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By Juniperjune

I purchased online at a memory foam body pillow this past Sunday. On the site it stated it would take 7-10 business days to arrive by UPS.

Well, here we are Tuesday morning and it arrived! Talk about fast shipping. I was impressed.

The problem was that the pillow was not at all what I expected out of a memory foam pillow. It was way to soft and “mushy”. I feared that with it being a pillow I would have a hard time returning it. Off we went to Costco and I had no issues whatsiever returning it.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to feel confident to purchase off It was safe, fast and they have excellent return policy!


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    Diane says...

    That’s been our experience too! We love!

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    TOshopper says...

    I absolutely LOVE Costco. I love the quality products they sell, but first and foremost, I love their sales staff’s attitude, and their customer service. They even smile when you return an item, no problem whatsoever. I buy everything I can there because of their no-hassle return policy.

    At the opposite end of the shopping spectrum: Canadian Tire. Always out of stock (even after you check online, and call the store directly), employees who don’t care (and who could blame them working for a company like that), no ‘customer service’, and an all-round bad attitude. No returns or refunds, they blame the customer if the item is missing pieces, etc etc etc. Costco RULES!!!!

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