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Shaw Canada: Very Unhappy

By Unhappy

I thought I’d done a lot of research before choosing Shaw to bundle my phone, internet & tv, but one can never predict the after-installation customer service experience.  I sure can’t believe that in the one month I’ve been with them, I had one question on how my remote worked (it’s not on the website, too new or something like that) and a request to add more channels (you’d think they want to get more of my business). Anyhow, the first matter took me 2 hours of being hung up on by their system, until I was finally berated, lied to, insulted and patronized by a rude supervisor named Mark, then he hung up on me.  I gave up on the question, and figured I’d figure out how to use the functions somehow, someday. Because I’m locked into a 3 yr purchase plan for equipment I can’t nuke them, or I would have.  Instead, all I can do is tell anyone and everyone I speak to about my horrible experiences and hopefully warn trusting customers away (who don’t like to be argued with, yelled
at or abused).  Second time, I tried to add 2 channels and I was told it would cost me $20 a month.  The attitude of the service agent was so unhelpful and so rude.  Again, I’m kicking myself for  signing on with Shaw.  Maybe at some point I’ll get a good enough deal from a competitor that I won’t care about paying for equipment I’ll never use and just ditch them.  It’s probably going to happen that way, eventually.


Poor Customer Service at Real Canadian Superstore

By Rob

Not too long ago,I approached the manager of Clareview superstore.I
wanted to point out that no name sour cream was priced cheaper in the
smaller container than the larger container.Right away i got the
fealing of being dismissed as a hassle rather than a helpfull
customer.Rod ..the manager told me the wharehouse may have excess
small containers.This didnt make sense to me as dairy products are
returned for credit.Rod totally brushed me off.His assistant manager
Rick was standing with him at the time.As I walked away.Rod said under
his breath.”brush your teeth”I heard him and asked him “What did you
say?I heard that”(I take anti depresants of wich a side affect is bad
breath)I am very concious of this so i pay extra attention to my oral
hygene.After confronting Rod.He went on a tirade about me intimidating
his employees and went on to say “I was banned from his store”I
remarked “I have a prescription at this pharmacy i would have to wait
another half hour for”I procee ded to the pharmacy and sat in a chair
waiting for my perscription.After I got it I went to go pay for the
items i had.On my way to the till rod and rick were in a spot standing
wich I had to walk past.Rod stopped me and said”he had gotten me
confused with another person who was intimidating his staff.”Going on
to say I was not banned from the store.And he was sorry for the
misunderstanding(never appologising for the brush your teeth
comment)On my very next trip to the same store…I was packing my
groceries when I heard a loud commotion with someone screaming “lets
go nigger”I told the cashier To take my money and groceries and put
them aside as I went to go help with the altercation taking
place.Outside the store fron doors was a group of rather small
security guards and Rod with his arms folded trying to get a native
gang member(the native fella proclaimed this)to exit the property.I am
larger 6 foot 2 250 pounds.I assesed the situation and determined i
should intervene.I approached the native fella when he said to me”What
are you going to be the hero?”I told him “Maybe there was somthing I
could do to help him?”And “whatever it was “I assured him “IT wasnt
worth it”The native fella started to leave and I noted the security
and Rod started back into the store.After I was sure the fella was
definatly leaving.I went back to my cashier where she had taken my
money and left the change and reciept nicely on my grocery bag.and
taken the time to move them to the side so she could help other
customers.As I left the store…Rod was standing between the double
doors of the exit.I commented to him”You never know when someone who
dosnt brush thier teeth is going to save you”His reply….A Howie
Mandel hand bump.Not even a thank you…….As far as
babysiting…Most 13 year old babysitters would be more helpfull and
diplomatic than the manager of this store.And as the sign says at the
customer service wall.”IT starts with me,Rod.Store manager”I wont even
get into the employees who have treated me as if My presence as a
shopper was painfull to deal with.However one particular employee does
come to mind.This employee also worked at the self check out line.It
is a shame that the almighty dollar is such a priority that staff are
asked to do so much more than the wage they are paid is worth.That
they become resentfull of the customer.And the customer is tested to
see how far they can be pushed to accept marginal quallity of products
and service.I will be searching for my local farmers this summer to
give him my business for meat and vegatables.And look forward to the
country welcome and service I know I will recieve.