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Sears Cosmetics Department‏

By too busy texting

Shocking! Disrespectful and unavailable staff.

Was in to get my Estee Lauder products and when I walked into the department at 7:30 pm on a Thursday night a few weeks ago I couldn’t believe it! Every person on shift in there was sitting behind their counters on chairs “lounging” and ALL of them had their cell phones out!

When I came up to the counter the girl got off her chair and got my products and was nice enough. The other two were at the Clarins counter still chatting and looking at their cells. One was apparently a manager!!!

The department was pretty much empty and really I felt like I was bothering them just being there. Like I’d interrupted their “girl time”.

I’ve been in before and there seem to one or two who will genuinely say hello and ask if you need help but then there are these others that seem more interested in sharing pictures on their phones or texting RIGHT in front of Customers!!!!

No one else in the store had phones out - I know because I walked around looking for anyone with cell phones out.

If the manager does it I suppose it’s okay?

I won’t shop there anymore…the Bay will get my business before I step foot into another Sears cosmetic department. At least the girls there aren’t sitting on their rears on their cell phones!

I really did feel like I was an uninvited guest at a party. Not good at all and I doubt that I am the only customer who’s had this experience.


Best Buy


Hope the link works,

I went to purchase the LG Optimus One phone (KOODO) from the Best Buy website. It clearly says that if you purchase the phone on tab you get a $75 gift card. When I get to the store and I was checking out the associate said it was for new activations only. Well guess what If i am abuying a new phone than that should be considered newly activating that phone. He said because I already had an account with koodo that I will not recieve it. That’s not fair at all.

This is one of the main reasons why I went over to best buy to make the purchase in the first place. Talk about false advertising. The add does say that the phone has is not available to be shipped, but no where near that “Free $75 gift card” did it say conditions apply or anything like that


CONSUMER BEWARE: What You Get Is NOT What You Pay For‏

By Anonymous Consumer

My best advice to anyone who is considering going to this dealership to purchase a vehicle is DON’T DO IT! I recently purchased a vehicle from them and the car I was given after I gave them money was not the one I selected. When I called them out on the fact that they gave me the wrong car they said I was either a liar or I was confused! First of all the car they gave me was a completely different colour from the one I paid for! Second, it was missing a rather noticeable scratch near the gear shift that the one I selected had. Third, I purchased a GS model and I was given a GT. I’ve included a detailed description of what happened to me below, but if you decide to go ahead and purchase a vehicle with them make sure you take photos of the car you pay for and write down the VIN number and make sure it matches the one written on the bill of purchase and car proof report. Even with that when they give you the wrong car they likely still will not give you a refund or replace the car with the one you actually wanted, but you can at least use the photos and VIN number as evidence in court. Also, if you think picking up the car you purchase instead of having it delivered will prevent them from switching the car you’d be wrong. The fact is they’ll tell you the car needs to be taken to the back for e-testing, certification, plates, and so on. Once that car leaves your sight and you have already paid for it they’re free to switch the car and bring you another one. Oh and they also made me buy them a 24 pack of beer to pay for the remainder of the car’s cost on a credit card, because they knew I wanted to avoid financing.

Here’s what happened to me:

It began when I contacted Good Fellow’s Auto about a vehicle I saw advertised on their website. I spoke with a salesmen named Shane who informed me that I would be able to pay with certified cheque, cash, or credit card. He also confirmed that the particular vehicle had all of the key features I told him I was looking for. He also assured me that the prices were all very negotiable and he would ensure that I walked out with a good deal.

The following morning I went in to the dealership and met with Shane who showed me the vehicle. I immediately noticed that the vehicle did not have all of the features he assured me on the phone it had. However, I was still interested as I needed a car urgently for my new job starting on the Monday. Once we sat down to discuss prices he informed me that he was not willing to negotiate the price. He denied both telling me that the prices were negotiable and assuring me on the phone that the vehicle had all of the features I told him I was looking for.

From there I asked to speak with his manager. The manager himself then said he would make a small adjustment to the price however he would not give me time to think about it and said that if I left the dealership to look elsewhere any negotiation would be off the table. He said in order to help me with my decision he would throw in a 39month warranty in addition to the manufacturers warranty I was already getting, which you will later see was a lie!

Upon inspection I noticed a very significant scratch on the car. When I asked if they would fix the scratch the manager said they would not as it would cost them money to do so. When it came time to pay for the vehicle I presented almost ten grand in cash and the remainder I wanted to pay with an interest free credit card to avoid financing. However, to my astonishment I was informed by Shane that I could not use a credit card. I reminded him that I had already told him how I would pay the night before and he said it was fine. Yet, he insisted that if I wanted to use a credit card they would have to charge me interest. When I said I was no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle he told me he would see what he could do. Shortly after he returned and informed me that his manager said they would allow me to use my credit card if I bought them a 24pack of beer!!!

