Acai Berry Product “Sample” Scam

By The Traveller

I recently ordered a “sample” of acai berry product. The charge went on my credit card prior to delivery and I did receive it. Two days later, I have 2 new charges for $ 61.59 each also charged to my account. I thought I was getting a sample only but when you order it you are also signing up for a constant monthly supply and charges are automatically put on your credit card. I phoned and complained and had to argue with someone for over 1/2 hour. Finally, he said he would remove the charges. So far, I am waiting to see if this happens!

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    Bluerose says...

    Thats horrid traveller ,same thing happened to me with CigArrest they robbed me and I never saw my money again.

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    MP says...

    A friend of mine has been dealing with exact same thing for a few months now.

    The only way they will stop charging your account, is for you to obtain a cancellation number from them. You give that # to your credit card company. The charges will NOT stop otherwise.

    Friend never did get her money back. ( It was almost up to $400, before it stopped )

    Good Luck!

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    Catherine says...

    I did call to cancel within the first 14 days as instructed- but I’m still gonna check my card- I don’t think they gave me a ‘cancellation number’- I did have to pay like $11 in customs charges when the package arrived which I was not expecting! I accepted the first one the acai berry- but I also ordered the cleanse and want to refuse it- it’s at the post office now- does anyone know if I refuse the package if the company could end up charging me later for it? I wish I had NEVER ordered this garbage! Did anyone else order because of a promo for making money by giving a review of the product? They contacted me once but then when I had more questions they never responded after several attempts.

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    dave says...

    W5 just did a feature on this scam, you are pretty much screwed and canceling your card is the best suggestion.

    It really saddens me that people keep falling for these scams, it’s a lethal combination of stupidity and gullibility

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    Brooke says...

    I fell into this trap too. It is a huge scam going around. I ordered the samples and a few minutes later happened to stumble across a news report of how this is a scam. I was so worried that I called and cancelled my card right away. I didn’t bother calling the company I ordered the samples from. A few days ago I did recieve the samples and it made me worry again. I called them and they said they had already put the s&h charges on my card and had tried charging me another $80 but it was declined. I was soooo thankful that I cancelled my card. So all I was charged with was my initial s&h that I approved. The guy had no problem cancelling my subscription, I guess because it is a scam they don’t want to bother with you if you get declined.

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    me says...

    why would you give a credit card number to a free sample site? you are asking to be scammed and robbed. if someone was dumb enough to offer my website their card numbers no questions asked, no kidding i’d use them.

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