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DEL Property Management Inc. (Part of Tridel Group of Companies)‏

By Mary

DEL Property Management Inc. and Wilson Poon, Property Manager, Grace Lee, former Assistant Property Manager and their contractors harassed and made fun of me as a single woman, discriminated against me and scammed my family and me by not allowing various couriers like Canada Post, FEDEX, UPS, Purolator, small individual courier companies, and even my parents one time into the TRIDEL built building. I purchased my unit from Tridel. Security at the gatehouse would tell the delivery people that no such and such person(s) lived here. The parcels would be marked unknown and returned to the sender. My family and I have won over $22,000- in contest prizes over a year ago. Imagine what the Sponsors are thinking when they receive the parcels back as unknown. We lost our prizes for good. We also ordered things and had the things returned back to the sender as unknown too. I complained to Mr. Poon and Ms. Lee and they stated that security only lets delivery people in to deliver for the owner only just like how they accept parcels for the owner only. Mr. Poon also stated that he does not have to let any delivery people into the building for security reasons because he does not believe that the parcels are paid for. Like who is going to send something out that is not paid for. Mr. Poon said to not tell Del Property Management about the above or else he’ll fabricate another one of his stories about me. I wrote to the President of the Board of our Condo Corporation, Victor Thompson over a year ago. Mr. Thompson said to deal with Property Management over and over again.

I feel so humiliated and harassed right now!