Zellers Price Adjustment- Aaarrrgh!

By JSAM’s Mom

I went to a Zellers store in Hamilton tonight to pick up two Arrow golf shirts for my husband. They were advertised in their flyer at 25% off. When I went to the cash, one rang up at $19.00, and the other at 24.97. (The original price was $24.97 each.) I explained to the cashier that they should have both been on sale, and so she did a price over-ride for the one that had rung up full price. When she did that, the discounted price was now $18.73. So I asked her why the prices were now different, if the original prices were the same. She said she didn’t know. I asked her if she could price adjust the one that rang in at $19.00 so that it was $18.73 as well, and she said no! (Now I realize that the difference is a measly $0.27, but it’s the principle of the thing - and the fact that HBC makes way more money each year than I do.) She told me there was nothing she could do; they can’t over-ride a price that’s on sale. When I told her I didn’t want the shirt then, she s
norted and rolled her eyes. I’m sorely temped to just return the shirt I did take and get my husband a couple of shirts elsewhere. I didn’t think of it until afterward - I should have asked what would have happened if I had come in and asked her to price match. Would she have told me the same lame story that they can’t price over-ride to do a price match if they already have it on sale?

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    A. says...

    I’m a cashier at another Zellers store, and I know that you can always price match, regardless to if it’s on sale or not. And you also -can- adjust the price, even if the item is on sale. Often they’ve entered an item into the system at the incorrect regular price, so when that item goes on sale at a percentage, it’s not fun to override, but it can be done with only a slight bit of common sense. I’m sorry your cashier lacked that, it seems. Also, items that end in .00’s seem to be ‘clearance’ items, and do not usually follow under that sale, so that is probably why it rang up differently, especially if it had a yellow sticker. Either way, I’d return it, or at least ring the store and ask to talk to a cashier supervisor about the incident, because it’s clearly not your fault that you just wanted the advertised price.

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    cheryls says...

    Quick! Hurry! someone call the waaaaaaambulance, JSAMs mom couldnt buy a $20 shirt because of 27 CENTS

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    Chase says...

    +1 cheryls… I seriously hope there was nobody else in line having to wait for this 27c squabble to blow over. Apparently “not wasting someone else’s time because of a few cents” isn’t enough of a principle.

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    Judge Joe Brown says...


    JSAMS MOM, your child has a complete bitch for a mother, I hate people like you! 27 cents are you kidding me? you are disgusting, and your reasoning REALLY pisses me off “hbc makes more money than you do” well here’s an idea maybe if you lost some weight and went to the gym once in a while you’d make more money on your street corner.


    27 cents and you act like a fool

    get outta here with this BS.

    All I do is keep protecting womanhood and promoting manhood and then I run into crap like this!

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    zg08 says...

    I feel sorry for the cashier.

    the $19.00 shirt probably WAS on sale and she corrected the 24.97. so what is the problem?

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    Catherine says...

    As having worked for HBC, I agree whole heartedly with the writer of this post. Who cares if it was 7 cents or 7 dollars- the shirt was ringing up at an incorrect price. I would have had the manager investigate. It’s unfortunate for everyone involved but I would hope that if I found an incorrect price by a store trying to rip me off I would hope that the others in line behind me realize i am fighting fo all of us and not just for me. I am fighting for the store to sell things at the price they say it is. I have been ripped off by Zellers many times. Shame on all of you chastising this writer. Isn’t the whole point in this website to save money and be frugal?

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    meg says...

    well i see the logic it doesnt really matter how much it is. it rang up wrong. as bad as i do fell for this cashier you are right its the principle of the thing it could have been $200 when u add up how many people this could have happened to.

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    jamwilson says...

    I also agree with the poster - it’s the principle of the whole thing and the fact that the cashier was also rude did not help. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t complaining about .27 cents. To the poster - remember that if an item rings up at an incorrect price, ask if they are part of the scanning code of practice where you get the item free or up to $10 off. There is a website you can refer to see if they do participate. I would also call and complain - rudeness should not be tolerated.

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    sheryl says...

