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Dead Budgie Bird not replaced at PetSmart Canada

by Anon

My next door neighbour recently¬†purchased¬†a budgie from Petsmart on Laird ave. The bird died on Saturday. She phoned the store and was told of a 14 day policy. It was a baby, and the girl who served us did not know a thing about birds. We were hoping they would replace it but no, they have a 14 day policy on animals sold from them. I will never shop there again, nor will ¬†my three sisters. Between us ¬†(children’s pets included) we have 11 dogs, four cats and three gerbils. They have lost us as customers, We will ¬†all shop at The Menagerie on Parliament ¬†Street from now on. Shame on you PetSmart. You turned your back on a 10 year old boy who lost his pet in less than a month.


Great service at East Side Mario’s Restaurant Canada

by bridarpet

Had a food issue at the Saint John, N.B. East Side Marios due to home delivery.  Sent an email and right away I received contact from Head Office and the local owner of the restaurant.

Peter Gormley, the owner was very efficient, professional and settled my concern way beyond my wildest imagination.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone as the service and food in the restaurant is the absolute best.  The issue with the home delivery was a minor one but it was dealt with quickly and professionally.

They are the best.


Great Customer Service at Future Shop and Staples Canada

by Norton Fan

Future Shop had Norton Internet Security 2010 advertised for 44.99$. Thinking this was a good price; my dad went ahead and bought it. The next day the Staples flyer came out with the same product advertised for 29.98$. I went along with him to Future shop to return the product and purchase it instead at Staples. The stores are right beside each so I thought I should go to Staples first and see if NIS had been sold out or still available. It was sold out and wouldn’t be available for 4 weeks. The customer rep was super friendly and apologized. She said that there had been a problem with the order and that I can pre-purchase it and when it arrives I will be called. Great! I tell her I will be back in 10 minutes after making a return at FS. The customer service rep at FS was equally friendly and offered to price match and beat the difference by 10%. I told her that Staples didn’t have it in stock (seems to be the requirement sometimes). She said it wasn’t a problem and gave it at a cheaper price than Staples.She didnt call Staples or ask for a flyer. I ended up getting back 17.xx$. Overall a great experience at both stores.


Walmart Canada Oil Change: Forgot to put oil and engine blew up

by bells

I have been going to walmart for an oil change and the last time I did get the oil change they forgot to put my oil in it …so my engine blew up and it cost me over $2600 for a simple oil change … since then I never did go back to get an oil change … I called headoffice and they didnt care they gave me the insurance company and they told me to see them in court… never would I recommend going to get an oil change from walmart


Walmart Canada Oil Change

Superstore Edmonton Clareview: “This isn’t my job to babysit you people”

by Max

My daughter and I have been loyal customers of Superstore for year and used to really enjoy shopping there.

We were standing in the self check out line when a lady with a cart on the otherside formed her own line, I asked the Superstore worker who was standing there if there were 2 lines or 1, she snapped back at me that theres just one line, by this time the lady who formed her own line had gone to the check out stand and proceeded scanning her groceries, I told the superstore clerk that that lady had gone in front because she thought there was a line on the other side, the line I was in was about 20 people and we had waited 10 min at this point, I wasnt rude and I didnt raise my voice at all, the clerk then walked up to the lady pointed back to me and said, that lady wants you to take your groceries and go to the back of the line because you  budded infront of her, and then said, yeah shes one of those. I was appalled, I didnt know what to say, the clerk then came back to her area which is were I was standing and said to me, there happy now, you should be able to do things yourself, this isnt my job to babysit you people, then she turned around and started muttering about how I should have just told the lady myself and not stop her from doing her job, so I said excuse me, and she turned and looked at me but didnt say anything, then I said excuse me again and she started yelling at me about how this is not her job, I was shocked and my 11 year old daughter was frightened by this behavior. I went to customer service right away and got a Manager a pointed out who she was and told him what happened, I was very upset by this point and could hardly speak, his only concern was were my daughter was because as he told me, children get lost all the time in here. I know 1 or 2 people dont reflect the whole company but lets face it, you are a Manager in charge of making sure your customers are safe and not attacked.


Horrible Customer Service at Real Canadian Superstore RCSS on Sargent in Winnipeg

by KathyN

I’ve never had trouble using printed coupons before until today…

The cashier called over to customer service, and this young man comes over and starts staying they cannot accept “PHOTOCOPY”, and when I said I got it off of their website, he says “Well then, you have to talk to them”.

Inside I was thinking, what have happened to “The customer is always right”?!? ¬†He was rude and judgemental in accusing me of photocopying a coupon!

He could have simply said that they cannot accept the coupon… ¬†And apparently RCSS doesn’t even accept cheques anymore — and companies like Ensure mail out cheques. ¬†Soon we’ll have to take our business elsewhere!


Shoppers Drug Mart Kingston Charging for Free Mascara

by Laurie1976

Recently went to a Shopper’s Drug Mart in Kingston and purchased a mascara that I thought was on sale for $6.99. ¬†I decided it would be a better deal to get the “buy one get one free” mascara.

I got home and noticed that I had been charged $11.89 for the package of mascara.  When I called the cosmetics department they said that the sale price did not apply to the buy one get one mascara (same brand, same product).

I returned to the store and talked with a manager and explained that they could not do this!  Essentially they were charging me nearly $5.00 extra for a mascara that was supposed to be free!  He agreed and told me to tell the individual at the cash that I could have the item for $6.99.

