Beyond The Rack Scam?

By Lena

I have recently for the first time purchased a product from Beyond the Rack. As opposed to all the negative reviews regarding the amount of time that it takes to ship the product, it actually came within the week and i was quite content. However, I purchased a pair of Ray ban sunglasses 3267 and the label on the box indicated the same but the glasses inside were model 3362. Interesting, so i sent them an email indicated that the wrong glasses were sent in and asked if a refund would be provided. Their policy was credit only if i didn’t like it but because it was wrong, she indicated that it would be refunded plus the cost of shipping that i would need to put forth the send it back. So much hassle!! So i contemplated keeping them but looking at them further, it was missing the made in..lettering on the inside arm. All the raybans i’ve seen have this inside. BTR has a guarantee of authenticity advertised on every product page. Interesting. So i sent an email back indicating that it may be fake. Her response was acceptable. BTR gets them from “authorized dealers with authentic products” Send them back and you will get your money back. But to keep me as a customer i felt they should have taken it more seriously. So I responded…

I’m not trying to be difficult but I want BTR to take responsibility for there suppliers instead of blaming them. I am your customer and not your suppliers. Every page that advertises a product for sale clearly states that:

Our guarantee of brand authenticity.

Every item on our site comes directly from the manufacturer, a licensed agent, retailer, or importer, and is guaranteed authentic brand name merchandise.

Instead of pushing the blame, i would have rather preferred that a comment like that ending with something like “However, BTR only deals with authorized dealers with authentic products.”…but we will investigate this supplier once the product is returned and follow up that goes like..we have investigated the supplier and found that they are no longer a reliable source and have discontinued the relationship as we value our guarantee of authenticity. Out of curiosity, how does BTR ensure the quality of the products that they are selling is authentic? For a company that is going to guarantee authenticity i would appreciate taking this concern more seriously. I will not be sending these back as I do not have confidence in BTR that a refund will be provided. I am also going to perform my own investigation and have these authenticated and may be in contact with you future. Thanks in advance.

Buyer Beware.

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    Natalie says...

    Hi Lena,

    Just saw your comment. If your item was shipped to you incorrectly, the we will absolutely refund you in full including return shipping. Please send this back to us and make sure to write this on the return paperwork.
    Unfortunately, I believe you were advised of our regular return policy which indeed is for store credit only.
    If you email me your order number as well, I can make a note in your file and even check to see if we have the correct pair available to ship you asap.


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    Natalie says...


    To answer the second part of your email regarding authenticity, the Raybans in question come straight from an authorised distributor of the brand. We have taken great care in making sure that all items we sell are authentic and if we have any doubt, we will not sell them on our site. This is not a chance we are willing to take. A thorough background check is conducted on every vendor which includes many cross checks in different areas to ensure the goods coming in are authentic and first quality.

    As far as this particular brand is concerned, the vendor is very reputable and is one with whom we have been dealing with for several years now.
    There is no doubt his goods are authentic.
    Rest assured, if we sent you the wrong pair of glasses, as mentioned, I’d be happy to verify our inventory and see if we don’t have the proper pair on hand to ship out to you, and if we don’t, we will be happy to refund you in full.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contcat the customer service line at your earliest convenience.

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    A. Smith says...

    I had a similar bad experience with BTR. The coat I ordered was defective, and I was also told I would only get credit. When I wrote back twice asking for a more suitable solution, they never responded to my emails. I haven’t purchased anything from them since, and have warned my friends about their poor customer service.

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    ME says...

    I have ordered from BTR many times and so have many of my friends. I believe the customer service has much improved from what it was a couple months ago. I would order from them again…once I find something I really want

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    Lena says...

    Just an update…I got a response from BTR and it is definitely the response I needed to restore my faith in the company :)

    HI Lena,

    I agree, I should have been more thorough in my response to you concerning the item you received. In the event that a customer is not satisfied with the authenticity of their purchase concerning brand name or designer items, we ask that they return the product so that our person in our designer vault can assess it. If further action requires that we investigate the supplier, it will be done. What goes on beyond that is not my area of expertise since I do not work in the merchandising department. I will be happy to forward your concerns on to them. If you are able to provide me photos of the item rather than send it back, I can also send the photos to the appropriate department. I’m sorry if you feel that I did not take your concerns seriously due to my curt response, but I assure you that I do take my customers concerns very seriously and will do whatever is in my power to assist them.

    Please feel free to contact me in regards to this case so that we can resolve it for you.

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    Muggs says...

    BTR…the potential savings are not worth the hassle.
    This review is based on the 6-7 purchases I’ve made over the last 2 years, but none in the last 9 months and will never. I purchased a pair of “authentic” gucci sunglasses from BTR 9 months ago, when it arrives, the monogram and made in italy stamps were missing on the arms. Absolutely unacceptable! Wasted my valuable time getting the matter resolved. The shipping is slow at best. Customer service is poor. Quality of products by new/unknown brands are of low quality.

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    Ken says...

    Lena you’re odd. They clearly have offered to provide a full refund to make you right again. What they do with the issue afterwards is beyond your concern. They have processes in place with the supplier there is no need to explain what they will do after the fact to you.

    As you said you are their customer not the supplier’s customer, so it’s important that they deal with your problem satisfactorilly, which they did by offering you a full refund.

    You don’t deal with the supplier so it is not of your concern who the supplier is and how they follow up. Did you ever consider, businesses have an interest on maintaining confidentiality of information on their suppliers and such because it might be a competitive advantage for them.

    Anyways, for you to decide not to return the glasses because you assume you won’t get your refund is just stupid and paranoia on your part. Also it’s your loss and i’m not sorry for your loss.

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    Kdizzle says...

    I love beyond the rack i tell my friends, teachers etc. (im only in highschool) yeah it takes a while …sometimes… to get what you want but that doesnt mean there not as efficent as they can be. I recently bought an ed hardy monarch hobo tote like early summer and here it is late summer in perfect condition and beautiful. Such good quality in fact that my mother bought my some boots yesterday and a shirt this morning before my driving lessons.Its quick nd easy and you save soooo much so stop complaining about things like the wait and how good something is or isnt, ive been to 4 hate sites and there the ones that are bogus because your getting what you pay for maybe some jeans arent flawless but then you send them back. duh.

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    Shannon says...

    I have had a very similar experience and feel that beyond the rack is a complete and total scam!!! I bought sandals for 44.04 returned them and received a credit of $21.04. I was told that because I returned them I was charge $9.99 for shipping. WHAT?!?!?! I’m not an expert at math but this does not make any sense. I have had very vague responses from their online team and am so frustrated. I also bought Tom Ford Sunglasses that were scratched and now I have to try and sell privately because I don’t want to pay their bogus shipping charge and have a credit. I will never buy from BTR again. EVER!!!!!

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    Michi says...

    I ordered a dress from BTR and on one side of the dress the hem stopped near the bottom and then it continued a few inches later! It was almost 30 days and I wore it but I sent it back anyway and let them know that I was. They received in a decent amount of time and credited my credit card. I had no issues.. however I was upset that the first item I purchase from them is defective from an overpriced company called “My Tribe” which definitely does not make sales selling their stuff at “$100 and up”. I wish they would offer free shipping as well, fees are so high…

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    Karen says...

    Personally, I have nothing but positive things to say about BTR. The first purchase I made was shipped to the wrong address and the occupants of that address said they did not receive any package (??) I notified BTR, not only did they credit my account, but they credited an additional $20.00 for the inconvenience as they could not complete my order as the items were then out of stock.

    I do admit, however, that I dislike their return policy whereby if you use their return label provided, they deduct the return shipping costs from your credit. I did check Canada Post, and it would have cost me more had I not used their label. But like most any other on-line shopping sitew, shipping is the responsibility of the consumer (which usually includes a handling fee). That’s the price you pay for the convenience of shopping from home and saving time and money on gasoline I guess.

    I would give them a 3 1/2 out of 5.

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    Nicole says...

    I also purchased RayBan sunglasses from BTR.After I waited for 3-4 weeks and the merchandise did not arrive, I got a message from them telling me the supplier did not keep his promise and they cannot send me the sunglasses. After a month they reimbursed me. In the same time, they had another RayBan sale where they had the same type of sunglasses on sale, but they could not honor my order. I have to say I buy online on many website and my experience with BTR was one of the worst-in terms of quality of the merchandise and customer service.I will never buy from them, hopefully they will improve soon for the sake of the customers

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    Oleg says...

    I did not buy anything from BTR and cannot tell you about my experience. But I want to notice the following.

    First, BTR does not provide its physical address or mailing address with street name and number, postal code etc. Every respectable business does.

    Second, BTR sells discounted items. Why are they discounted? Probably they are damaged, or they are from the least year (or last five (or ten) years) collection, or they may be fake, or for any other good reason. So if one wants a brand new genuine item in a perfect conditions with all the guarantees plus a great customer service, (s)he should go to a flagship boutique.

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    Morris Goldblatt says...

    All the people above are shills. The site is a scam.

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    Tiffany says...

    Is your real last name Goldblatt?

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    Jessie N says...

    Agreed. This site is not selling what they claim “Every item from our site comes directly from the manufacturer, a liscenced agent, retailer, or importer, and is gauranteed authentic brand name merchandise.”

    I just received my “BB Dakota” jacket in the mail, it is certainly not anywhere near the quality of BB Dakota and the sizing is so different from the way BB Dakota manufactures their sizes, I am a size M with their garments and this is not even close, it is huge.

    Will keep you posted how they handle my claim, but to say the least, if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Beware!

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    Shawn says...

    I bought a swimskirt and a matching bikini top from BTR. I received several notifications that there was a delay in receiving the items from the supplier. Finally my package arrives with just the swimskirt in it. I got an email stating the bikini top was not available. I sent an email to BTR asking for a refund and they told me they would not take the swimskirt back as it was swimwear. I had to send another email explaining that it was a swimskirt without a panty in it, and it was not my fault they were unable to supply me with the matching bikini top. They agreed to make an exception, but wanted to charge me $9.95 for shipping (which they would deduct off of my refund). I paid $27 for the swimskirt so I didn’t think it would be worth it to send it back. Now I am stuck with a swimskirt and no matching top. I cannot believe they are selling items that are not available. They charged me for both items at the time of purchase. There should have been some way their computer system would have let them know the bikini top was not available PRIOR to them charging me for it. Really disappointing to be honest. I don’t want to use the word scam but…if it looks like a snake and sounds like a snake, it is a snake!

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    zee eez says...

    I have not purchased anything from BTR,but was thinking in getting somthing from them and now that i have read all the commands and responses i think i just will not bother myself with a headache.Just want to tell you all thank you for providing your commands and helping me make up my mind!!!!!

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    JI says...

    I have also made purchases over the last 2 years and I have also questioned the quality and authenticity of the products received as well. My last purchase was a Swiss Legend ceramic band watch. When I received it the watch looked used (yellowish stains around the links of the band) and one of the screws in one of the links was from a different watch (took the watch to a place to get the battery replaced and he showed it to me. He also said that the watch looked previously used.)

    I’ve complained before and did not get very far with BTR so I’ve just given up and have stopped buying from them all together.

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    Bobby says...

    One of my friends bought a NORTH FACE jacket from these clowns. It was very obviously some sort of Chinese knockoff. The fitting was different from the store models, it had someone’s cologne smelling it in, and it was just bad.

    I helped him out by having him inform them, and they claimed it was the real thing, and brand new but offered him a store credit minus shipping if he shipped it back.

    That is unacceptable.

    I had him call up his credit card company and under the Merchant Agreement that BTR has with Matercard/Visa, he evoked the “product not as advertised” clause, and got a full refund via Mastercard.

    He then informed BTR of what he’d done and told them he’d be happy to return the fake/used coat back to them if they pay for the shipping via a prepaid UPS/FEDEX label, as Mastercard had already refunded him on their behalf. He told them he’d be donating the product in 10 days as he is not their warehouse and he can’t in good faith keep the item as he was given a full refund for them, but he won’t be paying to ship it back.

    To his absolute shock, he received a curt e-mail basically saying to keep/donate the coat as they won’t pay to have it shipped back. I guess they know the used knockoff is worth less than the cost of shipping!

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    Sissy says...

    I just bought some cute shoes. 3 pairs. They couldn’t ship one pair, I guess because they didn’t get them in from provider. the other 2 apirs they shipped out with out my full address. They were returned by the USPS. They were sent to me via Fedx. I called all three and no one has the shoes. After 1 and a half months, BTR said they would give me credit to my account. I wont order from them again….It’s too much of a hassle. But I have to agree, no address, didn’t know they were in canada…could explain why all of a sudden the trail goes cold on the return. Too much trouble to fool with. If I lose 66 bucks, I consider it to be a lesson learned….If it seems too good to be true…it probably is!

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    Sissy says...

    oh yeah and what the devil is a shill, Morris? I mean with a name like Morris you’d think you wouldn’t call others names! Everytime I think about Morris…I picture Morris Day and the Time!! makes me laugh!! oh and that cat in the commercial…”MORRIS!!”

