken care off properly. I would surely like to know is this the way customers r treated in quiznos.


Sears Canada Customer Service

By angelkake

After having purchased a fridge and stove which lasted about 20 years and a washer and dryer that lasted 30 years from Sears, I once again trusted the Kenmore brand and bought a new fridge, washer and dryer. So far the dryer is the only decent purchase. After 2 years I have paid over $300 to fix my fridge plus another $300 for the extended warranty. My washing machine works on only one of the 4 cycles it has but I won’t have Sears in to fix it, I’ll use a local repairman. I tried to get help from their head office but no luck. Pretty bad when you spend all that money and they make you feel like an idiot for not purchasing the extended warranty. What happened to pride of product?


Sears Appliances

By Andrea

We had built a new house in December of 2007 and purchased all brand new appliances from sears,in total there was $12,000.00. The first year the computer went on our dryer and we had to get a service call for our dishwasher. Between the 2 1/2 - 4 year mark our self clean on our oven does not work, microwave doesn’t work at all, our washer needs servicing as well plus after having our de-humidifier a little over a year it doesn’t work either. Calling customer service has not gotten me anywhere. I have told alot of people about our appliances and suggested never get kenmore elite products and not from sears. When I told then my problem they basically said oh well out of warranty. I totally agree with them if it was one product but when you have 6 out 7 products that have issues then there is a problem. I think I have talked and e-mail 5 people with only one of them who agreed with me regarding what u felt was fair in rectifying the problems. I’m asking for sears to send a repair person out and fix the problems at no charge. I’ve been in customer service for over 20 years and I don’t feel this is unreasonable.


Horrible Customer Service from Sears Canada

By Charlie

Like many Canadian consumers, I recall that Sears Canada was once one of the very best appliance retailers in the marketplace. They stood behind their products, provided consistently reliable customer service and behaved like true long-term partners to generations of my family that bought appliances - and many other consumer goods - there.

Now, that once proud brand name has degraded to a pathetic joke, weaseling out of warranties, employing a bunch of incompetent service technicians, nickel and diming its long-term, loyal customers and treating complaints about shoddy service as an imposition on their time.

This once proud company is dying and it’s time for all of us to accept that and abandon this brand. There are new players out there, ready and willing to serve us with respect, courtesy and attention.


Complete Lack of Service

By Melody



1st time we just thought it was due to the way we loaded it (Xmas time)

2nd Time my mom slipped thru it and almost hit her head on the counter (late Feb)

3rd time  I called to your store


THEY SEND SOMEONE OUT  this person can barely speak english!!. HE STATES THAT THERE IS NO SEAL IN THE DOOR WHICH IS WHY IT’S LEAKING. He has to order a part and it could be several days

I AGAIN CONTACT SERVICE TO FIND OUT HOW THEY PLAN TO REPAIR MY FLOOR and I get the response “send us in some pictures.”

3 DAYS LATER  I again contact service to check on my floor and the response is “oh I have not done anything about it yet.”

PART COMES IN and repair guy now says that he can’t install it until I get the dishwasher moved out.

I contact Beacon Hill (Calgary) store manager to get this dealt with.

She will look into

No they won’t fix my floor - **NOTE . This would not have been damaged if the dishwasher initially came with everything that it was suppose to (why did your installer not check this when they installed it!!)

She will send out another installer to pull the dishwasher out and then we can get the repair guy back here. Once he’s done, we will then have to call the installer back to put the dishwasher back in.


This whole process took 3 weeks to get the dishwasher fixed.



They think they cover themselves with this “so called” warranty that we will put up with the “patch” job and too bad that you have damage - not our problem!!!


L’Oreal Total Repair 5

By maple1888

L’Oreal Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 (detangling care)

I got a great deal on this product with RCSS sale and coupon.

Beware of using this product on Tile or linoleum floors. The floor becomes VERY slippery with the residue that ends up on the floor.

I went flying (not hurt or anything)and called the company.

Lesson learned. Only use the leave in conditioner on a carpeted floor.


Supervisor at Price Mart Marine Way in Burnaby is an A##hole‏

By The Baglady

I have been shopping at this place called Price Mart at Marine Way in Burnaby since it opened. However, for the past two years, I been harrassed by this jerk supervisor named Roberto Leon. Everytime I shop in that place he always seems to be following me around the store as if I’m going to steal something. I often take some extra coupons from the shelf and bring in lots of coupons to shop, but that’s about it.

First off, I would never steal from a place I shop at. I don’t want to be a criminal. What am I going to do stick a ham down my pants or place some buns in my shirt. I have always been taught it is wrong to steal.

