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Reliance Protection - How long should it take to contact in case of emergency?‏

By Poohbear6

Last week I had a break-in in my home at 10:29 AM. I have an alarm system with reliance protecton. They called my home phone at 10:38AM (9 minutes after the alarm started going off). No one was at home so they left a message on the answering machine. They called me right after on my cell phone at 10:39AM and informed me that the front door sensor and the motion sensor had set off the alarm and if I would like them to dispach police. I refused because by that time my neighbour had already contacted me and had called the police.

The good thing is no one was hurt and nothing got stolen. I think that reliance protectron took too long to act and I don’t feel that my home is secure with their monitoring service. I am in a three year contract with them and would like to get out and switch to a more reliable service.

When I contacted them and asked them the reason for the delay I got different reasons from different supervisors. The first reason I was given was that the alarm could have been weather related (wind might have caused it to set off). So they took some time to act. This would mean that not only the front door but the motion sensor that is inside the house was also set off by the wind … ya right. I didn’t buy that reasoning.

The second supervisor said they had a high volume of calls and they were dealing with priorities first (like fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies first). That is understandable but how to did they know there is no threat of life at my home. The thieves could have been armed.

A third supervisor who called me back said that they treat the front door sensor and motion detector as one. Then why do I have two different devices???

Anyways… I don’t think anyone should get monitoring service from them and I am now in search of a more reliable company. Any suggestions will be greatly appriciated. Thank you


Loblaws Canada No Name French Fries-Allergic To Milk? Avoid These!

By Christys

Loblaws no name crinkle cut french fries
upc# 0 60383 69148 6
Nowhere in the ingredient list or on the package does it state that this product contains milk. IT DOES!!
After my 10 month old son almost goes into anaphylactic shock due to a severe milk allergy, I researched the product and discovered unless it states “FRESH CUT” the fries are made with a paste that contains milk. In Canada it is mandatory and REQUIRED BY LAW to list the top 8 food allergens on the package, milk being one of those. Me and my family of 6 will never purchase any product with Loblaws on the package ever again.


Walmart Canada Misrepresenting Advertised Prices‏

By Moe

Haagen Dasz ice cream (3 bar) was advertised in the Walmart flyer as $3.97. I was not suspecting them to gouge me for $6.97. As I was leaving I saw the bill went back to the cashier/ customer service. It took them 45 minutes … by taking out every damn excuse the picture was there the SKU was not there etc. In the end the assistant mgr says the Walmart and Walmart supercenter have different flyers. Any idiot can read the name of the store is WALMART. Stopping stealing from the very customers that support you. !!!!!!.

I will not shop at the WALMART Markville location.

BE warned of the robbers.


JYSK Online Ordering:No Sweet Dreams Here

By Moe Anderson

Don’t EVER buy anything online from this company! I ordered pillows totaling $30 + $10 delivery charge. They arrived wrapped up in a thin plastic (no box) and looked like someone had been using it for soccer practice. It was dirty and ripped up.
I refused delivery and sent back with the Purolator man. I get a nasty phone call from JYSK saying I am responsible for both the delivery charges there and back as they don’t see problem with the order. No offer to send back a good replacement…just rude accusations. I told her even the Purulator man said I should definitely send it back as he’s never seen such a poor job of packaging. She said “Well I’m going to have to call Purolator and report him!!” She was out for a fight with me and really pissed off.

Fine… whatever…. I vow never to shop there again…then I look at my VISA bill and they charged me delivery fees 3x! So basically I’m paying $30 delivery charges for something I never even got! Very unprofessional…very poor customer service.


Chako Restaurant….Great food and a lot of fun‏

By Jane

Last year my husband and I took both our mother to Chako Korean BBQ Restaurant for mother’s day dinner. We enjoyed it very much. The restaurant offers all you can eat BBQ or you can just order off the menu. The restaurant is huge and well designed; it can accommodate over 200 guests.

We love Korean BBQ. We used to go to a small Korean restaurant, and it would cost at least $30 per person without any alcohol drinks. We found out Chako Restaurant is all you can eat type of setting, and only cost $16 per person for dinner, and even less for lunch, we have to go there. For people who never try Korean BBQ, it’s a really fun way to dine. There are individual grills at every table; the guest would take part in do-it-yourself grilling. Remember it’s all you can eat; you’ll just keep re-ordering the meat, seafood or vegetables of your choice. It also comes with appetizers, rice, soup and dessert.

