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Ecxel Toner Sucks!

By Ray Tracey

Ordered some odd printer ribbons from them that I needed in a hurry. First, the didn’t tell me they didn’t have them in stock. More than 3 weeks later, they show up by Canpar, slowest shipper on the planet. AND THEY’RE THE WRONG UNITS! Then they charged me a re-stocking fee to send them back. Excel toner BLOWS!


Horrible Experience at Canadian Tire

By Carla

Our family went to CT to purchase a shed and found the shed we wanted. We had seen a picture of the shed on a display billboard they had in that department and proceeded to find someone to help us. We first had to hunt down the employee that was in that department first(cause everyone else we asked new nothing) 20 minutes later he showed up and we asked to see a display model of that shed, was told that they do NOT have one. We asked some questions like snow load, will it stand up to our winters etc.? He said it should “we wouldn’t sell it if it didn’t”. So we bought it and took it home to assemble the next day. When we started of course you have to find the instructions and you would think the instructions would be in box #1 but they were in box #4. We started reading the instructions and the first thing they tell you make sure all the piece’s are there, we did that.Then we read that the shed does not have a very good snow load rating and that made us feel very leary about the shed. So we put all the piece’s back in their box’s and took it back to CT. Because of the price I would imagine that, that is why they called the manager for the return. The manager looked at the shed box’s and told us that we will not be getting a full refund because we opened the box’s. We informed him that in order to to put the shed together you have to open the box’s to find the instructions! or to get more info about the product. He could have cared less!! He told us that he will take the shed and put it on the floor to sell and whatever they get for it that will be our refund.We suggested getting the manufacture involved but he refused. He said they do not give refunds or exchanges and that they only supply warranty parts only. So we agreed to try to sell it and said it’s better than nothing and left the shed with them. A month had gone by and there was NO contact made to keep us in the loop about it so we went up there to see how things were going and found the shed assembled and being used as their DISPLAY MODEDL!!! no price on it or any tags for that matter as well it had been damaged by weather and other customers! We asked for the manager that we were dealing with and was told that he was gone for the day. We demanded that they get him on the phone regardless and the employee was rude and very snarky and huffed away to call him(even though there was a phone right in front of her!)She came back and told us that she was unable to get a hold of him and that to go home he will call us! We asked why it got set up and she said that, that is what we agreed to. We NEVER agreed to give it to them to use as a display!! She shrugged us off and said she could not help us anymore. So we have no shed and are out the sum of $1456.21. I am not sure how they can sleep at night knowing that they ripped of a family. I will never set foot on CT property ever again!!


Lenscrafters : Be Warned

By Elizabeth Chase

I purchased prescription glasses from Lenscrafters Calgary Alberta at the Chinook Centre in 2009 and need my lenses prescription upgraded this year 2011.I returned to that location. The Manager told me my glasses were a one time purchase at $650. and could not be upgraded.She apologized that the sales person did not warn me that this would be a one time purchase.What!!!!!!! Who the hell buys perscription glasses that can not be upgraded.She offered me a second pair of frames at half price but I do not want to buy a second pair of frames.I went to several other stores who offered to change the lenses, no problem. Never going back to Lenscrafters and I will warn anyone I know about the conditions of purchase there as well as the Better Business Bereau.


Property Damage During Sears Appliance Delivery

By Extremely Disappointed

Absolutely unbeleivable! I went with Sears to buy stove, fridge and dishwasher, because “I thought” Sears had a good reputation! Nothing could be further from the truth!!

I spent over $4000 on these appliances and have been treated like garbage when dealing with the property damage done to my house during delivery. No one wants to take responsibility, I have been “mistakenly” disconnected, the person I need to talk to is always either “just left for the day” or “in a meeting”. Sears must have 24 hour a day meetings for all their supervisors and managers. The delivery guys were rude and arrogant as well.

I will absolutely, positively NEVER buy anything else from Sears, and I will GLADLY share my experience with as many people as I can.