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    Sylann says...

    It’s too bad that some of you had bad experiences with BTR~
    I have purchased Lots from them in the last 2.5 months and have had no problems at all. Yes the delay in shipping is a pain and don’t order is you need something by a certain date because it may not be there in time!
    You really get what you pay for - some items are cheap!

    I have not purchased any “designer” —- I beleive that Gucchi does not need BTR to sell their product!

    Overall, I am satisfied - hope all your issues are resolved and that I don’t need to ever return anything!

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    shoegal says...

    I appreciate everyone’s malcontent with being misled and cheated. We wouldn’t accept this kind of treatment from an in-person store, and we shouldn’t have to deal with this fraud otherwise. I once ordered a pair of Louboutins (or fauxboutins, rather) from goodbyegirl and only realized after the confirmation e-mail that all the response was google translated from mandarin to english. They literally took a slow boat from China, and once they arrived reeked of fake pleather with shoddy workmanship. A $325 lesson I will never forget. Now I do my online indulging at Luisa Via or I have ordered from both and they are impeccable. Luisa’s prices are inclusive of tax, duty & shipping to several global locations,(I’m in Canada) I ordered a pair of Nicole Brundage tobacco calfskin ankle-wrap pumps, they arrived like something you’d see in Pretty Woman. Huge box with ribbon, paper, authenticity tags, awesome. Then I ordered a pair of petrol-coloured Alexander McQueen pumps last month from FarFetch - shipping & duty extra - 2 day shipping from Paris, tracking numbers, etc., when they arrived the shoes were a tremendous tribute to fine design and execution. I HIGHLY recommend these two sites!

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    Dawn M says...

    Beyond the Rack is absolutely the worst — terrible customer service, lies to customers. I have ordered once from them, and now a month later, have been told the item hasn’t even arrived at their warehouse — although they sent me an email last week to say it HAD arrived and was on track to be delivered.

    I already put in a claim with my credit card company for fraud and non-receipt of items. I tell everyone to avoid this company at all costs.

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    dobsy says...

    I’d also like to say thank you to all those who’ve supplied the answers to my questions via reviews. I’m thankful for these kinds of websites that make it possible to see some of these con artists for what they truly are. So, thanks…I won’t be purchasing anything from this supplier. They need to work on a better refund policy, return postage, and general customer service. Without those few policies within the company, word of mouth gets around. Consider this your Mulberry Bush:)

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    Sissy grow up says...

    Shill : An accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

    With a name like Sissy, I wouldn’t be making fun of other people’s names!

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    Hanna says...

    I have a awful experience myself. I bought two rugs from BTR, the site description states the carpet a 4′6″W x 6′5″L Jalal Tribal Kilim In Cream, instead I got a beige carpet with brown lines across. I spoke to Chelsa at customer service, see her email below in brackets

    (The picture you have attached to your message is the exact same picture as was running on the event when you purchased the carpet you have. The carpet itself is also the exact same thing as the carpet in the picture. I believe the perceived difference in the intensity of the background color is simply due to lighting.

    The manager of the department has advised that we cannot accept the carpet back, as eCarpet will not accept it back. I do apologize for the inconvenience and urge you to sell the carpet for profit, in the event that it really does not serve the purpose it was purchased for.)

    I was told to ask Ecarpet Gallery to exchange the carpet, what type of business practice is this, you buy from BTR but you contact the supplier. I will be contacting BBB to make complain.

    I cannot keep the two carpets, they are a waste of my money. I am going to tell everyone I know and those I have introduced to BTR about this story. This is the worse I have ever seen.


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    Sam says...

    we always face these little issues with all online stores, or other sellers. it doesnt mean that we wont buy from them again.

    everybody makes mistake. it is always fixable.
    if u return ur item, for sure u will get ur money back.
    as far as shiping goes, yes they are slow.

    but it is not thier fault. They have to wait for the event to ends, and then they wait for the manufacturer to ship the item apparently to BTR’s warehouse, and then it comes to us.

    I have bought two Watches for myself. it took two weeks to arrive. quality is ofcourse great, and got a great deal on them.

    i always tell my friends to purchase from thier. it is easy and u get what u want at a great price.
    BTR is the best online store.

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    Jiliin says...

    I purchase from beyond the rack 3 or 4 times a month, yes shipping can be slow but they tell you that on the website. On that note if shipping is too delayed I email them to cancel my order and have always received full refund to my creditcard.
    Returns are the same as on any website, and I find them to be cheaper than most, also if an item is defective or the wrong one is shipped they don’t charge you for return shipping..
    Everyone complaining is arguing about stated facts of online shopping, yes you pay shipping, yes it takes time to ship but your the one looking for a deal on designer merchandise.. There are some minor hassles to expect!

    Btr is a great company and I and my friends regularly purchase from this site with little to no issues.

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    Joo says...

    I have purchased lots of things From BTR and I had no problems with their supples at all. I did have a problem with shipping delay but BTR customer service rep was so helpful. They responded to my email within 24 hours( even though it said on the website that it might take them up to 48 hours to get back to us)and they credited me $1O bucks. You know what folks, before you want to purchase anything, regardless what stores or websites you want to have business with, your responsibility is reading their policies and understand them.

    I have and still will recommend my friends to shop at BTR.

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    Kimberley says...

    Yikes! Thanks for all the insight!

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    TS says...

    I was pretty obvious from …

    1. Definitions
    “Seller” means Beyond the Rack Inc., whose registered office is at 4600 rue Hickmore, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4T 1K2.

    “Buyer” means the person who purchases Goods from the Seller.

    “Faulty” means containing a fault or defect, imperfect or defective, and “Fault” has a corresponding meaning.

    Just like dog food labelling, you’ll know what the major ingredients are by rank listed. Well, the first two lines are obvious. I’m not surprised so many items are “faulty”.

    If you’ve been scammed and live in Québec, you do have recourse with l’Office de la Protection du Consommateur. If it seams too good to be true, well it’s too good to be true…

    I knew it smelled fishy, that why I came to this site. Kudos to you guys ;)

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    karen says...

    I disagree with most of the complainers here. I have ordered from BTR for 3 years and have only had damaged goods once. Please don’t ask me how many times Sears, who were delivering to the same city I live in, have had problems with furniture goods,appliances, warranties etc.

    BTR always provide updates as to when my order has been shipped whether or not it is the entire order etc. Yes they are slower than Nordstroms Rack, where I order most of my semi formal dresses/gowns from but return policies are better even though shipping charges are comparable. As stuff comes direct from the manufacturer to BTR and then me, I expect it will take longer. My Axara French coat; a steal at $69. arrived in a week. You can’t even purchase Axara in my city of 800,000. I also just received a wonderful Coco Tashi military stretch velour jacket, which cost me $14.95. My city has just got them in to one store and they are $80 on sale!

    They do not scam. PERIOD

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    Sarah says...

    I agree with some of these opinions. good and bad..i’ve ordered once - boots - and its been over three weeks and they havent even been shipped yet! of course my credit card has been billed. I will await to see if they fit and if not i dread the return grrrr!

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    Taryn says...

    I just want to say something about using salespeoples’ names when complaining about them. It’s not really fair to actually name the person you dealt with in a disappointing transaction and make them sound like they were personally out to get you. These people work long boring days for very little pay and getting attacked on threads like these is really upsetting. As a worker in the customer service industry (I’m a cashier at a garden centre) I don’t think customers always realize how hurtful the things they say can be. I also think it’s easier to forget, when dealing with online services, that you are talking to a real person, who has feelings and reasons for doing what they are doing. A lot of the time customers get annoyed when workers use responses that seem generic or “curt”, but these are often what the worker has been taught to say in inflammatory situations, and there is literally nothing else they CAN say without getting in trouble with their superior. I’ve worked in many different customer service positions, and there are always difficult customers, and as a human, their comments stay with you. You may send angry emails to an online company and post messages about their specific “rude” employees, but you certainly don’t realize that at the end of their work day the employee doesn’t just walk away from comments like these, they dwell on them and feel awful about things they cannot control and a situation they could not have handled any differently.

    I think it’s important to bring attention to this, I have never shopped at BTR but I’ve had bad experiences at other sites and have never gotten angry with their employees or posted nasty things about them online. Just remember we’re all human, and dealing with disgruntled customers is a painful and mostly thankless job. Instead of being a good “scam” revealer, try being a good PERSON and being kind to those who are employed to help you. We’re all in this together.

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    Kim says...

    I just ordered a $899 Jimmy Choo bag and I will be making sure it’s authentic. If not……there will be BIG problems!

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    juicy says...

    Its just the same story here. I ordered sunglasses, and while they did notify me that they are waiting for a shipment from their supplier, I ended up waiting 2 months before they told me that the supplier in fact did not have the sunglasses!! Its a waste of time, and money. Most of the listed original prices are higher than they actually are, to make you think that you are getting an incredible deal. You’re better off going to an outlet or winners! Or waiting for a sale at an actual reputable store.

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    Kim says...

    ….and it is a fake! Wrong colour dust bag!!!!!

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    Seetz says...

    I <3LoVe<3 BTR baby!!!!

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    carl says...

    well thankyou all for letting me know about BTR Iwas going to order from them as well as a school full of my friends, we will look else where for or products.From the sounds of btr the company is really terrible,both with poor products,and customer service.Any company that takes your money should provide the product ordered. sorry for all your loses.And thanks yousaved use from wasting money and time.

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    Robin M.E says...

    A few days ago I ordered a $100 “Tahari” jacket for my girlfriend — marked down from $460.

    I just tried checking my account and they’ve closed it, but get this, my credit card’s been charged!!!

    I e-mailed them and I am calling them first thing in the morning tomorrow. I reallllly hope this isn’t a scam. My girlfriend is also waiting on some items she purchased a few weeks ago.

    I’ll keep you all updated.

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    Rob says...

    Thanks all. Was looking at this website… NOT anymore… Good to do some research before ordering! Just another crappy junk site. The reality is simple, if it is too good to be true, it’s a SCAM. All of these online companies are selling Chinese knock offs, and if you are ok with sub-par look-a-like junk, order away, but remember, you are only making someone rich! The cost to make this junk in a sweat shop is so low that the profit is ridiculous! You are providing more profit to a SCAM than if you saved your pennies and purchased the original product from a real shop… and if you want a deal, wait for a sale!

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    Mrabbit says...

    I went crazy ordering stuff from BTR the first time I used it. I ordered like over $300 of shoes. the next day, I looked at the shoes again and they looked cheap. I immediately regretted my impulsivity. (Something about the timer got me going…)

    I emailed and called them and I got a full refund on my credit card.

    I thought the customer service was excellent. I am just not impressed with most of the merchandise. find most of the ‘brand names” are brands they sell in those wholesale shops for like $20.

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    Danielle says...

    I’ve been ordering stuff from BTR for years, and have very few complaints. Sure it is a little slow, but it’s a lot faster than it was 6 months ago! And yes, sometimes your order is cancelled (just happened to me). If their retailer bails out, what can they do??? After all, if you can get these prices on your own, nothing stops you! I always got a fairly fast refund on cancelled orders, and lately, my orders have been coming pretty fast ( I just got a coat less than 2 weeks after ordering).Sometimes I could get the same merchandise at the same price on other sites, sometimes it’s a real bargain…shop around, people! You may not be thrilled about it, you may have had a bad experience, but calling it a scam is libellous!

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    Carol says...

    I have purchased many items from BTR, and any issues I have encountered have been resolved to my satisfaction. Delivery is sometimes slow, however, they keep me posted on the status of my order through e-mails. I did not receive one item; contacted them and they followed up. It turns out it was lost by Canada Post, and they offered me an immediate refund. I would not hesitate to purchase from BTR and have recommended this site to many friends who have also been satisfied with their products.

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    Noodle says...

    I ordered couple tops from BTR & it took 3 weeks to arrived. I was a bid disappointed - one is too big & one is small & they both from the same company. But that’s the risk when you order clothing on-line. I don’t think BTR is a scam. It’s a legit business. Check out this link

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    Be Wise, not Naive says...

    I hope all of you realize that the people who are highly praising BTR are just a few people who work for BTR and are just pretending to be MANY people who supposedly “bought” products from BTR, when in fact, they haven’t. This is essentially BTR trying to fight the negative reputation they’ve acquired from their sleazy dealings.
    I have never bought anything from BTR, although I have bought from online companies. Yes, the few of you who have mentioned that mistakes can happen, YES you are right! Mistakes can happen, and we’re all only human. Where I draw the compassion line is when the people who are running BTR KNOWINGLY deceive people into thinking they are reputable. Because let’s face it: these people KNOW what they are doing, and that what they are doing is wrong, but still try to scam people anyways! Why should you pay money to send back something that didn’t, but should have followed the standards the company said they would maintain!

