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Airmiles Mileage Redemption Hellish Customer Service‏

By mtlyorel

Anyone has horror stories to share and to forewarn others while dealing with airmiles?

I have been trying to get a refund back from airmiles for a double charge on ticket change fees and is being given the classic runaround. I was scolded by a customer rep, put on hold to speak to a supervisor then cut off unceremoniously while on hold, and made to submit an email on their website.

The email I got back was another totally ridiculous runaround, basically telling me to call them back at their number. I am still trying to deal with them and to at least speak to someone in charge. I told them if the supervisor does not call me to settle this problem, I will write a letter to the CEO and forward my correspondences to him/her.

So, for anyone who is trying to redeem miles, make sure that you ask many times how the flight cancellation insurance work and only buy this insurance if you are flying at a time of variable weather! I was duped! Never will I buy this insurance again! Highway robbery plain and simple. Why of why is customer service so lousy in Canada?!?