My mail has been stolen constantly by a Canada Post worker

By Anon

My mail has been stolen constantly (since the end of summer) by a Canada Post worker, so I emailed Canada Post, and this is my reply:

Thank you for your message to Canada Post.

I do regret the inconvenience this may be causing you.  Once the mail has been delivered, it is no longer a postal matter.

Canada does have strict laws about fraudulent practices and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) enforces those laws.

If you suspect mail fraud, you should report it to your local RCMP division.  You can also visit their website at the following direct link:

Suzanne Presley
Customer Service

I was not happy to hear them say “Screw you, its not our fault-get help elsewhere”. When I contacted them, I’m not sure why…but I thought they would actually DO SOMETHING. Like temporary hold my mail or anything at all. But NO, they don’t care about their workers behaviours?? They want to be represented with laziness, thievery, and an “idontcare about the customer” attitude.

I really really really hate how Canada Post is the only leading mail service- they are unreliable. I’m wasting my tax dollars paying for them. We need better service, always and ongoing.

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    HS says...

    Actually, you can call into CPost to file a complaint by phone through general inquiries:


    I’ve had my mail stolen/lost a time or two (and it’s been the same ‘lost things’) and after filing a complaint, the mail arrived without ‘loss’.

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    Kerri Rae says...

    The only sure way is to make sure your packages are insured, or otherwise require a signature. Fortunately for me I am home during the day and have made a point of being friendly to the regular delivery person as well as the one/two people who usually deliver packages. I hope you get this resolved!!

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    Andrea says...

    You need to actually call into your local post office and file a complaint through them. The carrier will then be written up. Like with any organization or company, there is always a risk that a certain percentage of employees are “bad apples” - this shouldn’t reflect on the corporation as a whole. They are more trustworthy and hardworking employees than there are untrustworthy and lazy.

    Call your actual post office and complain directly to the manager…

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    heather bulmer says...

    Their service has gone completely downhill. They did nothing when I contacted them to state the postman was not delivering my packages instead simply placing a notice to pickup in my mailbox without even trying to deliver. The postoffice informs this is a constant complaint. They also informed there is no longer a postmaster general to deal with this. They did inform that there is a post office ombudsman hope this link helps;

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    Cliff322 says...

    Now im getting paranoid, how were you certain your mail was getting stolen?

    And wow I expected a better response from Canada Post..

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    Bob says...

    I complained once because even small ‘packages’ that could easily fit inside my box were routinely held at the local SDM-outlet for pickup - a major inconvenience. Fortunately for me the postal outlet manager is an ex co-worker of mine.

    She knew exactly who my carrier was and what was going on - too lazy to pick up the box so just took the notices instead. I know she passed along my complaint, but bureaucracy reigns …

    Eventually it did get better for two reasons:
    1) My friend started to check on any packages with my name on it (she’s sweet)
    2) the problem carrier got re-assigned to another route.

    Solution #2 sounds very “Roman” to me … not really dealing with the issue straight on, is it?

    I wish we had another option. But don’t get me started on UPS and brokerage fees ….

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    mom2twobeauties says...

    I had the same experience with my mail being stolen. I contacted Canada post and they send me a reply saying that they would investigate the situation, however they also said that they didn’t have to let me know of the results. I have noticed that I am now getting my mail, but I have had a few instances of mail being delivered opened specially things that say samples right on the package. The whole thing leaves you feeling like you cant trust anyone.
    Interesting enough..I have a friend in Richmond Hill who is also experiencing the same it is more prevalent than a lot of people may think. A lot of the items that go missing are samples from companies.

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    Kiki says...

    wow, I thought I was the only one with bad luck…..recently the mail man has been delivering other people’s envelopes into my mailbox,…plus I found a envelope with my name on it, guess where???? on the ground close to my mailbox which is on the street, looks like the mail man probably dropped it,..I am just happy he didn’t happen to drop one of my credit card statements! Canada post charges a lot compared to other countries, including the US where a stamp costs 5 cents. We deserve to demand better service.

    I can’t trust them anymore,now I’m going paranoid that I haven’t received my bank statement.

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    andrea says...

    I understand your situation and am frustrated with Canada Post as well. I routinely make online orders from sites in the USA, and have them sent via USPS priority, which when entering Canada, is then via Xpresspost. Xpresspost requires a signature for delivery and tracking is provided. Not one or two, but THREE packages were delivered to the wrong house, and signed by John Doe. Lucky for me, John Doe decided to be honest and returned to me my orders, worth hundreds of dollars. I contacted Canada Post and they said because the package orignated in the USA, it is not their responsibility. They said I need to take up with USPS. They said that the service provided is guaranteed when the package is mailed within Canada. That is just a bunch of bull if you ask me. Do they expect the USPS to send their own postal workers to Canada to personally deliver parcels?

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    radio says...

    Put some exploding ink into a package ( i was gonna say something else that explodes but that is pushing it). Or you can send a package to yourself with a gps in it.

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    NukNuk says...

    If you have a community mail box, like a big green thing that your neighbourhood all has to go to because you dont get home delivery, it is your responsibility to collect your mail asap. Once delivered it is no longer cananda posts responsibility because theives do break into these and apartment pannels. If freebies are just not showing up at all it is probably your carrier, alot of them just hate delivering ‘junk’ mail so they put return to sender on it. If it is real letter mail they have to will deliver it unless they dont care to lose their job. The best thing to do if you suspect theft is to contact your local depot. There is also a customer service number available on the website. Not all carriers are corupt, infact very few are. Misdeliveries do happen all the time because people are only human but the few bad apples really ruin the reputation.

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    lalita1985 says...

    I’ve had so many issues with Canada Post. When I moved last year I filled out a change of address and they kept sending mail that wasn’t mine to my new address even though you put your name of the change of address and they are supposed to check.

    Now the other day I was sent a scratch and save event which WAS sealed when it was first sent but I guess the savings weren’t enough for the person delivering it because after they scratched it they put it in my mail box.

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    tshkc says...

    I don’t know if this is considered as stolen mail but I know someone who sent a letter out to the other side of the world in 2007, and she recently got it back in her mailbox after 3 YEARS!! The reason for the return was that there was no such address which is total bs since before this incident, the receiver had received all the mails, the addresses were all typed out and printed on to the envelope so it has nothing to do with messy writing. When she showed me the envelope, it was all wrinkled like its been dropped into water and there were obvious stains on it. What’s more shocking was that the envelope they returned was cut opened on the side. The sender of the mail originally had a red pocket for Chinese new year (had no money in it because we’re not suppose to mail money in an envelope, it was just a symbol of luck) and 5 photos with the mail, they took it to the post office to get it sent because it was to heavy so it cost more than just those international stamps required. When she gotten the letter back, everything was gone except for the letter (stating that there was 5 photos with the mail) and two photos. She can’t do anything about it considering that it’s already been three years and all she lost was only the three photos and the empty red pocket.

    Canada post… not the type of service that I would like…

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    smartmama says...

    In our case, we rarely receive mail on a Friday but have a large amount on Monday. For quite some time, we have concluded that the post person decides to take a break/.day off on Friday.

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    Jeff K says...

    I paid $73.50 (looking at the damn receipt now) for Canada Post mail redirection in early February this year. Guess what, all my mails are still going to the old address. What a scam.

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    MJ says...