During my test drive he asked me to pull into the LCBO, so that I could buy him the beer, and once we got back to the dealership he put the beer into the trunk of his car and said it was so his manager wouldn’t see it. Although, he had previously said it was his manager who requested it!

As he put together the bill of purchase he told me I would need to pay an additional $150 if I wanted the car delivered to my house, which I did, but he said he could not give me a receipt for the delivery. I told him I would need the car delivered as early as possible Monday evening so that I would not be late for work and he agreed he would bring it by 8:30pm.

However, on Monday around 9pm I called Shane and he still had not left the dealership. He said he was with customers and would head over immediately. He did not arrive till 11pm and as a result I was 1 hour 20mins late for work. To make things worse he brought me the wrong vehicle!!!

When I called the manager to let him know they brought me the wrong vehicle I was told that I was either a liar or confused. I asked him why I would spend over $13,000 plus $150 for delivery just to turn around and lie about being given the wrong vehicle. I told him that I was not confused about the car I was given, because the fact that it was a different colour was a dead give away! In addition, the one I was given did not have the rather noticeable scratch near the transmission that the other one had.

He told me I would not get a refund, a replacement, or any sort of rectification. He said that the vehicle I was given had the same VIN number as the one on the bill of purchase. However, I told him there was no way that I as a customer would know to ask to compare the VIN on the bill of purchase to the vehicle I picked out at the dealership. As a customer I trusted them and would never have foreseen that I would be given the wrong car. He said that I should have known to check the VIN and because I didn’t he would not help me because as far as he was concerned I got what I paid for. They also informed me that I would no longer be given the manufacturer’s warranty and the 39 month warranty I was promised would cost me extra!



By sam

I use to be a Rogers customer for my tv, internet and home phone. They had terrible costumer service and we got fed up and switched to bell. So that was that.

So, at the beginning of this year I decided to sign up with Fido. That was a mistake!! I was talking to a Fido rep on the phone and they convinced me to switch to cityfido, telling me that wherever you go, that city will be your city fido zone. I live in Toronto and was visiting Winnipeg so I called my friends in Winnipeg acting like it shouldn’t be charging me long distance but meanwhile it was and the rep had it wrong. So whatever then, I will get long distance added to my plan. I get the confirmation it worked and I know have that plan added. Few weeks later my phone is shut off because I’ve hit my “credit limit.”So I called in and they proceeded to tell me it was from long distance charges (all calls were withing canada) and they told me in the notes it said I declined the long distance plan, even though I have a text from them saying it was confirmed. So they “fix” it. Guess what, again it did not work. I got fed up and asked to speak to the manager around there. I was told I would get a call in 3 hours. No call. So I call them the next day and ask what is going on. They responded with that I would be getting a call between 24-48 hours. Now, this is how many calls I had to deal with. 2 weeks later STILL no call. They are horrible!!


Zellers Store in Westdale, Mississauga

By rot

i think its the worst store of all zellers in mississauga, ive been charged twice for same things for 3 times now they hve horrible staff unfriendly people no reliabilty and wrost is there customer care they just dont want to hear ur problem all they care is wheres the reciept, i would never ever recommend anyone to this store ever


Sears Canada is the Worst Employer of All Time

By Patrick Montana

SEARS Canada, a Modern Day Sweat Shop

As a telephone sales representative you will have the privilege of earning $10.50/hr

Sears assign a target sale of $100.00/hr

What a justice?

A ratio of almost 10 to 1

They calculate how much time you spend in the phone talking to a client and how much time you take to update the client’s file.

They do not want you to spend too much time in the washroom, or walking around or getting a coffee.

They warn you that your lunch break extended by 2 minutes

They hire high power slave drivers, with big whips and magnificent and Gestapo tactics and ideas on how to improve the productivity of the work force as SEARS need more and more of the public’s money at the same time that they do not supply an adequate service.

Their emphasis is on selling at whatever cost, but do not fulfill any promises made to the customers

9Comments - Horrible Shipping and Wrong Order‏

By Digi

I placed an order on

After seeing it featured on the Blog, I assumed it would be reliable.

Boy, was I wrong.

They supposedly have great shipping, with items being received 1-7 business days (1 day for GTA, which I am located in).