    Keep in mind people, that all companies who have access to the internet WILL try to make themselves sound great and reputable and honest in ANY way they can. I’m not saying all companies are to not be trusted, but even just looking at what the majority of you have said about this company, the hassle is not worth the time or money. About 90% of you have said you would NOT recommend this company because they have deceived you. The few who have bought from the company and have had no problems (if you even exist, rather than pretending to be a happy customer), you are lucky. Oh and one more thing: if you can type in something into google/yahoo and one of the results is “_________ scam” , HEED OTHERS’ ADVICE! Jeez, I hope you all realize how dangerous the internet is these days too.

    But good luck!

  49. 0

    Sadone says...

    Thank you all for sharing both your positive and negative encounters with BTR. I now feel empowered to make an informed decsion as a consumer.

    This is the value of the internet, whereby individual voices have a forum to come together to create a collective experience.

  50. 0

    Lorrie says...

    I recently purchased a pair of UGG boots for my husband, they arrived within 2wks(very impressed), when my husband tried them on he couldn’t insert his foot into the left boot, I returned them with a note on the return slip stating they were too small and defective, he owns other UGG boots in the same size and has no problem putting them on, the boots are defective not his feet, of course BTR refunded my “BTR acct” not my credit card like I requested, if they had done the latter I probably would have continued to shop with them, this was my first purchase from BTR, I definitly will not shop there again if they don’t refund my credit card, I really wish I had read all the bad reviews before I had ordered, we are encouraged to shop in Canada, but this kind of service pushes us across the border to shop, American companies will bend over backward to keep the customers happy. Buyers beware

  51. 0

    Jackie says...

    I have been a customer at BTR for a year or so. I’ve only ordered made 2 orders so far. But I’ve been extremely happy with both of them and have recently placed another order.

    My purchases included a Matt and Nat purse and a Guess watch, and both were authentic, great quality and a great price. Some of the items I ordered were delayed by the manufacturer, and BTR kept me updated by email and sent each item individually as it came in. Every piece was as it was described on the website, I have no complaints.

    Shipping is slow, yes, but they tell you ahead of time, so you can’t really complain - especially with the discount!

  52. 0

    Lumpy says...

    It doesn’t take a genius to go to a REAL manufacturer’s website and do your research first. I was interested in the Swiss Legend Commander watch in yellow. I went directly to their site and quickly discovered the two watches are very dis-similar! An email to BTR was sent asking why the two items are so obviously different, and they sent me back their company b.s. line about how steps are taken to ensure authenticity …. blah blah blah. Maybe if they were about to scam me out of more money, I would have received a more interested response. If a $700 watch that can be had for $100 doesn’t make you curious, then good luck to you!

  53. 0

    Jenny says...

    Thanks to all who posted their comments on this forum. With this comments i able to make a wise decision, it is clear that the negative comments are more that the positives. And the responses from BTR reps are more on the defensive size which does not impress myself and many others who might be thinking of doing busniess with them.I would expect that they would try to make their customers reason with them that this is beyond their power and probably sorry for their incovenience isn’t that is what customer service is all about.

  54. 0

    Totally Satisfied says...

    I have purchased many items from BTR with patience about shipping, yes, but everything I have ordered is exactly what I ordered. I just ordered a PRO6 Series Kitchenaid stand mixer and got exactly what I ordered for a considerable fraction of the retail price, including shipping, I might add. Not sure what the beef is.

  55. 0

    lisa says...

    BTR definitely sells counterfeit goods. a simple google search will find many examples.

    the fact that they sell Louboutin’s alone is enough to flag an issue. they are definitely not an authorized dealer of Louboutins.

  56. 0

    lena says...

    All I could say about this company is that, my shopping experience was awful. First of all, If you wanna please your customers and keep them coming back to shop, you could at least have your staff be more understanding, and care to listen to your comments. I had one staff person talk to me so rude, and showed she didnt care much or wanna understand the problem, just the way she answered showed she didnt even wanna talk or deal with the issue. Is this the kind of people you hire… you need proffesional ppl to handle the clients. Iam so dissapointed in your service, that for sure I would never shop again with your company.

  57. 0

    Ariana says...

    So, I just ordered a set a freshwater pearl necklace from there a little while ago. I wish I would have read this forum before then, because now I am getting super nervous about my purchase. It seems there are much more negatives than positives. I hope that my package and order falls within the positive spectrum. I will be sure to post once my package is received, if it is received! Thank you all again!

  58. 0

    Anna says...

    yeah.. and one more interesting thing… just visited their Kids’ section.
    They offer a set of bedding with ‘Spooning leads to Forking’ printed on it..

    How cute!


  59. 0

    Viko says...

    I have purchased twice at beyond the rack. The first time I ordered two items and it took over a month to receive the first one - 6 weeks for the second. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to order another item. Same thing happened. I don’t understand why it takes so long to ship items. If they have something on their website for sale, would it not be stocked in a warehouse awaiting fulfillment? They should put up a disclaimer - ‘Do not purchase any seasonal items as the product may not be shipped until the following season.’ I am an avid online shopper and will not waste my time on their site anymore.

  60. 0

    alex says...

    wow, with no address and counterfeit items ad the fact they won’t give you a full refund and won’t return their goods. because clearly none of this stuff is actually legit brand name. If it not worth return such as a “$300 “item. its clearly not worth that if they aren’t going to pay $9.99 shipping back to them. DEFINITLY SOME RED FLAGS HERE BUYERS BEWARE!!!I would also like to add to “anyone ” who claims this is a good legitimate site are obviously not real consumers.

  61. 0

    crystal says...

    I ordered twice in BTR, the first time took like a month for shipping but it was fine, I understand they need to process it. The second time, I am very unsatisfied. The shipping has improved, this time I received my item in a week! pretty amazed. However, this time I have bad experience for their customer service. I’ve provided a valid reason to change the shipping address right after I just purchased my item and BTR never response and waited a few days, they shipped the item without noticing me. I emailed them back and asked, they said their system has difficulty to change the shipping address. Well, item is shipped, they cannot do anything, so okay I have accepted. But one thing that drives me nut is I found the description on the side of the item is faulty!!!! I bought a scarf states it is made with 90% cashmere and 10% silk, and what arrived is a scarf that made with 90% modal and 10% cashmere. It was very inaccurate!! I feel deceived.. I am very disappointed with the purchase this time. To be safe, I do not think I will purchase in BTR my third time. Its an unbelievable disappointment.

  62. 0

    Catherine says...

    I have ordered with BTR and I am satisfied so far:

    I have returned some goods but I was reimbursed.

    I have also received great quality clothes for the price

    At one point, they had very cheap fireplace and I was worried that they were defective for that price: I contacted the producer and they confirmed that what BTR was selling was real fireplace from them and not defective at all.

    It is a hassle as you never know what you will receive but risk/reward are related…

  63. 0

    Dawn M says...

    Obviously BTR is doing searches on review sites and are seeding good reviews to counteract the bad.

    Cause, you know, actually serving customers in a reasonable, honest manner would be too hard.

    I’ve seen so many negative reviews of BTR, and experienced an awful order process myself, I just don’t believe the positive ones.

    But hey, it’s your money if you want to throw it away. As the old adage says, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”

    I would NOT order xmas gifts from them. Not on a dare.

  64. 0

    novice bargain hunter says...

    Thank you all for your comments here. It helped save my money and potential headaches/ regrets. I was thinking of making a purchase tonight, and was about to check-out when I thought I might as well do a quick search to see if they have any promotional codes out there, as their free shipping offer just expired. Thank god that I stumbled upon this forum while googling for their coupon codes. Now I can delete this BTR website from my inbox forever. Really appreciate the joint effort of these review forums to weed out the bad internet sellers.

  65. 0

    Catherine says...

    So glad I came upon this site. I was thinking of ordering some Christmas gilfts. Who needs the hassle!

  66. 0

    lena says...

    This goes out to all you people who are thinking of purchasing anything from BTR, Trust me and this is coming from first hand experince. This company advertizes false infromation on there site, and charges you more than the item is worth, and if you return the item, they turn around and screw you with paying you back the money they charged you,mind you even if you supplied them with all the proff of recipts, they still will deny and claim they didnt have enough proff. There staff is the worst I have ever come across, each person tells you a different reason or a different figure until they sucker you to settle for what they think you should get back. And if you complain and state the fact, they completely stop all comunication with you, instead of showing they care about you or there buisness reputaion. BTR you are nothing but a scam and a fraud!

  67. Over the last few weeks I have purchased quite a few items for Xmas and so far so good. I did however return a top (too small - size S/M) and a pair of boots which I found had an extremely toxic smell to them. Mailed them out last week and wanted to check on my credit since they were received but no credit applied as of yet. So while I was on hold for a customer service rep I decided to google reviews on the company. Great to see that there were negative but also positive experiences. I have to say I am not to pleased with the fact that I waited 1 hour and 24 minutes listening to a repetitive message advising “you are 33rd in the que and waiting time is 1 minute”, only to be told by a recording to leave a message when it was finally my turn to speak to a customer service rep. Any comments whether email response is quicker??

  68. 0

    lena says...

    lena says…

    December 6, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    This goes out to all you people who are thinking of purchasing anything from BTR, Trust me and this is coming from first hand experince. This company advertizes false infromation on there site, and charges you more than the item is worth, and if you return the item, they turn around and screw you with paying you back the money they charged you,mind you even if you supplied them with all the proff of recipts, they still will deny and claim they didnt have enough proff. There staff is the worst I have ever come across, each person tells you a different reason or a different figure until they sucker you to settle for what they think you should get back. And if you complain and state the fact, they completely stop all comunication with you, instead of showing they care about you or there buisness reputaion. BTR you are nothing but a scam and a fraud!

  69. 0

    Michelle says...

    I wish I had to read these reviews before I put an order in. I am a first timp BTR buyer so I guess we will see how long it take for my order and if I even get what I ordered. Ill will keep you posted, my order was put in on December 3rd.
    Fingers crossed it goes well!

  70. 0

    Carebear says...

    Wow!!! Thanks everyone for your comments I won’t be ordering from these guys either. I’m wondering how many shills are on this thread. Quite a few positive comments for the company are from odd names

  71. 0

    Tslam says...

    I have purchased technically 9 items from BTR. Mostly designer scarves at around $100. If you are worried about the authenticity perhaps do not buy the big designer items such as handbags and coats? Shipping time is fair similar to buying internationally from eBay. But I did wish refunds did not charge shipping. There are some great deals time to time and all I can say is use your own judgement on it. Keep in mind some of the fashion products are from older collections too.

  72. 0

    Monique says...

    They suck. Half the stuff I ordered was poor quality. Then I ordered a jacket for myself and a few hours later one for my sister as a surprise. I received my jacket weeks ago and it’s great but they cancelled my sister jacket and refunded my money without even telling me? I was so mad. I’ve since unsubscribed and will not be using them again. They are terrible. Takes forever (if you even end up getting it)!

  73. 0

    nancy says...

    every one is complaining , i have ordered from btr and had no problem , i needed to return my product and i have an in store credit that dont dother me that they do it that way cause i planed on doing more shoping there anyways , someone said that thay might be last years stock , i dont think they are cause i have been to a few shoe stores in my area and they have at least 4 boots and shoes in there store as btr has on there site , but who cares as long as im getting a good deal

  74. 0

    Ariana says...

    Hi guys! It’s me again!

    I posted last month about my first purchase from BTR. I had ordered a freshwater pearl necklace retailed at 456.00 for 100.00. Low and behold my package came last week, which wasn’t too bad of a wait being that many on here said it would take months. I will say however they never “notified” me when the package shipped or kept me up to date as to my order as some others on here have claimed.

    The perals arrived in a simple but nice jewelery case bubble wrapped. I will say the pearls were beautiful and I look forward to giving them to my mother for my parent’s anniversary.

    I think I may have gotten lucky and have concluded this will be my first and last purchase with BTR. I rather not take the chance again. It was too much stress waiting to see if in fact they would or would not take my money.

    Thank you to all the honest reviews on here! I hope my review helps as well!

  75. 0

    Shannon says...

    Wow, I had no idea so many people had experienced so many problems with BTR. I’ve been a member for about a year and a half and have purchased 8 times. One purchase was cancelled after about 6 weeks of waiting - fine, I was experiencing buyer’s remorse anyway :). Every other item has arrived in good time and I have been pretty impressed with the quality. I’ve never bought any of the really big name designers, though, so maybe that’s the difference.

    I’ve found their shipping notices are timely and haven’t yet needed to contact customer service. I can’t seem to figure out why people are complaining about the shipping times either. Seems to me that it’s clearly stated that items would be ordered from the supplier once the sale closes, then would be shipped to BTR, then to the customer.

    Anyway, better luck in the future, I guess.

  76. 0

    Simon B says...