    I had the same problem with the change of address. I paid for the 6 month service and never got ONE piece of mail re-directed. I started calling them about it after a month because I found it odd that I was receiving nothing……it took 3 months of phone calls and arguing with them and having them open a “file” before I finally got them to admit that they hadn’t been forwarding my mail. I ended up getting a refund of my fees after complaining and calling but still…….I have no idea what i may not have receieved. They are an awful company to deal with, they over charge for services and do not provide what you pay for………….

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    mnyyoumngs says...

    Andrea, I full-heartily agree with you! There are ALWAYS bad apple(s) in EVERY organization. The smaller, the more apparent, the larger the easier to get away with it. This is certainly NOT contained within Canada Post. How many time do you buy coffee at a Tim Horton’s for example, which in general, has horrific turnover and know 100% that the employee who mixed your beverage washed her hands correctly after using the washroom….or that Campbell’s soup didn’t accept chicken that was refused by a pet food manufacturer, or that the tomato you are about to feed your family wasn’t contaminated by a vicious bacteria? YOU DON’T! Nothing is guaranteed whether you pay for it or not.

    By the way, all my examples are real events that I am personally aware of. YES, Friskies denied a load of chicken and the driver’s dispatcher took it to Campbells.

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    Tess says...

    Kiki…where in the US are you getting stamps for 5 cents? Looking on the USPS website, I’m finding stamps for 44 cents (first class) and 42 cents. They have price change stamps, the same as we do, for one and two cents.
    Could you please direct me to 5 cent stamps? I ask this earnestly, not sarcastically. I travel a lot and send postcards home from the States and souvenirs and would love for it to only cost a nickel to ship.

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    faithn says...

    I’ve had CP mailman steal my samples for a while, too. And I know it’s not a “too lazy to deliver”, because once, Nutella sent me a sample of 2 pkgs. When I received it, the envelope was cut open, 1 pkg was gone, and he left me the other pkg only because it was burst in transit!! Similarly, when I order packages online, he’d cut open the bubble envelope to peak at what’s inside! Eventually, I got so fed up, I called up CP to file a complaint and listed them all the examples. It’s been better after that call, so I can only assume that the matter was actually followed up and dealt with.

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    Knowledge of Canada Post says...

    I can share a few things with you, having inside information: I worked for a company that used Canada Post Corporation (CPC) to ship the majority of our shipments to consumers. We’re talking about $60,000 worth of postage weekly, generally via ExpressPost.

    We tracked the rates of loss and damage, and were able to determine that 7% of all CPC packages handled were “lost” - vanished into thin air. Therefore one can rather safely assume that somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7% of packages (we had nothing to do with letter mail), are stolen by SOMEONE, but usually the scan trail revealed that it was a postal worker. Loss rates were highest in Alberta, especially in the Calgary-area.

    Furthermore, when you sign a contract with CPC, for them to be your shipper and provide substantial discounts, you must be willing to share information with them about suspected fraud cases (on the part of the consumer). This might occur when a customer buys something providing a residential address like “123 Chestnut Street”, using the name Alpha Bravo, but then buys repeatedly, constantly shipping to same address, but multiple names (Charlie Delta, Echo Foxtrot), and then subsequently alleges multiple claims of non-delivery. CPC is on these suspected mail fraud cases like flies on honey - they’ll do anything they can to prevent a customer abusing the system. But when we had to submit claims to them - “please wait 6 weeks for us to say we’re tracking the package and hope that you forget about it. When you call us 7 weeks later we’ll tell you that we never found it. Oops. We don’t care.”

    That about sums it up.

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    fex says...

    Canada post sucks, i live in an apartment they always put my mail into the wrong box?? I think the postman is blind or something..

    are they so dumb they cant read the difference between 104 and 114

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    Keeks says...

    Is it possible my carrier is taking some of my samples I have ordered? Usually when I sign up for a sample I also do so for my Mom and Grandma. It seems they get theirs while I do not. Is there anything i can do about this or am I pretty much SOL?

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    cinderelladressmaker says...

    After I complained once about Canada Post delivering junk mail to me when I had a very obvious ‘do not deliver junk mail’ sticker, they broke my apartment mailbox lock. Then in turn didn’t deliver mail, because they said they couldn’t deliver mail to an unlocked box! I got in touch with their legal department in Winnipeg. I of course had to get the lock fixed, but after my discussion with the legal department, no more negative crap has come my way! By the way, if you have any parcels to be delivered across Canada, check with ‘Greyhound Courier’. They have an amazing service to most Canadian cities. They are inexpensive, professional and deliver ‘to the door’ for a nominal fee. They will even pick up the parcel at your business! After Canada Post lost a parcel from my mother (with family heirlooms) and then interrogated us for insurance purposes like we were the enemy, I will never use them again! Period!

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    Heather Mac says...

    We have received several pieces of mail that had been opened. Some of them were taped shut…they all seemed to be pieces of financial mail. It’s definitely someone at the processing centre because we’ve had several carriers….

    Soo sketchy!

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    susan foulds says...

    MAke more noise. Ask and threaten legal action . I joined the dvd club in Ottawa that sends movies by mail. Postal workers either locally or in the next sorting center stole 5 movies. I sure was upset–and went to the top. There is a serious problem with theft in the post office system and we have to make noise to get something done. Apparently, canada post knows about the problems but the unions prevent security cameras from being installed. What b.s.

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    Georgine says...

    Kiki - as you stated here…

    “Canada post charges a lot compared to other countries, including the US where a stamp costs 5 cents.”

    I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but I live in the US and our stamps are like $0.49. Each. And it costs almost a buck to mail to Canada.

    And we have lots of problems with our postal system as well.

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    KB says...

    The reason you are directed to the RCMP is because stealing mail is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. By contacting the RCMP, most likely, criminal charges would be laid if the investigation showed substantive evidence that in fact, the mailman did steal your mail. Post Canada can’t do this, they aren’t a police/enforcement agency…

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    bambinoitaliano says...

    Like the Toronto Transit Commision and the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. They are typical unionized institutions that prevent any firing unless the action of their employees were deem criminal. And you have to have tons of proof. Like some of you said the worst is they reroute the employees. A few years back wasn’t there a major bust on a Mississauga Post Station? A few employees were apprehended for stealing mails and packages from intended customers. perhaps some of the members remembered.

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    A. says...

    Contact your MP (Member of Parliament)in their constituency office which is the one in your town or city, not the one in Ottawa. Since Canada Post is a federal service, they have a contact person at canada post that they can call to get this stuff figured out. I worked for an MP for a while and have done this a number of times.

    If you’re MP tells you they can’t then they are not providing you the services that you are paying them for.

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    faraz says...

    hi i live in apt building and our canada post carrier is so lazy he dont want to bring parcel to your apt and just stick slip to pick from postal office even wrong mail mail delivery , in my mail box i found letter from next building , I lost one of my order due to hiim because i didnt recieve any slip when i check that company thaey said check your local post , and when i check at local post office they said 2 days before they already return back that and i lost 30$ for that order

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    Little Red Hen says...

    A few years ago our mail was constantly being delivered to the wrong address, and the other person’s mail was delivered to ours. I complained (once too often apparently) and then for 3 days in a row we received no mail. So I contacted CP again and guess what–they conducted a search of the carrier’s delivery bag and found our mail in it. He was withholding delivery because we complained and because he was probably docked a day’s pay for the mis-delivery of our mail. Hmmmm…. All CP told me was that it was a criminal offence to withhold mail and we never found out if he was charged.

