Beyond The Rack: Another Unhappy Customer

By Jessica

I have ordered from Beyond the Rack a few times now… Im almost certain the items are counterfeits. They are close, but not quite as pictured. I ordered a Primp sweatshirt, size small but the shirt is like a plus sized 1x, even though tag says small. There are also details such as the cuff that are not the same as the model was wearing. I contacted Primp direct and they said its a fake. BTR would not credit me shipping because the tag did say small. I also just received a “Make Love not Trash” purse that looks exactly the same as the picture but about 4inches smaller than the manufacturer makes! If I ever use up my credit from there (u never get refunded) I will never order again.

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    Jack says...

    This is what happens when employees are left with 0 accountability in customer satisfaction. Usually the fault can be attributed to lack of management. Companies who treat customers like numbers or walking wallets eventually disappear from the landscape regardless of how competitive there offering may be, there is always some company willing to do better for your business.

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    Adrienne says...

    I have had many bad experiences with BTR but the most recent was regarding a ring I purchased in December 2011. I received the ring in January.

    On June 27th of this year, the ring broke so I sent an email asking if there was anything they could do and there response was this: “Thank you for the pictures, upon my managers review for this item, unfortunately we are not able to accept the ring as a defect. You received this ring on January 17th, 2012 and it is now June 27th, 2012 it has surpassed our 30 day return policy. As well as per our return policy we do not accept used or worn merchandise back for return. If you wish to have this item fixed, please feel free to see a jeweler at your own expense.

    Thank you for your understanding.”

    I then responded with: “This is not acceptable!!!!! I have spent thousands of dollars at BTR and I do believe that you should be taking this ring back. This will change the way I shop and will find other sites.

    …and I do not understand. “Please feel free to see a jeweler at your own expense” is a totally uncalled for statement. If you do not plan on taking this ring back, how else would I be able to wear a faulty product?

    Totally Disappointed in BTR.”

    Next, I got a message saying “I understand you’re upset, unfortunately as per my previous email you received the ring in January and it has been in your possession for 6 months. Unfortunately as per our return and damages policy that is clearly listed in our FAQ’s we are not able to accept this item back.

    Thank you.”

    Now, I’m really pissed off so I sent another email saying ”
    I would like to know the name and contact information for either the supplier of this ring or the manufacturer?”

    The response I got was “Unfortunately, as per our Vendor Manager ” We are not at liberty to disclose our vendors or where we get our merchandise from”.

    Thank you for your understanding.”

    So I had a really nice looking ring for 6 months. I did not know that the stone would fall out so soon after. I have had rings for 10/20/30 years and those stones have not fallen out. Cheap craftsmanship and rip-off websites go together I suppose so it really is a “BUYER BEWARE” kinda world nowadays.

    I have a credit with them that I need to use up for some items I returned(ordered Size 4 dress but way too big), but once I am done, I am done with BTR.

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    Dee says...

    These complaints are so inconsistent… Is BTR lying and saying their clothes are bigger than in reality, or smaller? Because everyone likes to complain about something differently. There are size charts to help people out and to avoid such situations. If, however you order a S and got a M for example, yes they should credit you back.

    As for the ring… well it has been 6 months, I don’t know what you expect. Nor can BTR say for a fact you haven’t done anything to loosen the stone yourself. You could have taken a chizel to that thing for all they know.

    Also, was this ring one of the “VINTAGE DESIGNER” rings? Aka, the already used rings? BTR clearly marks all over the event “used chanel earrings” “used coach scarf” etc. Those products BTR really cannot deal with cause they’ve been used for god knows how long already.

    People… USE SOME COMMON SENSE WITH ONLINE PURCHASES AND READ ALL THE FINE PRINT! BTR isn’t lying about anything… their disclaimers are all over… if you miss them I am sorry but really that’s just your fault. And you should be a woman/man and admit it was your mistake. That’s life lovey

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    Dee says...

    I am just a loyal consummer who is TIRED of these horrible reviews, which if anybody reads them are actually all obsurd! I was almost scared off from BTR because of ignorant knuckle heads who cannot read some simple disclaimers on a web site.

