Bell Mobility Canada: Very Dishonest Customer Service Reps

By Megan

Just a few days ago I finally cancelled my cellphone with Bell Canada. I have to pay over $600 to cancel it because I’ve only had it for a year and a half.

The final straw that led me to cancel with them is the fact that I just can’t trust their customer service representatives at the call centre.

Back in August, I called to change my plan. The representative I had told me I needed to add on a $20 bundle so I wouldn’t get charged for breaching the data contract. She sounded sincere so I told her that was fine as long as I legitimately needed it. She assured me I absolutely did, and made it seem like she was doing me some big favour.

Fast forward to a few nights ago when I once again decided to change my plan. This time I used their online chat option, and I talked to a really nice girl on there. I wasn’t able to get a cheaper plan (my current one with that added bundle from August was $90.40 a month!) but she happened to mention that I didn’t need that bundle. In fact, the bundle that had been added had no data properties whatsoever!

The next day I called Bell’s client care hotline, and told the man I got that I wished to make a complaint against the first CSR that I spoke to back in August. We had to wait a while for his supervisor, so in the meantime he asked what the issue was. I explained to him that I had been paying $20 extra for 10 months on my bill because an employee had lied to me, and told me I had no choice but to add the bundle. He proceeded to make up a bunch of excuses for why the employee was right, and how the girl I had talked to online was wrong. He then asked if I still wanted to speak to his supervisor, I told him I absolutely did.

After being put on hold for 20 minutes, a supervisor named Roxanne came on the phone. She also didn’t seem to believe me at first, but after persisting she went through my account details and admitted there was no data involved in that bundle. She then said she could only compensate me for 3 months worth of the bundle. I asked her how it worked out that I was only being reimbursed $60 when I had been cheated into spending $200. She told me it was too bad, and that she wouldn’t do anymore. I told her to immediately transfer me to the department that processed cancellations.

The real issue with me isn’t the money I spent. The issue is that I spoke to 3 different customer service representatives AND a supervisor, and they all had different answers for me. The only one who provided decent, TRUTHFUL information was the one I talked to online. How do they expect me to stick with a company that doesn’t have employees available to answer questions? These employees are lying and tricking customers into spending money they don’t need to spend. Its ridiculous.

I refuse to pay $90 a month (for 19 more months too!) to a company that lies to its customers, and isn’t even sympathetic about it afterwards. I’d much rather pay close to $700 to get out of my contract then to continue supporting the idiots at Bell.

I sincerely hope anyone considering going with Bell Mobility reads this and chooses not to.

1076 Responses to “Bell Mobility Canada: Very Dishonest Customer Service Reps”

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    seema says...

    same thing happned with me and that’s why i cancelled my services too. They are such cheap CSRs in Bell. NO quality ,no respect to customers.It’s good you are out of their services too.

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    not giving name says...

    I actually work doing the online chat for Bell Mobility and I have to say I am also unimpressed with the service provided by the over the phone CSR agents, on multiple occaisons they send customers to chat even though we are not authorised to handle their issue or our systems do not have the capability because it is a chat program which leads to us getting marked with a bad review. I personally have had CSR agents go on my chat from their work stations to get help because they didn’t know what to do.

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    jasza says...

    They are i spent two hours on the phone getting hung up because they could not answer a question or sent to wrong dept they are not even trained in with common courtesy to be nice to customers.

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    cory says...

    My friend received a htc wildfire touch screen in the mail - did not know why - and Bell said he signed an oral contract over the phone with them! How do you sign an oral contract? Anyone could say “hi I’m so - and - so I’d like a phone from you” This cannot be legal!!! The thing is , he called them and said he was returning the phone to them because he didn’t want it and they said they don’t want the phone back and he has to fulfill his ‘contract’ and sent him a bill over $900.00!! This is the most outrageous scam I have ever heard of and I, like many others, have placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because this has to be stopped. I cannot believe stuff like this happens in Canada! So like other people have warned - Do Not Buy Bell!!!

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    Ed says...

    They are brutal at Bell Mobility. I called in on Sept 4th to check and see what they would chanrge to cancel my plan i was toll $189 by the agent. So i thought it was done and over with. then in December they sent me a bill for 200 extra dollers that there trained agaent didn’t bother to look at. Bad service

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    roger says...

    the issue is the agents dont have enough time to deal with the case, as soon as you call the clock starts ticking and if the agents does not end that call with in a certain amount of time then they can be fired. its doesnt matter if you problem was resolved or not!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sharon says...

    We have been going through the same crap since May 2012, have an email from one of their sales reps, but Bell says it is not valid and will not credit the account from May until now. We are stuck until the end of the contract. Same thing happened with my personal phone five years ago. Bell Mobility will never get a good word from me. Hope everyone gets fed up and switches service providers. I will be posting this message via every avenue I can find. BELL MOBILITY SUCKS!!!!!

