Poor Support From Tiger Direct

By Matt

About three months ago I bought a printer from Tiger Direct in Mississauga. Today I went looking for a replacement toner cartridge in their Burlington store, but their stock for this printer brand is very limited; in fact, they do not carry toner for the printers they currently sell in the store.

I asked a store rep about it, and he said that they must be out of stock. I pointed out that there were no open spaces on the shelves or labels for the cartridge I need, and he said that they probably moved everything around so that there were no spaces. I asked when they might be getting cartridges in, and he said there was no way to know.

I run a small business and I can’t run it without a printer. I found the cartridge at Staples — Tiger Direct has lost my business today, and has lost my trust in them for the future.

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    Matt says...

    Follow-up: I forwarded my review to Tiger Direct’s customer service when it was posted on SmartCanucks. This morning I received an e-mail from the company apologizing for my poor experience; soon after, I received an e-mail from the store manager, who asked me what printer I had purchased so that they could ensure they were stocked with toner for it in the future.

    This was exactly the right response, as far as I’m concerned. They couldn’t meet my needs on Sunday, but they are willing to improve their service in the future and are taking steps to do so. They have guaranteed that they will receive my business again in the future. Well done, Tiger Direct!

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    Jo says...

    Cartriges for my little printer are $30+ in the store (each and mine takes 6). I now go on Ebay and order them. They are not brand name but i just recently paid $18 including shipping for 14 cartriges and they always work fine.
    I started out with a single $5 order once to see if they would work.
    Hope that helps.

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