Beyond The Rack: Just Terrible

By Jarry

I’ve been shopping with beyondtherack and spent quite a lot. Then once, I had to return tops that were too small. Heck! They didn’t wanna give me store credit, gave me lousy reasons for not being able to give it back to me. I got so stressed, I wasted my time and energy calling and explaining. In the end, they kept my $150 and I never went back!
There are better retailers than this greedy company. Since then I’ve been shopping in eBay as they have buyer protection there and I’ve never lost a single cent!

Beyondtherack should treat customers better. Customers should be able to return items, without going through hell.

1197 Responses to “Beyond The Rack: Just Terrible”

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    mortgagequeen says...

    Good to know . Thanks for sharing.

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    Laura says...

    I love beyond the rack, but the shipping takes forever. I am still waiting for things and it says that the expected delivery date was last week. No updates, even after I email & Call to find out where it is. Pain in the butt.
    I would not buy clothes on there… Just cause you should try on stuff first, I only buy like the housewares etc.

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    JC says...

    Agreed - BTR = terrible customer service, very very slow shipping times, and unreasonable reps. They wouldn’t even let me return a bikini top when they ran out of the coordinating bottoms, that I ordered at the same time. So now I have half a bathing suit.

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    Bob says...

    Seems to me that with this kind of consistent issues that if people JUST STOP DEALING with them then perhaps they will clean up their customer services’ issues or go down like the Titanic. But for you folks to continue dealing and trying to be reasonable with them appears to be futile. Once a customer is aware of issues like these and they continue to deal with the company they then deserve the crap that follows - after all the company clearly has not changed their policies - why should they since they can get away with it with no downside,

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    Joan says...

    Thanks for the heads up. When ordering anything use a credit card as they can do a charge back to the company if you’re not having any luck.

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    Robyn says...

    I have experienced many, many problems with this company. Most recently, I have been waiting for an order that I placed 10 weeks ago. When I e-mailed them they said they would look into it and get back to me in 2-3 weeks. They took my money, will not refund me and did not deliver the product. It will be over 3 months before I receive anything, IF I receive it at all. The worst part is their customer service representatives couldn’t care less. It is, by far, the worst customer service I have received in my life.

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