    I believe Zellers has agreed tothe Scanning Code of Practice….which states that ifanitem ringsupat morethanthe advertised price…shelf or flyer…the customer gets the itemfor FREE if it is under $10 or gets $10 off if it is over $10…doyour research…it willsave you $$$ and itkeeps retailers on their toes!

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    A. says...

    No, sheryl & jamwilson, Zellers does not follow the SCOP, they however have the Lowest Scanned Price policy, which means if the item scans at a lower price than advertised, you get it at that price. Even if the item scans at a penny. Like you said, sheryl, do your research. The scanning code of practice is law, in Quebec only. Otherwise, retailers who follow the code have signage usually on the front doors, and near the registers.

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    TJ says...

    I agree with the original poster …its not a question of 27 cents , its a matter of principle .

    And all these morons who are disagreeing with you , ask them to pay 27 cents less the next time they are @ Zellers & see if Zellers accepts 27 cents less or not i.e if the bill is $ 20 ..they should pay $ 19.73 & see what Zellers says .

    Z won’t accept 27 cents less from you so why should you pay 27 cents more to them ?

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    Pablo Erroniani says...

    TJ, I would gladly pay THIRTY-SEVEN CENTS MORE every trip to the store I make if I didn’t have to deal with whiny little brats like you and the OP ever again.

    To cause a scene over 27 cents is disgusting although that probably explains why you’re shopping at Zellers

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    M.A says...

    Hello JSAM’s Mom,

    I am agree with you completely. It is not the matter of money. Unfortunately this is how it is and some situations like yours, really get to the nerve, but I’d learned that by me fighting over such a problem, I just hurt myself and seems other people do not understand why.
    As you see how people react to your post and instead of try to put themselve in to your shoe, they just giving their personal opinion which was somewhat not polite. Now, with these people around, do you really want to fix the company’s principal?? I am sure all of us have had been OR will be in such a situation like yours, and I hope once it comes, people will realize and understand the reason for your frustration.

    Thank You!

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    Dougla says...

    OK people clearance item is not on sale with the regular priced items , the only one that could be over ride was the regular priced item. I agree it was too much for .27cents. Prices that end in 00$ are clearance . Some of you customers should PUT things back in their places so the next customer dosen,t have to go through this..Some of you should try working in retail and see how easy it is to deal with rude customers on an hourly basis..

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    Pete says...

    The one I really feel sorry for here is JSAM. If his mom is like this over 27 CENTS what is she like otherwise, and what will jsam grow up to be like? Sad :(

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    Ryan says...

    Zellers is so welfare these days. Their stores are old and not well-maintained. When I walk into a Zellers store, I want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible.

    Why can’t Zellers be more like Target? I love Target!

    Target is what Zellers should strive to be.

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    Chris says...

    I agree with the OP — it’s the principle of the matter.

    And fyi the Zellers in Quebec is part of SCOP. It’s the law here, with some modifications/exceptions for small retailers.

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    Jery J says...

    Anything can happen at the Zellers check out I’ve had the same experience
    Its shamefull The entire Zellers culture has to be rexamined

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    Sarah says...

    I am a cashier at Zellers, I just wanted to reply to someone previously who said that even if something scans at .01 we have to sell it to you for that price. This has happened before and when it does we are not allowed to sell it at all. We can not sell it to you for .01, we have to give it to the manager and they will take it off the shelf.

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    JanD says...

    This msg is to everyone who had something ignorant and unrelated to the original post. You people are writing replies that are ignorant, talking about her child and shit is just ridiculous. Grow up and stop talkin shit about someone whom you have never met, and to bring her child into it is totally uncalled for. Seriously GROW UP. The post is about Zellers and the principal of the matter not the money, herself or her child, so get over yourself and get over it. If you don’y have anything valuble to add then stay out of it.
    P.S. The people who commented about her and her child need to get a grip and stop using the computer to hide from your own pathetic lives. I can’t believe people can be so low. Sad excuse for human beings. UNBELIEVABLE.

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    Louise says...

    I don’t work at Zellers but at another store. Now, it could be possible the shirt that rang up at regular price was NOT one that was to be marked down. Did the ad read “selected” or list an item number, or “all”? If not all, then that means not all arrow shirts were on sale. Stores may indicate only certain item numbers (and the workers at the stores know what they are) are on sale. So possible this one was not included in the sale price. And also, sometimes new stock comes in with different number: they raen’t marked on sale, but the product it is replacing (maybe the new one is a different color shade than the old) is reduced to clear out that old stock.

