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Finally Free of Fido

By Yasser

I came to Canada 3 years ago. On my first week, I started a couple plan with fido with a three years agreement. They gave us two phones for free (Nokia 6555) but they asked for 200$ as a deposit because we didn’t had credit history in Canada at that time. They took 200$+Tax=226$ … They promised that they will return that after two years. We got the phones and it worked.

On the next day, they deactivated the phones. I called them and they asked me to Fax my photo ID. … Can you imagine that the guy in the store have copied that two days ago?

I faxed the ID and they returned the service on the next day … After month and half, I called them to ask why did not they send me a bill?? They had my address missing the Apartment number and all the bills returned back to them … So, why did not they call me to inquire about that !!?? … What was funny is that we had a bill like 5 times of our expectations … First, they started our bill cycle on the next day of signing the contract (we signed on 20th and had our first bill on 21st as if we were using the phone for the whole month) … Second, My spouse was recieving some annoying text messages on her mobile phones … and she sent them an SMS to stop that and they did not stop … and the bill included all these text messages as if we asked for it.

I started the fight over the phone and I told them that I will not pay what I did not ask for … and this is the law in Canada … After I told them that, they removed the text from my bill … then I started to talk about the first month bill. The guy told me that he has nothing to do with that … I asked for his supervisor and she said the same … so I told her that your company policy is that one day in the month is equal to a complete month, right? .. she answered yes … so I told her that you stopped your service for three days … this means that you owe me by three months. After that she removed the bill for the first month …

After 2 years they returned the 200$ paid as deposit but without taxes … (I paid 226$ and I am pretty sure of that) … I called them, they asked me fax the reseat … I couldn’t find it (after two years) and they didn’t return the 26$ … and on that day I decided not continue with fido after my contract.

45 before the end of the contract, I called them to ask give a notice for cancelling in the last day of my contract …. They asked me to call back in 15 days … I had nothing to do but making fun of the guy saying at what time exactly should I give the notice … Finally I am free of Fido



By sam

I use to be a Rogers customer for my tv, internet and home phone. They had terrible costumer service and we got fed up and switched to bell. So that was that.

So, at the beginning of this year I decided to sign up with Fido. That was a mistake!! I was talking to a Fido rep on the phone and they convinced me to switch to cityfido, telling me that wherever you go, that city will be your city fido zone. I live in Toronto and was visiting Winnipeg so I called my friends in Winnipeg acting like it shouldn’t be charging me long distance but meanwhile it was and the rep had it wrong. So whatever then, I will get long distance added to my plan. I get the confirmation it worked and I know have that plan added. Few weeks later my phone is shut off because I’ve hit my “credit limit.”So I called in and they proceeded to tell me it was from long distance charges (all calls were withing canada) and they told me in the notes it said I declined the long distance plan, even though I have a text from them saying it was confirmed. So they “fix” it. Guess what, again it did not work. I got fed up and asked to speak to the manager around there. I was told I would get a call in 3 hours. No call. So I call them the next day and ask what is going on. They responded with that I would be getting a call between 24-48 hours. Now, this is how many calls I had to deal with. 2 weeks later STILL no call. They are horrible!!


Fido - Terrible Customer Service


Just got off the phone after an hour and a half of trying to convince the customer service Rep Jarold that he has no clue what he’s talking about!!

We switched from a couples plan to individual plans 3 days ago. The rep made a mistake and put us both on the same plan. I was supposed to have a more extensive plan with free w/e, wn, unlike my spouse who was on a basic 50min plan.

When we called to get this corrected, we were told that my plan would not be effective until the next billing cycle and he would do us a favour by giving me free incoming until then! All this when I am being charged for a plan that would ideally give me 150min with free w/e and w/n. The guy would not understand!!!!

Took him over 90mins to get this in his head and finally apologized for being wrong.

He refused to get us to speak to a supervisor and said that they would call us in 24-48hrs as they were on a call currently..ha!

Fido/Rogers really need to get customer reps who understand what they are doing!


Fido Sticks me with Fraudulent Charges

by Sarah G

I am a victim of the fraudulent charges passed on by Fido/Rgoers. I started receiving these texts back in April without knowing that I would be charged for them. In fact, the first month wasn’t charged at all so I just assumed Roger’s was doing some kind of promotion and I never responded to any of these texts. But, TWO months later, my bill started showing an extra $36+ taxes for these texts and when I called to explain that I had never signed up for this, the Roger’s/Fido representative insisted that I had returned the messages and would have to pay the charge. She claimed that I had returned them at a day and time I was booked with and treating a patient AND my phone was turned off as it always is during these times. When I told her this, she suddenly changed her tune and said she would credit only one month as a ‘goodwill act for a valued customer’. She knew at the time that a second month of charges was on my next bill yet she did not tell me this at all and now Roger’s will not credit the second month back to me claiming that they will be losing money. Furthermore, I asked her why none of the so-called texts apparently returned from my phone showed up on the bill and her response was, ‘We don’t provide those details’. I firmly believe this is a scam that cell phone companies have going, expecting that they just have to harass the customer a bit and most people will pay the charge even if it IS fraud, particularly since they refuse to provide exact details of any apparent ‘replies’ coming from my phone. I warn everyone to avoid Roger’s/Fido because they WILL stick you with the charges; they even continued to charge me for 2 more texts they claim I sent on July 5th, nearly a full month after I clarified the situation and they still refuse to provide any details on these so-called ‘premium texts’. Roger’s has no interest in treating their ‘valued customers’ well at all but would rather spend millions advertising in the hopes of ensnaring new customers that will give in to their arguments & simply pay the fraudulent charges. They have lied by omission, which is somewhat better than my first contract with them where they outright lied about the long distance capability on their plans. Two contracts with Rogers and two very big problems that end up costing me a lot of money. This is the last time! Buyer beware!!!!