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    TaraF says...

    I can’t stand Canada Post. I know alot of people here that do trades tend to tape the back of the envelope when they mail them. I’ve recieved a few trades recently that were taped, but the tape had been either fully removed or partially removed and placed back, as well as opened envelopes left opened! I also have ordered packages and get the “you weren’t home” notice in my mailbox when I have watched the mail carrier walk away and not knock on my door. It’s very frustrating, and like others have said the complains seem to fall on deaf ears.

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    Tracy in NS says...

    With all this negativity, I just have to post that our mail in Kingston, NS has been really good… my only complaint was having my mail held rather than delivered when we first moved here. I was under the impression that the date of move that I put on the application would be the date we started getting our mail at the new address, but the post office held it until we notified them that we were actually living there. In my other moves, this has never been an issue, but it is also the first time I’ve moved into a military community, so that might make the difference. Other than that small complaint, our carrier has been very good, always delivers, and I’ve never had “suspiciously opened” parcels. Compared to the rest of the country, I’ve apparently gotten a good location! Way to go Kingston NS CPC!

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    xpostie says...

    You are all right! The majority of postal workers really do give a damn. The weak link, I would have to say, is the work canada post CONTRACTS out to local “contracting companies” What will happen is that there will be over 30 different routes “daily” that would need covering, instead of allowing experienced postal workers, Canada Post contracts these routes out. That would mean that the contracting company will assign one of their workers to go and cover not 1, but at least 3-4 routes. Due to the overload of work, this is where we start to see a decrease in the quality of our “CANADA POST!” I always thought experience was an essencial part of working for a GOVERNMENT company! I find that it was not about the customer, it was get that mail out now, I don’t care how or how long it takes you, just do it! It is against the law to withhold mail. It’s a law to delay mail! Why is it not a law on who does deal with our mail!!
    A little discouraged!

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    a_nl says...

    heres another story…

    my mom and dad live in the country where the mail is delivered to a mail box on the side of the road. well for yrs the mail man has been putting letters in the box saying its too high, its too low, etc. each time my dad moves it to their liking. well this yr they have decided it is too dangerous to stop. now if you saw where the box is you would see that it is well off the road. you can pull the car right off the road. not compared to other spots where you are on the road. so they said that the mail box had to be moved to the other side of the road 15 feet in. lol now this is the really funny part, it would be on someones lawn right in the middle of the lawn!! i told my dad to move it there becuase in order to deliver the mail he would have to drive in the driveway get out the car walk across the lawn and put it in the box. so my mom says no im not doing that. so they say o.k. you have to put it in the community box but theres no spaces left and your delivery will stop as of such and such a date. what?!?! so wheres the mail gonna go?? so my mom had to call them up and say until you get another community box in to accomadate me i will have my mail delivered to my mail box on the side of the road. until this day they are still delivering but for how long is anyones guess. THEY ARE AMAZING!

  36. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer.

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    tdeg says...

    The local CDA Post here in Thunder Bay has been pretty good. The parcels here are mostly delivered by contract employees and I don’t get many delivery notices at my house. I’ve never had an opened letter or package.

    My only complaint is they walk across the lawn instead of the walkway, but after doing door to door canvassing for a charity I under why they do.

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    Brooke says...

    All I have to say is my mailman is extremely attractive. And I already have a little thing for postal workers, so seeing the mail come excites me!
    (although someone did open an envelope from O.B and just left a coupon not that long ago..)

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    M Millette says...

    I just this very day received my mail returned and OPEN. it’s been lost for a month and the address is a government address…confirmed by the addressee. However Canada Post has deemed it an unfit address. Also, I have had many items of mail disappear so I feel your pain. I can not afford to insure every piece of mail, $11 just for one envelope every time is too much money.
    I really hope you can get this resolved though, good luck to you

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    Lori says...

    This really makes me think of all the samples I ordered that never ever came, either the company sending them forgot/got backlogged/takes a long time to arrive anyway or the mail person has been dashing off with them, hmm. As far as I know the only bad thing my mail person does is drop things off at the wrong buildings/apartments sometimes.

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    HereToo says...

    So glad to have found this page, and to see that so many other people have the same problem.

    I just today called Canada Post about this exact issue — for months, packages (ALL were product samples!) have gone missing. Never delivered to me. I’d complained previously about our mail carrier after I paid for a “hold mail” service while on vacation and returned to find mail had been delivered to my mailbox while I was away, and it seems she’s still underperforming. Or someone in the sorting depot is.

    But today I learned that a PERSONAL mail item has now gone M.I.A. — I had a friend email me to ask why I hadn’t replied to a wedding invitation sent weeks ago, and I said, “WHAT WEDDING INVITATION?!?!”

    It, too, never arrived.

  44. I’ve shipped about 120 parcels via Canada Post expedited service over the past 4 weeks. 20 have gone missing out of our red community mailbox. The parcels are insured but because my company sells used cell phones on eBay the value we’ve insured the items for is not the value CPC is willing to pay.

    Enough is enough.

    For everyone who’s lost an item through the mail due to employee incompetence or theft, I hope you join me in making a claim at small claims court.

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    onesong says...

    glad I’m not the only one. I just tracked my parcel this morning and it was said delivered… TO THE WRONG AREA. It’s completely ridiculous! I’m furious because I’m waiting for this package- it’s a gift for a friend. It was sent from Quebec last week, my question is: HOW CAN YOU DELIVER TO THE WRONG ADDRESS?!?!?! It’s not even in the same municipal! I called Canada Post and they said the sender has to call them so they will start an investigation. Bloody~ I just want my parcel!!!! I am furious with Canada Post, they are unreliable and I’m paying taxes for impotent people working in the service sector.

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    Cassie says...

    I’ve had the same mailman for about 10 years and he is very good.

    Usually other people deliver my packages because I order them from the US. Unless they require a signature (90% of my packages don’t) then they just leave it under the doormat.

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    HereToo says...

    I posted upthread in September. It’s now December and it looks like the missing-mail problem has begun again with my mail carrier… who, btw, is the SAME inept mail carrier I’ve had since the spring.

    It seems there was little or no disciplinary action taken against her since she’s still got her job and still misdelivering mail.

    I got a call from my mother, asking if I’d received the card she sent me nearly two weeks ago. I haven’t. And we live in the same city (Toronto)!

    I’ll be putting in yet another call to Canada Post on Monday if it still hasn’t arrived by then, and I’ll also be emailing my MP and the CP Ombudsman thereafter. I’ve kept a log of dates and missing items, and will be including all that info in those emails.

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    bambam says...

    huh Canada post not working?!? SHOCKING

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    Ames says...

    I had mail tampered with for a little over 6 months…important confidential mail from my lawyer and whatnot. I would get the letters, but, late and already opened and re-taped. I thought maybe someone in my life was snooping through my mail but that was not the case. When I phoned to report the issue, the postmaster office did an investigation and it was determined that the postal worker had been delivering my mail to my neighbour’s home because he did not want to walk around the corner and hit my box too. Basically, it was sheer laziness on his part. So, my neighbour would get my mail, start opening it, realize it wasn’t hers, tape it up and put it back in my box a few days later. Once I complained, the mailman started to come to my box instead of cutting the corner. Call the postmaster’s office. They actually look into things and give you an answer. :)

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    jennifer heal says...

