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Lousy Customer Service from

By Jay

I recently ordered something for the kitchen from newegg - yes… they sell kitchen stuff as well!

I ordered it on a holiday weekend. The next day (about 6 hours later actually) I decided to cancel the order as the unit wasn’t really what I wanted. Newegg’s online system had already changed the status to “SHIPPED” and debited my credit card.

Once an item is in SHIPPED status it cannot be canceled.

However, the item ISN’T ACTUALLY UNTIL A BUSINESS DAY. This is a pretty sleezy and deceptive practice in my opinion.

I sent customer service a note right away saying please cancel the order - since it really hadn’t shipped.

They didn’t bother answering the email until several days later at which point the unit had actually shipped. I suspect this was also deliberate so they would not have to cancel the order.

They did finally respond to my complaints and promised an RMA refund - I would have to pay for the item to be shipped back though myself (for $25!).

I shipped it back and they received the item a day after I received it. I and even sent them the tracking information.

Their customer service dept. is now playing further games and delay tactics saying they don’t have any record of having received it!!! %@$#

This is the first time I’ve had to deal with their customer service, and it is pathetic! This will be the last time I shop at NEWEGG!

Buyer beware!