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Canada Postie

By Disappointed

Our letter carrier delivers to the house next door from our yard,either he delivers there first or us it makes no difference. I heard its illegal,their only to deliver in your yard to you and only you.So why is he getting away with it we’ve sent a letter in and nothing done about it.


Canada Post Sucks Big Time

By Moe

I mailed some very important documentation using Canada post. The lady at the post office told me if I pay $ 65.00 my mail will reach its destination in 5 business days. I paid my money and its now 60 days and Canada post is unable to find my mail. The last information they got is Mississauga. I’ve spent over $200.00 to do those papers, all government documents.

Now I am afraid that the US immigration will cancel my papers because of the negligence of Canada post. This is wrong and I wish they close down and a better company opens.


My mail has been stolen constantly by a Canada Post worker

By Anon

My mail has been stolen constantly (since the end of summer) by a Canada Post worker, so I emailed Canada Post, and this is my reply:

Thank you for your message to Canada Post.

I do regret the inconvenience this may be causing you.  Once the mail has been delivered, it is no longer a postal matter.

Canada does have strict laws about fraudulent practices and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) enforces those laws.

If you suspect mail fraud, you should report it to your local RCMP division.  You can also visit their website at the following direct link:

Suzanne Presley
Customer Service

I was not happy to hear them say “Screw you, its not our fault-get help elsewhere”. When I contacted them, I’m not sure why…but I thought they would actually DO SOMETHING. Like temporary hold my mail or anything at all. But NO, they don’t care about their workers behaviours?? They want to be represented with laziness, thievery, and an “idontcare about the customer” attitude.

I really really really hate how Canada Post is the only leading mail service- they are unreliable. I’m wasting my tax dollars paying for them. We need better service, always and ongoing.