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Toonie Pizza North York ON:Terrible Food and Customer Service!‏

By Steven

Despite a previous bad experience at Toonie Pizza, my family wanted to give this local business another chance. However, our recent visit to Toonie Pizza was disappointing and frustrating. We had placed a pick up order of their Toonie Classic™ in addition to a large pick up special. Unfortunately, we had not checked our order when we picked it up, which in hindsight was our mistake. When we arrived home, we realized we were missing two toppings on our pizzas, as well as, a root beer. I immediately called Toonie Pizza in hopes of identifying how this mistake was made. The woman who answered my call did not attempt to resolve the issue. Through her yelling, she had the audacity to blame the mistake on me. Instead of arguing with her, I requested to speak with a manager or the owner. I was informed he would call me, but despite several days, I have not received any call. It became clear Toonie Pizza does not care for their customers.

Not only was the customer service disappointing, so was the food. The pizzas were of terrible quality; the crust was chewy and bland, while the toppings were sparse and did not taste fresh. I guess you do get what you pay for. Never again will we be visiting this establishment.