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Rexall Pharma Plus Richview Square (Store #0869) 250 Wincott Drive Customer Service Issue

I had purchased a Revlon lip butter at Pharma Plus and when I got home, I realized I did not like the colour I bought (bright orange) but I still was going to give the product a try and keep it to use during the summer months. I noticed that the seal on the lipstick looked like it was taken off and stuck back on so I opened the lipstick to find out that it was used, and not minimally, it was noticeably used. Went to the same Rexall to exchange the product, and this is where the problem started. I asked the woman whom I’m guessing was a manager to exchange the product for me and told her right away that it was used. She argued with me and said that the seal was on but I pointed out that the seal can come off easily and be put back on and told her to look through the top and you can clearly see that it is used. This is when she started to accuse me of using it. I was taken aback and kept telling her honestly it was not me, I had tested it in the store using the testers before I
  bought it (on my hand) so there is no reason for me to open a brand new lipstick to test it. She kept smirking and giving me suspicious looks and stating that I should have checked the product before I bought it. Really? Thats obvious here, but who checks every single product they buy especially when there is a seal on it? I was in a rush so I did not even think about it. She continued accusing me and making me feel like the suspect for about 10 minutes and kept saying that it wasn’t her, or her employees, so it obviously was me because they don’t put returns back on the shelf. At this point I am angry and frustrated that they are putting the blame on me because who really would return a product they used and point out that it was used? Finally she states that she will exchange the product this ONE last time but is keeping the receipt, and asked me very unkindly 3 times whether I was 100% happy with the product. I was very unhappy with their customer service and my family,
 grandparents and I, have all had many other unfriendly experiences here at this Rexall.. I advise people to steer away from this one.



Smart Canucks Canada Reviews


Hello all, I hope 2012 is treating you well thus far.

Please keep submitting your wonderful store reviews.  Remember to include as many details as possible.

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Rogers Canada: Beware Of Telephone Numbers They Assign

I recently moved further north, to a remote little area not well populated.  In fact, my house doesn’t even have phone jacks and the township doesn’t even plow to my driveway on my road in the winter!  Enough said.  I opted for a Rogers Rocket Hub, to provide me with both telephone and internet capabilities.

Thankfully, we are on enough of a hill, that the service works (not too bad, but with some more tweaking at the company level, we’ll get this working even better).  It’s not bad though.

The first bill arrived yesterday.  It was over $300!  I just about ditched the van!  I was in shock!

The breakdown, so you can keep up to speed with me:  $20 for unlimited long distance.  So, I wasn’t charged for anything like that.  And, my regular Flex-Rate plan for internet, depends on usage.  But, what’s this DL (download) with a company which offers ring tones!  Over $117.  And text messaging?  I don’t have text messaging and I don’t have ring tones. (the balance was for part of one month, and advance on the next).

So what happened?  The phone number assigned to me, only a few weeks ago to my Rocket Hub phone number, was formerly somebody else’s cell phone number.  Believe it or not, the cell phone number which the former person had, was only out of service about THREE WEEKS!

This meant, that every service, premium or otherwise, which the person had before me subscribed too, was following the number!  It went right to the next owner of the phone number, which is ME!

Believe it or not, it is true.  I have the bill to back it up.  It is even written on the actual Rogers bill, the third party (a website and 877 phone number) to contact them.

When we contacted the 877 number, the lady on the other end was VERY helpful and acknowledged that there ‘could be’ an error, and she was ‘refunding me $20 to cover the cost.’  But wait a minute, the cost was over $117, how was $20 going to cover the cost?

She simply said, that was the best she could offer, but what she couldn’t understand was ‘how it could be $117, because their services only bill at a rate of $10 to $13 per MONTH!’  So, the best she could refund, was what she considered about two months worth of services, at $10/month.  Just trying to please the customer.