    Then you always have it where customers pick up something from the PROPER rack/shelve, see something else that’s cheaper, then just place that product down where they are. Next person comes along, sees the item on the sale price rack/shelve, thinks it’s on sale then finds out it’s not at the register. If one does not want a product, return it to where you got it from. It could be you next time finding something where it shouldn’t be then getting into a hassle at the checkout with the cashier when it doesn’t ring up at sale price BECAUSE IT’S NOT THE ONE ON SALE!

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    Manuel says...

    Jsam’s mom, yes, I’m a Zellers cashier and despite whatever you think about the company’s riches your cashier probably couldn’t afford an apartment with her wages let alone the cozy suburban house you probably live in with daddy bigbucks and spoiled brats. She was probably like a week in training and figured when she’s made an error she might as well just give you the extra change.

    Principal? What principal? Are you a philosopher? Do you have a degree in philosophy? If you really believed in the principal, Jsam’s, you would have conducted a full investigation of why it doesn’t ring in at the price. Are you sure they’re exactly the same shirt? Are you sure both the barcodes were intended for that product?

    People come to me time and time again with their supposed “principal” clauses for which they know nothing about, and whimper sour excuses like “the sign under it said . . . ” well maybe some guy next to you just picked up 2 of them and stuck it on top of that sign. Maybe somebody peeled off a barcode and slapped it on. Consider the amount that’s spent just on product damages. Product that doesn’t get used by anyone, just thrown away. Largely because of stupid customers who don’t respect the packaging, and feel they are ordained to tear open the product and “have a look” in complete denial that they are comitting temperament if not theft and obstruction of commerce. Picture that Jsam’s mom. We could legally send you to jail for fucking with product. Sure maybe it’s not that nice, but hey it’s the principal after all. Can’t masturbate without your precious principal.

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    Lesly says...

    If an item scans up at .01 Zellers cannot sell the item. It means that the manufacturer has discontinued the item, recalled it or it must be sent back. The manufacturer makes this decision and the store isn’t always notified. When an item scans up at .01 they must notify a manager and all of the stock must be pulled.

    If they sell it they get in alot of trouble - including the cashier who allowed the sale to happen.

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    skambine says...

    Bottom line, Jsam’s mom is an idiot

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    Canadian Girl says...

    Wow, what a bunch of haters and presumptuous jerks there are on this site! I’m surprised that Boo hasn’t hit you all in the head for belittling someone you don’t even know. I thought the whole purpose of this website was about deals and trying to save a buck…or at the very least a few pennies. Obviously none of the haters/commenters have put one iota of thought into your verbal attacks on the OP. I’m willing to bet none of you would have the balls to say a thing to her face. Have any of you ever been in a position where you’ve just simply had enough? It’s usually the trivial thing that makes you snap. Think, people, before you attack someone. And stop using an anonymous forum to verbally bash someone - the next time you complain, it might be you who gets it. For some, it would be richly deserved.

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    lina says...

    I know exactly what happened. The one shirt for 19.00 was actually a clearance shirt just the yellow ticket must of fell off and the sale was 25% regular items only. So since you were getting a clearance shirt she couldn’t adjust the price. She should of explained the circumstance more clearly to you, but seeing as though you’re complaining over 27 cents you probably not giving her a chance to explain the situation and just yelling at her and treating her like its her fault. If I were here I would of pulled out a quarter and two pennies from my pocket and be like here if its such a big deal just take my money.

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    Cheryl says...

    I am sorry to hear of you people that do not feel that a few cents is not enough to complain about but if you are constantly getting ripped off by Zellers than you have a lot more money than I have. It is constant at my Zellers in Listowel that you have to watch everything that is rung into the system at cash because the excuses I get is that it is not in the system, we were not told of the sales, what is on the shelf price is not right, and so on. I do not buy anything anymore there because I am sick of the excuses that they have. Sorry but that is my thoughts.

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    Dewey Constine says...

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