    How about this one. My new mail carrier is passive aggressive. I’ve noticed my mail being tossed in my porch planter, on the porch itself but not in my mail box. One day I observed this from inside, went outside and in a sweet voice said if she could please place my mail in my mail box. Like a child caught in the cookie jar before dinner she said she thought the low open gate was closed (she didn’t try it and its always unlocked anyways). I told her all she has to do is slightly push on it. Well, the passive aggressive (are they sure she actually has a grade 10 education) bitch didn’t deliver my mail for a few days. On a letter she wrote it was due to the uncleaned snow (my house is right beside the side walk and it was no more than 2 inches, if that, of fluffy light snow. Curiously it has never been an issue for her before). I hope karma, the butterfly effect, whatever makes her fall on her big ass and she is on permanent disability. I miss my old letter carrier.

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    Deep says...


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    Mark K. says...

    On Jan.25 I left Toronto for my home near Belleville (2 hours away) and half way home I noticed that I forgot my prescription glasses. I pulled over and called my friend where I left my glasses and asked him to send them via Canada Post parcel delivery. After paying $12 the postal worker informed him my glasses would arrive in 3 days. It has now been 10 days and I still don’t have them. I have left 3 messages on their website which says that someone will contact me in 5 business days. Still nothing from that. I finally reached someone by phone (after 20 min. wait) and he doesn’t know what happened to them. He says he has passed on my file to an investigator. Good luck. The glasses are worth $600 but he says that I can expect only a maximum of $100 if they have lost them. That sounds like a crime to me seeing their employee didn’t even mention anythng about needing extra insurance. They also failed to mention that their company could in fact lose or have stolen my item. I’m still waiting so hopefully someone will find them….I will keep you updated.

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    joe says...

    Are you all retarted fools?Why dont you people get a life,have more sex,stop complaining about total nonsense.

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    TJ says...


    @joe moron above ..first learn to spell ” retarded ” & then comment on forums..LOL ..

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    Katie says...

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    fric says...

    I had a package sent express post to me, website tracking said it was delivered, guess what? It wasn’t… and it wasn’t stolen from my mail box or door step.. it snowed that day and there was one set of foot prints to my mail box.. The credit card bill made it to my box…

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    Alexi says...

    Canada Post is run by idiots. It can afford to be run by idiots because it is a monopoly. No other company with competition would still be in business even though it provides incompetent service and charges ridiculously high prices.

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    Manny says...

    I have had 3 cheques stolen from the mailand cashed fraudulent since the begining of the year.
    I have called the local police, the post officce and nothing has been done.
    Just today I have called one of our customers regarding overdue cheques, and they told me, it was mailed a month ago, so, again I have to call find out if it was cashed,and if so, start the proces of filling out forms from the bank and waiting for the money to be deposited in my account. CANADA POST,what a joke!

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    Miles says...

    i buy quite a few cds from ebay and amazon and have been for over 10 years and in the past 2 years i’ve probably had 5 or 6 packages not arrive at all, whereas previous to that i received all of them……’s getting extremely frustrating………i am under the assumption that it’s probably employees blatantly stealing from the mail

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    Bonnie says...

    Hi Ive got the same problem last year my Notice of Acessment iam in Ontario never came I checed everywhere,I found mail ripped open in the garbage but no N/O/A this year it still has not come i was acessed on the 25 of Feb.I had to call PEI to get a copy and this took 3 monthes.So I ask myself where is the dam thing going?

  61. 0

    Bonnie says...

    So i still don’t have my N/O/A I checked everywhere a person could check,When i called Summer side PEI he kept asking me are you sure my mail is hand delivered last year. I was in traction at home,this is a Federal problem. considering it’s Federal mail disappearing.So now I wait for my 2010,Notice of Assessment.Or back to PEI to find out who is getting my mail the HST is mailed and i got that,all my bills are getting though,except for this piece of federal mail.

  62. 0

    angry says...

    I order alot of items from websites such as ebay and amazon..ect and have had many many parcels never arrive in the past 5 years ( around 25 missing). They are always the small ones that can not be tracked online. I have also had items arrive in bubble envelopes that were cut opened on one side. There are a bunch of theifs!. One thing canada post knows how to do well is raise their prices every year. Thank you for doing such a amazing job & keep up the great work!

  63. 0

    Bonnie says...

    my mail box is locked and still the Notice of Assessment does not come,so here I go again.

  64. 0

    Brian says...

    I had a package sent from the US on Feb 14th. The sender gave me the customs number and the package was last scanned in Moncton on Feb 24th. I live in St John’s Newfoundland. All Canada post told me was to get the sender to start a trace.I don’t get why they couldn’t start tracing it from Moncton from where it was last scanned.
    How in the hell did this package go missing in Moncton and why did it even go there?

  65. 0

    AlaskanGuy says...

    I recently mailed off a return from a small south east Alaskan town to a Canadian town only 40 miles away. 4 weeks later they report it lost. It is a bit suspect as there was a customs declaration form stating what was in it, which was an expensive Satellite phone. I have NEVER had the US postal service lose any of my packages nor taken so long. I think that the Canada Post is sub par and the Canadian people are really losing out. I am not going to say it was stolen, but with the databases in place on both sides, US and Canada, it would be very hard to just completely lose a parcel with a valid tracking number. They don’t even have a record of where it entered Canada… Sketchy.

  66. 0

    PinotGris says...

    For years I have been a regular ebay buyer (about 10 items per month). I had always received my items with no problems until last year, 2 packages were lost. They were never sent back to the sellers either. They just disappeared! Around the same time we started to get our neighbors mail in our box. We placed a complaint with their customer service. Things have been better since then.

  67. 0

    tips says...

    some tips always pay for tracking and always get delivery confirmation

  68. 0

    tips says...

    ups is usually always the better way even if they charge a arm and a leg. i wonder people who order steroids in the mail and have it conficated by cbsa what do they do? easier in canada to get marijuana than steroids.

  69. I’ve got a new home business that is to be trying to sell hand made toys on the web and I am in search of a good resourse to locate reasonable credit card processing rates which can work with me eventhough my business just began a few months ago.

  70. 0

    Laura d says...

    I have many of the same suspicions and had bad experiences with Canada Post. I have had international packages large and small lost - they take forever and they always blame it on the other country even when it was last scanned in Canada. They never want to pay the insured amount either. I live in a city and it seems our mail is delivered by an new person every week. No problem receiving checks,confidential/financial letters, or constantly opened mail. But I do think often times they don’t deliver on Friday, take the day off, and deliver both Friday’s and Monday’s mail on Monday. I work at home so I can keep tabs on these things if I am so compelled. I have seen carriers from every company come to my door without package and without knocking and leave the “sorry we missed you note”. Truthfully, I am surprised I haven’t noticed more theft in my mail and I’ll tell you why. For a very short time (definitely wasn’t my cup of tea) I worked at a UPS package sorting facility outside of Chicago. I lasted a week. The facility sorted packages and loaded up trucks. I witnessed a theft by a co-worker every day I worked and conversation was usually about:
    -what could be in that package and whether or not it was worth stealing -how to steal effectively without getting caught
    -stories about how mad they were that they got caught and how they’ve drop-kicked every package going to that address ever since
    I have to say that it was an awful job and I did work the night shift but wow!! And what do you do? It’s obvious they are vengeful and have never thought about the concept of karma.

