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RBC Sucks

By Duncan

So my husband have all of our accounts and mortgage with RBC. We decided to take advantage of the “skip-a-payment” option of our mortgage in Nov when my husband got laid off. We got the confirmation letter saying it was approved so we used the mortgage money to pay all the bills, etc. Imagine our surprise when the mortgage payment was taken and put us in overdraft & bounced some auto payments…to make a long story short RBC said the approval was a mistake and there was nothing they could/would do to fix it. After hours of arguing & lots of tears I had to cash in my RRSPs to pay the overdraft. RBC said we would be approved to the skip in Dec and to apply again.

So Dec 1st I apply again & we get approved, have the letter to prove it. I called just before Christmas to confirm it again and was told everyting was fine and not to worry. I even called back Dec 30th to confirm it again was told the same thing…..well I check the bank today and they took the payment again and put us in overdraft. Once again I call customer service and after almost 40 mins I was told everyone I spoke to screwed up and it’s my fault it was declined because of the debt ratio and that I should consider making more payments to bring it down. The agent told me I should try to borrow the money from family or friends to bring the account to good standing and if I can’t do that then I should consider taking a payday advance.

I don’t understand how they can get away with this and take no responsibilty for this. I don’t have any more investments to pull my money from to fix their mistake. I am so frustrated. When our mortgage is up for renewal we will be taking it elsewhere.