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IKEA Surprise!‏

By TeriB

If you bought a bookcase at IKEA in the last 30 years, chances are good it was a Billy. Though the composite materials and finish have changed over the years, the dimensions never have. Until now.

IKEA has changed the dimensions of their iconic bookcase to include a new, deeper version. Which is lovely. Except that the IKEA in Richmond, BC hasn`t bothered to inform their customers who assume that a Billy is still the same dimensions that it has always been… That there are now two versions available, and that they can no longer assume it is the same dimensions as every other Billy made for the last 3 decades.

There was no notice of the change in the store, and the new product wasn`t even on display. But according to IKEA staff, we customers should have known that and carefully checked all the product code numbers, so as to not get half the pieces of one sort of Billy and half the other. Normally they make great effort to idiot proof everything, so this is an interesting change in store policy.

They took the returns without argument, as usual… but at the cost of considerable waste of my time in returns. And because it is new this month, they don`t yet have the height extender out for the deeper version, and I couldn`t complete my bookcases.