    So far I’ve ordered about 8-10 items in the past 6 months and I received half of them. I’ve quickly been reimburse for the items they were not able to send me.
    My experience so far is very neutral. Half the time they can’t complete my order because they’re getting short shipped… that’s what they told me when I asked.
    But the other half I received good quality Items about 50% price from what Sears sells it.
    So it’s great deals, but they’re not reliable with their ability to provide what they advertise.
    Unless they improve that aspect, I’ll soon lose interest in BTR

  77. 0

    christina says...

    i ordered a calvin klein watch from them nov 20th and they guaranteed it would be here for christmas. 3 weeks pass and it still says pending, they took my payment from my credit card a couple days after i ordered it. i kept asking the online customer service when it was going to be shipped and each one i talked to were complete rude to me and kept feeding me bullshit. so then i receive an email saying that my item is on back-order and that they received the items from the consumer but didn’t receive enough like wtf….then said it will not be here for christmas and that i might not even get it, so i cancelled my order and i am never ordering from the site ever again in my life!!!!!!!

  78. 0

    Campbana says...

    Lotta sad stories. I ordered an invicta watch and it arrived within 10 days. I used their tracking and I am very pleased with my purchase. Ive noticed that when you look up any topic followed by “scam” or any other negative connontation you get exactly that. Even though I am a one time buyer I wouldnt hesitate to order with BTR again.

  79. 0

    sunnie choi says...

    wish i read this information before i ordered from BTR. the shipping is horrible and the customer is so bad. you won’t even get an email back from them. the only reason that i ordered something from the website was that i could get the products delivered by christmas since they indicated on the website. but it is 23 december i haven’t received anythign and my order status is saying the order is still pending. what if i ordered something from them to give a christmas gift to somebody? i don’t recommend this site at all and will never order anything from them.

  80. 0

    paula says...

    Thw reason the delivery is slow is that they don’t keep the items in stock.As soon as the order is placed, then they call the supplier to deliver and it can take up to 4 weeks.
    They do have an address with employees who work 7 days a week without getting overtime pay just like a third world country. The owners
    are making loads of money.

  81. 0

    christy says...

    Wow I’m shocked at some of the negative reviews! Granted people like to complain.

    I’ve have ordered multiple time over the past few years (normally around the holidays is when I shop) and have never had any issues. Delivery is clearly stated beside the items, and all of of items have been shipped within the time frame indicated. All of the items I have ordered are clearly authentic, and I have no issues with quality etc. Also I had to deal with customer service only once, and my issue was handled incredibly fast!

    I will continue to use them in the future too!

  82. 0

    Maverick21 says...

    WOW! Looks like BTR is a good one to stay away from! I had never heard of them before, then suddenly within the last couple of weeks or so I’m getting slammed with e-mail 3 or 4 times a day with Beyond The Rack in the From line. But all of them originate from addresses not even remotely connected to BTR (or are they?) I treat them all as spam and bury them, but since I was getting so many I wanted to find out more. Guess maybe I was right. Thanks everyone for making my day brighter.

  83. 0

    Kriss says...

    I don’t agree btr is a total sham…just like anywhere else you have to be careful. I bought leather sandals in the Spring and a wool coat just recenly, both good quality. ONly wish they had a better return policy.

  84. 0

    Sarah says...

    Food for thought. I’m checking out their current Chanel sale. A White Chanel Hand Bag in Lilac. The description clearly states that this bag was previously cared for by an owner. Due to its “vintage” nature items show wear and tear. Then it states it is a sample sale item.

    Then at the bottom it goes on with its spiel about Brand of Authenticity, Every item on our site comes directly from the manufacturer, a licensed agent, retailer or importer. Chanel is REPUTABLE Brand, to protect their name they would not sell anything to Beyond the Rack and neither would any Chanel license agents, retailers or importer.

    This item is not new, so those who have been buying stuff from Beyond the Rack with missing labels or defects maybe you should take a closer look at their description. It appears they may be advertising it as new but when you get a closer look its not. I would report this to the Better Business Bureau in your area.

    Oh and some of those bags are Classic Chanel, I called their store and they stated their Classic Chanel bags NEVER GO ON SALE. So which manufacturer, licensed agent, retailer or importer is giving them a deal?? No one. Appears to me their suppliers are not what they appear to be.

    For $1899?? You can buy brand new Gucci, LV or Valentino or Marc Jacobs from the direct source and not deal with their sub-par customer service.

  85. 0

    Shawna says...

    I have purchased several items from this website. I ordered three pairs of shoes, one was cancelled due to unavailability, the other two came fine. I ordered two sets of bedding to give at Christmas; they arrived on the 23rd, so they squeaked in before the due date. The same with a children’s book rack. I’m not usually interested in “name” items, so don’t have any experience with authenticity. I have no problem ordering from them again. Just don’t expect speedy delivery; it did take over a month for anything to come.

  86. 0

    michel says...

    First time customer here and still waiting for my order and now been over 2 weeks. If my order comes and it’s not what I have ordered or deffective, that will be the LAST time I order from them and will not tell others to shop there.

  87. 0

    Ninhna says...

    I’ve always been a savvy online buyer, mostly for computer related accessories and software on ebay so I always do my homework. Like someone mentioned, when you google about anything including the keyword “scam” you’re going to pretty much find what you’re looking for. So I wasn’t too alarmed when I stumbled upon negative reviews. I went ahead and bought from BTR anyway - and I am highly satisfied with my purchases. I am very impressed that the three pairs of boots I bought fit me perfectly as I have a slim foot. Added to this, one of the pairs arrived later than the 3 weeks delivery time (which they clearly state on their site!) so they credited my account with a $10 gift for the inconvenience. At another time I was credited with $20! I cannot complain about customer service as I always received notification emails regarding delivery and any follow ups about product description. The only time I had to return something was a coat which was too small. I actually took a gamble ordering a coat online as I have extra long arms and should have ordered a medium instead. The only bother I do have about them is the charge for returning an item, but the good outweighs the bad for me. I will continue buying from them as I love their super chic brands at attractive prices. If I ever have to buy Gucci, it won’t be online.

  88. 0

    Carina says...

    Terrible customer service from BTR. Purchased over $6000 (3 bags) all Valentino. One came in defective so it was sent back and it took over a month for the refund. Another I wanted to return because I felt it was just OK but since I had gone over the 14 day return limit no return for account credit was allowed. So now I’m stuck with it. Even though I had gone through so much returning the damaged/ defective bag (that should have never been sent to me in the first place) and I shouldn’t have paid over $2500 for. Both bags over $2000 were not depicted accurately in the photos at time purchase because they use ad photos not photos of the actual merchandise. This was my first and last experience with this company.

  89. 0

    Angie says...

    I have purchased many items (Never High End, why would you do that on the internet anyway!) and have never been disappointed. I also had to return something and also no problem.

  90. 0

    paula says...

    BTR in business 3 yeara. Wouldn’t give them a nickel worth of business. People shuld realize they are taking advantage of them. Shipping goods that is not in stock, only ordered when someone buys and sees a sample on the internet after which they have to wait till the goods come mostly from China.

  91. 0

    Michael says...

    I went to the site Beyond the rack and on the home page it clearly states “Proud To Be Canadian”, yet when you sign up, and go the great deals, more than half is not available in my area..When I asked about this, all they said was I had to choose my area, US Canada or Uk, so I said ok, went back the site, choose Canada and yes, more than half the products they showed were for other Countries, not Canada, so if they are Canadian, why is more than half the products not available?????????? And when asked that, they said because I was considered International and a lot of items could not be shipped to international addresses, and that makes no sense, because the company is advertising them self as Canadian, yet when any one goes to order from Canada, they are considered international..
    No thanks, will pass on this rip off..

  92. 0

    Mandi says...

    I have ordered a few items from BTR over the last few years, but as someone who does a lot of designer shopping, I don’t really think it’s worth it. The designer items they offer are generally old, and if you shop at places like Holt Renfew you can often find the same stuff on sale for nearly the same price (without the hassle of ordering online or waiting 4 weeks). I’ve seen several instances where they are selling Coach or Marc Jacobs bags for maybe 5 or 10 dollars less than I paid in the store, and claiming they were discounted by hundreds of dollars.
    I have ordered 2 household items, and one was missing pieces; I emailed them but they stated it had to be within the 14 day return period. I was late picking it up from Canada Post, and then late emailing them, and after the few days it took to hear back, I was almost sure it would be past the 14 day return period so I didn’t bother. Needless to say, it’s fun to look, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering from there again.

  93. 0

    Thank you! says...

    Just wanted to say thanks for all of the honest (and maybe dishonest) reviews on here about Beyond The Rack. I was just considering taking a look at their products but I decided to look up “scam” with their name beforehand… This I find helps me feel confident in my purchases online BEFORE I buy anything. I figure before I start getting excited about deals online (like at BTR), I owe it to myself to know if first and foremost it is even a reliable online store!!!

    Thank you everyone for making an effort to post your reviews, it’s truly appreciated over here!

  94. 0

    N.S. says...

    I’m quite surprised by some of the comments, particularly the negative “opinions.” My last order was for a The North Face Nuptse 2 jacket. Placed the order Jan 4th. It shipped the 7th, and arrived in my hands the 9th. That’s 3 business days from the time I placed the order. Personally, can’t complain about that. Also, for the person who mentioned that because their operating address is not blatantly posted on the website that they are shady compared to other retailers: these flash-sale online retailers are not the same kind of business as the brick and mortar you are used to. Regardless, it took me 10 seconds to Google and find out they are based in Montreal, and yes the address my jacket came from coincides with the address found online with a quick Google search. In any case, I have the impression from looking around online that most of the negative experiences customer service-wise are primarily from 6 months and back. Shopping online to save money requires due diligence, and frankly, you cannot expect the same experience doing so, as walking into a store. Even so, I think they are a safer bet than many eBay sellers offering the same products. To each their own in their quest to save money I suppose. Good luck

  95. 0

    Angela says...

    Seems like it’s too late for me to read all the comments. I received my order of a Justbling watch and I suspect it is a fake one because there are a few things that look different from the picture. I want to return it. This was my second purchase from Beyond the rack. So disappointed. I want to get a refund but not a store credit. Didn’t realize so many people have negative comments about the company.

  96. 0

    Tod R says...

    I know the company and many people who work there.
    They are a Montreal based company with a significant “brick and mortar” and financial investment…
    The way they work is to lock in quantities of products with their suppliers and they run their sales based on these quantities. Once the sale is done the supplier then ships the merchandise to BTR who then receives, processes and reships the merchandise. This results in slightly longer shipping times for them. If the supplier delays or does not honour their commitment, then BTR and their customers get shafted.
    They have had great success and did have growing pains where the volume of sales caused delays in shipping. They have addressed this with moving to significantly larger premises and putting in place the staff necessary to meet the demand.
    I know the people there are dedicated to providing a quality and prompt service to their customers.

  97. 0

    Jeannie says...

    I just had yet another bad experience with Beyond the Rack. Over the course of 10 weeks, I have been battling for my items and still have NOT received the order. In these 10 weeks, BTR couldn’t keep their story straight: They originally “guaranteed the item for Christmas” so when week 6 rolled around, just before Christmas, I called to ensure the item would reach me. I was assured it was “in the warehouse” and waiting to be shipped by the CS agent. After it didn’t arrive for Christmas, I called again and was assured it was in the warehouse and just needed to be shipped. Several emails later I got another generic message stating the item HADN’T arrived but it was now on the way…but the icing on the cake was the one I got today. This one indicating the supplier had a distribution error and they could NOT FULLFILL the order!! Instead of taking responsibility and giving me an apology, they blamed the distributor: “The item ordered did not ship due to supplier inventory error”.
    WTF??? They lied and told me it’s in the warehouse, promised to ship it to me and offered me a $50 to shut me up?! At this point no amount of cookie cut emails, credit, memos or apology will make up this terrible customer service. This company does not deliver on their promises, fabricates their timeline and offers the worst service I have ever encountered. Had I been the only person to have encountered this awful service, it would be one thing, however I personally know several others who have experienced the same thing. One thing is for certain: We will never order with BTR again.

  98. 0

    paula says...

    Tod must be a relative of the owners of btr. Growing pains is no excuse for their sloppy business and treating staff as if they were slaves because of their problems. The owners are dedicated to themselves by making tons of money.

  99. 0

    Carol says...

    I have ordered many times.Once they did cancel my order after I waited so long to reserve it and other items by Burberry before making my mind up which one I wanted. That was annoying since they will have the same item in an upcoming sale. Why couldn’t they honor my order then? I hate the reserve system overall but I guess that’s the only way to do it. someone will always get through faster it seems. On the plus side I have purchased many items for a good price that I have been very pleased with. I usually try to combine on shipping and I don’t spend too much until I know I can trust the company. I think their descriptions could be better and have told them that. They need pictures from all angles, all materials listed and all measurements included. Overall a satisfied customer.

  100. 0

    SheCamp says...

    I have had repeated good experiences with BTR, and all the products I have received are extremely good quality. I wear two winter jackets all the time and they were very well priced, at least 50 per cent less than I have seen the same garments in stores.

    They always refund all charges when the products do not arrive within the promised time frame. I really like this company and have not had a negative experience with them.

  101. 0

    Carina says...

    Agreed that whatever excuse that BTR gives to justify their poor customer service, clearly with so much negative feedback their policies need to be reformed. I choose to purchase high-end luxury items from BTR because these items are not available in the city I live in. I will be reporting them to the Ministry of Customer Services Canada so others are not burned by them as well. It is not fair to take advantage of people to earn a profit. Customers have rights.

