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EXPIRED Cereal at Zellers

By flyboy88

Today (November 6, 2011) I purchased a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal, once I got home I realized the cereal had a Best Before date of November 24, 2011. I contacted HBC Customer Service about the issue and they advised me to contact the store directly and speak to the manager and he would be able to refund and compensate for the issue. When I contacted the store directly I spoke to Neil who is a manager, he pretty much called me a liar. Neil told me it was impossible that I could have purchased an expired box of cereal from his store as Kellogg’s regularly come in to do product quality checks, as well each week employees check the Best Before dates of products and afterwards he would do his checks and sign off that nothing is expired. I told him that obviously a check failed as 40 minutes prior I purchased an expire product; he said the ONLY way it could have happened was 1) someone returned it and someone put it back on the shelve without checking the Best Before date
or 2) sometimes they don’t purchase direct from Kellogg’s but rather uses a 3rd party who by accident might deliver an expired shipment, however it would never make it to the floor. Neil told me I could come in for a refund.

I arrived about 10 minutes after getting off the phone with store manager Neil and I went to go look at the cereal section of the store. When I arrived I found Neil and another store employee emptying the shelves of cereal as majority of it has been EXPIRED. So after being told on the phone it was impossible that I purchased an expired product, I find him clearing the product of the shelves. I asked him how it was possible with all the product quality checks he previously told me about to prevent this from happening; he told me that someone he just gets busy and doesn’t have time to do the checks himself so he trusts that his employees have and just signs off that it has been done. I find this shocking as they clearly are NOT following Standard Operating Procedures, and its customers like me who are affected. Having looked at the stock which they were pulling off shelves and placing into shopping carts I could see most of it has been expired for almost 2 weeks, meaning anyo
ne who has purchased products in that time frame got expired stuff


Great Clothes at Zellers

By Georgia

I’ve been shopping for clothing at Zellers recently and I’ve notice they have great deals! Lots of yellow tags on great fashion looks.
I also like how the quality of the clothes is much better than Walmart’s.


Zellers Store in Westdale, Mississauga

By rot

i think its the worst store of all zellers in mississauga, ive been charged twice for same things for 3 times now they hve horrible staff unfriendly people no reliabilty and wrost is there customer care they just dont want to hear ur problem all they care is wheres the reciept, i would never ever recommend anyone to this store ever


Horrible Zellers Says “No Coupons, No Price Match”

By H

I am completely appalled and disgusted with the customer service department, sales representatives, and cashiers at the Zellers location at County Fair Plaza, 499 Mohawk Road East in Hamilton, Ontario.

Every time I try and shop at this location, I encounter problems:

Store shelves are never stocked, cans are always dented, the whole store is a mess - you can barely navigate the aisles with the cart without knocking things off the end of shelf displays they’re so narrow.

The store is dirty, it smells dirty, and items on the shelf are dusty.

Employees are playing on their cell phones; customer service is next to null.

In any event, my most recent visit to Zellers has me never wanting to return to any Zellers location, redeem my current HBC points balance for Air Miles, and cut up the card!

I was attempting to Price Match the current Rexall PharmaPlus flyer. In addition to the Price Matching on my shopping list, I was also purchasing several items in the Zellers store that were on sale. In the store, there was a promotion, that if you spent $15 on P&G products, you would receive 20,000 HBC points. After seeing this, I adjusted my purchases in order to spend $15  which simply stated before taxes and use your P&G coupons here!

I had coupons for almost every item I had planned on purchasing and denied the use of all of them. I will go through my intended order here:

-3 x Multibionta 30s Probiotic Multivitamins, Price Matched to Rexall for $9.99. I had 3 x 10.00 coupons for any Multibionta that I found in magazines, expiring at the end of September and December. I was told that I could not use any of these coupons, as they would be free, and that the coupon was more than the item, so I could not use it either the coupon would have had to have been 9.98for me to use it and for it not to be free. In addition, at this point, I was told I could not Price Match, and use a manufacturer coupon.

-2 x Old Spice Deodorant, Price Macthed to Rexall for $1.49. I had the new P&G coupon, Buy 2 Old Spice products, save $3 - again for the same reason as highlighted above, I was unable to use this coupon.

