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I am a frequent visitor at Richtree- Marche Downtown location, and this time, I have visited Marche located in Promenade Mall in Thornhill on Saturday, Sept 17 at around 4PM. The Staff at that location were just rude and unacceptable.

I was going to purchase 4 daily special - as mentioned by the server that the meal cost $5.98 each (chicken and a side, and a drink incl). After this was mentioned, I asked him which drinks are included, and he said I can pick anything from the Bar, coke, sprite, ginger ale, ice tea etc. He told me to take whatever I want from the Bar.

When I brought my purchases to the Cashier, they were charging me the specials plus $1.49 for the drinks. I have told them that the special include the drinks, and they looked puzzled. They were like no drinks included, do you want it or not. I had the worst experience, and they just did not seem to care. They were looking at the wall, and did not make any eye contacts, and did not bother to serve me anymore. I know restaurants are based on the customer service, and this type of service was just not acceptable. I ended up not purchase the meals, as I got the feeling that the customer did not come first. What kinds of service is it, when they say “do you want it or not?”

I will not go to any or the Marche locations going forward. They are simply not customer driven, and do not care. One of the cashiers was just looking at the wall, and the other one disappeared.

They have just lost a long term customer, I have been going to Marche often to purchase my morning coffee and muffing, but will not go back, for sure.