  71. 0

    Cam says...

    This is why Canada post should not be a public organization, their union has ultimate power over the postal system and thus the public is held hostage. I know from experiences that my magazines come pre-read and my mail often come second of third hand after the postal outlet places it in the wrong box. I is only a matter of time before someone starts pilfering the box contents. I have discuss this with the ombudsman at CPost and nothing came of it other than the General manager at the local outlet phoning me to explain why his service sucked. I think this system is due for a union break. But then I have little help fro private couriers either who faithfully deposit parcels at local depots rather than attempt to home deliver.

  72. 0

    花蓮旅遊 says...

    Very interesting. thank you for sharing!

  73. 0

    Theresa says...

    Joe…what exactly is a “retart”????? MORON!!!

  74. 0

    R. Gordon Gover says...

    Recently I was awaiting a envelope from Vancouver Island. It had a tracking number and according to the web site it was ’successfully delivered’ to the Aldergrove postal station. I didn’t redeive it in my mail box !! The station manger would not answer my letter and efforts to get this matter resolved by Canada Post ran up against ‘road blocks’. Seems that ALL employees are closing ranks….They just want me to shut up and go away….

  75. 0

    hilda says...

    i am waiting for my transit pass (1 1/2 weeks late) and an anniversary card which was mailed with a DVD for me of a trip we took in June of this year. I am royally ticked off with respect to the transit pass as this means I have to linen up by Friday to get one and it’s a darn big inconvenience for me to have to do this. Lucky I have an understanding boss so I will come in late in order to get it. I hope it is in my mail box tonight but I’m not holding my breath!

  76. 0

    Ben Y. says...

    My friend referred me to this site… and i’m surprised to see that so many ppl are having the same problem…
    I’ve had 4 packages missing since the Canada Post Strike and it’s the exact same situation as Mr. Gordon up there,
    i managed to get 2 of the tracking numbers and both shown as “delivered” with a signature on it.
    and of course, that is not my signature as i’m at work at that time…

  77. 0

    Melissa says...

    I am sick and tired of Canada Post - not delivering parcels on time, not delivering notices that package is at the post office waiting so then sending back without letting me know. Delays, very rude service and hunging up on me, when I call. Never happens like this in US. Well, it is Government, so no wonder the services are the same bad as in walk-in clinics.

  78. In the past 2 weeks, I have had a total of 5 packages delivered empty to my customers via Canada Post. I ship on average over 20 packages per week. I have been doing so for over 8 years and NEVER had this happen before. When I filed my complaints with Canada Post, they did not seem to care. I have 5 pending insurance claims with them since I did ship with full insurance. I have been told by several customer service reps that they think it is an internal problem! Meanwhile, I have had to refund my customers over $3500.00 in the past week. I am yet to see any money from Canada Post. Needless to say, I am now using FedEX. Believe your customer! They are probably telling you the truth about the package. Give them a refund. It is not their fault.

  79. 0

    Xpresposts says...

    I have lost total trust in Canada post as they have lost not one but 3 xpressposts that have been sent from my home, maybe if I put Insurance on them they might show up…to me I think this is theft…..what do u do. I want my mail delivered and my money back… the last one I triple wrapped

  80. 0

    Frustrated Calgarian says...

    Over the last 6 - 7 years, I have had multiple pieces of mail lost by Canada Post, including cards, bills and statements. I have also gotten multiple pieces of mail addressed to other recipients, which I promptly placed back into the mail. After numerous complaints to CP, I had a letter carrier write on one of my pieces of mail “sorry everytime I take a vacation this missort happens despite a card to notify carrier replacement”. Thankfully this wasn’t a NCR copy, so it wasn’t ruined, but when I complained about the note on the envelope I was told it was standard practice for carriers to write notes on people’s envelopes as needed! Anyway, my mail is still getting lost - my carrier must take a lot of vacations - and I still get mail addressed to others. I have pretty much given up on the system and have gone electronic whenever possible.

  81. 0

    Al says...

    I sent my mail on Oct. 1st and as of yesterday it did not arrive to the destination which is a government office in Toronto. I am only an hour drive away from Toronto. Unfortunately I do not have a tracking number as I only sent it regular mail. I will try calling again today and see if they got it maybe it was just delayed but I really doubt it. I still hope that somehow it will magically deliver today. I am worried because the mail contains my personal information. What should I do? If my mail will end up lost I will never ever trust Canada Post again…

  82. 0

    Katie says...

    Oct 1 and it’s still not there? It’s mostly lost somewhere in transit. Should not take any longer than a week if it’s only a hour drive from Toronto.

    I do like my postman. he’s very hardworking and always on time. Guess I am one of the lucky one.

  83. 0

    Al says...

    Yes my mail was lost in transit. This is the first time for me. I never lost a mail before. Bad luck for sure. I called again this afternoon and she check todays mail and my mail did not arrive. So that’s it I have to prepare again another mail with the documentation. I have to get a money order for about $60. I have to get an ID photo 4 pcs. Then I will send it again and this time I guarantee that I will not use Canada Post. I would rather pay extra money for Purolator or UPS or FedEx whatever I decided tomorrow. Oh another thing I have to check my credit report with Equifax & TransUnion to make sure no one applied a credit with my personal information that was on the lost mail. The credit cost me about $50 for both. There it cost me a lot more money for using Canada Post. I could write my frustration here using bad words but I guess there’s no point!

  84. 0

    Jasmine says...

    When I lived in Oshawa, we had a great older gentle man for a postman. We have a dog who can be a little hyper active some times (he is a border collie after all) and every day the postman took the effort to say hello the to the dog! and eventually he stopped barking at him and just patiently waited for the mailman to pet him. Talk about going the extra mile! Unfortunately he retired :(

    Now living in North Bay, our mail is delivered every other day..sometimes 2-3 days apart and half of my packages are sent to the nearest postal outlet for pick up, stating I was not home. However I am always home when the post man delivers the mail and the other day I watched him drop the little notice into the mail box rather than just handing me my package! Of-course when I went to pick up the package, it was wide open and the lady just dropped it on the counter and waited for me to pick it up and leave with out acknowledging the fact that it was open (I don’t mean just un taped, the flaps were wide open and you could see everything inside).

    I pulled the receipt out of the box, and went through every item in the box to make sure it was all there before I left the post office. Right on the counter.

  85. 0

    nick says...

    I find that I have the most trouble when I send birthday cards. They go missing quite often especially if there is a cheque in anyone . 3 years ago I sent to 3 people in a small town, the 2 with cheques never arrived and the other had been opened !!!!! But I will take Canada Post over UPS anyday of the week. UPS is just plain greedy, what they charge to bring something across the border is rediculous.Also I had a parcel that took 2 weeks to get to me by UPS, when I had to return it, Canada Post only took 4 days.

  86. 0

    Kate says...

