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Great Service at London Drugs

By Michelle Wagner

Hi everyone! This is my first review! I am still fairly new to the site. I was at London Drugs atTilicum Mall in Victoria BC today and was engaged in conversation with the CS. rep at Customer service regarding Coupons. She encouraged me to use more then one coupon when I inquired about the one per purchase. She also told me that I should coupon stack and that they allow it because they get reimbursed anyway! I quickly went back and got more. (Kotex - $3 WUB2) … I got 4 packs that were on sale, used 2 coupons plus got 4 free sample boxes because there was a deal when you buy a kotex product you get a sample pack free. She had no problem giving me 4 to go with my 4 boxes. It as a delightful experience!


Poor Quality Snow Blower and Service from Sears

By Alan Mackenzie

I bought a 2009 1550 30″ Sears snow blower in Oct 2009.

This machine had a 3 month return or exchange policy if not satified.

Due to lack of snow the machine was not used after the first 3months of purchose so the exchange ,return policy was void.

When snow arrived and the machine was used for the first time it was discovered that when assembled at the techs left a pulley bolt which had dropped down into the machine and istead of retreiving it replaced it with another.

The unretrieved bolt at some time during delivery jammed itself between the pully and belt mechanism which drives the auger.

This resulted in due to lack of slack in the belt the auger never disengaged and turned at all times.

Sears service department was notified and basicly an appology was given and stated a service person would be out to rectify the problem.

Other problems such as seased cables etc occured.

The main issue here is the length of time it takes to order parts and have the service man show up and repair the machine, 3-4 weeks on average.

With a pile of snow and a machine not working properly I am not a happy camper.

This will be my last service product.

PS While phoning the Sears service dept. to complain about the service the person I talked to tryed to sell me a snow blower cover and a sears master card !!!!!!!!!!!


Thumbs Up for Kirkland Brand Back Pain Meds


The boyfriend’s back was killing him, so on a recent trip to Costco I decided to have a look to see if they had any Robax Platinum for back pain. A bottle with 60 pills was $25.99 !!! I hesitated over the price, but then noticed next to it they had Kirkland brand Muscle and Back Pain Relief medication for $3.99 for a bottle of 100 pills.

I compared the medicinal ingredients in the Kirkland brand pills with the Robax ones, and they were close enough.
Brought home the $3.99 pills, and they really worked well on my boyfriends aching back.

Walmart Portrait Studio, Winnipeg

By casey1

I had an appointment this morning at the walmart portrait studio St.vital location in Wpg, to have my sons pics taken. I originally booked the appt. on tues. at that time I informed them I was just there 3 wks ago. (with DD) & I wanted the $7.99 one pose package again. Then i called wed. to see if I could change my appt. time. spoke with another girl. She too asked me who was in the pic, when I was there last & if I had anything in mind. I told her same info, 3wks, son’s pic & one pose package. Get there this morning. Before we start our session asked again, last time here, etc. this is now 3 people I told I wanted the $7.99 one pose package & I was just there with my daughter 3 weeks ago. We do the session. Ended up getting 2 pics to choose from as son was a bit unruly & some pics were blurry. I pick a pose & again mention I wasnt the one pose package for $7.99. She tells me i can’t have it. What??? Why not??? Well because I was there 3 weeks ago & had it with my daughter. I then ask her why no one mentioned this to me before the session knowing full well I told all 3 of them that I was there 3 weeks ago & I wanted the $7.99 package. She tells me they aren’t supposed to mention the package over the phone. I then say I was the one who mentioned it & why she never said anything when I told her to her face before the session. She then says I have to pay $10 per sheet. I ask to speak to the manager & she informs me shes the manager & that only one $7.99 package per flyer. I ask her if there is anything she as the manager can do for me as I drove in from out of town, obviously put my son thru an ordeal & informed 3 people of what i wanted & when i was there last. She tells me “no, the computer won’t let me do it” “it’s a new system” unreal. I say this is B.S. & ask for HO #. I call HO explain the situation & get put on hold. CS called the store & the manager tells CS she was going to give me the $7.99 deal but i was irate & she will not do so. WHAT??? Why would I get irate if she was going to give it to me. What a bold face liar. The situation is being handed off to the district manager. If I was informed of the 30 day thing I could have easily waited another week. I even asked her if she could hold the pics for another week & she said “yes, but at $10 per sheet” I can’t believe the poor service & the total lie. If I wanted to pay $50 for a few sheets of pics I’d go somewhere where the quality is much better. The manager’s name is Patty or something close to that.


Canadian Tire Service Department

By Anne

I have also had trouble with the service department at Canadian Tire, my car wasn’t working (it was still on the driveway) so I called tow it to the Richmond Hill Store for repairs. After paying $600 Plus for repairs, I went out to start the car and found it still didn’t even turn over let alone start. I went to the service manager and complained he sent a mechanic????? to start the car. After several minutes it started, I asked if it would start again without trouble as I had other errands to run with my young son. He laughed and said “we can only hope so”. I went home without running my errands as I didn’t trust the car to start again. My husband was furious and we demanded and GOT all of our money back, but C.T. still thought it was a joke-well the joke is on them as we tell everyone that we know never to take their cars there.


