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Bikini Bay Yorkdale Mall Toronto

By Shay

Bikini Bay at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto has got to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. On several occasions my mother and I have walked into the store with the intent to spend $$ and have been ignored by the girls working there. On my third visit to the store I was so fed up I decided to never shop there again and to never encourage anyone I know to shop there either. Whoever is the manager for this place you have got to talk to the people you have hired they are rude, lazy , unapproachable and very unhelpful.


Bikini Bay Brampton Sales Lady Made an Error, and I Had to Pay‏!

By Bikin Bay Brampton

I went to Bikini Bay today at Brampton shoppers world and tried on a bikini. I didn’t like the style of the bottoms so I asked the sales girl for the same size in a different style bottom. The bikini bottom was on the size rack colour that I needed and she was the one who handed it to me. I bought it and when I was in the mall I realised that the the bikini bottom was on the wrong rack and was actually a size 10. I’m 5′10 and 130 pounds with no butt. There is no way a size 10 bottom would ever fit me. I tried returning it and the girl refused to return it even though it was her fault that I had bought the 10 in the first place. It was only a half hour after buying it and I hadn’t even left the mall. I just spent 80 dollars on a bikini that I can never wear. The sales manager was really rude and said I should have tried on the bikini. I told her I did try on the bikini, I knew what size to buy it was the sales lady that gave me the wrong suit.
Like I totally understand if they wouldnt return it if I had it for a while… but I was still in the mall and it was the sales ladies fault I bought a 10. The sales manager was also so rude she made me cry.
I’m never shopping at this place again!