Lousy Customer Service from Newegg.ca

By Jay

I recently ordered something for the kitchen from newegg - yes… they sell kitchen stuff as well!

I ordered it on a holiday weekend. The next day (about 6 hours later actually) I decided to cancel the order as the unit wasn’t really what I wanted. Newegg’s online system had already changed the status to “SHIPPED” and debited my credit card.

Once an item is in SHIPPED status it cannot be canceled.

However, the item ISN’T ACTUALLY UNTIL A BUSINESS DAY. This is a pretty sleezy and deceptive practice in my opinion.

I sent customer service a note right away saying please cancel the order - since it really hadn’t shipped.

They didn’t bother answering the email until several days later at which point the unit had actually shipped. I suspect this was also deliberate so they would not have to cancel the order.

They did finally respond to my complaints and promised an RMA refund - I would have to pay for the item to be shipped back though myself (for $25!).

I shipped it back and they received the item a day after I received it. I and even sent them the tracking information.

Their customer service dept. is now playing further games and delay tactics saying they don’t have any record of having received it!!! %@$#

This is the first time I’ve had to deal with their customer service, and it is pathetic! This will be the last time I shop at NEWEGG!

Buyer beware!

8 Responses to “Lousy Customer Service from Newegg.ca”

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    Laura says...

    Or maybe you could just be sure you wanted something before you buy it and save everyone the trouble?

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    thatgengirl says...

    That’s a pretty rude response Laura. You’ve never changed your mind or realized an error, or found a better deal elsewhere?

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    Ron Simmons says...

    Why would you purchase an item if you didn’t want it?

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    Laura says...

    Actually I prefer to look around, find the best deal, be sure I want it THEN buy it. Whenever I find something I want, I bookmark it and wait a day or two while I shop around, read reviews and make a final decision. I’ve been shopping online for five years and never had to return anything, exchange anything or came to regret what I’ve gotten.

    Pretty simple.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    laura is probably thinking she’s funny. anyways, people are allowed to change their minds and yes that is a sleezy move.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    I think they did a lot to help you here, regardless of what you think of their business practices.
    Did they actually recieve the package? Do you have proof of this?
    If so, Im not really sure how they can deny you a refund. If you have proof it was delivered, just send them a copy of this, and ask that the delivering company give you their records as well.

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    Joe says...

    Most online stores use an automated system to ship out purchases, so canceling an order isn’t as easy as it sounds. Practically everything is done by machines, with no actual person able to cancel an order. Just because it wasn’t a business day doesn’t mean their systems and process take the day off as well - an etailer with huge inventories needs to keep things automated if they are going to survive.

    It’s part of the deal when you shop at discount sites like newegg.ca - the low prices they sell goods at is a reflection of the lack of staffing. No staff means there was nobody available to find your item among the thousands of orders that came in that day, put it back in the system and cancel the transaction. It isn’t sleazy, it is no different than withdrawing $100 from the bank machine, realizing you made a mistake and only wanted $10, and then expecting the machine to fix your mistake and reverse the service charges.

    All the work entailed with filling an order - not to mention the lost revenue as that item couldn’t be sold to another customer once you ordered it - costs the retailer money. And that is money that we are all here trying to save!

    If you ever get your refund, then I think newegg demonstrated excellent service.

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    Amanda says...

    I had a different but related issue at tigerdirect.ca. They actually shipped me an item that wasn’t as described and I ended up not sending it back because they aren’t actually canadian and the way they described it, the return policy was so ridiculous about shipping it my own expense to a different storage company, then letting a contractor inspect it in the states, they maybe them accepting it despite not knowing what the problem was….then 30 days later issuing me a refund minus the 20 dollar shipping fee when it was their error if it arrived on time which was pushing it by the time they issued me the code to return. It really wasn’t worth the savings. I’d rather pay 10 dollars more for my electronics and be able to talk to someone in this country and not pay 25 dollars to ship crap back. I won’t shop at new egg or tiger direct after that…cause they operate with similar styles of customer service. But to each his own.

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