-3 x Gillette Foamy shave gel, on sale at Zellers, for $1.49

I had the new P&G coupon Buy 3 Gillette products, save $5 I was unable to use this coupon, because the value of the coupon was more than the cost of the products and I would be getting them for free

-2 x Coke (12×355mL cans) on sale at Zellers, for $3.69

I had earned a coupon for Buy one 12 pack case Get one Free from iCoke redemption. I was redirected to to order this coupon.  I was unable to use this coupon as I was told it was “too good to be true and it must be fake

-1 x Venus razor, on sale at Zellers, - razor promotion  it would have been $8.99 after the discount. I had the new P&G coupon, Save $2 when you buy any Venus or Daisy razor. I was unable to use this coupon because I was not allowed to use a coupon on a sale

-2 x Crest 3D Whitening tooth paste  on sale at Zellers for $1.99. I had 2 x $1.00 coupons from the P&G BrandSampler earlier this year. I was unable to use this coupon because, as stated above,not allowed to use a coupon on a sale

I had also picked up a bottle of B-12 and a pair of shorts for my husband. (No coupons for those)

The order had to be rung up twice .the whole time the cashier was giving me dirty looks, the cashier on the next register was even worse  rude looks and rude words, such as you should just pay full price and don’t be so cheap. I was also told that the coupons could not be marked-down.

1. Order went smoothly, apparently, until the cashier hit total  what she said and inquired about my coupon for the Multibionta. After not being allowed to use the coupon that I had intended to use, I told the cashier that I did not want the products. The whole order had to be voided.

At this point, because of the remarks about my coupons, and my order having to be voided. I requested the number for head office. I was given the phone number (905) 389-2281 on a piece of register tape. From looking at the number, I could see that this was a Hamilton number. This frustrated me even more.

2. Order was rung up again, less the Multibionta, the Old Spice coupon caused a problem, because I was not allowed to use the coupon and the order had to be voided. At this point, I was fuming. Knowing that this would be the case again once they got to the $5 Gillette coupon, I asked for the return of my coupons and left the store empty-handed.

When I returned home, I attempted to call the number I was given, where I learned that this was the phone number for the store and not head office.

After this shopping experience, I am more than upset, and frustrated. There are other stores that provide better service than Zellers, and I have no need to go Zellers again. I was going to Zellers because it is closest to my home and didn’t have too much time.

Because of all this, the store in general half the lights were off  other customers were joking about when the store would pay their electricity bill, the employees playing on their cell phones, and the service I received  or their lack of, due to my coupons, I have no reason to ever return to Zellers!

The employees dont seem to have customer retention on their mind, and seem to make up coupon policies on the spot. I have never felt so disgusted with a store in my life! They should be glad I was not a mystery shopper!!


Do Not Buy a Bike From Zellers

By Acacia

I’m surprised there’s no one here talking about the 2 Zellers’ stores in St. John’s… I don’t get out to the Stavanger Drive one but TOPSAIL rd is just the worst.. I have a relative who works there too so- I will spare details which might have them fired…

I bought a Sportek Ridgerunner ladies mountain bike when they went on sale a couple weeks ago. For 70$ or so I knew what I was in for but I figured a brand new bike would be better than any of the second hand bikes I owned previous. Anyway, this beautiful powder blue bike got shagged the first day.. The handlebars slipped right off while I as riding it. My bf tightened them when we got home.

Next time I rode it, it was fine. Then last Thrs (March 31) we had to ride the bikes out to Mount Pearl to get medicine for my dog and the friggen handlebars broke again. We tightened it again (after by bf rode home to get his allen keys) and got out to Mount Pearl then stopped into Zellers on Topsail afterwards…. The manager snuffed me when I asked about an exchange and wouldn’t offer me anything for my inconvenience- let alone an apology for a shitty bike…

I went to look at the rest of the bikes and the lazy ass dude who assembles them to get out of floor work explained that all the bikes they sell is a flawed design. The handlebars are held with 1 screw which strips and slides out. ALL of them do it??!?!!! There were multiple kids’ bikes there. So I found a ladies Mongoose mtn bike hidden in with the kid’s bikes which was like the only bike there with a good sturdy structure and 2 well bolted screws in the handlebars. Steel frame and brakes. Anyway this Mongoose was 249.00 but when scanned it was 169.00 (last yrs stock) .. The manager refused to offer me a better deal, fine. Whatever. My relative brought me to another manager who gave me the bike for 149.00. So I paid a difference of 87$ or so… Oh, the seat which came on it was the worst design ever, intending to rape me I’m sure so my bf bought me a comfy new seat which cost an additional 25$.

My point, DO NOT go near the bikes at Zellers. Management sucks and aside from their plot to have everyone quit (bc the store is bought out by Target for 2012) by making them so redundant and shitty repetitive jobs till they quit from boredom, they make it so easy to rob the place out and is just run terribly. The employees are not told they do a good job and basically all they have is each other for occupational support… Uff.


