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Just got off the phone after an hour and a half of trying to convince the customer service Rep Jarold that he has no clue what he’s talking about!!

We switched from a couples plan to individual plans 3 days ago. The rep made a mistake and put us both on the same plan. I was supposed to have a more extensive plan with free w/e, wn, unlike my spouse who was on a basic 50min plan.

When we called to get this corrected, we were told that my plan would not be effective until the next billing cycle and he would do us a favour by giving me free incoming until then! All this when I am being charged for a plan that would ideally give me 150min with free w/e and w/n. The guy would not understand!!!!

Took him over 90mins to get this in his head and finally apologized for being wrong.

He refused to get us to speak to a supervisor and said that they would call us in 24-48hrs as they were on a call currently..ha!

Fido/Rogers really need to get customer reps who understand what they are doing!

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  1. Hi S SK,

    My name is Melanie and I’m on the Fido Mobile team. I’m sorry to hear about this. Can you contact me via Twitter as I’d like to try and help. You can find me at

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    izzy says...

    i cant stand rogers!!!! i have had nothing but hell because of them. Me i claimed bankruptcy and they could not get that into there heads…non stop calls from them and eventually the collection agency who got the papers and understood right away… but not rogers… i sent them multiple copies of the papers n they would not get it they still dont even after the bankruptcy ended i even had to send proof to the credit burro cuz of them.
    then my husband also stopped being able to afford to pay them after i stopped working and went to school… i keeped telling him to just cx n pay the fee he did not listen till they suspended the account.. what makes me mad is now that its on suspension they still are charging every month and they wont cx till he pays off the bill pays another fee to reinstate the phone then cx… God i hate them… we are so at wits end with them… we really just want this to end. I think we may just not pay them n eventually they will totally cut it off.. they did the same thing to me when i was in bankruptcy n they could not get it (suspended let it get bigger n bigger till final cut off)

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    Eric says...

    Unfortunately, with the computer system used, sometimes making the correct switch isn’t as easy as clicking a few buttons. He may have been a new employee not familiar with the “shortcuts” and workarounds I discovered while working for Fido. Hell, I was doing things that the company weren’t too fond of. The whole thing can honestly be traced back to the first agent. He screwed up your initial request.

    Though it doesn’t help being yelled at for 8-9 hours a day for a mistake that someone else made. I, personally, have never had any problems dealing with Fido support when I called. I guess you just got 2 morons in a row. Now, Rogers on the other hand…. I can barely deal with them at all sometimes.

    As for the supervisor thing. At any given time in any of the call centers there may be 3 supervisors. It has been my experience in dealing with them that they will often NOT take a call and only have the agents make a call-back request.

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    Rjay says...

    Fido is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had a plan that was effective early last year that they put me on, great plan, but nothing seemed to be put on their computer as regards to the plan I had, so I would call the end of each month when i received my bill in the mail, the first representative would say “no, you don’t have that plan”, then I would get transferred to another representative, and I would usually spend about 1 1/2 hours on the phone each month, because on my plan what they did is added an extra hundred minutes, and no one seemed to recognize that when I phoned in. That, or they would over-charge me for using my phone in the states, and I don’t even have a passport to go to the states. There is more to say about how bad they treat there customers, but the list would go on and on, and it frustrates me just thinking of all the time I wasted on the phone with them.

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    Mandy says...

    I don’t understand how Fido can survive with such terrible customer service. I got a credit on my account and they promised to send me a cheque the next month, it never arrived. Starting then, my nightmare occurs. I have to call in almost on a monthly basis for the cheque! And then they told me they would put it back to my credit card. So yes they did, and then took the amount back again! I went to an actual store and the problem was never solved. Every time you deal with a different rep and you get different answers and results. It really is time to switch… heard that 7-11 or Telus prepaid phone plans are much much better and cheaper.

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    Mar says...

    next time, ask to speak to their customer retention department…all cell phone companies have one of these (little known secret). Tell them you are going to cancel your account as you are not satisified with thier services/treatment…they will bend over backwards to offer you incentives to keep you as a customer. These are offered as ‘loyalty’ incentives.

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    Benny says...

    Absolutely the most miserable company I have ever worked for, everything from training to supervisors to idiotic policies ( three day suspension and /or termination if you do not follow strict guidelines they set out in the name of great customer service)) I hope the whole thing is sent back to where ever it came from.

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