Chako is one of the Destiny group restaurant, they have a number of restaurants featuring Asian cuisine. We’d visited many of them; the majority of them are worth re-visiting. Unfortunately, most of their restaurant located in Richmond Hill; it’s a bit far for us. I heard they opened a new Japanese buffet restaurant in Mississauga; we might go there this Mother’s day.


Lousy Service at Trade Secrets- Square One - Eyebrow Waxing Area‏

By Long Wait Customer

I went to Trade Secrets in Square One, Mississauga last April 5, 2010 this Indian lady, one of the workers who is doing the brows, told me half an hour wait, and I waited for over an hour, I saw people come and go as told by this Indian worker, they were on her imaginary list, (no actual list, she just remember customers by their faces and who knows who came first and what not). A white lady worker came and she just passed me on to this worker named Rita, who arrived very late for her shift, and have the nerve to tell her customers what she wants to do, not what the customers want to be done. After one lady, I sat there, and requested her to do an arch brows for me, she said she can’t do it, all she can do is just to clean it for me, because the worker’s friend came out of nowhere, and she wanted to serve her friend better than a customer who was there an hour before, I figured, what kind of service is that? Aside from the fact that this worker smelled cigarette, she did
her job very shabby and unprofessional, she did the brows hurriedly, just two minutes, basically she missed some spots and left my right brows with small scrape coz of the thread. That was really sloppy. While I asked for the number of the manager, to express my complaint, the Indian and white worker stood there and the one who served me had the nerve to complain why I need to ask for an arch eye brows. For all I know that is part of the service why she needs to be relieved of such request. Unfortunately, the cashier lady covered for her, and said she will talk to her, in my mind, what a cashier can do to her, basically nothing. That is one lousy place to go, find another place if you want to have your eye brows done coz surely they will let you wait and serve people they know first before you. Aside from expensive items that they are selling this people are poor in customer service, we can always find best valued items in the neighbouring malls and stores complimente
d with excellent service. That was one worthless wait, I am very unhappy with the service. Talk about service rating, my rating for Trade Secrets in Square One branch is a lousy rating one.


Canadian Tire Port Hawkesbury NS-Ridiculed and Rejected‏

By Upset

I purchased a CAST IRON Urn/planter, for planting flowers, or small shrubs, at Canadian Tire in August 2009. I purchased the iron planter as opposed to plastic, because of the durability of cast iron. Of course the cost of a cast iron planter was probably 5 to 6 times greater than a plastic one which fades, cracks and deteriorates in sunlight.
We had the planter out from Aug 2009 until we stored it in our shed in Dec 2009. When we took it out of storage on April 9th, 2010, the planter had a round 2.5cm (1 inch) hole in the side of the casting. It was also cracked 3/4 of the way around the base. This is not a 6 inch planter, it is 74cm/29 inches high and weighs more than 23kg/50 pounds. When one buys such a lasting garden decoration, one does not keep the receipt, because one expects it to last more than 4 months. I immediately got assistance to load the planter on my truck, and went to Canadian Tire in Port Hawkesbury NS,, where I’d purchased it. the Customer Service lady seemed to think it strange that I had no receipt. She would not agree that an Iron Planter should last longer than 4 months of use. I never complained when she denied my request (after phoning her supervisor) for an exchange or refund. What upset me the most was the feeling of being ridiculed because I had the audacity to try to return the object.
I hadn’t even taken 2 steps away from the counter when she started commenting to another customer about people who didn’t have receipts. I was almost tempted to tell the customer to mind his own business. Her idle chatting could have caused quite a stir, had I not kept my composure and ignored her comments. It did ruin my evening, as I still sit here fuming over her ignorance. I never ridiculed her, so why should she ridicule me because I didn’t have a receipt. Does Canadian Tire now find it good business practice, and socially acceptable for their Customer Service Clerks to look down on paying customers?


