Beware Of HP Canada Refurbished Computers

By 2hrswasted

I just spent 2 hours on the phone with HP.
My third refurbished netbook. They Don’t check to see if they work before they send them out!!
My latest one came with dead pixels and after a month it out of the blue fragmented and said I need to insert XP disk and put Repair.

It never came with a repair disk nor is there a CD drive.

I talked to technical support who said they would send me a cd for free but if I wanted to send it back there would be a $18 fee. He then sent me to his manager, who agreed. Then they sent me to US account management who sent me to Canada management and the guy WAS THE RUDEST MAN I HAVE EVER TALKED TO.

He had attitude from the beginning and said he would have to charge to send me to CD. I told him that the past 3 people said I didn’t and for him to check my case file. He said that even if they did say so.. It was a mistake and too bad.

I asked him if I could talk to his manager. He told me they wouldn’t come to the phone and he was as important as it gets. He wouldn’t even tell me his name at first, and was playing games.

I read to him from my warranty and support guide: “HP will pay all shipping and part costs”
He told me a CD was not a part.
I am very polite and well tempered, I asked him nicely to read the file and ask any of the 3 people I talked to, he refused.

His name is Philip Bunscumbe. (only told me after 10 minutes of head games..) ext 98

2 hours of my life, switching to 5 people.. some of which only deal with US costumers, and a jerk with a cops attitude hangs up on me.

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    2jk19 says...

    Sorry to hear about your situation! That is awful that they do not obviously test the machines before sending out!

    I will never buy HP again! I agree that their customer service is AWFUL and non-existant really! I have heard a lot of good things about the company and then of course a lot of bad things!

    I am a university student - limited budget of course and I purchased a much needed laptop - HP - cost $1500 but I figured I would pay to get something that would last me the minimum of 4 years that I needed it for.

    Well, a couple days shy of 2 years after purchasing it - the wireless assistant just stops working. I tried to figure things out, had a couple people look at it, with no luck. I was really busy with school and it took a couple of weeks for me to do my research. I went on the website and went into my account (which has the model number, date of registration/purchase, my contact info. - including address, phone number AND email). Long story short, I discovered that my laptop was on recall for overheating (which I did notice but figured it was typical of a laptop - my first time owning one!) AND the wireless assistant NOT working and NOT existing in the manager. When I called to request the repair as they state on their website, they told me that it is only qualified for a recall if it was purchased within 2 years - I happened to be one month over at this point - but I think a recall is a recall no matter when it was purchased, I still have the product and spending $1500 for something to last for 2 years is unacceptable! They wouldn’t do anything for me but offer me a “discount” to repair the problem at a cost of $395 PLUS shipping! What a joke! I can get a brand new cheap laptop for that price! I was just very disappointed with the way in which they handled their recall situation. I had no idea it was on recall, they could have contacted me with the many methods of communication they had on file for me! Oh well, now I know I will not be dealing with them anymore - it is just too bad because I really did love that laptop!

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    a dude says...

    they actually outsource that testing to another a number of different company’s, flextronics is one of them. they test and hold onto it untill hp sends them an order, then they send it directly from the factory, the storage isn’t that great, just boxes pilled ontop of each other with no support…. they fall over all the time

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    Chase says...

    According to research done by a warranty provider, HP laptops are the least reliable of all the major brands, with over 1/4 of them failing within 3 years. So combined with the poor service, that’s really something to avoid - refurbished or not.

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    john says...

    As a customer representative I understand him because some people call for IT service even if they have not plug in their computers.

    Forget about HP installation disks. Download Windows from the web.

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    Vaughn says...

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