    Well, I am upset with Canada Post because I am not getting 2/4 of my magazines delivered. One is a monthly magazine for November, which never came. My friend in the two next to me (we live 15 minutes apart) got her copy over three weeks ago. Where is mine? The second magazine is a WEEKLY magazine, which either comes 1-1/2 weeks late (or after it’s on newsstands) or not at all. I contacted both magazines to ensure that they were sending them, my payment went through and they had the correct address. Yep, they are sending them. I called Canada Post and the woman who I talked to basically told me that someone is probably reading/taking/stealing my magazines at the sorting plant. NICE. I don’t pay for someone at Canada Post to have a subscription. Someone from the local plant called me to check on my mail status, and said that I was getting lots of mail this week. Nope, all it has been is junk and the magazines still haven’t arrived. I really don’t want to cancel my subscription because I love them, but this is getting ridiculous. If I don’t get these magazines, why should I be paying for it? I am never using Canada Post again, and plan on writing to them, and a few letters to the editor of some local papers here to tell him how disappointed I am in the service. Unacceptable.

  87. 0

    Al says...

    As a result of my mail being lost by Canada Post I have an ongoing problem. I have no idea what happened to the brown envelope containing copies of my personal information. It did not arrived to the destination. So now I am very worried that someone whoever has it or stole it will do something criminal on my identity. For example applying a credit card, loans etc. Or using my identity for other creminal act. I now will keep checking my credit profile with TransUnion and Equifax to make sure nothing is fraudulent on my credit profile. To request a copy of credit report will cost about $23.00 for each so that is $46.00 everytime I request a copy. I will try to call Equifax & TransUnion and letting them know that if someone will access my credit profile they would need to contact me for verification. I think that will work too as a precaution.

  88. 0

    Abel No says...

    OK I got my passport stolen at the sortation plant, that was the record then it gone disappeared. I went to the police, a month later, they found it in far away city in ON. BAD

    then now, my parcel got stolen again at the sortation plan, whenever there are good items, inside, the worker there juts take it, I hope you guys will be careful.
    I am going to SUE Canada post, I need your support as if there is no one take action, the workers there will keep stealling out mails,. packages and etc. I know there are good workers there, but there are many bad, who have no moral, and steal whatever they think they want. Ahame
    PLS I need your support- with my lawyer, I am too done with their irresponsibility.
    pls email me I will give the email soon

  89. 0

    Abel No says...

    then now, my parcel got stolen again at the sortation plan, whenever there are good items, inside, the worker there juts take it, I hope you guys will be careful.
    I am going to SUE Canada post, I need your support as if there is no one take action, the workers there will keep stealling out mails,. packages and etc. I know there are good workers there, but there are many bad, who have no moral, and steal whatever they think they want. Ahame
    PLS I need your support- with my lawyer, I am too done with their irresponsibility.
    pls email me I will give the email soon
    Forget; I will post a page in facebook, if you know there is a page regards complaninng stealing from Canada post , pls kindlt me know as well. Together we can stand

  90. 0

    rwhite says...

    got delivery notice on the 17 nov got it after i came home from darts around 9:45pm since post office closed at 9pm ok i will go on the 18th after 1pm with delivery notice get there about 2.30 i was at my sister to help with her tire flat from 10am to 1pm had lunch after took the bus back at 1′17 to find my parcel was pick up at 12:17 but not by me no signature on files paid extra for tracking from usa but i order from ebay before always had to sign i pay extra for that there looking into the matter the next day my mom had order custom x=mas stuff with a value of over 200.00 that was drop at our door theres 22 apts on my floor i was lucky my super saw the parcel and took home with him i had to go and pick up after he call me the best part is the parcel was a 3×6 Jiffy bubble bag i can fit 3 of them in my mailbox i think i lost my 130.00 set of hammerhead darts blackwiddows plus 31.00 us for tracking happen last year to parcel left at my office door just to get it stolen i`m lucky the camera got a picture of the guy he was charge by fed gov his 2 time sould i file a lawsuit any advice thanks

  91. 0

    Abel No says...

    I am thinking to sue form my packages got stolen too, pls kindly advice me as well. Poeple need to do sth to prevent these to reoccur agian and again and again:(
    Yes you should do as I will do to soon

  92. 0

    James says...

    Two years ago, I was living in downtown Toronto, and I would regularly DVDs through the mail. Then all of a sudden, SEVEN DVDs didn’t arrive. When I contacted Canada Post, I was told it was indeed odd, and that’s as far as it got.

    I now live on Yonge in an apartment building and have found DVDs of mine on top the shelf in the front lobby. I understand that they couldn’t fit into my mailbox, but the effort to actually knock on my apartment door could have been made. Luckily, no one in the building had snatched them up before I found them. Unluckily, a camcorder mailed to me 10 weeks ago is.. “missing”….

  93. 0

    Juniper says...

    Recently, pricey items I ordered from various companies to be delivered by Canada Post went missing. When I called to inquire what happened, they yelled at me “IF YOU THINK YOUR STUFF WAS STOLEN, YOU SHOULD CALL THE F’N POLICE - NOT US”. I say F-U CANADA POST.

  94. 0

    Norah says...

    Came upon this thread as my roommate and I have had frequent problems with mail theft, however by our condo concierge!

    Our concierges sign for and accept any parcels too big to fit into our mailbox, then leave a note in the box telling us about the delivery.

    My roommate and I have been missing various parcels each since October. Delivery of each has been confirmed with CP, vendors or couriers but somehow are missing! Regular mailman (very nice guy) told us last week that he is aware of many complaints CP receives about missing parcels at our building and that he, as we do, suspects the concierges.

    We both asked the concierges about the missing mail, who denied everything, swore at us and called us racist liars - odd because my roommate and I aren’t caucasian either! The strata dismissed us and told us that the new concierges are “cheap” compared to the previously laid-off higher-paid concierges and that the strata’s priority is keeping operating costs low, not than investigate alleged thievery.

    Until our lease expires, we both are using my retired parents’ address to all mail. Everything. Online shopping,, magazines, tax forms, banking, university, bills, etc. All we get now is flyers and junk mail. It’s annoying but we at least get all our mail without any worries.

  95. 0

    leona says...

    I had the same problems as some other posters, some of my mail has been stolen, and my prescription sent express post by a canadian pharmacy was also stolen. The tracking showed it arrived at the post office and then nothing, no one ever signed for it, it just disappeared. A few times birthday cards I sent in the mail never showed up so now I never ever send a gift card or money in the mail. I have lost trust in the post office. Our mail is delivered by private contractors, and every 6 months, we get a new contractor and I do notice a difference, and this time around, we have one with parcels disappearing.

  96. 0

    Pam says...

    I know this one won’t be popular but I have never had any trouble with my mail and I find the letter carrier efficient and the 1-2 that deliver packages are usually friendly and professional. The only time they don’t knock is when the package will fit between my screen door and inside door or mail box - which I don’t mind - it’s quicker and nothing is ever stolen.

    Though I am tempted to ask my bank and credit card company to withhold my mail, I check it all online anyway.

  97. 0

    Rosta says...

    Well I sent a parcel on Dec 5/11 to a company about 20mins from the post office I shipped it from. Tracked the package a week later and it was on hold. Followed up with CP and was told the company I sent the parcel to is a large volume customer so they pick up their own packages. So I asked if once they pick up will it show up as delivered with my tracking info. I was told no, it won’t. All the packages go into a big container and are not tracked after that. ABSOLUTELY ABSURD if you ask me. So basically my package is gone. I am out $150 because the company I sent it back to says they never received it. Canada Post won’t help me bc I didn’t insure it-my stupid mistake, I admit. I was naive and didn’t think it would get lost, I also did not realize that they don’t deliver to some companies. Beware, always insure a package going to a company. In my case it was a pair of UGG slippers. Some Canada Post employee probably has toasty warm feet. Nice policy Canada Post has-how can they get away with not tracking to delivery? I specifically made sure my parcel was trackable as I thought this was my insurance.

