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Unimpressed by Online Experience with Banana Republic‏

By Tanya

I was really excited to see that the Gap family of stores were selling products in Canada for Canadians, so I thought I would give it a try. I bought a sweater two weeks ago and still haven’t received it.

The customer service telephone number is a joke. The automated service won’t allow you to speak to an agent. I had to pretend I wanted to provide feedback about their services in order to speak to a real person regarding my purchase.

I am really not impressed and won’t buy online again. I’m just hoping that my order arrives before the holidays.


Banana Republic In GTA:Snobbish Customer Service

By Jenny

I was never enjoyed shopping at Banana Republic, they don’t seem to have good customer service, not only that, their sales girls are snobby.

My mother bought some T-shirts from Banana Republic for my husband with her senior citizen discount. My husband decided to exchange for difference colour, so I went to the Mississauga Square One location to exchange. When I showed the gift receipt to the girl at the cash counter, she told me that I need to pay the difference for exchange. I asked why, she said that there is a senior discount on the purchase, and I was not senior.I would have to pay the difference . I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I told her that regardless, it’s just an exchange, what’s the purpose of gift receipt if I can’t use it? She repeated what she had said again with a cold and snobby attitude. I did not want to bother to argue with her, so I asked to see the manager. She left to find the manager, a few minutes later, she returned to the counter without saying a word to me. She starting to process the exchange procedure without any explanation nor apology. When she was done, she handed out the item, and said “here you go.” Still no apology, nor thank you from her.

I was shocked with this kind of poor service. I don’t know if she was just dumb or if it’s poor training from Banana Republic. I was never enjoy my shopping experience there, not just Mississauga location, but all their GTA locations.