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Canadian Baby Photographers‚ÄŹ-NOT Picture Perfect

By Candace

I¬†had them come and take pics in my home in November so¬†I could have Christmas photos to give out. The photographer came took the pics which¬†I thought would be good. 2 weeks went by¬†I had heard nothing so¬†I called them and booked a viewing. The sales rep never showed.¬†I called again they apologized and booked another appt. Again they never showed!¬†I called back several more times to see what was going on. they never answered or returned my calls.¬†I even emailed and got nothing!!!! Now just a week ago ( Jan.28) they called me to tell me my pics where ready to veiw online. So¬†I freaked out on the lady and told her how¬†I felt. She said she didn’t know anything but would call back in a few days to give me the passcode to view my pics! She called back today gave me the code.¬†I just viewed them and the pics are horrible!!!!! My daughter isn’t even looking at the camera in half of them! She looks like shes about to fall on her face and you can see half of my living room in the photos!!!! On top¬†of it they told me¬†I would receive one free photo and a calender and when¬†I asked if¬†I would get one she told me no!!!¬†I strongly dislike this company. I¬†don’t recommend them to anyone!! If you live in Alberta¬†I strongly recommend Alberta baby & children’s photography! The photographer was awesome. We had him do my daughters 3 months photo’s. It was about $200 but¬†I got 20 poses and a leather portfolio frame that held 8 poses and the pics where awesome! He did everything to make my daughter smile and was sooo great with her!! His name is Don and he owns the company, takes the photos, answers his own phone and even comes to drop off your photos!!