Amazing Edmonton London Drugs Service

By Blk Rose

I had attempted to do a coupon stack at 149street London Drugs last night. Afterwaiting in line nearly 20 minutes I was not greeted with a hello but its 10 minutes till closing she can’t help me. I smiled and said you have 10 minutes. She called her manager who told her to ring me through. She then stumbled on my internet coupon and then once again paged the manager…at this time it was 2minutes to closing and i said just forget it I will go where people know customer service. Sooooooo this brings me to today. I ended up on 51ave where SUSAN D rang me through with a smile on her face and patients as my daughter had to run and find my flyer in the truck I needed for a price match. Its people like her that remind me some people enjoy their jobs and are very dedicated to the customers. THANK YOU


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    John says...

    I’m not condoning the conduct of the manager of the 149 Street London Drugs…he/she should have completed your order even though it was 10 minutes to closing.

    Having said this….you need to see it from their side too. It’s 10 minutes to closing and you come in buying items with coupons. If it was me I would never let myself be in that situation. I would’ve come back the next day. Common courtesy nowadays between everyone is going out the window. Sign of the times I guess.

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    yesbeware says...

    I agree with the above poster. You expressed it better than I could have.

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    Malixy says...

    I agree with the above. I work as a chasier as well, and its really annoying when I’m trying to close my cash and someone comes in with a ton of stuff and expects me to stay late (be late to punch out and have to bother the manager to sign me out). I don’t get paid for the fact that I stay late. And after a long shift, all anyone really wants to do is go home, not argue with someone who claims “they will go where people know customer service” when they can’t be bothered to show up at a decent time.

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    JoeyJ says...

    I have also worked in retail and just like John says, why is it okay to be on a “one-way street” where you can spend all day watching TV and decide at 9:50PM to head out and shop, but the cashier who’s been standing for 8 hours has to stay back for free because of this sort of inconsideration.

    I suppose you probably honk people who don’t let you merge in when YOU have the yield sign!?

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