Whenever I use multiple coupons for items I am purchasing more than 1 of he tells me that I can only use 1 coupon for only 1 item. I am not stacking them. I am simply using 1 coupon per one item. Like, one time I bought 3 jars of pickle and gave 3 coupons, this jerk told me I could only use 1.

Then there was this other time, I used up all my free item coupons from Nestle. He noticed I was getting everything for free, so he makes this remark about that I was basically making a steal on my free things I was getting. He looked them carefully as if I made them or altered them myself.

What really p$$$$$ me off was last Friday night around 10 pm (they closed at 11 pm) when I brought some pop and juice empties for deposit. He was such a jerk that he took his sweet time to come over to count them. I returned 12 cans in the case they can along with 2 loose cans, 6 empty plastic 500mL bottles and 5 - 2L pop bottles. He thought I was trying to trick him by putting less cans in the case, so opened up it up and counted them. He looked at each can carefully. He even ripped me off by only giving me back $1.90 instead of $2.00. I asked him what about the rest of my change. He said that he only counted $1.90 worth of cans and bottles.

After that, I thought I would look for something to eat and maybe get a magazine. The whole time I was shopping this Roberto a@$hole kept following me around as if I was going to steal something. Well I decided to pick out a magazine when he came up from behind me as I was flipping through the magazine. I said to him, ” Look man, I’m going to buy this magazine, okay.” As I was walking around some more, I became really irritated with him so I decided to drop everything I picked up and ditch the place. As I was exiting that place and getting into my car and driving away, that a@#hole Roberto ran out after me as if I stole something, which I swear to God I didn’t. What the Hell. Does this jerk do that to all his other customers?

After this experience, I don’t think I will shop there again. I am curious if any coupon people who have shopped there with lots of coupons has ever experienced such wacko service.

I was thinking of writing a letter to the manager, but I have been told by employees that he is a##hole too.


Thumbs Up for Red Bomb Fireworks Selkirk

By  Johnathan Olson

Had a great shopping experience at my local fireworks store!

I visit quite regularly and the staff always seem to have something new to show me and surprise me with. I even get free items every time I go.

The girl at the front desk was polite and made sure I got the best “bang for my buck” so to speak. Better deals than gas station fireworks.

The store is clean, bright, and very colorful. I know they offer a lot of services, but I’ll have to get some literature next time I’m there!


Great Service at London Drugs Calgary

By Shellb

Fantastic customer service last coupon day. I was given pointers as I am a newbie and the CSR telling me to save French version coupons or that they honor price matching for some stores outside the city like No Frills. She was so helpful and and this locations is not the closest by maybe 10 minutes but for awesome customer service like that I have been telling everyone. All associates were great and the store manager even made a call on an item that was sold out that I had a coupon for to see when the next shipment would be in. WOW! WAY TO GO LONDON DRUGS!


TVO’s Independent Learning Center, Appeal Process?‏

By Jodi Stewart

Last June my older daughters enrolled in the ILC run by TVO and funded by the Ministry of Education. They did it as a trial run, just to see if they liked the program and if it would work for our high school years. Daughter 1 enrolled in grade 9 geography, daughter 2 in grade 9 art. Each course had 4 units to be completed and submitted for marking by an ILC teacher.

Things were going well, work was submitted, corrected and sent back. All went swimmingly until daughter 2 submitted her second unit. It came back with a 72%. Decent mark, but the comments from the teacher made me pause. The teacher had scrawled notes all over Daughter’s work with references to Lesson 16. Notes, charts, diagrams, all with the message that the teacher docked marks because Daughter didn’t use the Art Criticism technique taught in Lesson 16. That makes sense right? Except that Lesson 16 is in Unit 4. The teacher was marking Unit 2.

Honest mistake I thought. But no problem, the ILC has an appeal process, we’ll just send it back with a note clarifying that Daughter hadn’t reviewed Unit 4. We submitted it, and waited. I waited two weeks, not hearing anything about the appeal process and finally emailed. No response. I then called. The receptionists and learner service operators had no answers. Finally after 3 weeks of calling, I got transferred to the manager in charge of appeals. Manager told me she’d have some answers the following day. The following day, there were no answers. A week later Manager still had no answers, someone was going to talk to the teacher.

Finally, I started tweeting about it. I made sure it went to the attention of @tvo. After 2 or 3 days of tweeting my frustration at not being able to even get someone talk to me on the phone, TVO twitter guy got something done. Manager called me. She actually took the time to explain the appeal process, guaranteed me that she would look over the work when the teacher had submitted it. Great. Finally someone had listened.