  98. 0

    GoingPOSTAL says...

    Not only has a package been stolen from me, but money I sent to a family member never made it, TWICE. When I say never made it I mean not even out of the local processing plant.

    Also my packages have been soaked on two separate occasions, destroying/ revealing the contents.

    Canada Post is the worst scam ever, I feel bad for anyone who works at a Canada Post because I know this is a common problem, and I know people call angry all the time and there really is nothing you can do to help.

    I have nothing else to say, nothing positive at least.

  99. 0

    Jacob B. says...

    You guys are crazy. Canada Post is awesome, there customer service is extermely friendly. I dont know about your area, maybe your all just really unlucky. Canada Post has the best service around!

  100. 0

    Beryl Fida says...

    What is it about down under weddings that makes them so irresistible? We seriously can’t get enough of them here at SMP and this next little number is no exception! Pay attention people because this Sydney wedding is setting the bar for vintage inspired weddings.cheapest swtor credits

  101. 0

    ralphie says...

    Firstly, Canada Post does not run on tax dollars. They pat taxes, more than most corporations in Canada.
    Secondly, you have not given enough details to be able to get an investigation going. Exactly what mail is missing? When?
    Next, the PO would have to be able to track the missing mail to determine where it went astray and which employee would be responsible. To be able to track something it has to be sent as register or expresspost, or priority post or other trackable product.
    If your mail is delivered to your home but you don’t have a secured (a box that locks as boxes in an apartment or a mail slot where the mail drops directly into your locked home) then the mail is in jeopardy of being stolen by passersby.
    I hope this information helps you word a proper investigation into the where abouts of your missing mail.

  102. 0

    Postie says...

    I’m a lette carrier with Canada Post. Please don’t judge all of us by the actions of the 0.1% of workers that may be dishonest or just don’t give a damn. 99.9% of us work really hard and do our job the best we can. I do want to clear up a couple of things:
    1) Friday mail is usually very light. I don’t know why, but that is just the way it usually is. On Monday, we have a weekend’s worth of mail being sorted in the plant. Therefore Monday has more mail. Your mailman is not just taking a day off.
    2) delivery notice cards. I admit some carriers do not wait very long at all before writing a card. BUT, sometimes senders request that items are held for pickup. For those items we have to write a card no matter what, and we leave it in the box.
    3) Even light fluffy snow can be dangerous as it can hide ice underneath it. Carriers fall all the time due to ice and snow not being cleared.
    4) As for mis-sorts, letter carriers are human, and do make mistakes at times. Remember, nobody is perfect.
    5) A lot of the letters that arrive damaged are a result of jams in the sorting machines. If someone mails something with coins or keys or similar items in it, it will jam the machine, and a bunch of letters behind that item get jammed as well. This can cause accordion-like folding, tearing, and sometimes ripped right in two.
    And to the person who brought up putting “something else that explodes” in the mail, don’t even joke about that.

  103. 0

    Tom says...

    When we lived in Rural Saskatchewan, it never even occurred to us that there could be a problem with mail delivery. It’s just something you take for granted and assume you can trust. Now that we live in BC, and have a community post box, we are constantly getting other peoples mail, including bank statements. We deliver it ourselves, but it never occurred to me that we may be losing things ourselves, until my T4 slip was mailed from my employer, and never arrived. I have complained numerous times about receiving other peoples mail, and the only result is our mail is then viciously stuffed into our box, all crinkled up. I have asked in town about renting a box and changing our mailing address to avoid the contractors, the box rent is $150 per year. We are supposed to be careful with our Social Insurance numbers for identity theft reasons, what do you do when Canada Post sends your personal information to who knows who????

  104. 0

    E chad says...

    Well, first i was getting opened mails, called Canada post, they asked take pictures and send us that the mail came open?????now i am not getting my ebay purchases, only the delivery confirmation(signature ones) are coming in, rest Nope, this is ridiculous.
    I will call them again today and see what they say

  105. 0

    Margaretjohnson says...

    I have just lost yet another packet to my little grandson and from now on I will get a Visa card from my bank and send him the equivalent amount of money and he can spend it as he likes in France, where he lives. A huge number of grandmothers are doing this - think of the trade going out of the country? And all that money being spent in foreign countries. No wonder our stores are struggling.

    Great answer Lulz!

  106. 0

    Notverycreative says...

    I delivered something from Australia to my mom’s home in Canada, through Australia Post, in a delivery tube.
    When it arrived at her home, one end of the tube had been ripped off, and it was empty.

    I orignally contacted Australia Post, who told me that I had to make the claim with Canada Post first, and they would contact Australia Post for me.
    So I go into my local Main Branch, and they refused to give me any forms, telling me I needed to go through Australia Post first.
    So, I contact Australia Post again, and they tell me that this is incorrect - the claim process needs to be started with Canada Post, since the package is in Canada, and needs to be inspected.
    Makes sense to me.

    So I go back to the Main Branch, and they tell me to go to the Distribution Centre first, and ask them if anyone has found it.
    The people at the Distribution Centre were much more helpful - they determined who the contract driver was, and said they would ask him if it’s in his truck, but I still need to make a claim with the Main Branch.
    I still have not heard back from the Distribution Centre, and it’s been about a week. Even a message saying that they asked him and he doesn’t have anything would be better than nothing.

    So…back to the Main Branch. They tell me there is no form…that I need to call Customer Service to make the claim. So I call Customer Service, and they say Main Branch should give me a form.
    FINALLY the Main Branch filled the form out - after all this runaround though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the form went directly from the counter to the garbage can the second I was out the door.

    Also, the lady working there even said to me odds are someone read the value of the item which was being sent and stole it (maybe Australia Post should consider somehow including the value of the item in the barcode/tracking, rather than needing it to be written on the outside in plain view…just saying…).

    So finally they filled out a claim form for me…I have a feeling nothing is going to come of it though.

    I will threaten legal action if need be. It would be different if nothing showed up, but the packaging did show up…just with nothing in it…so obviously the thing inside has to be in a post office somewhere…or in a postal worker’s home…

  107. You made some decent points there. I did a search on the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your blog.

  108. 0

    BOB says...

    Canada Post has such bad service. A lettermail from my parents was suppose to arrive in 4 days can be delayed for over a week. The lettermail still isn’t here yet. Why would they even bother with delivery standards if they can’t follow them. After reading everyon else’s post, I have come to realize I might never receive this lettermail due to the high volume of lettermails that get lost and opened along the way. This “lost” lettermail will cost me about $2000. I hope they’re satisfied with what they find inside my lettermail. Canada Post should be replaced with another postal carrier company. They suck.

  109. 0

    Employee Pay says...

    Canada Post pays for all operations through postage fees, your tax dollars are not used to pay for any part of Canada Post’s operations.

    Since something is being stolen I’d of notified the RCMP & Canada Post at the same time…..

  110. 0

    LH says...