  102. 0

    Janelle.s says...

    My friends mom bought a pair of rock& republic jeans for her daughter off this site that sadly didnt fit her but fit me Perfectly! I am pretty tall and have the hardest time trying to find jeans that fit and these jeans are nice<3 So I placed an order december 26th For 2 pairs of rock& republic jeans (candie jeans in white and ladies Berlin in powerhouse)it has been 21 days and I still haven’t received my pants.I hope they come without any complications because I WILL totally purchase jeans from this company again.
    (Edmonton Alberta Canada)

  103. 0

    Love2shoP says...

    I just made my first purchase from BTR and I was very happy with my transaction and the product that I received. I have no complaints. In fact, I paid for the cheapest shipping method and my boots arrived within a week to Ontario. And … they are super cute!! I will purchase from BTR again for sure.

  104. 0

    Ronald says...

    Advertising products that you won’t necessary get . You will receive a e-mail stating that the order is cancelled !!! Be carefull if you combine more than one item in your order since they won’t reimburse their shipping fees if one item was shipped. Not worth the trouble.

  105. 0

    Mary says...

    You complainers are spoiled, Beyond the Rack is very accomodating and provides excellent customer service. Anything that I have ordered or not been satisfied with, they have always been accomodating.

  106. 0

    Paigeroo says...

    A lot of the posts in this thread are ridiculous. I do 90% of my shopping online. Ya, the shipping takes forever. They warn you about that. It’s our responsibility as purchasers to read the shipping info! I think the wait time is related to how they get the deals in the first place (ie they are able to order set amounts from the supplier, after the sale closes and they have their exact numbers) but the point is that they warn you!

    I’ve ordered from them a few times. Have never doubted authenticity. The non-designer stuff on there often looks super cheap (the $29.99 boots, for instance) but you get what you pay for. I haven’t bought any brands I don’t recognize on BTR.

    All the dealings I’ve had with their customer service people have been prompt and polite. The only major thing I’ve learned is to make sure you hold on to the packaging! I ordered a pair of BCBG shoes and some of the sparkly bits fell off after the first wear. They offered to refund the whole thing, but unfortunately I’d thrown out the packaging. They couldn’t refund it without the packaging, because they had to send it back to the manufacturer. I was really annoyed at that, but then I went and looked and lo and behold that information is loud and clear in their return policy, so my bad. I had to eat $70 on that one. They DID give me a $20 credit though, which was better than nothing.

    Ordering online means lower prices, and the compromise is often shipping fees and/or long wait times for the product. This is the reality of buying things on the interwebs. If there is something that you cannot possibly live without for a couple of weeks, then get in your car and get thee to the mall.

    Finally, re the comment about “no mailing address”, a two second google search produced a yellow pages listing:

    4600 Hickmore, Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1K2

    I have zero to do with this company (I’m in Alberta) but there is a lot of b*tching on here, and most of it is totally unreasonable.

  107. 0

    Danielle (Montreal) says...

    This is my experience with Beyond the Rack. I ordered 2 items in November. A few days later, I read quite a few bad reviews on internet about BTR so I decided to cancel my order and got credited without any problems a few days later. In January, I ordered a raincoat but since reviews were so bad, I was not really expecting it. Well, my order got shipped within 2 weeks and to my surprise, the raincoat was exactly as described. I ordered 2 more items last week and received 1 of 2 last Friday and the other item, this morning. Up to now, I’m very pleased with BTR. Delivery might take a little longer in some cases but overall it’s really not as bad as we read on internet. Only wanted to share my own experience.

  108. 0

    Chloe says...

    Have purchased 5 items now.
    Sure the shipping is rather slow…Butlook for the events that have the little tab in the corner indicating “straight from BTR”
    That helps speed up the process.
    Ive saved so much money with Beyond the Rack…It’s insane! Saved over 200$ for a cute top & dress today alone.
    I am currently addicted after todays 4th and 5th purchases and cannot wait for them to reach me!
    They’re also great because they gave me a 50$ credit for one of my Christmas gifts being late which got me a nice top and shipping plus the shipping on my current order.
    Very pleased and have been recommending to everyone :)

  109. 0

    Maryna says...


    I was excited to use this site when I first saw it and purchased a few things, EVERY single item that came was either too big or too small, and I had to return it, not only did they deduct the shipping of the credit back but I also lost 10 dollars per item for shipping it here, in totaly I probably spend at least 100$ in shipping, all of their sizes are wrong. Recently I bought a body suit that was suppose to be a S and it was XXXS it wouldn’t not even go on. I couldn’t even return it although the package it came in was OPEN, anyone could’ve tried it on, I wrote them a message and they didn’t even more to read it! Also have you noticed that they say the item is coming directly from the designer/manufacturor and that is why it takes them so long to ship it, but then they have the same model modelling different items from different designers, so how does that even make sense? I think they delay shipment on purpose. My friend who purchased an item from here as well said it smelled like SMOKE when she got it. HORRIBLE SITE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  110. 0

    dhedges says...

    I recently purchased some costume jewellery for my Mom. A necklace, bracelet and earrings. The original price was supposed to be $100.00 or so. I paid around $60.00. What a joke….I have seen better quality at a Flee Market for $15.00 or less. The stones were some kind of cheep resin all connected with the same type of elastic women use to hold their hair in a ponytail. The links on the little bit of chain at the top of the necklace were so large it would be more appropriate on a dog collar. I have shopped on many websites for a variety of products and have always been satisfied. Why would BTR be so stupid as to sell this kind of crap is beyond me. It appears to me the don’t plan on being around long.

  111. 0

    Michael says...

    I bought a Dolce & Gabbana wallet at $350 and it turns out to be a 100% fake! Why am I so sure? - Fakes are fakes, from every details. I am a person who like to pay attention to the very details - the poor quality of the leather, the unsmooth zippers, the terrible scent left from shoddy manufacturing (not like the identity scent of Gucci leather products)…
    Of course, BTR said every thing they sell are 100% authentic. What makes this worse this that they refused to accept return for the wallet, since it was final sale. I will go to a DG store and have their staffs verified this wallet…

  112. 0

    sandy sandy says...

    Btr is one of my very favorite shopping sites. I have tried others like Gilt, Ruelala etc…. and have had the best shopping and shipping experience at btr. as well to the stupid comment that Oleg made above about why is it discounted, must be a defect. It is discounted cuz the supplier has too many of a certain style and wants to get rid of it so they have sites like btr do it for them.
    Love this site and will continue to shop there

  113. 0

    DeRae says...

    I’m so glad I always check resources before signing up for anything on the internet! I received an e-mail from BTR and was curious! Googled it and found this thread! After reading through all of the above experiences, it is obvious that BTR is a scam. But what truly amazes me is how many people fall prey to these scams on a daily basis.

    Most of the issues have been with shipping delays, authenticity of products and refunds! And this is purely my personal opinion. What BTR does is post pictures of designer items on their site; you see something you like and decide to order it; BTR takes your money and then tries to order that item from one of their overseas manufacturers (whose business is making/selling knockoffs). So now BTR is waiting for their shipment from overseas and you have to wait for your shipment from BTR. Furthermore, when BTR can’t find that item you just ordered, they will cancel your order and not tell you, or better yet, they never received it from the manufacturer. If you do receive your order and are not satisfied, now the issue is refunds. Well BTR doesn’t want to pay for shipping back to the overseas knockoff manufacturer and surely do not want to accumulate a stock of worthless items in their so-called warehouse, so they use tacticts to discourage you from shipping the items back to them.

    And yes, the people on this thread parading as happy customers or customers who have experienced very little mishaps with BTR are actually BTR employees!!!!

    Don’t Continue to Be Fooled People! Rather, Be An Educated Consumer!

  114. 0

    Vigilante says...

    For those of you who continue to shop at BTR - one day you might fall VICTIM and end up coming back to post on this thread.. Don’t hate on the people here who are SHARING their BAD EXPERIENCE(S) rather appreciate and be well aware of what is happening because you know that this CAN happen to YOU.

    Be safe, shop smart!

  115. 0

    pepper says...

    so everyone knows, it is stated directly on thier website.. 4 times before your purchance is finialized that you will recieve CREDIT.. not MONEY BACK.. if you are not happy with that then you should not buy from that website… come on have we all forgotten to read the small print with stuff… I mean how many contracts do you sign without reading them?
    OH and they WILL pay for your shipping costs if you have a refund issue.
    stop ordering from a website and just buy it in a store or ebay… just sayin’

  116. 0

    Lu says...

    Pwehhhh… So I impulsively ordered two Chanel scarves last night thinking they were such a good deal and then I decided to search up reviews on BTR. The more I read this forum, the more afraid I was that my scarves would come defected, used or even fake! So I called their customer service number on the confirmation email and had my order cancelled. Luckily, the event which had the scarves were still on, so I was able to cancel my order with minimal hassle. I would be refunded to the same method of payment (not a store credit) and this is the order cancellation email I got.

    Case Message History
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Beyond the Rack
    Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 12:40 PM EST (GMT-05:00)
    Subject: Sales Order ####### - CO

    Hi Lu,

    As per your request, we started the process to cancel your order.

    Please allow 5-7 business days for all funds to be returned to original payment method.

    Your shopping experience is important to us; please keep this e-mail for your records.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    As sketchy as BTR may seem, at least their customer service is up to par. I am glad I called in to cancel my order, otherwise I would have had to wait up to 6 weeks until I get my scarves to see if they are authentic and then deal with the return process again. You guys are right, why shop online for high end products!

    Now, let’s hope I actually get my refund… LOL

  117. 0

    Christine M. says...

    PLEASE NOTE: I have just checked with CANADA GOOSE. THey inform me that Beyond the Rack is NOT an authorized dealer. Furthermore, their products never go on sale. They have a vigorous anti-counterfeit program. see their website. Buying fakes can actually harn yor health as the counterfeiters use poor quality, infected down.
    IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it often is.

  118. 0

    AZA says...

    BTR is a bad experience which i will not repeat. my first purchase, they sent wrong size. After a month they say they are processing a refund. it took them ONE (1) day to take the money from my credit card. they r keeping it for over a month. Who pays the interest the credit card company charged me? not BTR for sure

  119. 0

    Stacey says...

    Just got two pairs of Apple Bottom boots. They are definitely knockoffs. I can tell by the crappy quality. Not going to bother returning them since I would not use an in store credit. Guess I’ve wasted $75 on dumber things! And I will still wear them… With a slightly cheap feeling haha.

  120. 0

    Nervous says...

    I have made some purchases with BTR in the past (two Hype purses and a Balenciaga purse) and have not come across any issues … until now. I recently made a purchase from their Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton event and I am very sad to say that I am certain that I received a fake Louis Vuitton. (There are certain elements that are found in every one of the particular style of bag I purchased and it is most definitely not there on this one). I have contacted their customer service and they informed me that they are looking into this and have sent my request (for a refund) to their supplier.

    Needless to say, I am very nervous about this whole situation and I’m trying to figure out what I should do next. Should I send the item back right away? Should I contact my credit card company?

    If anyone has any suggestions and feedback I would greatly appreciate it!

    (I will keep everyone posted on what happens)

  121. 0

    Sarah P says...

    I have purchased about 20 things + from BTR and nothing but good customer service, quality and shipping. I guess it depends on WHAT you are buying, but know your product before doing so.

    I find shipping a little unreasonable for Canadian customers ($11.95 for something small like glasses or jewelry) but other than that, I can say that I am really happy with their offers and service.

  122. 0

    Sue says...

    I’ve purchased Akribos watches after calling BTR and confirming they are authentic . Got the watches, the manual inside and the warranty are photocopies,one of The packages is missing the AKribos title on it,there’s no chance these cheap packages belong to 700 $ watches t is a big scam, I returned them and they claimed that they will return money on credit card …still waiting

  123. 0

    Amy says...

    I love BTR, over the holidays i ordered 2 end tables for my home. The supplier was behind on shipping the product which made them late on delivering the product. It was beyond thier control and i got my tables shortly after the new year. They gave me a $50 credit for the site because of the slow shipping time, without my requesting anything. I was more than satisfied. I had ordered other products from other websites over the holidays and i am still waiting for them to arrive 90 days later, and have had no response from the website regarding my order. Although sometimes i dont think thier prices of ” actual retail price” are correct, if i see something for a decent price i am happy with it. Its always buyer beware with online shopping.

  124. 0

    Phil says...

    I purchsed an Invicta watch from these guys. I bought a cheaper model to start with (buyer beware) It arrived after abour 2 weeks, as advertised.
    Watch came in A nice box all the warranty papers etc seem to be authentic (no photo copies) The watch seems authentic as far as I can tell, It’s heavy and looks well made, It even had a note with it informing me that it was shipped with a battery in it but I should replace the battery as the could not vouch for the existing batterys’ health. I have now ordered a more expensive watch, already it’s been over 2 weeks but I’m not unduely concerned. I purchase A lot of parts and equipment for my business online and shipping times seem to vary wildly for reasons unknown to anyone as far as I can tell.

