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Flying Air Canada “As painful as a root canal done by an infant with a rusty butter knife”

by Alfred K

I travel a lot.  I am on a plane about once every other week, mostly for work sometimes for fun.  I have not flown on Air Canada for a domestic flight for a couple years.  I’ve avoided them like the plague and opt for the much friendlier WestJet.

I had the displeasure of flying Air Canada last week, and it was as painful as a root canal done by an infant with a rusty butter knife.

What airline makes you print your own baggage tag, and affix it to your own bags?  Air Canada does.  You would think this would lead to better efficiency and a quicker check-in since you’re now doing their baggage agent’s job.  Of course with Air Canada you get no such luck.

Instead, there is a line-up of 20 people at Toronto Pearson in the middle of the day with only ONE baggage agent.  ONE!  Not only was one in every five passengers showing up without baggage tags, they decided to argue with the agent.  The agent with their blank look and no desire to help, just slowed everyone down.

My return from Vancouver was made even more painful, as the Westjet counter is clearly visible.  Where of course there were 4 agents, processing everyone quickly, with never more than 5 people in line.  Over at the Air Canada line, again 20-30 people waiting, with TWO agents.  Did I mention that Air Canada agents are useless?

I ask the agent, “Does your management know that there is a huge line of irrate customers here while your competitor is doing a much better job with more agents and a better experience - all clearly within sight of your customers that you choose to ignore?”

Her answer was that she’s certain management is aware of the complaints.

All I did was laugh and tell her that her management is making a very good effort and ensuring they go under.

I will try my best to continue to avoid flying Air Canada.  They clearly have no intention of providing any level of customer service, and choose to ignore the needs of their customers.  Kind of like the US auto industry, and where did they go?  My biggest worry is that Canadian taxpayers will end up owning a piece of yet another useless company.