I told the cashier that the manager (gave his name) said that I could have the item for $6.99 and that I had been charged the wrong price.  The idiot cashier proceeded to call someone over the loud speaker to come to the front.  Once this employee arrived she told him to go and check the price.  I told her that I had already told her the price and that she was wasting my time.

The employee returned and said “11.89.” ¬†She then turned to me and said “It’s 11.89.” ¬†I was getting angry at this point and told her that I had told her it was $6.99 and that I wanted the manager. ¬†He came over and told her the price was $6.99 and she finally, after much exhaustion and time-wasting, let me have it for the correct price.

However, I noticed that several other people must have fallen for this and paid full price, as nearly all of the double “bogo” mascara’s were gone. ¬†Looks like Shopper’s made a profit off of selling free mascara.


Sears Canada Wedding Gift Registry: GIft Box a Joke

by Betty

Went on line to check a gift registry for a wedding. ¬†Bought gift. ¬†They asked did I want it in a gift box. ¬†Well ya… if Im going to send it directly to the bride.

In the end I decided to deliver the gift myself.

The so called gift box was just any old carboard box they found . With sears lables of info all over it.

When asking them to explain themselves.  All sears products are delivered in plastic bags. We found you a box for 5 bucks.  I could do that for nothing. I still have to spend money now to wrap it. False advertising I said.


Sears Canada Extended Warranty is Awful

by aRegulahGuy

We moved last year and bought 3 large appliances from Sears to upgrade the house - about $5000.  We bought extended waranties on all appliances.  We called them in to see the LG dishwasher that was making a noice.  They came in and said it needed a part. One week later they repaired it and left. The next time the dishwasher ran it flooded!  That was 8 days ago. We still have not got anyone in from Sears.  Phone calls take 45 minutes to speak to someone.  The repairman did show up once unanannounced - we were not home - it was not scheduled.  He left a note.  We called back (45 minute wait) and now they say it will be a one week wait until someone comes.  Has Sears heard of a phone to call? Do not buy an extended waranty from Sears. Take you chances and support the local repair guy who will book an appointment and be at your house within 48 hours!


Weedman Canada: Lawn in worst condition ever

by Steve N.

This was my first experience with Weed Man, fortunately it will be my last.  In order to get my business they made a bold statement saying that they could care for my lawn better then I could.  After calling them several times to deal with the increase in weeds, they came and applied another control chemical.  This did not work, I called several more times and could not getting anything done about the problem.  After having an employee ring the door bell wondering if Weedman could be employed to help with my weed infestation I indicated to him that they currently were.  He was shocked and filled out a form for them to drop by and manually pull the weeds.  This never happened, they kept delaying until cooler weather when they could apply chemical.  My lawn has been in the worst condition it  has ever been in and I will NEVER use weedman again.


Popeye’s Chicken Canada: Polite & Accept Coupons

by Captain Crown 3100

I just want to compliment the staff at the Scarborough POPEYES CHICKEN @ Markham Rd. and Kingston Rd. They keep a clean establishment and have always been polite and accepted printed coupons presented with my order. This particular location also has a DRIVE-THRU WINDOW for those on the go. Congratulations for a job well done and your fresh chicken is worth the wait.


Brilliant Customer Service at Rexall Pharma Plus (Thorold, ON)

by Fraser Dean

I went into the store to pickup some different items which included several printables for glade products. I entered and recieved a hello and a huge smile. When I was finally finished shopping I had countless coupons and the cashier knew this would take closer to 20 minutes before she was done ringing me up. Instead of the usual dirty stare and sly comments from normal cashiers, she just gave me a smile. While she was ringing the coupons in there was a problem with one as it wouldnt scan. She called the manager and he actually printed out another coupon for me so I could get my 20% off. She also told me that in their flyer there was an additional $2.00 off coupon I could use! The customer service they provided me is such that is not seen in any other stores. This store is at the top when it comes to customer service. Any person living in either Thorold, St. Catharines, or any nearby Niagara town/city should really come to the Rexall Pharma Plus in Thorold when looking for a great store with superb customer service.


Good Food Box: You can save money and still eat well

by Sean OQuinn

If you live in Brantford Ontario you have to try a Good Food Box. You can save money and still eat well. High Quality Fruits and Vegetables are bought in bulk at wholesale prices and then the savings are passed on to YOU (The Customer.) You can order a Family Box that is suitable for 4-5 people for $15. Or you can buy a Single Box that is suitable for 1-2 people for $10. Anyone can Participate. If you have $10 or $15 dollars at the beginning of the month you will be able to pick up your Good Food Box by the third week of the month. Every month the boxes are filled with fresh produce grown as locally as possible. Each box will contain staple items such as potatoes, carrots, onions and apples. They choose the other items according to season availability and price. A example of a Good Food Box would be: Apples, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Carrots, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Oranges, Bunch of Celery, Bananas, Pears and Romaine Lettuce.  A monthly newsletter is provided with each
box. The Newsletter includes information on featured fruits and vegetables, easy recipes to try and storage tips to stretch your food dollar.

For More Information contact the Good Food Coordinator at 519-751-4357 ext.41. Suite 103-A 1100 Clarence St. Brantford, ON


TSC Store Brantford is Great

by Sean OQuinn

I know that the TSC store in Brantford Ontario is Great! They have a lot of Tools that you won’t find in regular hardware stores. They also have a full line of Heavy Duty Workclothes, at a very reasonable price. You can even but Coats up to 5X. I was looking for a air filter for my de-humidifier.All other stores I had to order it but the TSC store had it in stock for half the price. They have TSC stores clear across Ontario.You don’t know what your missing till you explore a TSC Store!