West Winds Calgary Real Canadian Super Store: Mold On Food


By: Kylee

I am writing of a problem at the west winds, Calgary RCSS.

i have mentioned this multiple times to managers, floor people, and head office.

it seems as if the real Canadian superstore does not care on bit about consumer health.

every time I walk into the store i must avoid the produce section. EVERYTHING IS MOLDY!

the “food” that is just discussing enough not to remain on the front display is put up for a 50% off deal .

this is a gigantic violation of consumer health and safety!!

793 Responses to “West Winds Calgary Real Canadian Super Store: Mold On Food”

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    K says...

    the Westwinds RCSS is by far one of the worst RCSS I have EVER been to.. secondary to the one in Sunridge

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    Jack says...

    it’s spelled “DISGUSTING”….not discussing……sheesh!

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    It's Me says...

    LOL Jack..

    Mold on everything? That’s a wee bit of an exaggeration I would think. If it’s so “”discussing”" then why do you keep going back? Find a new store, I’m sure there is more than one grocery store in Calgary.

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    Robby says...

    This really bad. I for one try as much as possible avoid going to any RCSS in Calgary, because the stores are not well kept and always long line ups. Last year I went to this very store, that time I was 8 months pregnant, whiles in the Frozen food section I slip and almost landed on the floor if I was not fast enough to hold on to the next available thing. I ask to speak to the manger, it took quite a while he finally came I told him about the pool of water in their frozen food section and he said he will have them take care of it. The next time I was at the store, the same old story, since then I made up my mind only to go there if i need something there i cant find anywhere. Now that there is No frills on Temple Dr and 17th Ave and 52, it is the last place a will go shop

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    Andy says...

    Loblaws is a horrible company to work for - just ask any of the thousands of decent staff who have left during the past few years. Not a surprise that customer service has been neglected. This is what you get when a company is run by a person whose main qualificarion is that he is the son of the owner. Complete joke of a company that gets worse every year

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    Annie says...

    Moldy food for sale is a health hazard and I would think illegal. I wonder why the authorities haven’t stepped in. How many people have eaten toxic food from this store, felt sick but didn’t know the source?

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    anna aguiar says...

    Sometimes we can not go different stores for different reasons ,of course! Mobility reason , sickness etc.

    I don’t know why some people even asked ` why do you keep going back there`. Duh-uh.\

    When a food store is opened they have BY LAW to be SUPER CLEAN.

    Canadian super stores are disgusting! Also here in Toronto. I never buy meet, fish , dairy from them. I go there only for cleaning products. THAT IS ALL!

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    Heather says...

    The RCSS in Winnipeg are disgusting as well. I actually had a confrontation with one of the store managers here. He told me thats what you get for minumum wage. WOW!! Will never shop there again.
    That being said, love the RCSS in Ottawa area, they are clean, staff are awesome and they have a good feel to them. Hard to believe its part of the same chain.

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    Carolyn says...

    People shopping there need to call the food inspection agency and get something done about this. They will fine them and close them down if not cleaned up. This is not laughing matter.

  10. 0

    Alice says...

    Seen the same at Walmart

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    ER LONDONER says...

    PC Stores are messy, dirty, and unorganized!!! They all are beginning to look like huge cheap warehouses (no frills). If you walked into a restaurant that was dirty, messy, unorganized would you eat there? I have been avoiding these places and will shop almost anywhere else. PRESIDENTS CHOICE—All no frills…Disgusting!!!!

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    Laura says...

    I really like all of the superstores that I go to in southern Ontario… except for one time I got a prepared Cesar salad and when I opened it i noticed that the lemon in it had been sucked on…teeth marks and everything… really gross. I brought it back and the manager apologized and gave me $25 gift card. Was nice I got a good return but I won’t buy grocery store salads anymore. I don’t trust it.

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    Helen Barker says...

    When grabbing a bag of bread from bakery shelf, I noticed the bag was slightly wet. Felt a few other items, found them wet too. Looked up, saw discoloured wet ceiling tile. Tried to tell young man working, got brushed off. Insisted on speaking to manager, gave up waiting, continued shopping. Manager caught up with me at cash. When told of the issue, he simply kept saying he knew about the problem, that it was nothing serious and it had been “on the repair list” for 2 weeks. He really did not comprehend this was food safety issue.

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    Tesho says...

    Real Canadian Superstore In Kamloops B.C. . I feel blessed to have this store in my City.I have shopped there for ever,well since they opened here over 10 yrs ago,I am a loyal shopper,The store is BIG,the store is CLEAN” and i have no problems with the excellent produce we receive. The prices are meant for me,lol… I am on a fixed income and gave up shopping at Save On Foods,Or Safeway,both American owned and to shop there is so horrible,the prices are far to high,i get food from my SUPERSTORE that is just as good or better than the rest,i save on all items. I give my store i shop at a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 on keeping shelves stocked,Fresh is Best always, and there meat is very good and much cheaper than all the others,I do use Costco as well, so the combination of using both stores is superb !!!!! I will keep shopping there and i WILL stay away from the ones that steal my money by charging artificial high prices INDEED !!!!! Thank you Real Canadian Superstore In Kamloops B.C. Canada !!!!!!! Best In The West !!!

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    Helen Barker says...

    I brought the manager over to look at fluid dripping from the ceiling onto baked goods. The ceiling tiles were soaked and stained. He did nothing, just said that it had been on the repair list for weeks. Nope, never going back to Westwinds Superstore.

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