Popeye’s Chicken Canada: Polite & Accept Coupons

by Captain Crown 3100

I just want to compliment the staff at the Scarborough POPEYES CHICKEN @ Markham Rd. and Kingston Rd. They keep a clean establishment and have always been polite and accepted printed coupons presented with my order. This particular location also has a DRIVE-THRU WINDOW for those on the go. Congratulations for a job well done and your fresh chicken is worth the wait.

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    Lilly Mae says...

    I would love to be near your Popeye’s; experiences totally different at my local store.

    We live near 2 schools; one elmentary and one high school. Popeye’s is half a block away from both. As you know, they have a deal on Tuesday’s, similar to KFC. Every Tuesday morning, a huge sign goes up sayins “ONE PER CUSTOMER BETWEEN 11 am AND 2 pm. DUH???? Even teachers are no longer allowed to purchase for the staff and take back to school nor can I buy 2 boxes on my way home for my husBAND AND i FOR LUNCH.

    i contacted their head office in Oklahoma and was told that their locations are franchised and the owner/managers are free to do what they want to.

    For the first time last week, I also order a small pack of chicken wings, MILD……..I asked if I could get fries instead of a biscuit and was told NO, pay full price for an extra order of fries; yet the people in line behind me were allowed to substitute at no extra charge as they were the same ethnic background at the lady running the place…..

    My wings came extra spicy as I watched them toss 3 orders in a row into the same spice the couple behind me requested. I took one bite, told them that is not what I ordered and was basically told, too bad!!!

    NEVER TO RETURN TO POPEYE’s AGAIN!!!!! Glad someone enjoyed their experience!! (I do love their biscuits and would love to be able to order some to take home but not at one dollar per buscuit, thank you.

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    Catherine says...

    Personally, I love Popeyes (though my waistline doesn’t)! I have been to several locations with varying degrees of service. The one on Yonge street at Dundas was always terribly inefficient- I’d still go back over and over for their delicious food though. Another in mississauga and a few in brampton- all had great service and food. Also very new and clean looking. I also wanted to mention that BECAUSE Popeye’s is franchised several of them around the city offer Halal meat- for those who require it. This seems to be very unusual for fast food and even though I do not require it- I always found that the halal locations had better tasting meat.

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    Shad In Toronto says...

    Popeye’s Chicken cheats its customers by serving bones.

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    Sherif in Mississauga says...


    I’d like to know where these people are finding Popeye’s resturants that have good service and clean facilities.

    I eat there often but frnkly i am fed up with the terrible attitude and service, dirty facilities and filthy washrooms, not to mention ridicuous pricing. i frequent 4 different Mississauga locations: Erin Park, Meadowvale, Dixie/Eglinton and Cooksville. All awful, although the food is good…

    And to the person who claimed that people of certain ethnic background get better treatment; It’s TRUE. Although I am of white complexion, the person serving me knew I was one of HIS kind by my kids names when I called out to them. He exchanged a couple of thighs for breasts, as I had requested, and didn’t charge me additional. Also he upsized our drinks for free!

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    lady says...

    Popeyes is the worst food you can put in your mouth
    it is just fatty salty crap

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    Amy says...

    Popeye’s Chicken has HORRIBLE service (it’s just like most fastfood restaurants)! Popeye’s is extremely messy and UNCLEAN in Downtown Toronto, I will never go there again..the chicken was–less flavourful than KFC. Biscuits are just pointless- flavourless and dry.

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    dee baird says...


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    Ian says...

    Popeye’s has several poor locations in Toronto, ON.
    I recommend staying away from the one on Danforth near Dawes, it is usually dirty and they do not follow Provincial Law for food premises properly.
    The one on Kingston Road appears well run and clean and also the one one on Lawrence near Midland.
    You really take chances when going to one of these franchises though.

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    candybar says...

    the popeyes in georgetown has awesomeeeeeeee fooood and best service anywhere!

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    lola says...


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    sun says...

    popeyes store in kitchener ontario street ottawa .in kitchener very very bad food no clean
    and casheir no freindly
    last 3 month i worked in store owner he change break money but
    dont have break
    u know any oone busy
    i dont have time for break
    please help my freind

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    sun says...

    iam working in toronto now

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    Esam says...

    Thanku so much all office in popeyes canada and usa

    Iam cooking in popeyes in waterloo ontario
    My owner and family popeyes very nice poeple.
    Iam work ould good family .
    Thank you

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    Esam says...

    Have a nice day
    Good night

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    robert gardiner says...

    Today, for the first time I went to Popeyes in Brantford and it will be my last time! The chicken was so greasy the coating was actually sliding off, they forgot my biscuit ( which I never did get ), no ketchup, the pop was so watered down there was hardly any taste and no napkins ( however the owner did see me looking and finally brought me some ) Not the best way to make a good impression on a first time customer!

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    Sawsan says...

    Today, from Waterloo,ON popeys shop I have ordered 8 peices meal with side (fries) and asked for an extra side (salad), and a sandwish for my son.

    Even they called me back to confirm the order!!!they delivered my the food home, with no fries, no sandwish for my kid…imagine how eating the meal without the fries, and my son had to stair not eating. To enjoy the service we had to fight the un-well cooked thighs.. It was frustrating

    But Ohnestly, we got a big SORRY when we calld them!!, and simply they cut the price of the un-delivered orders… and what? get a free fries NEXT TIME….if there would be a NEXT TIME.
    WHILE, when Domino’s pizza misplaced our order, we got it for FREE…..

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    Big Bob says...

    I have no idea what the hell you just said Sawsan

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    andrew cole says...

    Today , i went to popeyes in Brantford , ontario . Like their service
    Fresh Food , Clean Washroom , dont mind waiting for food , because got mine fresh and hot .

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