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Vision Advantage - Nightmare

By ivysecord

I recently broke my prescription glasses and decided to try contact lenses. I got a copy of my script from the eye doctor, and went to the optician attached to their office. I paid a $40 fitting fee, which I thought was standard, and was given two trial size cleaning solutions, and a set of Air Optix Contacts to try. I was told if I didn’t feel comfortable in them, they’d switch me without issue.

I went home, and put in the lenses, and noticed it felt like my eyelids were “catching” on them. I’ve worn contacts previously (years ago) and thought the sensation would go away when I got used to them. But the senation just became more irritating! The following day I called the store, and was told by staff I must wear them to the end of the week and give them a really good try. The staff didn’t seem to care that they were uncomfortable, and wasn’t very helpful. Incidentally, this was Tuesday morning — she wanted me to try them til Friday!!

By Wednesday I couldn’t stand it any longer, and called back. I was asked to come in, and when I did I was provided a set of Accuvue Advance lenses to try. One side was heavenly. The other side felt like a grain of sand was on the lens. I cleaned them. I soaked them overnight. I cleaned and cleaned them again the following morning - but that sensation just wouldn’t go away!! I even soaked them in special peroxid solution but that one eye just felt irritated all the time!

Friday morning, I called the store, and explained that one side was great, and the other was like a grain of sand on the lens. The staff invited me to come in to get a replacement for that side, noting it was probably just defective lens. I packed up the kids, braved the frigid cold, and attended the store. When there, the staff went to hand me an Accuvue Oasys lens — but a second staff STOPPED her from giving it to me. Apparently it wasn’t in my correct size. Further, while it was the same brand I had been wearing, it was a different style (Oasys). The one staff said I could try the Oasys against the Advance at the same time, and then the other staff became frustrated and refused to allow it though I was perfectly willing to do so!!

 I asked if they had any at all in my size, and was told they did not, and would not have until Wednesday of the following week!

They refused to switch me to a different brand, denied having a size for me, and refused adamantly to call another store location to see if I could pick up the replacement anywhere else. The staff actually stated it would “confuse” my eyes to keep switching lenses so often!! The only thing that confused me was why they INVITED me to COME IN and then sent me away without fixing my problem!!!!???

I decided as I left the store that I was indeed getting new lenses that very day — and a new optician to boot!!

I went to one of their competitors, and explained the story without leaving details out. He advised that it was ridiculous — and provided me with a new set of lenses ON THE SPOT! He said there is no point wearing lenses that are uncomfortable, and it would NOT confuse my eyes to switch!! He even waived the $15 fitting fee for me since I’d already paid the ridiculous $40 fee at the other store!

Incidentally, I returned to the first store this morning because the lenses they ordered for me to try had arrived. Since I’d paid $40 I went to pick them up. While there, the staff advised me that she wanted me to put them in RIGHT NOW, and THROW OUT the ones I was wearing!!

Obviously she was upset that I was switching lenses, and wanted to be sure I wasn’t keeping and stockpiling them!! I didn’t tell her I was wearing the new ones from the new optician. I declined to take them out noting I was in a hurry, and took home the trial pair. Needless to say, I won’t be ordering ANYTHING from THAT store, EVER!! And… I’m telling everyone I know to avoid that store like the plague!!