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Pizza Pizza Front St. & Blue Jays Way, Toronto: I don’t have the F***ing key

by crackercrumb

I had a horrible experience at Pizza Pizza last Saturday night. Such a bad experience.

We get in there & there is a girl in front of us asking for the bathroom key. Girl behind the counter told her someone must have it, since she doesn’t have it. The girl said something to the supervisor (or the person in charge) as she was walking away. I think she had asked him for the key in the first place, so it was like a follow up. & he yelled at the girl behind the counter.. for whatever reason. I couldn’t hear.

We’re now at the counter.

She makes eye contact with me & she says, “well i don’t have the f**** key, so it’s not my f***** problem!” I was dumbfounded.. lol. I felt so awkward too. I ask her if they still have the special for the XL pizza. She never says anything. LOL. So I ask her again & she types it in says “what do you want on it”. Nice.

She never gave me my receipt. After she rang in someone else, I said, “you never gave me my receipt and it says right here - if you don’t get your receipt your meal is on us!” She slammed down the receipt & said “here it is. i just gave it to you now.” I tell her, “that’s not how it works dear. You present the customer with the receipt immediately after the transaction is complete. Not after you have finished another transaction with another customer & I have to ask for it.” She then said, “I just gave it to you, so now you have it. You’re not going to get your meal for free.” I wasn’t going to argue about it because they were going to have my food in their hands.. ya know? I wasn’t even going to complain to head office about it until I got home…

We went in specifically for the cheese sticks & to grab a pizza. They look so gross in the photo, but would look better if they had cheese like they were supposed to & they do taste good. We take the food home, and this is what we find. The girl who works the cash register also does the cheese sticks. I ed about how there was no cheese on them for like an hour after we got home. They are supposed to look like how the first two look.

Pizza Pizza Cheese Sticks

Anyways, I just wanted to share. I’m gonna email head office that photo. I don’t know if I should tell them about the other stuff too or not. I want a new order of cheese sticks though. We ended up eating the 1.5 with cheese & tossing out the others. What a waste.