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LOU LOU Bait & Switch

By Sunshine88

I ordered the Lou Lou magazine promotion in the beginning of August that came with the bonus SPC card. After waiting 2 months and it still not being here, I called to complain. The agent told me that they have sent a replacement gift which is a hand cream, in lieu of my SPC card.

So being extremely annoyed that I waited this long and then being told that they pretty much switched up my item, I got pretty angry and started telling him about how frustrating that is I wait this long, miss out on all these opportunities to use my SPC card, etc. So he goes to talk to his manager or whatever, and then comes back and tells me that they have the SPC card which requires ID, but not the adult ID card, which is fine because I do have a student ID, but why must they wait until I have actually cancelled the subscription and pretty much yelled at the guy to tell their agents this?!

I’m still irritated that now I have to wait another 6-8 weeks for this SPC card to arrive, so by the time it comes, it’ll be Christmas. Ugh, moral of the story: Follow up with Lou Lou and if you don’t, you may only end up with a replacement item, and not get what you’re actually waiting for!

And don’t worry, I did apologize to the guy for being so b*tchy and frustrated with this whole ordeal, can anyone else relate?! UGH!