    I guess not everybody is perfect. I never had issues until this last package from Gap never came. It was tracked and said item successfully delivered. I never got. Checked the post office and nothing. So CP told me to contact the sender and make a claim. My guess is they safe dropped, which they said they never do. They’re liars because I’ve had many packages safe dropped by CP and left at my front door. This time I was away but had a house sitter at the time of the delivery. Someone probably saw it and stole it. Or they delivered to the wrong house and the person who accepted the package probably kept it. Anyway I hope the Gap gets their claim. They were gracious enough to send me the same order and luckily every item in the sizes I wanted were in stock. I don’t have to put out any more money. I just hate the wait. Way to go CP. I bet you have to pay out a lot of claims because of incompetence.

  111. 0

    me says...

    Do you have proof that they are stealing it or is it just more convenient to blame them because they have access?

  112. 0

    Terry says...

    You have complaints about what is happening with your mail from the mail man, what do you think about this story that is currently underway that is investigating mail men at Canada Post that complete their routes within four or five hours but are paid for an eight hour shift. They earn between 18$/hr and $25/ hr or more.

  113. 0

    Rodney M says...

    I like my courier if I am not home they take to the local SDM and leave me notice. I only had probs with them a few times due to damb junk mails there is sign in my box no junk mail please. and has been fine for the past few months lets hope it stays that way.

  114. 0

    ludington says...

    Kiki, you can get a 5 cent stamp in the US, but you’re going to have to put 8 1/2 of them on a letter.

  115. 0

    mcarter says...

    Yeah, i don’t know when “Kiki” last bought a stamp in the USA ‘cos it hasn’t cost as little as 5¢ to mail a letter there in 40+ years.

    Those of you who have had international mail returned to you can feel welcome to blame the postal services on the other side, too. After all, it’s likely the folks on that end who have failed to make the delivery.

    Poster above complaining about mail forwarding not working: mail forwarding only redirects YOUR mail to your new address and does not extend to former residents or tenants mail continuing to arrive at your address. If they don’t subscribe to mail forwarding where do you think their mail will go?

    Newsflash, folks: Some people steal. Some people are incompetent. ALL postal services have their problems, just as ALL boats leak. Anyone who has a beef with Canada Post should have a conversation with someone in Italy or Spain. We have it pretty good compared to a lot of places.

    I have NEVER (yet) had a problem with the service provided by a CP letter carrier. HOWEVER, since parcel delivery has been contracted out to a privately-owned courier company I’ve had no end of trouble.
    - Missing parcels.
    - “Attempted” deliveries that never happened.
    - Delivery Notice Cards not left OR left in mailbox WEEKS after I had inquired and picked the thing up on my own at the post office.
    - Parcels being “out for delivery” for three days.

    Your mileage will, no doubt, vary from one area to the next, but whenever I hear someone chirping about privatizing the postal service I think of far downhill parcel delivery has gone in my area in just a few years.

    Privatizing the PO will save some money in the short term and *might* keep postage costs lower, for awhile, as candidates will low-bid their way to hefty contracts to deliver mail, but in the Canadian economy it cannot last. Canadians are among the highest-earning people in the world and, thanks to unions and Canadians’ general feeling of entitlement, the cost for anything resembling a service will continue to increase.
    So get used to Canada Post functioning as it is or buckle up for an inferior and equally costly privately-operated equivalent.

  116. 0

    mcarter says...

    @Rodney M:
    It is illegal for your postal carrier to NOT deliver anything that has been sent to you, whether it is addressed to you or if it is flyers, junk mail, etc. Someone has paid to have that stuff delivered to you and they must, as contracted, carry out their delivery.

    A “NO JUNK MAIL” sign on your mailbox may filter out some flyers delivered by kids who are just as happy to not have to walk up to your door, but anything sent via Canada Post must be delivered.

  117. 0

    Janessa says...

    My biggest complaint is consistently paying for “Sign on Delievery” and the people I send my parcels to have told me they were never asked to sign anything! When I check the signature on line it is always a scrawl(?) for signature. Everytime!!
    So, why are we paying for a signature to make sure our parcels are delievered when carriers/delivery are too lazy to have the addressee sign? Just read a Montreal postal worker was suuspended for doing this when it happens regularly in AB,Sask.MB where I send parcels.

  118. 0

    Al says...

    I just had 30 Euros cash stolen from a Christmas card I posted to Gatneau from Australia. I placed the 6 5Euro notes inside a Christmas card and a well sealed envelope. The receiver got the envelope with nothing in it. But even more surprising the envelope did not appear to be tampered with! So 30 Euros is nto a lot of money and they say do not post cash, fair enough. But i do not expect a CanPost thief to take my contents and forward the empty envelope. Do the postal delivery people take their goods home before delivery the next day? I presume there is plenty of surveillance in the Mail Centres so where do they get the chance to steal? Like i said to my friend who the Euros were for, “I hope the thief buys a fatal overdose with my money”

    Shame CanPost vet your employees harsher and prosecute those who steal your customers property.

  119. 0

    vivian says...

    postal workers are not allowed to take the mail home. Mail from overseas can be opened and inspected of course, but also in Canada, a postal inspector can open the mail for inspection, there is no need in Canada to get a warrant for this.

    As far as location of the mailbox, we complained about ours, but we had the visit of two burly looking postal inspectors who told us in no uncertain terms that our mail would now be delivered to the community mailbox which is safer and more secure. We are old and it is further for us, but it is a fact that mail is safer because when we had our mailbox at our driveway, it would sometimes get stolen by kids if we forgot to pick it up. With bills and banking online now, I don’t worry too much about the mail.

    I’m sure some stealing happens,but there are other factors to consider. I remember hearing of a postal employee who simply got rid of the mail instead of delivering it, he was caught.

  120. 0

    Michael says...

    Our mail here in Victoria has been mis-delivered for years.
    I’ve even found our mail labelled in the foyer as “not at this address”
    by local neighbours in the building who are just stupid neighbours who
    received our mail.

    They are not required to deliver my mail either by law. However, we all live in the same building. Nevertheless… Canada post has never taken responsibility for any mis-delivered or lost mail in my entire almost 50 yrs. of using their services. They stink and their employees (many of them) are lazy twit heads sucking money out of the system. They have no incentive to do a good job.

    Our mis-delivered mail is a constant thing. Every month, it happens. We have written letters, called Canada Post managers here, and even spent 3 yrs. trying to get our money back on one mis-delivery.

    Just a reminder, whenever you see any organization that ‘needs’ an Ombudsman, that means they have an internal management issue; otherwise they wouldn’t need another person or persons to fix a problem. Canada post ombudsman is another useless office; they do nothing until you have essentially gone mad with frustration via the regular route. On the regular office route for complaints….they stink here in Victoria. Heck… I have a direct number to the manager and he doesn’t like me either… because he cannot do anything about the lazy mail delivery people. I mean… how frigging hard is it to deliver mail to the correct
    address??? I have worked as a consultant for 24 years (Envir. Eng.) and I have never made an error that got into the public domain… So.. .I expect people doing grunt mail delivery to do the job perfectly every time without errors… PERIOD!@!!@@!@@

  121. I’m in the U.S. and in the past 6 months two packages that were supposed to be delivered for my online business from Canada got ‘lost’ or most likely stolen of course. So annoying! I hate to have to tell my sponsors to send the items again at their expense, especially when it is a small business owner such as an Etsy shop, ugh.

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