  125. 0

    Olyab82 says...

    I agree with many comments granting this company one star. In fact, this ’scam’ doesn’t deserve even one. I never write comments on forums but my last experience with Beyond The Rack (BTR) forced me to do so. I’ve been a loyal customer of this company (by loyal, I mean encouraged my friends to register). Recently I purchased a set of pots from BTR and after the first use (boiling eggs) I noticed 4-6 prominent black spots on the bottom which later turned into rusty mess. One use! I sent an email to their customer service, advising of the very poor quality items they sell. Nothing was received from BTR, not even an apology for faulty product or any kind of acknowledgment.
    Then, I decided to give it another try and placed a bit more expensive order (still kicking myself for doing this) - 4 chairs for dining room at $99 each, supposedly $250 retail. Right. When I received my items, I opened one box and found a broken leg. The lower third of the leg was basically ‘detached’ and the wood looked rotten (I took a few pics). I was shocked to see such poor quality. Without opening other boxes, I contacted BTR’s customer service immediately and let them know that I wanted to return all four chairs as the quality of one sent a very clear message about the supplier they are working with. The lady from BTR said that those items cannot be returned and they will replace the chair. While I didn’t like that idea and wanted to ask them not to ‘bother’, they already shipped a new chair (notice to those who wait for 1 month for their items to be shipped. Apparently, if it’s a load of cr..p they will eagerly send it to you the next day). Nice issue resolution.
    So, I decided to open another box. Following the instructions very closely, I started assembling one chair. Needless to say that the screws and the wholes didn’t align, but whatever… Then, the best part of my story…I started screwing in a leg to the seat, one screw went in. When I was screwing in the second one, the bloody leg just split and the leg fell. I could not believe it. The quality of wood was so horrible, that I couldn’t even attach a leg let along sitting on the chair. Needless to say that I took pics of that fiasco, packed all chairs and sent a note to BTR asking to provide me with their FedEx account (based on their return policy). Two days passed nothing from BTR. I am determined to ship the faulty items back even if I have to pay the shipping fee. What frustrates me the most is the fact that I wasted so much time talking to BTR, negotiating, and as the result, I wasted $500 and have no chairs in the dining room. I am a very busy person with two kids and I am NOT wasting more time on this company. In this day and age, companies should check their suppliers a bit better and ensure their customers remain loyal even when they have a bad experience. I already advised all my friends to quit their membership and I will do what it takes to spread a word about this.
    p.s. I goolgled other reviews on BTR and there are a lot of dissatisfied customers. I should’ve done this before I created an account.

  126. 0

    JR says...

    Canada Goose is pretty clear that anytime you see their coats on sale they’re fakes. They have a corporate policy of not discounting, so either these coats are somehow illegitimately obtained or their are in fact counterfeits. I guess its just a big buyer beware…

  127. 0

    Chrissy says...

    Well, I see that many people had bad experiences with BTW. I know that if their is a sweet deal on their website, like watches, or sunglasses etc.. thats a wicked deal. But why buy super expensive s$it on the website if your afraid of the quality. Go to the main website of the manufacturer. I recently bought a cute dress and shoes. I know my size in things and I know what I like. So I use that with caution when purchasing on line. If I dont know what it looks like up close then I’m not going to purchase it. For people that make online purchases, that should be a given. Don’t buy $800 jackets and rugs online.. use discretion. I think you can find great deals at BTW, and you get what you pay for. It may be heaper stuff but at low prices.

  128. 0

    Stacey says...

    I purchased a watch for my Mother for her birthday at BTR last February. I live in Edmonton and my Mother lives in Halifax, I had BTR ship it right to her, it was perfect, or so I thought. I went home in October and asked if I could borrow the watch to wear to a friend’s wedding. I learned that the watch didn’t work, it was broken, and my Mother just didn’t have the heart to tell me. I realized that too much time had lapsed in order to expect a refund, but wrote BTR anyway, just so they were away and to encourage them to do quality checks on products before shipping purchases to clients. I have never heard back. Not even a thank you for my letter.

  129. 0

    Judith says...

    I wished I came across and checked out this site before I bought from this company, BEYOND THE RACK!!! I got an expensive mistake buying an “authentic vintage” instead, I got a NEW, cheap, knock off. I contacted the customer service,sent pictures of a cheap quality but still claim that it’s a genuine. A GENUINE KNOCK OFF!!My mistake for buying a non-refundable product trusting that it’s AUTHENTIC.

  130. 0

    Judith says...

    I got a positive response from the customer service after multiple emails- I give her credits for responding all my emails in timely manner, thank you. I can now return my product and get credit for it. We will see…. I say, this is encouraging that they stand by their policy.

  131. 0

    Tanya says...

    I have ordered a coat, a couple of shirts, hair straightener and now a couple of towel racks. So far no issues but I also didn’t pay much for them. I also want to advise people to know thier prices! I saw garden chairs listed for 59.99 and just the day before I was at Home Sense and they had them for 39.99.

  132. 0

    Olivis says...

    I wish I saw the reviews before going on a crazy shopping spree from BTR website. It’s my first time purchasing items from this website. I placed quite a bit of order totalling close to $500. I placed my first order 2 days ago and multiple orders yesterday. With all the bad reviews, I am crossing my fingers for sure since the total amount of what I ordered is pretty hefty. I will be posting here as I receive my packages. Good thing I have all my confirmation printed. I will also make sure that the products I recived is not defective. It’s sad to hear the bad experiences that a lot of u had with this company. I was excited when I found out about it because the prices are great plus the convenience of shopping online. I wish I had seen the reviews before and I probably wouldn’t take my chances with the company.
    As I mentioned earlier, I will post as I recive my package(s) and just hope for the best :(

  133. 0

    Chelsey says...

    And this is exactly why I will never buy from them! Companies need to take their customer complaints more seriously. Bad PR for them, and I’ve seriously considered buying some things!

  134. 0

    SFBRIAND says...

    I’ve just attempted to sign on to btr and had a problem with an accent in my name so i sent them an email but in the mentime i’ve run across this site and what an eyeopener. I bought lots of stuff online including a hand made personally sized tux (and it fits perfectly) I’ve also bought a lot of stuff(camera) directly from a supplier in china and the quality is amazing.
    Given the general tone of disaffection for al thing BTR i think i’ll reconsider applying.

  135. 0

    Nick says...

    BTR is awsome…for me its never even been slow. I get everything I order within 10 days and everything is authentic without any damages. Every item comes with authenticity certificates. I have refunded my orders twice and as per my request I even got the taxes and shipping back. I am a satisfied BTR customer and recommend the site to everyone. I understand how sizes can be a problem for some people but thats why they have the sizing charts if you measure up and follow it accordingly your less likely to have any problems with your purchases and you will be happy you chose BTR

  136. 0

    Bo says...

    If anyone is concerned about knock offs or believe that BTR sent them a knock off, take the merchandise with receipt to your local police station and file a complaint. Sale of counterfeits is illegal in Canada.

  137. 0

    Patricia says...

    Hi everyone. Thanks Lena for your pst about Beyond the Rack!

    I just got sent an offer with my Visa bill that I could get a $20.00 credit, if I use my via card to purchase online. I live in a rural area, so did a search to find the locations, and came to this site.

    Wow! Here I see so many complaints! Thank goodness I checked! I WILL NOT be buying anything from beyond the Rack! Thanks so much to those that took the time to post this information/complaints, so that others are aware! Power of the internet! I love it!
    Patricia :-)

  138. 0

    Ginnie says...

    Yet another online shopper saved the hassle of terrible online scammers. Thank you so much for all of your comments. I will definitely not be purchasing anything from this site after all of what I’ve read. Buyer beware for sure.

  139. 0

    MoTaffy says...

    I ordered a couple of necklaces from them last fall and they arrived within the promised timelines and were perfect. No issues with the goods or the service.

  140. 0

    abed says...

    I purchased pair of shoes and a coat(Claiborne) from BTR. The shoes were awful, nothing like the picture and they emit a foul odour(I discovered later that there are not even made of leather).As for the coat, it fits like a bag and I doubt now if it is genuine Claiborne. I could have gotten the same items far cheaper at Winners or Marshalls.

  141. 0

    Guy says...

    I have just read quite a few comments (mostly negative) about BtR and I just have to say this.
    When someone buys ANYTHING online, especially from a company which has no retail outlet, you are almost garanteed to have headaches. Nowadays more people are buying online and more people complain about what they’re getting in return. If people are too lazy to physically go into a store and make sure that what they purchase fits properly and actually see what they’re buying, well they deserve to get ripped off.
    Too busy to do that? Take the time, know what you’re getting and it will be cheaper in the long run. Oh! And stop complaining. After all, you asked for it

  142. 0

    Carla C says...

    I have bought a few pairs of shoes from BTR. Most recently Paris Hilton Womens Bow Wedges. They came in good time in a pretty box but after further investigation they are “Knock Offs” My shoes are not suede - Paris’ are. The other shoes I have bought are knock offs too - I kept them because they were cheap - you get what you pay for. I’d rather spend the extra $$ to have authentic products - lesson learned. I believe that nothing they sell is authentic. Buyer Beware!

  143. 0

    Reta says...

    I have read the poor reviews including all areas of Beyond the Rack organization .

    Here was my experience.I placed my order on April 21st, which was a simple process. Immediately received an order confirmation. At the bottom it was clearly stated how long delivery would take. In total it could take up to 31 days. I thought that was a little long but at least my expectations were clear. On May 5th I received an e-mail just letting me know that my order was on schedule. That was unexpected and I was pleasantly surprised. Today is May 10th and when I got home from a hard day of work, there was a package.I thought in my head… way and sure enough, there was my order from Beyond the Rack. Both Tankini’s are beautiful! It took 19 days from order to delivery. I expected 31 days. They exceeded expectations!!!!

  144. 0

    Jay says...

    I regret buying stuff from BTR….If doesn’t seem like it but everything is overpriced, they change you too much for shipping (unlike other online stores), and their return policy sucks!!! ……..I have a dress that I want to return but don’t know if I want to pay extra $10 to ship it back :S….and then if I use the credit the buy something else, will I be playing shipping on those products??? :(

    P.S. overpriced stuff, it’s not worth it!

  145. 0

    fatima says...

    I did buy something from BTR and was not satisfied, so i tried to get refund and they said no refund but a credit so i have to purchase something else or forget my money .Very bad experience ; Don’t buy BTR
    It is time for facebook to make them change their policy

  146. 0

    A says...

    Hey RETA - I ‘ve read thru this entire thread and you just copy and pasted someones review on BTR exactly!!

    Crud, this just makes me super worried about my order! Should I cancel it ?

  147. 0

    Holly says...

    I was a big fan of BTR until my last 2 shipments. I ordered a Guerlain make up brush. I got a PINK (not black) no-name brand make up brush and it was garbage. To boot, it was broken! How do you publish Guerlain and send no-name? I thought it may be a one off. So… I’m waiting for a 3 drawer storage unit. It arrives and it has absolutely no hardware to put it together. So now, I’m a new mom with twins and have no time as it is. This was to help me get organized with the little space I have left in my home. They can’t simply ship me the hardware. I have to pack it back up, go to a postal outlet and mail it back. Really??! The reason I’m shopping online is because I do not get out as easy as I used to with twin infants and now if it’s not done within 30 days, I’m SOL. They have lost a good customer. I’ve made about 7 purchases since March. That was the last unless they can come up with a more reasonable solution for me.

  148. 0

    Holly says...

    Sorry, I wanted to add that it would be nice if they had customer service folks who could write back with care. The spelling is ridiculous. It doesn’t lend much credibility. See below:

    Unfotunately we do not have any otems left in our inventory to replace the damaged item with. I truly apologize for this inocnvenicne. The only solution at this time is to retunr the dmaged item for a full refund and shipping waied.

  149. 0

    Brenda says...

    I have been ordering from BTR for at least a year now. I have placed 6-8 orders for everything from shoes, to childrens items, to kitchenwares and clothing items.
    Sometimes there is a delay in the shipping, depending on the event dates and and supplier shipping, but as many others have pointed out, it clearly states that on the site.
    I have had no problems with any of the products I have purchased. I have had to return one item because the size was too big, and the return process was easy and my credit card was refunded the full amount less shipping (which makes sense, the item was shipped to me) in 3 days.
    I do live in Canada, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

  150. 0

    Danielle says...

    I bought a rug, it was a very good deal. It arrived ahead of the expected time, I was pleased. The rug looked just as I expected and again I was happy but when I put it on the floor it was defective. It was not even, crooked and looked really bad. I called and e-mailed them along with photos to the proof and I am waiting for a reply from the supplier. It has been a week and I am still waiting to hear from the supplier. I e-mailed them again today asking for a reply and what they intend to do about this. At this point I don’t plan to buy from BTR again unless I get a full refund shippingand return included or replacement rug with correct dimensions. Nothing indicated that I was buying a faulty rug or I would not have bought it in the first place. A scam? I don’t know yet but so far not a very responsible company to say the least. I will keep you posted.

