Monthly Archive for May, 2010


Great Customer Service at Off Your Rocker‏

By Amused Insider

I just bought a rocking chair from an online store to finish my nursery.

The owner-operator was very personable and customer-oriented. Quite a difference from the usual BIG BOX stores. He emailed several times the same day to answer my questions and find out my needs.

He was able to build the chair extra wide for me and he emailed pictures of various fabrics so that I could pick the perfect one. Yes, he went out to look at fabrics to send me pix of what he could find to match my request for something green. He also offered to mail me samples of the fabrics to I could see them in person.

A solid wood rocker and ottoman shipped to me for less than $400 is a bargain and it’s going to be an heirloom I can pass on to my own grandchildren.



Weedman Canada Harassment

By Robin J

I employed Weedman to look after my lawn for five or six year & I was completely happy with the resulting lawn. However, since the implementation of Ontario’s pesticide ban, the results have not been particularly good. For this reason I declined to renew my contract with the local Weedman agent. Since that time I have been harrassed by persistent, rude phone calls (9 or 10 to date) trying to get me to renew my contract. If I decide to use a lawn service in the future, it definitely will not be Weedman!


Walmart Canada Tire Department in Newmarket ON; Flat Out Discrimination

By Kris

You’ll never believe the treatment I received at the tire department in Newmarket Walmart. I was there to have my summer tires put on, and had asked about the slow leak I had on my winter tires (which, ehm, Newmarket Walmart put on).
Instead of explaining the oxidation and lack of seal around the rim to me, he looked at my boyfriend and said “You understand, right?” When I asked “Why would HE understand?”, Tom at Walmart said “It’s a guy thing”. Wow, we’ll see how much its a ‘guy thing’ when I have your head for such an ignorant comment. I will NEVER shop there or any Walmart again.


Costco Canada Praises

By Jimmie Jayson

With all the negative reviews here, I would like to add the about the pleasant experiences I have had shopping at Costco.

I am not a “big time” shopper but Costco is a store that is so diversified in products, from groceries to motor oil to patio furniture to vitamins and all items are of good quality.

I am not an employee or am I affiliated to the store in any way other than just a loyal shopper..

I may add they have an excellent return policy that I have used on a few occasions.

And bonus, they pay their employees a decent living wage unlike other huge chains.

From their meat supply to their service, they are second to none.

Oh, and now our local Costco sells gasoline too and its always three to four cents a liter cheaper than anyone else.


Canadian Tire:Can’t return SH*T!!!‏

By Sandy

I suffer with Scoliosis & Fibromyalgia therefore comfort & support while seated at my computer are paramount. A friend ’surprised’ me with an ergonomic computer chair he purchased at Canadian Tire & assembled it for me as he knew I would be unable to.

Unfortunately, the chair did not provide the adequate support I needed so we promptly tried to return it to the Canadian Tire store where it was bought with our explanation for its return. Because my friend had inadvertently discarded the box which the unassembled chair was purchased in, Canadian Tire refused to offer a refund in return for the chair - even though the receipt was dated for the day before!

I could understand if they could only offer a store credit, but no. I’m stuck with a $100.00 chair I can’t use & one of us is out the money: If you’ve never known anyone who is trying to eck out an existance on Disability benefits, I can tell you that it’s well BELOW the poverty line!
A few months back I also tried to return a wind-up flashlight which only worked for a few minutes when I first brought it home - never to work again, but, because it wasn’t in its original packaging Canadian Tire would not honor the product they sold to me.
I have been a faithful customer of Canadian Tire most of my life - even worked as a cashier in the original location on Sheppard Ave. at Leslie St. in Willowdale while I attended school back in the 70’s, but if this is how Canadian Tire treats its loyal customers I can assure you that there will not be a THIRD time that I purchase a product which is not suitable or dysfunctional from you as I will cease to shop at Canadian Tire from this day forward!

I will get my car serviced at WALMART because I am treated with courtesy & quality work plus it’s cheaper. Anything that Canadian Tire sells, I can also get at WALMART for less!

Below is a picture of the chair I am stuck with as even posting an ad for it at HALFgetattachment the price on craigslist & kijiji is generating no response.


Arctic Gardens Vegetables-Ewwww!

By Steph

Anyone else have the same opinion as me on the ASPARAGUS…it sucks!

I have tried different time settings on my microwave, nothing helps.

The asparagus is STRINGY, super soggy and it tastes like anything but asparagus…well, it tastes a bit like asparagus.

I noticed today that the asparagus is a product of Chili. Seriously? We could find some country closer to product the asparagus??

Maybe that would help with the flavour?

So, before I go out this week and buy a big bag of AG frozen beans on sale, sometime please tell me if it’s worth it.