It took almost 1 month! I ordered on a weekend, so it was shipped on the 25th last month. I did not receive it until yesterday, the 18th.

During that time I contacted them and they said they were going to contact CPS..nothing else. No updates, nothing.

Well, when I received my order, I thought all was well..until I opened the box.

My husband’s name and our address was printed on the outside..but the packing slip and item was for someone else! I now have this lady’s information, including her phone number.

I called them and they said I would have a replacement TODAY..not here yet, so we’ll see how long it takes and if it’s right, this time.


Great Customer Service at Vista Print‏

By D.Aloha

Most awesome customer service I ever received!


Skill2Thrill Cell Phone Trivia Scam!

By Mary

Be advised to never respond to a pop-up under a Google search engine that you are the winner for your area and that you can win an I-Pad, I-phone or laptop computer. Skill2Trill Trivia is connected to this.

I was doing an academic Google search for academic articles for my PhD when a pop-up came up under this search engine indicating that I could win. Under normal circumstances I would never have thought to respond to a pop-up as such; however, considering the search engine being that of a scholarly related site, I thought it was legitimate. Alternatively, it was a complete scam! It had asked for my cell phone number and it would send me a pin number so that I would win. After submitting the pin number, which they sent immediately to my cell phone, the Skill2Thrill Trivia indicated that to increase my chances of winning, I was to respond to the text messages that would be sent to me.

Not only did I not win, I would have to pay to respond to text messages and pay three dollars per response to further my chances. Immediately, the text messages started coming. Of course I did not respond as I did not want to be charged $3.00 per response. Instead, I simply deleted each message. After being bothered with copious amounts of texts messages a day, I called the number to stop the texts. Upon calling, both customer service representatives, Anna and Jaydi were extremely rude, demeaning and condescending when asking about stopping the texts. They then explained that I had incurred $82.56 in charges for being sent the text messages. I was in complete shock. In speaking with the phone company, I should never have been charged for receiving the text message but rather for responding to the messages, which I never did.

This company is a complete scam! They refuse to refund my money and the small company bureau police investigation unit is pursuing this claim.

Be aware of the Skill2Thrill Cell Phone Trivia Scam and others of the sort. Even without responding to the texts, you still get charged for them sending them to you.

I will let you know the result of the investigation.

Partaker Beware!


Fido - Terrible Customer Service


Just got off the phone after an hour and a half of trying to convince the customer service Rep Jarold that he has no clue what he’s talking about!!

We switched from a couples plan to individual plans 3 days ago. The rep made a mistake and put us both on the same plan. I was supposed to have a more extensive plan with free w/e, wn, unlike my spouse who was on a basic 50min plan.

When we called to get this corrected, we were told that my plan would not be effective until the next billing cycle and he would do us a favour by giving me free incoming until then! All this when I am being charged for a plan that would ideally give me 150min with free w/e and w/n. The guy would not understand!!!!

Took him over 90mins to get this in his head and finally apologized for being wrong.

He refused to get us to speak to a supervisor and said that they would call us in 24-48hrs as they were on a call currently..ha!

Fido/Rogers really need to get customer reps who understand what they are doing!


Sunlife Insurance

By Unhappy Customer

Found out salesperson did not tell truth about minimum insurance one can buy-IT IS NOT 200000-Sun Life Head Office basically says salesperson can say anything to sell a contract but if something happens only good for what policy states in legal language…..record conversation for possible legal action or better still use different company than Sun Life


Beware Rogers Wireless

By Steve

I was a rogers wireless customer since 1984. I finally had enough of them and switched to Bell (not sure if they are any better but). I was sent my final bill from rogers, 13 days after the bill was issued I was put into collections. I talked to the office of the vice president and was told this is their policy when you leave them. The account was paid, not within the 13 days but the collections shows up on my credit report and rogers will not remove it.

Thanks ROGERS, so much for all the years they had my business



By M&M Meat

I just recently started shopping at M&M for some of my groceries. I find that the customer service is by far the best compaired to most grocery stores. They are helpful and they look like they actually want to work there. It is really refreshing to know that there are some stores that know what customer service means.


Don’t Buy From Sears

By fedupwithsears

Sears’ delivery is the worst I have very experienced. they call to say that it will be a morning delivery on Saturday and that my area is done first so expect them anytime after 8:30. I set the alarm for 7:30 sat morning. meanwhile at 12:30 they are still not here and the delivery guy calls to say they are running behind and they expect to be here at 2 or 3.

Moral of the story is that you buy at sears and you get exceptionally poor service. The item-a mattress was 800 and they charged me 65 for delivery!