    - They sell some used products, but MAKE SURE TO ADVISE YOU of this
    - They do not carry the merchandise in their warehouse, SO SHIPPING TAKES LONGER
    - They do not carry the product in their werehouse and ask for the product from their merchandisers, SO BTR IS NOT LIABLE FOR THESE PRODUCTS and they cannot control SLIGHT DIFFERENCE IN SIZES between designers.
    - Because they essentially have to order the product after customers place the order, BTR IS ESSENTIALLY BUYING THE PRODUCTS FROM THE MANUFACTURORS… so how can you expect them to give you full monetary refund? The fact that they even give BTR credits is compensation enough


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    It's Me says...

    I think someone needs a hugsie.

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    Nelles says...

    I have nothing but good things to say about BTR and their customer service! I had one minor problem and they not only corrected it right away they gave me a discount for my trouble.

    As far as clothes sizes go, the same can be said for any clothes shopping sites. Sizes are inconsistent across the board depending on where the item is made.

    BTR has an awesome return policy. No I don’t work for BTR lol, I really do love them! You can’t beat the shipping costs!

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    Natalie says...

    I love BTR as well. Never had a problem until now, and it’s a minor one (and not really even with them!!). I bought a Cuisinart coffee maker and there was no k cup holder with it and there was supposed to be.. I called Cuisinart and they are sending a replacement. Problem solved. BTR ROCKS!!!!

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    Nina says...

    I love BTR and never had any problems. I did get refunded on my credit card couple of times when it was their fault or the item was sold out even though I was able to purchase it. They did refund the money directly to my CC. Never had any problems with them at all. Items are exactly as described and exactly what I wanted. Sometimes we need to take some responsability and maybe just maybe you did not read what you are buying or the size small in bigger sizes fits like 1X. Because 1X is the small size in 14+ sizes. So, maybe you were buying from a selection for large women and did not realize this until the item arrived. And yes, BTR does rock.

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    JC says...

    I had a terrible experience with BTR as well.
    First, they charged by cc the day I ordered when visa’s policy is that the merchant cannot charge until the item is shipped to the customer. I ordered Dec 23, didn’t get it until Jan 27. The $500 watch was broken and didn’t work. They would not give me a refund as I did not return it until after the 14 day refund period. This was because I received the item so late, I was on vacation when it arrived (and it was accepted by my workplace). They did give me a $500 credit after many discussions but all of the replacement merchandise I ordered was terrible quality. I ordered a bikini and they sent me the top but then said the bottom was out of stock (a few weeks after the initial order) and they wouldn’t let me return the top because it was a bathing suit. So now I have half a bikini that I cant wear. Can’t stand BTR, will never order from them again (even though i stil have a bunch of free credits), all I get is junk and terrible service.

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    Lina says...

    J’ai commandé 2 items sur le site de Beyond The Rack en septembre dernier puis je suis tombé sur votre site. Après avoir lu plusieurs critiques, j’étais très inquiète mais les bottes commandées sont arrivées aujourd’hui: oui, ce sont vraiment des “Clarks” et oui, elles sont de la bonne pointure. Comme quoi, BTR fait aussi des bons coups…

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    Laura says...

    Anyone who has posted long messages about how much they love BTR is either working for them or should consider themselves the luckiest shopper in the world. I’d honestly like to see this site shut down with all the horror stories I’ve read on message boards.

    BTR’s customer service as well as their product offerings and the info they give on their items are hit and miss. I’ve made some purchases that I’m happy with, even though the items have taken months to arrive. I’ve also had some complete disaster experiences. I think this site has a good concept but they have such poor customer service and company policies that they come off as a scam site. I think their company policy is to bilk customers for as much as they can until people get fed up. I’ve been trying to use up a credit I’ve had with them for ages and never deal with them (or any of the other sites they run under different names) again.