GreatGlasses 3 for 1‏-Horrible Experience With Contact Lens Purchase

By Sweeneym

Do not, do not, do not get fooled into this company. It may be fine if you’re only ordering glasses, but NEVER order contacts with this company.
I had ordered contacts, unsure of what I was actually getting for free, and received them 2.5 weeks later…unacceptable for a place this size. Even Wal-Mart keeps them in stock.
The trials weren’t a good fit, so I brought them back to exchange and they actually argued with me that this was the best brand “it’s our house brand”…uh-huh. I put my foot down, as they are MY eyes, and placed my order. A week and a half later got a call that it’ll be an additional 2 weeks to get them…3 weeks in total. Obviously not happy.
They told me that I could continue wearing the trials they had given me, which at this point were already a month old (2 week-wear contacts)…”it’s safe, they’re always made to be worn longer”.
After not hearing from them for another 2.5 weeks, I called in to find out what is happening. I was told my trials were in, but not the contacts yet, but they’ll be in soon.
Told them I couldn’t wait as I have now been wearing bi-weeklies for 6 weeks, they refused to give me a refund, so I picked up the trials. That was a week ago.
Since they still haven’t called I decided to once again call in, only to find out that they “filled” the order when I came to pick up the trials and now will have to “re-order” them. It could take up to another 2 weeks for me to get these contacts in.
Absolutely disgusting!
NEVER EVER get your contacts from this place.
Just horrible service.
Buying contacts from a blind man in some alley way would be better.


Canadian Tire Sold Me USED Spark Plugs

By Suzuki

Recently I purchased a set of high quality spark plugs for my car.Later at home I noticed one package was taped up. As I inspected the plugs I saw dirt and grease on the threads. Canadian Tire was selling used spark plugs so I returned them to the store. Instead of an apology the person who sold me the plugs was asked by his coworker if the package was taped up when I purchased it.He said yes it was so they checked the shelf for another package and it also contained used spark plugs.I had enough and requested a full refund.Crappy Tire I do not forget.


Return Policy At Sears Canada

By Unknown

Everyone beware of buying products at Sears. They have changed their policy on clearance priced items. You cannot return clearance items for full refunds, only Exchange within 10 DAYS. It is written on the receipt so its not arguable, and most management will point that out when you ask to speak to them. Also, if items are regular priced or on sale, if its purchased on your Sears or Sears mastercard, you have 90 day warranty, any other tender is only a 30 day warranty. Also, if you split how you are paying such as half cash, half debit, and you decide to return the item, it goes to a Sears Gift Card! So beware.


Avoid Figment Cablesystems-Alberta/BC‏

By Internet

Avoid this Company.Sub-standard Internet service-fast dial-up is actually more reliable. As for Customer Service-check out Rip-off Reports; I agree with the analysis by another Consumer- well worded. I was disgusted by the loud mouth, argumentative receptionist when trying to resolve a problem.Don’t bother trying to call-never answer their phones and don’t return messages.I guess the Customer issues are piled up too high.AVOID!


Beware Of HP Canada Refurbished Computers

By 2hrswasted

I just spent 2 hours on the phone with HP.
My third refurbished netbook. They Don’t check to see if they work before they send them out!!
My latest one came with dead pixels and after a month it out of the blue fragmented and said I need to insert XP disk and put Repair.

It never came with a repair disk nor is there a CD drive.

I talked to technical support who said they would send me a cd for free but if I wanted to send it back there would be a $18 fee. He then sent me to his manager, who agreed. Then they sent me to US account management who sent me to Canada management and the guy WAS THE RUDEST MAN I HAVE EVER TALKED TO.

He had attitude from the beginning and said he would have to charge to send me to CD. I told him that the past 3 people said I didn’t and for him to check my case file. He said that even if they did say so.. It was a mistake and too bad.

I asked him if I could talk to his manager. He told me they wouldn’t come to the phone and he was as important as it gets. He wouldn’t even tell me his name at first, and was playing games.

I read to him from my warranty and support guide: “HP will pay all shipping and part costs”
He told me a CD was not a part.
I am very polite and well tempered, I asked him nicely to read the file and ask any of the 3 people I talked to, he refused.

His name is Philip Bunscumbe. (only told me after 10 minutes of head games..) ext 98

2 hours of my life, switching to 5 people.. some of which only deal with US costumers, and a jerk with a cops attitude hangs up on me.


Popeye’s Chicken In GTA-Terrible Service

By HalfPint

The Popeye’s on Yonge (between Finch & Steeles) is the WORST for delivery! Our order ALWAYS shows up wrong. The last time, our order was to be all white meat, needless to say only half was! We also ordered extra biscuits…the EXTRA did not come with the order (they charged us for it), contacted the store & a male said he would send the driver back…1 hr later nothing, I called the store number only to find out the location was CLOSED for the evening!!!! Needless to say we’ll never order or purchase from them again! I didn’t pursue, the price of the biscuits wasn’t worth for my complaint to fall on deaf ears.