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Durham Clean Air Company Review Removed

Review removed as requested by Durham Clean Air Company


Future Shop in Richmond‏ B.C

By Richmond B.C.

We went to Future Shop. We paid for a computer to give as a gift. We wanted a family member in Ottawa to pick it up from the Ottawa Future Shop.

It was quite an ordeal for the Sales Rep. He phoned there several times, long distance, and had to go to the CS Desk at his store several times, and the whole thing seemed very frustrating to him.

At the other end, our family member had to go to the Ottawa store twice, because he didn’t have the number on the receipt.

I phoned Ottawa Future Shop 6 or 7 times long distance from BC and couldn’t get anyone to pick up the phone. I then called the number on their website, and they transferred me back to the same number.

Finally someone answered the phone at Ottawa Future Shop.

I’m writing this because, yes, I realize it is an unusual transaction to do, but we did it once for a TV, we paid for it in B.C. and it was picked up by family in a different Province. It was a gift. That transaction went smoothly, and easily.


Canadian Tire Automotive: Cheaters

By Liu

I recently attempted to do an engine oil change and oil filter changed for my 09 Corolla at Candian Tire, as was told they don’t have the tools to do the filter change so they didn’t do anything. Then I brought the car to the dealer and got the information that whoever did the oil change last time, broke the oil filter housing which cost $80 to replace. Then I called Canadian tire and they completely denied doing anything to the car because they don’t have the tools.
My advise, stay away from Canadian Tire because they are all liars and cheaters !


Discrimination At Bowmanville Walmart

By Dianne

Finally the new walmart opened on June 11/10 in Bowmanville. My husband and I were extremely excited after waiting so long. We planned our evening to check out the new store and make some purchases. We checked out with $131.00 in purchases. Our check out clerk’s name was Lorraine. I presented Lorraine with a Native Status card entitling me to a PST exempt. After paying for the purchases this clerk made a very derogatory remark by advising me after July 1/10 that card would have no use to me. That card happens to be who I am. It represents my heritage and where I come from. I was so upset by the remark that I left behind a blouse I purchased. I called the store not once has the manager called back to apologize. I still do not have my blouse. I called head office 2 times and was told that I need to wait at least 48 hours for an apology. Can you image having to wait 2 days for a manager to pick up the phone to apologize. I am so disappointed with the way Walmart has ignored my complaint and that a company discriminates against other cultures and heritages in such a multicultural province. I work hard for my money and I’m a tax payer.


Med Spa Toronto; Rushed Terrible Service‏

By Catherine

I purchased a package of 2 services for Med-Spa through TeamBuy, I was very excited to have a professional skincare place treat my skin. This was also the first time I had got 3 other friends to buy in too- and now I’m humiliated at the poor service the med-spa provided. The woman who saw me there was rushed, and rude. She did the micro dermabrasion (counted as 1 treatment) then slapped an enzyme mask on my face (counted as second treatment) left the room for 5 minutes, came back washed it off and ushered me out the door. That was by far the worst facial I have ever experienced. There is no relaxstion involved, it was very literally like 15 minutes of her time maximum. I would have been insanely irate if I had received that kind of service and had paid full price for these treatments. I can’t help but wonder if she treated me so rushed and hurried because I had already paid through TeamBuy. What a sad operation.