  151. 0

    Renee says...

    My heart is in the pit of my stomach as I read ALL this horrible, negative reviews and experiences with BTR.
    I just ordered two different items from BTR in the last few days.
    I ordered a duvet for $60, which was said to be $375.
    I ordered a watch for $50, which was said to be $325, a Lucien Piccard.

    I have never ordered on line in my life. I was always hesitant to do so as I was one of those who believed it was all scam.

    I decided to buy a couple of things-the duvet being something I actually need. I did not stop to think, the items might be faulty or second rate/ defective.
    I am hoping and yes, even praying I get these items. I would like to say in a timely manner, but at this point, I am hoping I will a) get them and b)the products are useable!

  152. 0

    Danielle says...

    Following up on my rug story. After a few back and forth e-mails customer service said that since it was a handmaid rug the supplier said that imperfections should be expected (I suggest they should be specific about that in the future) nevertheless, I don’t want such a twisted rug. So they said they would pick it up and return my money. I specifically asked for full refund including shipping and not a credit with BTR.
    They picked it up today and I am waiting to see how long it takes to refund me. I will keep you posted. I am not buying from them until I see my money back.

  153. 0

    Ted S says...

    I have never read so much negativity in my life. There seems to be a lot of chronic complainers out there. Why did you even bother to get out of bed…..I have ordered from this company. And have got nothing but total satisfaction….sure things are a bit slow….but if you read all the information you can understand why…it’s all part of how we can get the products at cheaper rates….please read all the information before you bluish a company’s name. If your afraid only means your negative..if your negative negative things happen. all the big box stores have thousands of items returned every day…some people just can’t be satisfyed

  154. 0

    Chris U says...

    You are so right Ted, I have never read so much negativity in my life either. I was begining to wonder if all these people are talking about the same company, that is Beyond The Rack, I have ordered at least four items from them and have been completely satisfied with the products that I got. Some of the products came within a week of the order, and others came a few weeks after. But I have no complaint against the company. I have no idea where all these negative mongers coming from or if they are talking about a totally different company.

  155. 0

    peter says...

    BTR is absolutely horrible. They ding their Canadian shoppers with much higher prices for the EXACT same items that they sell for cheaper in the US. And on add insult to injury, they tack on an additional $5 for shipping. The Heys luggage I purchased from them was old, discoloured and scratched. But they refused to do a return since they claim that “luggage never arrives completely new”. If that was true, I would have just bought it from a garage sale.

    Thankfully, my credit card company sided with me after sending them pictures of the suitcase and they reversed the charge on my card. And now they will take up my case with BTR. Mastercard even said that if more people complain, which they have, BTR might get fined or lose their contract with Mastercard altogether.

    So please charge your purchases back if you feel that you did not get what you paid for. You will be making a lot more work for these assclowns and help in putting them out of business.

  156. 0

    Sarah says...

    I’m so glad I read these reviews before I made the mistake to purchase anything from this site. Thank you to everyone who wrote about their experience. I recently signed up on their website, their product offerings seemed worth purchasing but if there is even a 1% chance that the product comes defective or fake it is not worth the hassle dealing with customer service and shipping it back.

    Someone commented about MasterCard/visa policy about receiving refund if the product is not as claimed, maybe more people should look into this.

  157. 0

    Catherine says...

    I’ve read through these comments and I have to respond by saying that my experiences (and I’ve ordered several times from them) with BTR have been excellent. Even when there’s been a ‘blip’ in service (like last Christmas)I was contacted by two service reps and not only received a refund, but was allowed to keep the merchandise (it did not arrive on time despite the guarantee). I have always been impressed by the general expediency, professionalism and ease of their service - and I love that they’re Canadian so there are no customs surprises in the final bill. I think that in general, we often hear a lot of negativity because people are much more likely to take the time to voice complaints than compliments - it’s the (sad) nature of our society. So if you’re reading this and trying to decide whether or not to give BTR a try I suggest you try it out because I think you’ll be happy you did.

  158. 0

    Lori B says...

    I have been ordering form BTR since they started, but recently have virtually stopped doing so. Pros - their shipping time has gotten better,less orders are cancelled as unfulfillable,and I always find their online staff polite and prompt in responding. Cons outweigh the pros, however. The general quality of what they offer has become repetitive, cheaper, and untrendy(they REALLY need to stop with the “Ed Hardy” type patterns, for example). Most importantly, they have twice in recent months, screwed up orders I’ve made. They sent a pair of Puma sneakers in the men’s size of the women’s version I ordered: and when I noticed in the “Status Pending” email that the gender of the item had mysteriously changed, and emailed them to correct it, they said they were unable to stop the shipment from going out, though the item hadn’t been prepared for shipping yet! More annoyingly, I ordered a set of Laguiole knives in multicolor - which they shipped in red - and when I returned them they were unable to fulfill the original request. A five or ten dollar credit to my account doesn’t fix this type of major screwup, when I can get the same products elsewhere, more reliably, for only slightly more money.

  159. 0

    Chips says...

    I actually liked BTR at first and bought a lot of stuff. But the more I buy from them the worst things get. First they ran out of a boot that I wanted and I didn’t know until I chased them down for a month and a half for them (they kept replying that I should patiently wait even after a month passed until they finally realized they didn’t have it anymore). They gave me a $10 merchandise card and refunded me my money but that was annoying. I was really hoping for them and it also made shipping kind of not worth paying for.

    Then they lose my package which is more of a fault from the postal office but it took forever to solve the case and they just refunded my money for only the package. Not the money I paid for shipping so I basically paid $11.95 for shipping on 2 items.

    Now I checked the site after a long time and found that two of the exact same dresses I purchased before for $22.99 and $18.99 are being sold for $14.99 each. Seriously? I bought them in winter too how did they suddenly pop up for that much cheaper?

    Sorry for being a cheapass but I struggle to make a dime while doing school and living on my own. It pisses me off whenever I have to pay for shipping for something not worth it and pay extra for dresses that’s way cheaper than what I bought for.

  160. 0

    Kris says...

    FYI: (and thx for all your posts - I am opting out)
    Beyond the Rack
    Beyond the Rack

    Beyond the Rack is a private shopping club for women and men who want designer brand apparel and accessories at prices up to 70% off retail. We obtain authentic designer merchandise and provide it exclusively to our members through limited-time events. Each event starts at a specific time and typically lasts only 48 hours. After each event ends the merchandise is no longer available. Members are notified by email in advance of each upcoming event according to their preferences.

    4600 Rue Hickmore
    Montréal, Québec, Canada

  161. 0

    Kris says...

    I only put it up cuz ppl said they did not find a physical address.
    So here it is. Not that it matters. I certainly WONT order from a company located in Canada, charging Canadians higher prizes and sending out junk.
    That is unacceptable.
    There are too many other good web stores out there, with better products and prizes. Cheers to u. Kris

  162. 0

    Discounts says...

    Excellent blog right here! Also your site lots up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  163. 0

    HappyamI says...

    I am so confused. I ordered three items from Beyond the Rack for a total of $185. While waiting for the order to arrive, I found this blog. I got very nervous and mad at myself for spending money without checking first. Well my order finally arrived, it did take a month, but that is actually what they said it would take. All I can say is the items I ordered are absolutely gorgeous and the savings were unbelievable. I checked the designer`s website, and one of the tops I bought for $50.00 Canadian is selling for 180 Euros!!!!! through the designer`s website. I am a very happy camper and will have no hesitation to order again.

  164. 0

    jenny says...

    You are ordering ONLINE. Think about it. If you want to return cause you don’t like what you got, then yeah, you pay the return shipping. I’m pretty sure it’s like that anywhere else you order from online…

  165. 0

    nimasoan says...

    Reading the reviews and wondering if they are from US or CDN customers.

    And from which cities ?

    Does anyone live in the Montreal area ?

    I never ordered from BTR and am contemplating to do so. And I think the delivery is 1 to 2 days (which is the pink area on the map).

    Thanks for your response.

  166. 0

    sandra says...

    response to Nimasoan:

    I am from Montreal and I’ve ordered a few things from Beyond the Rack and it ranges from 1-3 weeks. I was never in a hurry so it never bothered me.
    That being said, I will never order from them again because of my most recent incident with them. I ordered a rug which cost over $300, I never received the item. They are refusing to refund or even credit the purchase. I am currently in discussion with Beyond the Rack to resolve this matter; however, every representative that I communicated with is saying it is FEDEX fault and they won’t do anything about it. I am so frustrated and I don’t want you or any other consumer to be cheated like I was with Beyond the Rack

  167. 0

    Jen says...

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many of the items here are USED, and they state that clearly on the item’s details page. Why the hell would you expect BRAND NEW LV bag when it clearly says USED???????????do you not read people??????????????? shaize!!

  168. 0

    Ashley says...

    I just recently ordered a Michael Kors cross body purse from BTR. This was my first purchase as I was always a bit skeptical of the site. After reading these comments I am very concernced. How do I check the authenticity of the bag once it arrives?

  169. 0

    Sheri says...

    I think beyondtherack is a great website. I have ordered many things over the past month and have been pleased so far. They always send a confirmation email and status updates as to the current whereabouts of your products.

    I will continue to purchase from them in the future.

  170. 0

    Dee says...

    I had the same issue with Rogers Telecommunications because they gave me two defective phones in a row. They said they were sorry but I had to take it up with Sony, the makers because Rogers cannot ensure the quality of all their products. And as frustrating as that is, it’s a legitimate answer… you can’t expect rogers, or BTR or Ebay or ANY seller to check the validity of every last piece of product they are essentially “reselling”, because they are not the original owners nor manufacturer.

    You cannot hold BTR accountable. Really, do you want them to open up your parcels at their warehouse before they send it to you? Then you will complain that you receive your package and it had already been opened, and most of you will exagerate and say ridiculous things like “it smelled like cigarettes”… really?

  171. 0

    julia says...

    why didnt i read this thread before why didnt i know abt this?! beyond the rack is just bad overall. bad service wrong product i recieved. really disappointed!!! they looked credible but i just feel that i got ripeed off! not cool at all. :(

  172. 0

    julia says...

    @dee if i pay for something that is “new” it shouldn’t smell like cigarettes!!! it’s not ridiculous! for someone that doesn’t smoke or hate the smell of cigarettes it stinks literally that u purchase something and then it reeks of cigarettes!!!

  173. 0

    Dee says...

    Are you sure it is even cigarettes?? I have bought clothes from stores like Winners and the mall and once I brought them home they had a strange “odour”… they are in warehouses around machinery and who knows what else. Plus stuff from the stores other people have tried on so God only know what kind of funk is on those clothes

  174. 0

    Dee says...

    The point is no matter how they do it someone will always say there is something wrong. I am one of those people who is the first to jump if I see some problems. But people just seem kind of unreasonable these days. I can bet most people complaining were already stressed prior to their BTR orders or were just peeved at the shipping time and decided to come up with ANY little issues with the merch that they wouldn’t even think twice about had the order come sooner.

  175. 0

    DidiSut says...

    I too have ordered from BTR - my first purchase was several weeks ago. I haven’t received my items yet, however, I kind of new that it would not be a quick delivery after reading their ‘FAQ’ and got an explanation of their shipping timeline. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint, etc., you can always get the Better Business Bureau involved. They can help you with your complaint and its resolution. I checked with the BBB and noticed that BTR has a few complaints (their Canadian address is listed as: 363 Canarctic Dr, North York, ON M3J 2P9 T:(416) 479-0286)and within the last 3 years they’ve had 6 closed complaints (no rating offered) - in comparison, Hudson’s Bay has had 56 closed complaints and a rating of ‘D’. The American BTR (address is 156 Lawrence Paquette Dr, Champlain, NY 12919 T: (877) 733-4660) and has a rating of ‘B-’ with 44 closed complaints. Make of it what you will, but always remember, we’re more apt to go on a website and complain about a problem we’ve had than when everything works out well. Will keep you posted on my purchase.

  176. 0

    mika says...

    What a waste of my time at beyond the rack! I knew that the delivery time will take long! First of all why do they take so darn long?!!! They don’t have the items in stock and they want to sell that’s my answer. But anyways ok ok so I wanted something from their store so I ordered but to not receive it after a month and get an email saying that my stuff was not available and therefore I was not going to be receiving what I ordered! That’s crazy… after waiting for so long the least they can do is send me my stuff! I called and they told me that it was not their fault that it was their suppliers. Well that’s NOT MY PROBLEM! My suggestion? Spend your money somewhere else coz its obvious these ppl don’t care abt its customers. Spend your money at Asos, Fashion Society or Ideeli where you will get a better price, service and delivery.

  177. 0

    mika says...

    @Didisut so u look at the stats and comparing hudson bay to beyond the rack but the thing is hudson bay is not an online store and there’s sooo many things that can go wrong with customer service but beyond the rack is only an online store and they should do well in the basic stuff like send me my stuff but they can’t even do that so what can they do??? u r comparing apples and oranges

  178. 0

    mar says...