Rude Behaviour at Canadian Tire

By Winsome Phillips

On March 17th, 2011 my sister and I visited the store at Rylander Blvd in Toronto at approximately 5.30p.m. She had taken in her SUV lexus for repair, and was treated with such desrespect by some of the employees. There was a young man who was assisting another customer, so another indian young man came to the counter and I asked him if he could help he said it’s not his area, I jokingly said I will train you and he responded very politely, the one who was helping the customer into a loud outburst, telling him to go back over get away from here. My sister, my husband and I told him he shouldn’t speak to the staff like that, his respond to us very rude telling us to shut up he wasn’t tallking to us, we insisted he was rude at the same time another one came from the shop and asked what was the matter, we asked to speak to a manager, but he insisted on finding out what was the matter he said we won’t be speaking with one but we should get out of his shop. We went to the same young man who was insulted earlier to ask for a manager, but another young man (white) came and ask what was wrong and begin to take us to who was suppose to be manager, at the same time the one from back came through the shop shouting that he should not talk to us but that we should leave the shop immediately. The young man push him through the door where he was working and tell him to be quiet and he shouldn’t be speaking like that. The supposedly manager who was on duty was sitting in his office throughout all this so when we approach him he just listened and responded that he didn’t hear anything the only person he heard was me. I then realize that Canadian Tire has no leadership and that it was individually owned by these two black men and this so called manager Mike. I asked him for the number of a manager he gave me the name of a lady who I could speak with the following morning. We left without the vehicle being looked at. My sister had an encounter with Mike before when she took her maxina there for repair and a peice of tool was left in car engine accidentally, when she took the car back and voiced her dissatisfaction that same Mike again was very rude asked her if she ever owned a new car before. I have being a regular customer at that location along with all my other sisters, but will never go back there. I honestly thought Canadian Tire has it all together never knew it was privately run by these undesirablles. Shame on Canadian Tire to have such staff respresenting your company, a small shop would not have their staff speak to a customer like that. If  you so desire I will submit to you our names and vehicle to see how many times we have been there and even send customers there.


Home Depot Aurora, Ontario

By Lyn

I usually shop at Home Depot in Aurora Ontario, I don’t know what’s happened to the store of late as the service is appalling, some departments have no sales help at all, my husband and I went to buy new windows and doors(no cheap orders by far) on Saturday and there was no one available to help. We asked at the service desk and was told that management had changed all the hours to nearly nothing and there was no one scheduled at all that day. We asked a man in hardware for help but he was obviously on his own and couldn’t help as he was snowed under with other people waiting for him. I heard from other employees that so many staff have left because of the appalling manager. Well I called head office and was passed over to head office in Atlanta, they took my complaint but nothing came of it. So I guess I have to shop at Lowes. How a store can go from being the greatest to this is unbelievable. The staff were always so helpful and friendly and now I don’t know. Maybe a change of management is in order SOON.


Poor Support From Tiger Direct

By Matt

About three months ago I bought a printer from Tiger Direct in Mississauga. Today I went looking for a replacement toner cartridge in their Burlington store, but their stock for this printer brand is very limited; in fact, they do not carry toner for the printers they currently sell in the store.

I asked a store rep about it, and he said that they must be out of stock. I pointed out that there were no open spaces on the shelves or labels for the cartridge I need, and he said that they probably moved everything around so that there were no spaces. I asked when they might be getting cartridges in, and he said there was no way to know.

I run a small business and I can’t run it without a printer. I found the cartridge at Staples — Tiger Direct has lost my business today, and has lost my trust in them for the future.


Walmart Coupon Redemption

By Gramps

Wal-Mart is hit and miss with coupon use. Sometimes they take them (1 per item perchased) & the next time they will make you pay for each item separately. Watch is you try this with your credit card - muliple transactions like that in one locaiton may set off a security alert & your card will be ‘hot carded’. Thanks WM

I am not sure of why they act this way about coupons - may they will shape up when Target arrives!


The Critter Barn Exeter Ontario Canada Pet Shop Store DO NOT SHOP THERE


I recently spent just under $100 at the Critter Barn Pet Shop Exeter Ontario pet store buying turtle supplies and 2 red eared baby slider  turtles. The owner wasn’t very helpful and was pretty rude to my friend but I decided to still get them since I’ve been looking for turtles for a while.

The one seemed to be pretty lethargic from the time I got it but I didn’t think much of it. 5 days after I bought it’s passed away. No worries I figured, every pet store I’ve ever dealt with has a 7 day guarantee to replace the fish, etc that passes in that time.

Not this lady, she doesnt guarantee her animals once they leave the shop. Apparently if it had died on the ride home she just doesn’t care. I of course know its a business, but this is bad business. I would of continued to buy my supplies etc from her but now shes lost a customer. She was so rude to me on the phone that when I hung up my husband said wow she is not a nice lady at all.