Rigid Return Polices At Zellers Canada

By hauck

I just tried to return a 100 pk of defective blank dvds back to Zellers because they were poor quality. today is one day past the return policy stated time limit and they would do nothing, not even an exchange for like product It only goes to show the junk they sell can’t even be returned to the supplier. When I asked to speak to the manager of the department, he too would not help me. the people at the customer service counter appeared to be smirking about my strife with the manager and I indicated to them that,”It’s not funny”

I am so done with this store and the sub-standard crap they sell. I’m not sorry to see them go. Sadly it the situation for the consumer will probably not change much and they will still continue to sell us inferior merchandise. It seem that with so many part-time staff in these big box stores have no sense of caring for the customer. I will be looking for smaller stores to shop in, where customer service is more than just words. People, check things over real good after you buy. Don’t just put it away for later use as I did. Had I been at the store one earlier I might have been helped.

Not only did Zellers lose me as a customer today, but they also lost me entire family but I guess now that Target is buying them their long time customers do not matter any more. Bye Bye Zellers, we won’t miss you!


Poor Store Maintenance at Zellers Canada

By Ariel

I was shopping at a Zellers in Toronto (Dundas west & Bloor street), and found that the store is poorly organized, the employees were all aggressive-looking (none of them wear name tags), and I found expired food items. I think Zellers should just stop selling food items, if they never sell. The inventory stock in this store is probably miscalculated, always overstocked, and lefted to expire. Like the chocolate bars near the cash had pictures of promotions that ended months ago (Cadbury find the key, ended in August!!! *milk separation puke*). Seriously, selling this kind of stuff for a few extra bucks is shameful for the Hudson Bay Company and disgrace for a Canadian retail store.

The thing that bugs me the most is the employees. There were so many employees, but none of them seemed to be doing anything, just walking around. They clearly over-hired employees and lefted them with minimum training.

I doubt they know anything about coupons. The only coupons in the store were many stacks of 50centsoff Nutella and the coupons were expired..big surprise. The overall atmosphere was depressing and unfriendly. The employees looked unhappy and only work there because they need a job.

(There is a major difference in store atmosphere when you enter the Loblaws next door of this Zellers. Really, immediately next door, the Loblaws store feels so much better, cleaner, roomier, and happier employees.)

I didn’t really have a chance to see clearly but I believe the shelves are old and paint weared metal, the ceilings old drywood paneling that turned gray, and don’t think they wash or waxed the floors recently.

I went in to see the “Midnight Madness” promotion, but couldn’t find the computer desk and chair that was on sale (for about $30). I asked an employee, but they said “they were out of stock” which was a total lie. Because I went the next day and found the desk for double the price (more than $60). There were people in the store, but strangely much more people were returning items at the customer service. Like more than 30 people were waiting in line to return things. Many of them were yelling, but the employees had worse behaviours and were giving back attitude. This shouldn’t be appropriate under any circumstance. Well, still it’s disgusting that they sell so much returned and pre-used items for a regular price.

The store manager obviously doesn’t care about this store and the standards are set to just “exceptional”.


Zellers Canada

By Brock

Ever notice when you use a coupon at Zeller’s that they only apply the discount after taxes?


Zellers Price Adjustment- Aaarrrgh!

By JSAM’s Mom

I went to a Zellers store in Hamilton tonight to pick up two Arrow golf shirts for my husband. They were advertised in their flyer at 25% off. When I went to the cash, one rang up at $19.00, and the other at 24.97. (The original price was $24.97 each.) I explained to the cashier that they should have both been on sale, and so she did a price over-ride for the one that had rung up full price. When she did that, the discounted price was now $18.73. So I asked her why the prices were now different, if the original prices were the same. She said she didn’t know. I asked her if she could price adjust the one that rang in at $19.00 so that it was $18.73 as well, and she said no! (Now I realize that the difference is a measly $0.27, but it’s the principle of the thing - and the fact that HBC makes way more money each year than I do.) She told me there was nothing she could do; they can’t over-ride a price that’s on sale. When I told her I didn’t want the shirt then, she s
norted and rolled her eyes. I’m sorely temped to just return the shirt I did take and get my husband a couple of shirts elsewhere. I didn’t think of it until afterward - I should have asked what would have happened if I had come in and asked her to price match. Would she have told me the same lame story that they can’t price over-ride to do a price match if they already have it on sale?