So, back to Rogers.  We called them back, and to this point, they were only willing to reduce the erroneous charge by 50%.  I said to the very patient Rogers employee, “you don’t understand, YOU (meaning Rogers) and I, are being billed, by a third party company, for charges YOU can’t explain and you are not wondering who, what, when, how, and why this could be happening?”  I said, “you know Rogers may be able to take a loss of $50 odd dollars, but that’s groceries for my family! and I can’t afford to have this happen or be repeated!”  He was patient, I have to admit.  I was not yelling at him, but I was very frustrated.  When we called back, the Roger’s employee, ‘this time’ we called, KNEW EXACTLY about this type of charge (how interesting, that one employee knew and the other had me on hold for near an hour, trying to get some help, in order to assist me!).  The second employee, QUICKLY gave me a complete reversal of ALL funds from the third party.  AND looked to next month
s bill, and found charges that would be added to then, as well.  (she took next months third party charges off already!)  Then, I requested my phone number be changed to one that has not been in use for a longer period of time.

Bottom line #1:  when being assigned a phone number, ASK when it was last in use.  Get one that is VERY old, to avoid this nightmare!

Bottom line #2: Read your bills very closely!  This third party, appeared like a ‘normal’ charge on this bill.  Had this not been my first bill, I may have not noticed it… but I was waiting to see the cost of operating the Hub; so I was scrutinizing more carefully.

Bottom line #3:  Don’t take the first deal that a company offers you.  The 50% was NOT okay.  100% was what was appropriate… if you are entitled to a refund, get the entire amount, don’t settle because someone isn’t “authorized” to give you more back.  If it’s your money, and there is no doubt about that, then get the supervisor if you need to.  Money is not free, don’t let a big company weasel their way to keeping what is yours.  (and Rogers was not trying to weasel this time, it was simply that this person didn’t have authority to place more of a credit on my bill; so he said.  I try to remain non-confrontational about it).

Bottom line #4:  Share with your friends about this story, because they may be paying for something that they really aren’t using!

I am very happy with the service which both companies provided, both the third party, and Rogers.  I was patient with them both, and they worked to get this fixed.

If you require more information, because you have seen something on your Rogers bill show up and you think that this all sounds familiar; please message me, and I will be happy to confirm if that is the same company.  I don’t want to give them extra press or advertise their name.

Best wishes, happy savings.

P.S.  The first employee at Rogers also admitted, his findings into this matter proved that this service wasn’t even able to be utilized on the Rogers Hub.  That’s because it was for a cell phone number!  Not, a regular phone number.  The thing is, that the Rocket Hub, is wireless.  So, that means you are being assigned a number which ‘could have been’ a cell phone number in the past… because technically; it’s not a land line.

If you are considering a Rocket Hub, I can tell you that it works and I am in the middle of no where.  I run my computer (wireless) off of it to power the internet and my cordless phones.  They plug into the Hub itself and everything is cordless (except where it plugs the main parts into the Hub and wall outlet).  So, there is alternative to long distance for phone calls.  All Canada, $20 a month, unlimited.  not a bad deal; given that EVERYONE is now long distance to me!  LOL


Poor Service at Canadian Tire Automotive Edmonton

I brought my car into the Capilano store in Edmonton, asking them to check out noisy rear end possibly the rear wheel bearings. They charged me $ 42.40 for the diagnosis
and said both bearing need to be replaced. So I told to replace them upon pickup I paid and left, with the same noise I had when I came. I booked a appointment with Costco to rotate my tires only to find the now the noise was in the front instead of the rear. I had been taken advantage of by Canadian Tire, wonderful doesn’t anybody provide honest work for an honest dollar anymore.?
I took it there in good faith and they took me in bad faith, thanks.
I go to see the manager Ray who says he will refund me the labor costs of $ 148.50 but not the diagnostic charge of $ 48.40  does that make sense to you ?
So now I am waiting until somebody hopefully  from CANADIAN TIRE  will contact me to wake me up from this NIGHTMARE. I will keep you updated, thanks for lending me your ear.