Horrible Zellers Says “No Coupons, No Price Match”

By H

I am completely appalled and disgusted with the customer service department, sales representatives, and cashiers at the Zellers location at County Fair Plaza, 499 Mohawk Road East in Hamilton, Ontario.

Every time I try and shop at this location, I encounter problems:

Store shelves are never stocked, cans are always dented, the whole store is a mess - you can barely navigate the aisles with the cart without knocking things off the end of shelf displays they’re so narrow.

The store is dirty, it smells dirty, and items on the shelf are dusty.

Employees are playing on their cell phones; customer service is next to null.

In any event, my most recent visit to Zellers has me never wanting to return to any Zellers location, redeem my current HBC points balance for Air Miles, and cut up the card!

I was attempting to Price Match the current Rexall PharmaPlus flyer. In addition to the Price Matching on my shopping list, I was also purchasing several items in the Zellers store that were on sale. In the store, there was a promotion, that if you spent $15 on P&G products, you would receive 20,000 HBC points. After seeing this, I adjusted my purchases in order to spend $15  which simply stated before taxes and use your P&G coupons here!

I had coupons for almost every item I had planned on purchasing and denied the use of all of them. I will go through my intended order here:

-3 x Multibionta 30s Probiotic Multivitamins, Price Matched to Rexall for $9.99. I had 3 x 10.00 coupons for any Multibionta that I found in magazines, expiring at the end of September and December. I was told that I could not use any of these coupons, as they would be free, and that the coupon was more than the item, so I could not use it either the coupon would have had to have been 9.98for me to use it and for it not to be free. In addition, at this point, I was told I could not Price Match, and use a manufacturer coupon.

-2 x Old Spice Deodorant, Price Macthed to Rexall for $1.49. I had the new P&G coupon, Buy 2 Old Spice products, save $3 - again for the same reason as highlighted above, I was unable to use this coupon.

-3 x Gillette Foamy shave gel, on sale at Zellers, for $1.49

I had the new P&G coupon Buy 3 Gillette products, save $5 I was unable to use this coupon, because the value of the coupon was more than the cost of the products and I would be getting them for free

-2 x Coke (12×355mL cans) on sale at Zellers, for $3.69

I had earned a coupon for Buy one 12 pack case Get one Free from iCoke redemption. I was redirected to to order this coupon.  I was unable to use this coupon as I was told it was “too good to be true and it must be fake

-1 x Venus razor, on sale at Zellers, - razor promotion  it would have been $8.99 after the discount. I had the new P&G coupon, Save $2 when you buy any Venus or Daisy razor. I was unable to use this coupon because I was not allowed to use a coupon on a sale

-2 x Crest 3D Whitening tooth paste  on sale at Zellers for $1.99. I had 2 x $1.00 coupons from the P&G BrandSampler earlier this year. I was unable to use this coupon because, as stated above,not allowed to use a coupon on a sale

I had also picked up a bottle of B-12 and a pair of shorts for my husband. (No coupons for those)

The order had to be rung up twice .the whole time the cashier was giving me dirty looks, the cashier on the next register was even worse  rude looks and rude words, such as you should just pay full price and don’t be so cheap. I was also told that the coupons could not be marked-down.

1. Order went smoothly, apparently, until the cashier hit total  what she said and inquired about my coupon for the Multibionta. After not being allowed to use the coupon that I had intended to use, I told the cashier that I did not want the products. The whole order had to be voided.

At this point, because of the remarks about my coupons, and my order having to be voided. I requested the number for head office. I was given the phone number (905) 389-2281 on a piece of register tape. From looking at the number, I could see that this was a Hamilton number. This frustrated me even more.

2. Order was rung up again, less the Multibionta, the Old Spice coupon caused a problem, because I was not allowed to use the coupon and the order had to be voided. At this point, I was fuming. Knowing that this would be the case again once they got to the $5 Gillette coupon, I asked for the return of my coupons and left the store empty-handed.

When I returned home, I attempted to call the number I was given, where I learned that this was the phone number for the store and not head office.

After this shopping experience, I am more than upset, and frustrated. There are other stores that provide better service than Zellers, and I have no need to go Zellers again. I was going to Zellers because it is closest to my home and didn’t have too much time.

Because of all this, the store in general half the lights were off  other customers were joking about when the store would pay their electricity bill, the employees playing on their cell phones, and the service I received  or their lack of, due to my coupons, I have no reason to ever return to Zellers!

The employees dont seem to have customer retention on their mind, and seem to make up coupon policies on the spot. I have never felt so disgusted with a store in my life! They should be glad I was not a mystery shopper!!