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Save-On-Fo​ods UBC location

By Customer

Be careful at Save-On-Foods.  They often make mistakes in pricing.  I bought fish recently that had a price for 2.29/each, but when I went to pay the price was higher.  This has happened more than once.  Their excuse was “Oh, the computer was programmed to read …”  How on Earth would a customer know what the computer was programmed to do?  The customer can only read the prices that are attached to the items!!!!
No apologies for their mistake whatsoever.
I truly wonder now if stores do this on purpose hoping that customers won’t notice that they were charged a higher price than what was advertised.


La Détente Meubles & Accessoire​s in Gatineau

By Dan

I went to their store to have an estimate made on a coach and loveseat that where damaged in a flooding because my insurance adjuster needed the approximate replacement price.
Once I got there the sales rep. was polite and made me an estimate according to the specifications of the damaged furniture as asked and I told her that I would come back to purchase the items once I get the approval from my insurance company.
Both loveseat and sofa where very high grade leather, which was mentioned to the saleswoman, but once I got back to buy the items, she told me the price was much higher and the model chosen was not made in this grade of leather!!!
She would NOT ADMIT that she made a mistake, did not offer to call my insurance to clarify the ‘huge difference in price” and did not even offer some type of compensation … no need to mention that I was furious and told her I would need time now to clarify the mistake to my insurance company.
By the way she did make sure to tell me that when I come back to be sure the sale is in her name or to check to see if she works the day I would come back!!!
Once I got home I wanted to check out the written estimate before sending it out to my insurer. Again, the price written down and price mentioned in store where different, a new mistake (she wrote down the total difference between a grade 3000 leather versus a grade 6000 was 50$ total…. which is in fact over 2500$ as mentioned in store… now again I couldn’t give this new estimate to my insurance…
I got fed up of going there so finally bought the set and extra furniture elsewhere and now the downside is I have to assume the price difference which is over 3000$ total having nothing to present to my insurer whom originally wanted me to go shop at Brault & Martineau, store that I do not shop in (Cheap, Cheap, no quality and horrible service type of store!!!) and if you ever have to deal with an insurer it is a real hassle to try to tell them that the price you had given them as an estimate suddenly doubled!!!


Winners: Dissapointed at Return

By Beverley

I purchased an outfit from Winners in advance of a Birthday party my daughter would be attending.  It fit nicely and so the tags were removed so that she could wear it to the occasion.  The next time she was to wear it she noticed that the entire lower seam had frayed so that it could not be repaired.  I searched for the receipt and took it back to the store well over the 10 day exchange policy.  The lady at the counter kept me waiting 30 minutes while her and another clerk searched for the item which of course was no longer in stock.  I shop at Winners a lot and I had purchased a dress for my other daughter at the same price at the same time.  After making me wait for that length of time they entered the SKU on the receipt which identified the item clearly as not the colour or style of the item I was returning.  They told me I could get a gift card if I had the correct receipt.  I have several issues:  They could of entered the SKU right away to confirm if it was the correct  receipt for the item and they should be willing to give a refund if the item is defective…….they should have offered some remedy for the defective clothing including reporting the manufacturer to the buyer at their head office.  I shop at Winners a lot but the way I was treated by the customer service staff at this location turned me off shopping at their stores.  It is difficult to get teenagers to shop at anything but the stores their friends shop at.  After this episode I don’t think they are going to wear anything from Winners again.
I am really disappointed that Winners does not care enough about their customers to try to keep them happy.  Bad Business.


Superstore Winnipeg Canada

By Dionsia

My husband and I had a very good experience with the store manager of Superstore at Bison Drive in Winnipeg. We encountered an ambiguity in interpreting the 25-item limit at the self checkout and we were publicly reprimanded by a shift manager. Consequently, we asked for a meeting with the store manager, Rod Hill. He first listened to us courteously on the phone, immediately understood our point of view, and then agreed to meet with us to discuss the matter further. During the meeting, he apologized on behalf of the store and assured us that he will take action so that we and other customers would not encounter a similar situation in the future. Interestingly, he opened our meeting by saying: “I’m here to listen”. Overall this is the kind of response one would hope to receive from the manager of any organization.


Future Shop Canada Total Nightmare

By Know better now

Future Shop is a total nightmare.

We purchased a washer & dryer from Future Shop online. I have to say purchased because they took our money immediately. We waited a week to receive a delivery Date..not a delivery, just a delivery date. At the end of 7 full days I cancelled the order as we had paid for 2 large items we were apparently not going to receive. We were told it would be 5-7 days before the credit would be posted….standard. Fine, so we waited. 7 days, 8 days, 9 days. all the time calling future shop “customer service” and getting various answers from “call this number instead” to “please wait another day” to “oh, a supervisor will call you back in 30 minutes, or 1 day or within 48 hours” we could not get an answer as to where our money was.
Finally I called my credit card company to seek a resolution. They immediately approved the charge back as we were charged for goods that were not ever delivered and thankfully I had emails from Future Shop saying we were entitled to our refund. (FYI get it in writing, a phone call means nothing!) It is day 10, I threatened them with our charge back and got a response the same day announcing suddenly our credit was issued. Where was that email a week ago? We shall see if we actually get our money back or if Visa has to take it back from them.

What a horrible business with  the absolute worst customer service I have even encountered. I will make it my business to tell anyone and everyone how they took our money, delivered nothing and have up until now not given our 1500$ back.

Its funny, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and do you know that Future Shop is calling us everyday now to resolve that issue? Funny when the shoe is on the other foot….

They will charge you and good luck getting a credit when you cancel because they are not delivering your purchase. Buyer be warned. This is not a company you want having your credit card number.


Weedman Canada: A Customer’s Testimony

By -Frustrated

Several weeks ago, the doorbell of my house rang. Outside stood a young man, requesting permission to take our number for a lawn care company. Having just moved to this house last fall with my family and unsure whether my parents would be interested I naively accepted. Oh how I regret this decision in hindsight.

Since then, we have been bombarded with phone calls from Weedman. I happened to answer that first call, during which I patiently heard the employee out and asked multiple questions about the products and technologies they use, whether they are environment friendly, their prices. I then said I will present this information to my family, which I honestly did.

Meanwhile I went online to do research, only to find numerous articles, blogs and company reviews about how this company refuses to take clients off their phone list, keeps returning phone calls when turned down, provides unwanted services and bills people for them anyway. The list goes on. After reading such negative opinions, I immediately wrote them off.

So when they called back a second time, I politely said I had done my research and that as a family we had decided not to receive their services.

Weeks and phone calls later, I am stunned by the tactics the company uses: calls from different unlabelled numbers so that they cannot be screened, employees claiming they did not know we had requested to be taken off the list, and just recently, an employee saying he cannot take us off the list until he speaks to the owners of the house! As the adult who has been dealing with them from the beginning I was shocked, not only by his tone but his adamant persistence that he will call back to speak to the owners. Before he hung up on me he whistled his displeasure.

All of which has lead me to write this short, inarticulate article. A feat in itself, since I avoid writing, and write this only in hopes that it will maybe make a positive change in certain people’s lives.

To the staff of WeedMan: I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you do not know we have already been called. So please, improve your internal communication channels and listen to the person on the other end of the line who declines your services. And do it politely to boot.

To the unsuspecting consumer: be smarter than I was and do not provide your contact info to WeedMan. You will regret it.