Poor Customer Service at Sears Canada

I purchased a 25 Cu Ft refrigerator from Sears Canada Yorkdale Store in September, which was too deep for my cabinet space. I then purchased a counter depth one 20.9 Cu ft from Sears to replace the big one day later. The first fridge was delivered and setup by two small Indian guys. Two bigger Black guys showed three weeks later and said they could not pick up the old one and deliver and setup the new smaller fridge because it was too big. They said that it was a three man job and it was the first day on the job for one of the delivery guys
My complaint is specifically the way this whole thing was handled. I was told that the new fridge would be delivered on Friday Sept 24th. It was not because it arrived at the warehouse too late. I was then told that it will be delivered on Tuesday, Sept 28th between 5 and 9 p.m. The truck came at 3 p.m. and left. The delivery was then scheduled for Oct 2nd and, you guess right! The delivery still was not completed. Now they are asking me to take another day off on Wednesday Oct 6th. Is FOUR Days off for an appliance delivery a reasonable expectation?


McDonalds Monopoly Prize‏

By SPTravis

During the Monopoly McDonald’s Instant prize and collect to win just before christmas I pulled my tab and I won an instant prize from SNAPFISH. It was a prize pack of 10 free snap shot package from SNAPFISH, worth $30 value. Not a huge prize but I thought wow I actually won something. I went on McDonald’s to claim my prize which linked me to SNAPFISH I filled out my information and my code and they said it would take 8 to 10 weeks to recieve my prize pack. The monopoly game finished October 31st. I still didn’t get my prize. I called McDonald’s and they said someone would get back to me which they didn’t, as well I sent them an e-mail.
I don’t understand, a world wide company like McDonald’s, and they wont return my call’s or e-mails for a prize that I won. 
WOW!!!! Thanks McDonald’s



By Jane Moir

This company does not follow the scanning practice and staff get very nasty when you mention it to them. A lot of the items in the store have different prices that at the register.


Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer‏

By Tresmom

I love the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer. I have had no troubles except with my last bottle there is 1/4 cleaner left and I can’t get it out! I called the Customer Care Dept. and they were so nice! They are sending me a product refund, were very courteous but dissappointing news…. they no longer carry this product in the U.S. I really hope they don’t discontinue it in Canada as well.


Rymal Rd. McDonalds in Hamilton Has Good PR‏

By Bev

I was driving through the drive through the other day and ordered 2 medium coffees. The girl handed me the coffees on a tray and one was not secured in the cardboard tray it came tumbling out pouring all over me and my car interior. I had to ask for a replacement coffee as this apparently did not occur to her. I decided to follow up with management when I got home and to my relief I met a very professional store manager. She showed genuine concern with my health first and foremost ensuring no injury was incurred. Then she reviewed the product to see if there was a fault in the product and finally she reimbursed me to have my car interior professionally cleaned. I appreciated the PR and the thoroughness of the follow up to hopefully prevent repeat incidences. Nicely done.



By Ricolo


I was excited to use this site when I first saw it and purchased a few things, EVERY single item that came was either too big or too small, and I had to return it, not only did they deduct the shipping of the credit back but I also lost 10 dollars per item for shipping it here, in totaly I probably spend at least 100$ in shipping, all of their sizes are wrong. Recently I bought a body suit that was suppose to be a S and it was XXXS it wouldn’t not even go on. I couldn’t even return it although the package it came in was OPEN, anyone could’ve tried it on, I wrote them a message and they didn’t even more to read it! Also have you noticed that they say the item is coming directly from the designer/manufacturor and that is why it takes them so long to ship it, but then they have the same model modelling different items from different designers, so how does that even make sense? I think they delay shipment on purpose. My friend who purchased an item from here as well said it smell


Bad Boots from Mark’s Work Warehouse

By JP72

This is the letter I sent Marks about a very expensive work boot I purchase only 8months ago at their store.

I bought these boots only 8 months ago expecting to get a couple of years out of them. Already the sides are separating at the seams. These were the most expensive boots I ever bought, so I was expecting longevity out of them. The last boot I bought was a no name and I got 3 yrs out of them. I’m very disappointed and will never buy Dakota again.

They told me that they wouldn’t do anything for me, not even a damn sorry.