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Sierra Building Group (Sierra Homes) Markham ON:

by Richard

Dealing with Sierra homes has been an awful experience. It has been close to a year and all our requests have been done poorly (according to a sub contracted worker it is due to the low quality materials provided by Sierra homes) or our requests have been totally ignored. My father in-law has contacted Leigh Pawlick from Sierra homes numerous times, as have I and she seems to avoid calls and emails are met with short messages lacking in detail.

Our biggest complaint with Sierra homes has to do with our balcony and air conditioner. It has been two months short of year now and all the balcony’s and air conditioners are up in our condo townhouse division, and our home still hasn’t received any attention. Why from the beginning did they skip our home is a complete mystery to me. We have been told over and over again (emails can be provided) that they are working on it, or “2 to 3 days” - was what I was told I received and this has gone on for a long time.

I will try to post up a link to pictures of the strange work done inside of this home when I get the chance where I have posted this same review on

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