I’ve never been to a pet store that absolutely doesn’t care if their animals die the second you walk out the store. 0 compassion from this woman.  I’ve always had replacements should something go wrong. I grew up with turtles. I am not a novice.  Would of it been that hard to replace it with another turtle that she probably paid $2 for? No.

Anyways I urge everyone whos thinking about going there to go to  a larger chain, at least theyd replace your animal in a 7 day period. I’m out my money, a turtle, and my kids are very saddened. I’m just disgusted at the way she conducts business.


Walmart Wouldn’t Take More Than One Coupon

By smilesaver

From what I have read about Walmart policy that they do take more then one coupon, well I went there yesterday and the manager said only one coupon per item no matter what the coupons says. Yet I have read the policy from Walmart that was posted and he still wouldn’t do it ;(

I guess it all depends on the manager of each store. Can’t wait until all Walmarts are the same.



By Brokeneck

okay… You wanna know what goes on in these joints?really? I’ve worked in one of the supercenters for two years now and I have so many things that I could expose thier business practices as incredibly poor it’s not funny!!! First off is how they tout that they are all about the environment and yet if you were to place a camera by the compactor you would watch this company throw out tons and tons and tons of reusable products, electronics, food, chemicals, paper plastic metal and everything else you can imagine!!! They don’t recycle shit!!!!! Five billion hangers get chucked in there all the time as they don’t want to spend the money to separate the metal from the plastic to have them recycled!!! Batteries, stereo components, light bulbs, kids toys, food by the full on giant bin all gets tossed in!!! They refer to it as “crunchy time” at my store as everything gets thrown in because rather than mark it down and save the consumer some money they would rather write everything off and get full credit from the manufacturer!!!! All display furniture, clothes, all kinds of things that could be donated to local charities or even be sent to disaster victims but no…. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in walkways pocket….. Not the consumer like they advertise!!! Helping canadians live better?….. How about our children and childrens children…. What about the environment that walmart is leaving behindbfor them???!!!! Who will clean up the walmart dumpsites!!!?? This company NEEDS to be fully properly thoroughly and continually investigated and SHUT DOWN!!!!! This company is the absolute death blow to ANY community that allows this giant to move in and destroy it entirely!!!! This is a travesty and the govt NEEDS to be made aware of the atrocities that this company is committing on a daily basis and from EVERY SINGLE STORE IN THE CHAIN!!!!! STAND UP!!! BE HEARD!!!! TELL THE GOVTS TO DO SOMETHING ABIUT THIS INJUSTICE TO OUR PLANET!!!!!! SHUT THE MONSTER DOWN!!!!!!!


Terrible Service at Boston Pizza

By Lyn

My family and I went to Boston Pizza Major Mackenzie Drive E Markham Ontario for my son’s birthday, the floor of the restaurant was filthy with little pieces of paper everywhere(this should have been cleaned BEFORE the restaurant opened. We waitied over 45 minutes for our order to be taken WHEN it finally arrived my husbands steak was burnt, my hamburger and fries were cold with an oily greasy stuff under the fries. I complained by email to the manager and heard from him within 2 days, He basically called me a liar as they keep tabs on when the order is taken and delivered to the table AND then he said we short changed the final bill-the final bill was $50.53, I left $51.00 PLUS a $10 tip-my husband questioned me later why I had even left a tip at all as the food and the service were terrible. So they offered us a 20% discount on our next meal-like that’s going to happen.


Problem with Sears Warranty

By donbon18



Worst Service Ever from Greyhound Canada

By A.

I called Greyhound to inquire about a particular route which only has service on certain days. The first person I called said that such a route did not exist; I said that this was either impossible or that the service had been cancelled. I asked him to check his spelling. Again, this route didn’t exist. He suggested I call customer service; when I did they confirmed the route did exist and promptly gave me the schedule.

Fast forward to today when trying to buy the ticket. I had previously seen the current prices of tickets online. I went to Dundas and Bay and was told that the cheapest student fare was $8 + tax more than the online one. I returned to the office to buy the ticket online but could not. I called Greyhound (twice based on my expereince before). Was told by two people I can absolutely buy the ticket, they suggested that if I did not know how to buy a ticket online I should contact the web support department (internet shopping - that one is new to me!). One lady also told me that I would have to print it out as my pick up location does not have a greyhound depo. She was very insistent on my having to “print it out from a printer at home”. Not a problem, I was actually sitting across from a printer at work. I was told 100% by both people, that I could buy this ticket online for a date next week.

Calling web support was even worse. I was told that I could NOT purchase the ticket as it was under 11 days in advance. This is not posted anywhere. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that in order to do so I would have to hang up, call back in and ask to be transferred to a supervisor. By this time I was laughing cause I was about ready to cry and by this time getting an actual correct answer from greyhound was about the point of the matter. After about 5 minutes of not getting clarification as to why I would have to hang up and call back I was finally transferred to a supervisor. Surprise surprise, as a supervisor she could not actually do ANYTHING; she could not take a complaint nor could she oversee the customer service of her employees.

Called back to customer service. Gave the details and was told “we’ll send you a letter”.

This was the most disgraceful service I have ever received. The amount of misinformation I was given is simply unacceptable.