    When I bought online I forgot to double check the prices on other sites and well to my SURPRISE I did not actually save any money or got a discount which is disappointing bc the only reason why I signed up for beyond the rack was to get discounts. So yea for real savings i buy at fashion society or asos.

  179. 0

    Tintin says...

    I’d just bought a Rayban 2140 Sept. 2 and I hope and pray that is 100% aunthentic as their customer rep send me an email. I’d send a email confirming about the authenticity of the product cause there’s NO Box with manual on the descriptions. It’s just says there, Brown case with silver cloth.

  180. 0

    maria says...

    I bought a dress from btr. It was too big. I called for an exchange and to ask how should I go about it since it was my first time doing online purchase and return( sometime in July). The lady I talked was pleasant. She even told me what code to write on the package so that the office would know. I also asked her to check for a smaller size and when it was confirmed; she told me that she will make a note to put it on hold for me so that as soon as they get the bigger dress they would send me the smaller one. I hang up the phone on a happy note. A month later, I still see no sign of the dress. So today I phoned them only to be told that they don’t have anything available and that they got the return on the first week of August. They didn’t even contacted me to say that they don’t have it or what. I was pissed. If I didn’t call I wouldn’t know. I wanted my money back but I can only get a store credit. BTR put me off on-line purchases. What they preach and what they practice are opposite sides of the poles.

  181. 0

    Kayla says...

    I have ordered several items from them, but recently I ran into a problem. I understand that they require 2-3 weeks plus shipping time for delivery. My item has taken longer this this so I sent an email to the customer service and all they could say is, the item is backordered so your just going to have to wait. They didn’t offer me the ability to get refund, a credit, an upgrade express shipping when they get the item to the warehouse, nothing just a your going to have to wait. I think I will just have contact Visa and go through them. There is a site called Hautelook that is very similar to beyond the rack, but it is American and has better service. Hautelook has a way better selection and they ship much quicker, but if your Canadian you must pay duty and taxes. All there items are in stock so I don’t get any of ” this items backordered” Sometimes I wonder where Beyond The Rack gets their products, they seem to re-upload their product every two days. I really did like Beyond the Rack but after the customer service I received I no longer will be a customer.

  182. 0

    Donna says...

    My first Beyond the Rack experience: After ordering 2 pairs of K-Swiss shoes (at an amazing price!), I received a confirmation of my purchase right away along with an explanation of their delivery process. 7 days later (instead of 2-3 weeks!), I received an order status update. 5 days later, I received a shipping confirmation email with the track number. 2 days later, Canada Post delivered my package. Overall, the delivery process took LESS TIME THAN EXPECTED and the fit of the shoes is perfect (because I already own a pair of K-Swiss shoes and know my size). My best advice for anyone wanting to try online shopping is to DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING! In the past, I’ve purchased from Ebay, Browns, Aldo, etc. I’ve never encountered a problem mainly because I don’t purchase anything if I’m not sure it will fit or if I don’t trust the website. There’s always a risk when you buy online but Beyond the Rack is SAFE.

  183. 0

    Marcus says...

    Ιt’s wonderful that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our argument made at this time.

  184. 0

    anonimous says...

    Wow!!! so many bad reviews and you guys got definitely a point…
    I was going to make a purchase right now for a couple of watches from BTR but you guys warned me not to do it.. I am not gonna do it thanks to all these reviews… I’d rather go to a legit store at the local mall.. Thanks

  185. 0

    seanie says...

    Beyond the Rack just flat out stole money from me. I had ordered an item online 8 weeks ago. It was supposed to be delivered within 6 weeks. After 8 weeks past and I had heard nothing I called them and they informed me that they wouldn’t be shipping it as it was out of stock. Bottom line is that they flat out stole hundreds of dollars from me for an 8 week period. I essentially gave them a zero interest loan for 8 weeks…Effin scammers! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  186. 0

    Karen says...

    I certainly feel bad for everyone who has had a negative experience, but I must say, I have purchased several items from clothing, shoes, jewelry, household, etc. from Beyond the Rack and have been very pleased with the quality. The delivery time can be long, but they are pretty clear that it does take longer as the items come from the respective company. My experience thus far has been that the items I have received, for the most part, have been actually better than expected. Maybe give them a try with a smaller ticket item that you can wait a few weeks for. Best of luck!

  187. 0

    John Emmerson says...

    This is unbelievable! They took my money immediately and six weeks later I have nothing!! They will not give me a refund and blame the supplier.

  188. 0

    Lauren says...

    I purchased MAC concealer from them and it was definitely not MAC! Beware what you purchase with them. NEVER purchase makeup from them again. The company they had received products from was was XYZ inc. Biggest waste of money, they also blame the suppliers saying they are reputable. Total BULL

    They also show the original prices of some of their products as being more expensive than they really are to make consumers feel like their getting a better deal. Usually their clothes come with the tags cut where the price should be, and I recently received and item with the tag intact and the original price on the tag was less than the original listed price on the website.

  189. 0

    Heather says...

    I have ordered fromBTR dozens of times. Sometimes the orders take longer- but they’re up front from the beginning about ETA. I’ve returned a couple things that didn’t fit and was charged the 9.99 shipping fee, but this is standard. I have never received anything defective or incorrect. I continue to order from them.

  190. 0

    Ali Masood says...

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  192. 0

    Just a Mom says...

    I have ordered from Beyond the Rack LOTS of times, and I don’t work for them. In fact, I don’t work for anyone, I’m a stay at home mom, looking to save some money like everyone else. I am in Canada, so the fact that BTR is also in Canada, and I don’t have to pay duty and brokerage fees and “international” fees and whatever the hell else I get stuck paying when I order from hautelook or zulily is a major plus to me. I am not a fashionista by any means, so I am not looking to buy designer label clothes. In fact, I don’t even recognize 90% of the names of the brands on BTR, or any of the sites for that matter. But I am looking to save a few bucks, and I have with BTR. There have been a few things that have frustrated me, like having an order cancelled because they weren’t able to secure the product from the shipper, or having something take longer than expected to come. But overall, I am happy with my experience. I have ordered lots of clothes, and I’m happy with them all. I ordered shoes that didn’t fit, they were Pumas, and they were easy enough for me to resell for what I paid for them. I ordered a winter jacket for my daughter, which I paid $16.99 for. They said the retail price was $55.00. Would I pay $55.00 for the jacket? Never, no way. But I was perfectly happy paying $16.99 for it!!! We live in a remote area, and I have to travel 3 hours to get to a major center to do any shopping. That costs a LOT more than the $11.99 I pay for shipping, not to mention I don’t have to worry about chasing after my small children in a crowded mall or department store! I don’t return things, because I don’t like to lose the $10 for return shipping, but I have never had trouble reselling stuff and getting what I paid for it. I have been more than satisfied with the deals I have gotten, I’m satisfied overall that their items ship in accordance with their policy which is stated more than clearly on their website, and I am satisfied overall with the quality of items I have purchased. Would I take the risk of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on “designer” handbags, watches, jewellry, clothing? God no, and if you do you’re nuts!!! But for everyday items, plain old clothing, kids clothes, and toys, yeah, the site is totally great, and I totally recommend it. If you want to talk to me, ask me for my phone number, I’ll give it to you, and you’ll hear that I am not working at BTR, but rather you’ll hear my two little ankle biters fighting and crying and bugging mommy in the background. Be reasonable, be sensible, and you’ll be satisfied shopping at BTR.

  193. 0

    Alice says...

    Don’t shop with Beyond the Rack! The service and quality has gone completely downhill. They used to sell decent stuff and ship within reasonable time. I used to love Beyond the Rack so I gave them many chances to redeem themselves but nothing has improved. My last 5 orders with them have been very disappointing. I’ll wait weeks for my items and then they’ll tell me one of them is out of stock. The first time this happened, they gave me a refund for the item and a $10 credit…which is okay. Then the same thing happens 3 more times. They give me a refund but no credit. I feel like I got ripped off on the shipping charge since they don’t refund that. Also, I spent a lot of time contacting customer service to track down my items and get refunds.
    As for quality of their items, it’s hit-or-miss. My Michael Kors bag and Kenneth Cole Jacket was fine but most of their clothing or shoes are very poor quality. So basically, unless it’s a brand you know, it’ll likely be less than expected. The pictures are deceiving. For example, it looks like it fits the model but I’ll receive an item that’s too large. And you can’t tell the quality is so poor in the pictures. There are many times I decided to keep the item to avoid paying the return shipping fee. I won’t be shopping here in the future.

  194. 0

    artie67 says...

    My last purchase this past November 2013 was nothing but a waste, ordered a twin duvet that previously described to be costing more than 350 dollars. No other description other than it is down filled. But with a previous price like that and coming down to 59 dollars it must be of a very good quality that will keep me warm and toasty this winter and the photo just made it even more enticing to buy. Taking out the money from my account was fast and so is the delivery. To my surprise, the duvet itself was very thin! I left it to fluff up overnight thinking it must have been compressed on it’s trip to me. But sadly it remained very flat. The bag it came in never mentioned how much thread count or how much fill power there is in the duvet.I was shivering every night when sleeping. 3 weeks later, I went and purchased a twin down duvet from HOMESENSE and it is a Ralph Lauren brand, fill power was amazing that I immidiately noticed that it is substantially fluffier and definitely smoother to the feel due to it’s thread count. It cost me 99 dollars + HST.I have put away that purchase from BTR and perhaps never to be used again. Total cost of BTR purchase was 81 dollars, total cost of RL duvet was close to 113 dollars.

  195. 0

    artie67 says...

    sorry about that TYPO, i meant this November 2012

  196. 0

    Jeff says...

    Never use Beyond the Rack.
    What a scam. Sent us the wrong item, and refused to admit a mistake. Told us while starring at the wrong item, that we must be wrong. They refused to let us speak to a manager. We started an e-mail process with a lady named Reberta or kept giving us the run around for more then 2 weeks with the response on she was waiting to speak with the “Vending Manager”
    Not once did Reberta apologize.

    Finally I had someone else call for us and refuse to get off the phone until he spoke to a manager… still she would not provide us to a manager, instead put him on hold for 15 min and called the “Vending Manger” at this time she said we can return the item and when they get it a full refund will be given. this after more than 2 weeks, and apparently all she had to do was pick up a phone…. ( I have my doubts)

    I will now make it my personnel mission in life to destroy the reputation of this company, as I have never experienced such TERRIBLE customer service, or business ETHICS in my entire life. I REPEAT…DO NOT USE BEYOND THE RACK YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!

  197. 0

    Sarah Hudson says...

    I’ve done countless orders from BTR and had nothing but positive experiences. I only buy the Michael Kors items and have received them very quickly in the mail. I recently had an issue today that I bought the wrong purse (Michael Kors Saffino Hamilton Tote rather than the regular Hamilton Tote) and didn’t realize there was a huge difference until after purchase. I called and they gave my money back immediately (issued a refund). I don’t work for them I’m just a shopaholic and love the site. I bought two MK watches from BTR and after receiving them I took it into the actual Michael Kors store to be sure and it was legit/real. It even came with the warranty with it.

    So.. I guess the experience depends on the person and hope everyone has their issues resolved. I will continue shopping there until a real problem arises for me too.

  198. 0

    Jessica says...

    DO NOT BUY BRANDS FROM BEYOND THE RACK!! I am a huge fan of MAC cosmetics and purchase them often. Beyond the Rack had a special Mac sale, and the prices weren’t even too much discounted from regular MAC, but I thought I’d stock up on some of my favorites. I am allergic to cheap lipsticks and I am very aware of the gross smell cheap lipstick has, which is why I stick to MAC. Sure enough, the lipsticks I bought did not have the MAC signature smell. It was the smell of disgusting cheap lipstick. I put it on anyway, just to humour myslef, and my lips almost instantly started puffing up. Something MAC lipstick doesn’t do. I am not sure what the different ingredient is real MAC is, but THIS WAS NOT IT!!! They claim to have authentic product, DO NOT TRUST THEM

  199. 0

    suzy says...

    Well I have done 2 orders from them. and got both orders in a very timely matter. I put in another order about 10 days ago, and still stays on route to BTR, so they clearly dont keep the stuff they are selling in stock,so you have to wait for the supplier to send it to them. which is a pain. The other thing i hate is that they take the money from your visa before the item is even sent, that should not be allowed. they should take the money when they have the item and its ready to be shipped out. I also wish that if you waited so long and they still havent shipped it you should be able to cancel your order from the site.

  200. 0

    Suzzie says...

    My husband purchased a down duvet for me for Christmas. He also purchased a sweater which when it arrived looked nothing like the picture and was far too small. The duvet was extremely flat and light weight and the feathers could be felt through the duvet. Extremely disappointing and since there was no paperwork with the ugly sweater I could not return it and by the time the duvet was returned and shipping was charged there was not much of a “store credit” left. The sad thing is that both items were my Christmas gift and now I have nothing to show for it…

  201. 0

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