Great Experience with

By Juniperjune

I purchased online at a memory foam body pillow this past Sunday. On the site it stated it would take 7-10 business days to arrive by UPS.

Well, here we are Tuesday morning and it arrived! Talk about fast shipping. I was impressed.

The problem was that the pillow was not at all what I expected out of a memory foam pillow. It was way to soft and “mushy”. I feared that with it being a pillow I would have a hard time returning it. Off we went to Costco and I had no issues whatsiever returning it.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to feel confident to purchase off It was safe, fast and they have excellent return policy!


Amazing Edmonton London Drugs Service

By Blk Rose

I had attempted to do a coupon stack at 149street London Drugs last night. Afterwaiting in line nearly 20 minutes I was not greeted with a hello but its 10 minutes till closing she can’t help me. I smiled and said you have 10 minutes. She called her manager who told her to ring me through. She then stumbled on my internet coupon and then once again paged the manager…at this time it was 2minutes to closing and i said just forget it I will go where people know customer service. Sooooooo this brings me to today. I ended up on 51ave where SUSAN D rang me through with a smile on her face and patients as my daughter had to run and find my flyer in the truck I needed for a price match. Its people like her that remind me some people enjoy their jobs and are very dedicated to the customers. THANK YOU


Beyond The Rack Scam?

By Lena

I have recently for the first time purchased a product from Beyond the Rack. As opposed to all the negative reviews regarding the amount of time that it takes to ship the product, it actually came within the week and i was quite content. However, I purchased a pair of Ray ban sunglasses 3267 and the label on the box indicated the same but the glasses inside were model 3362. Interesting, so i sent them an email indicated that the wrong glasses were sent in and asked if a refund would be provided. Their policy was credit only if i didn’t like it but because it was wrong, she indicated that it would be refunded plus the cost of shipping that i would need to put forth the send it back. So much hassle!! So i contemplated keeping them but looking at them further, it was missing the made in..lettering on the inside arm. All the raybans i’ve seen have this inside. BTR has a guarantee of authenticity advertised on every product page. Interesting. So i sent an email back indicating that it may be fake. Her response was acceptable. BTR gets them from “authorized dealers with authentic products” Send them back and you will get your money back. But to keep me as a customer i felt they should have taken it more seriously. So I responded…

I’m not trying to be difficult but I want BTR to take responsibility for there suppliers instead of blaming them. I am your customer and not your suppliers. Every page that advertises a product for sale clearly states that:

Our guarantee of brand authenticity.

Every item on our site comes directly from the manufacturer, a licensed agent, retailer, or importer, and is guaranteed authentic brand name merchandise.

Instead of pushing the blame, i would have rather preferred that a comment like that ending with something like “However, BTR only deals with authorized dealers with authentic products.”…but we will investigate this supplier once the product is returned and follow up that goes like..we have investigated the supplier and found that they are no longer a reliable source and have discontinued the relationship as we value our guarantee of authenticity. Out of curiosity, how does BTR ensure the quality of the products that they are selling is authentic? For a company that is going to guarantee authenticity i would appreciate taking this concern more seriously. I will not be sending these back as I do not have confidence in BTR that a refund will be provided. I am also going to perform my own investigation and have these authenticated and may be in contact with you future. Thanks in advance.

Buyer Beware.


Winners Didn’t Honour Tag Price

By Mercedy

I went shopping at Winners (at wem)yesterday and found this cute dress for work, it was in the clearance section Reg price $29.99 marked down to $12.99. I hardly find dresses that fit me right and the price was even better. I went to pay for it and the Cashier said that the “red clearance sticker” price was wrong and continued to look at me like I switched it!! He found the “correct price” which was $24.99, how is that a clearance price??!! I told him that was mis advertising a price and I should get it for the sticker price, he rolled his eyes at me and said “well we cant babysit the evening price clerks, do you want the dress or not?”……..I ended up not buying the dress and I am very disappointed in Winners.