Well, that’s what I thought. Yesterday I talked to Manager. Great news, they had it all sorted out. The teacher had just made a slight error. She had meant to refer Daughter to Question 16, not Lesson 16. Ohhhh… Except Question 16 is about Ancient Mesopotamia, not Art Criticism.

It appears to me that Teacher not only made a mistake, she lied to cover it. Manager and I both had a copy of Unit 2 in front of us. Manager and I both saw that Question 16 was about Ancient Mesopotamia. Of course the ILC saw that there was a problem with the mark now, right?

Wrong. No kidding. Be flabbergasted. I am. Apparently, despite the notes about Art Criticism scrawled all over Daughter’s work, the Art Criticism technique is now not an issue for them and didn’t affect Daughter’s mark. (Huh?)

So that’s where we stand. I’m still waiting for the principal’s call that was promised to come yesterday afternoon.


Terminated from RCSS Without Reason

By Unfairly company and bullshit

Wow so I just recently hired in there a month ago, then everything goes smoothly…A few minor mistakes that is not a big deal. My supervisor called me yesterday basically saying she’s letting me from the job. I asked her for what reason then she just said that its not in the standard something like that…with so many excuses shit like this….I asked her if she could be more specific then all she can say is not gonna work-out…I feel that the decision that have been made by supervisor and one of the store manager is likely unfair to me…I feel disappointed to what I realized cause they didn’t even discuss with me first or give me just diciplinary action if I have done something wrong because I know I never steal or made criminal action that could have been cause of the manager in there and I talked to him about it and he said that they can’t tell what is it the cause why I am terminate from the company…I mean really? I don’t have right to know why I am terminate? you just simply kick me for not giving me simply reason, all they give to me is a bunch of bullcrap, IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES without any just importance! .I am very aware of the rules, I am very aware of my job, I am very aware of law….I haven’t sleep since last night because I was thinking about what did I do wrong then I came in this morning and went to C.S hoping that I could find some answers about this, so the one of the manager was came to me and I was gonna shake hands to him and say good morning. he seems more unfriendly this time because he never want to shake hands with me he said “we already talk about this” so he walked away with me in the way out and he just said that “you may go now, the decision has been done”. I mean really…what a great manners from one of the manager in RCSS.


Do Not Buy a Bike From Zellers

By Acacia

I’m surprised there’s no one here talking about the 2 Zellers’ stores in St. John’s… I don’t get out to the Stavanger Drive one but TOPSAIL rd is just the worst.. I have a relative who works there too so- I will spare details which might have them fired…

I bought a Sportek Ridgerunner ladies mountain bike when they went on sale a couple weeks ago. For 70$ or so I knew what I was in for but I figured a brand new bike would be better than any of the second hand bikes I owned previous. Anyway, this beautiful powder blue bike got shagged the first day.. The handlebars slipped right off while I as riding it. My bf tightened them when we got home.

Next time I rode it, it was fine. Then last Thrs (March 31) we had to ride the bikes out to Mount Pearl to get medicine for my dog and the friggen handlebars broke again. We tightened it again (after by bf rode home to get his allen keys) and got out to Mount Pearl then stopped into Zellers on Topsail afterwards…. The manager snuffed me when I asked about an exchange and wouldn’t offer me anything for my inconvenience- let alone an apology for a shitty bike…

I went to look at the rest of the bikes and the lazy ass dude who assembles them to get out of floor work explained that all the bikes they sell is a flawed design. The handlebars are held with 1 screw which strips and slides out. ALL of them do it??!?!!! There were multiple kids’ bikes there. So I found a ladies Mongoose mtn bike hidden in with the kid’s bikes which was like the only bike there with a good sturdy structure and 2 well bolted screws in the handlebars. Steel frame and brakes. Anyway this Mongoose was 249.00 but when scanned it was 169.00 (last yrs stock) .. The manager refused to offer me a better deal, fine. Whatever. My relative brought me to another manager who gave me the bike for 149.00. So I paid a difference of 87$ or so… Oh, the seat which came on it was the worst design ever, intending to rape me I’m sure so my bf bought me a comfy new seat which cost an additional 25$.

My point, DO NOT go near the bikes at Zellers. Management sucks and aside from their plot to have everyone quit (bc the store is bought out by Target for 2012) by making them so redundant and shitty repetitive jobs till they quit from boredom, they make it so easy to rob the place out and is just run terribly. The employees are not told they do a good job and basically all they have is each other for occupational support… Uff.