    My favorite thing about BTRs shady site is when they change information on an item description because they’ve made a mistake in their description, sizing, etc. I once purchased what was described as a ‘panel pair of blackout curtains’ and only received one panel. The words ‘pair’ and ‘curtains’ indicate more than one curtain would be shipped. The item description conveniently changed in the order info on my account when I brought this to their customer service dept’s attention. Luckily I had the initial email confirmation stating ‘pair’ and they finally agreed to give me a credit for the item. Similar experiences with an order for a men’s watch that was actually children’s sized (and broken) and a pair of Doc Marten’s that were the wrong size because they didn’t specify that the sizing was UK not US until after the item was received and I complained.

    It is against most credit card company’s practices to charge a customer before their item has shipped. This is really the worst bit, because I currently have an order that I placed on 27-Sep, that was immediately charged to my Visa. I was receiving weekly emails letting me know that my order was on track to arrive at BTR, the last was sent 19-Oct. On 25-Oct, I received an email saying that my order was delayed by the manufacturer and would not be shipped within the estimated 3 week window. Funny since it was on it’s way on the 19th and the email was 2 days short of it being 4 weeks since I placed my order. I’m now at 5 weeks and still waiting, but they have my money so what’s the rush?

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    MsWylde says...

    I ordered a bed in a bag from them back around the end of September. I continue to get emails from them stating they are waiting for the shipment.. how long should a girl wait? Its now November 6th.. it will be my last order.

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    cate says...

    I purchased a purse that was guaranteed a genuine Coach it stated they were purchased from a store close out. It was not a Coach I contacted them there response well we were told they were What kind of business takes the word of another?? They told me to return it if I was not happy, I had to pay the postage this really annoyed me, more so when they told me they did not pay postage on returned items. Is this false advertising? I think so. I would never order anything from them again ever!!

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    cate says...

    Oh one more thing it was advertised as a GENUINE COACH BAG!!!!!

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    Nim says...

    I am so glad I came across theses reviews as I was going to order quite a things from Beyond The Rack as they have no shipping offer going on for Black Friday.But I am fortunate that I came across this review and didn’t risk my money.
    Thanks guys.Keep posting the reviews if you feel something bad about consumer rights and also if there is something you like.

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    TO Girl says...

    Beyond the Rack is well known to sell counterfeit goods. Buyers be ware. When it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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    Lucy says...

    I have also had many bad experiences with BTR. I once ordered a scarf as a gift, and BTR kept telling me that it was on the way, then that they were experiencing a delay. After six months, I got fed up, and e-mailed them for a status update. Only then did BTR tell me that they were unable to fulfill the order. Then why did they not refund my money six months ago?! Another time, I ordered Marika yoga pants, all in one size, but the pants that arrived were different sizes (but all marked the same size), and some were different lengths and the fabric was twisted. As others have said, because the return policy is so punitive, I was forced to keep the pants.

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    France says...

    I have just received my EXTRA FILLED KING SIZE DUCK DOWN DUVET. It is nothing like the picture. It is so cheap and thin that it looks like they forgot to put anything inside. The packaging was so small for a KING SIZE EXTRA FILLED that a good double bed comforter would probably not fit in. I will think twice before ordering again from BTR.

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    Valerie says...

    “This is my first order with Beyond the rack. There were so many mistakes in my order that it is almost funny. They sent me the wrong size for one item. They sent me a totally different item for an other one. Quality was very low for one item and finally the description on the last item was wrong. I ended up having to return 75% of my order and what I am keeping is just average. I am waiting for more items to come so hoping it’s going to be better…”

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    Helene says...

    Bayond the Rack: Très mauvaise qualité de vêtements, faux prix de détail suggérés, les images ne correspondent pas à la marchandises, très mauvais service à la clientèle. NE PAS ACHETER de cette entreprise (bas de gamme).

  21. J’avais déjà entendu bien des horreurs sur BEYOND THE RACK , et je peux affirmer ce soir que tout ce qu,on dit de négatif sur BTR est vrai. J’ai payé $933 ii y a un mois à votre compagnie pour une cafetière expresso qui finalement n’arrivera jamais. Et il a fallu que j’appelle votre service pour que l’on m,en informe. Et là candidement on m,informe qu,il n,est jamais garanti que l,on reçoive l,article que l,on paye.C’est n,importe quoi, jamais lors de la commande vous nous informez d,une telle possibilités. ce n’est pas sérieux, vraiment pas sérieux

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