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    Laura says...

    I guess that’s why the phone keeps getting disconnected while trying to resolve an issue with a bell rep. Has happened to me three times. Its so hard to believe that bell a long time company has resorted to dishonesty and scams. Have had the same issues with them. Feel very bad for those of us in rural ONT who have no other services for local phone than bell.

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    Scott says...

    I recently went with bell for my mobile plan. I later called and had a US long distance plan added (living in Canada) It said at the bottom “regular airtime charges may apply” I knew what it meant, but just to be sure I asked the rep “Does that mean if I call Long Distance before 6, I’m using my daytime mins?” He said “No, it’s always free to call a long distance number” lol. I asked him 3 times if he was sure, he said yes.

    This was after he tried to charge me $45 for it, when it was only a $35 plan, he insisted it was $45 until I went into my account and added the feature myself.

    I’ve also had issues with their online chat, 3 times in a row the rep just simply went afk during a conversation and never came back.

    Bell support are under trained and a lot of them have no idea what they are talking about.

    My friend is also having problems with them, she reached 140$ with a 60$ left on her credit, and they disconnected her cell 3 times in 24 hours, the last time her cell was redirected to bell but noone has answered and it simply hangs up.

    Stay away from bell

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    Braeden says...

    BELL is by far the most incompetent company out there. Not only do they provide you with a different answer every time you speak to them. They will resolve an issue one day and go back to the same problem the next day. I also found out today that they held my payment off by one day to add late charges yet the payment was made at the end of Jan. So i say to those how have bell make sure you monitor the bill you get and when they process your payment.

    There Mobility network is just as bad as there TV network who i might add ended up having to mail me a $480.00 cheque.

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    Ticked right OFF! says...

    Last June I had a pay as you go phone activated to monthly pre paid via credit card, because I was told I had to do this to get a roaming package for the US. I said fine, but I did ask if there were any hidden charges to switch the rep said none. In March I decided I wanted to go back to regular pay as you go, because I had another phone that was actually cheaper to use then that one, so I called Bell up and asked them to put it back to regular pay as you go, the rep said fine, it would happen in the next few days and no charge would be on my credit card. My bill came in and low and behold what did I see…. they charged me for another month and did not turn my phone back to pay as you go. I called, the rep told me, there was not enough days for the cancellation. I made them aware that the other one told me it would be in a couple of days, they said they were wrong and should not of said that. Oh well fine, I thought have that phone working for another month, so I used it, not throwing money down the drain. Today I opened up my Credit Card bill, to find a Charge from Bell for $55.50, called them and they told me it was a charge for turning it back to pay as you go. I told the rep that In two separate occasions I had talked to reps and neither one mentioned anything about that charge. He talked to his supervisor and they said they could do nothing about it other then repremand the reps that didn’t let me know about the charge. I said that was not good, I asked to speak to the supervisor, the rep left and came back on and said all they could do was give me $20.00 back plus the taxes and thats it. I was furious, I got charged for a month I did not ask for and a fee I was not told about and all I was getting for being totally ripped off was $20.00 plus taxes, and the kicker is even better, which really shoved me over the edge with Bell Canada… and that is they can take it out of my account easily enough, but I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for them to send me my money. Can you Say Never Dealing with Bell again. So Bell say good-bye to a Mobility client and a home phone client, and I already stopped using them for their internet because they could not offer me unlimited internet, which they do have now but is way to pricy… Anyways stay clear of Bell Canada, I know I am and so will my friends, we will all be making the switch to a trustworthy company.

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    AE says...

    I purchased a 30 day roaming package from Bell and have a printout of the terms. Bell charged me 60.00 for a service that was supposed to be 0.00.
    I have spent 3 hours with various reps, including sending a fax to their ‘loyalty dept’ which I found out no longer exists. I was told that the roaming plan that I purchased was ‘not compatible’ with the plan that I have with Bell Mobility. I insisted that Bell honour the terms (that I have in writing!!!!) What garbage!!! As things stand, I have been overcharged and no one seems to be able to do anything. I am livid!

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    ALD says...

    Bell has the worst customer service ever. Never go with them they have no respect and the bill is always more expensive that it’s suppose to be. When you try to call afterwards they put you on hold for a long time and they don’t communicate of what have been said between each others.

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    Walter says...

    I called to add a share data plan, the customer rep told me that every thing is ok and I could start using my data right away. Which I did. 15 days later My balance was 300$ over the bill in data usage. I call customers service they told me it was a mistake but every thing is fixed with thing 15 minutes. 30 minutes later the balance was still there. I call again then the Lady who answer if I could call her LADY, told Me that I was A Lier that they never receive a call from me in the last 30 days. And she was very rude, I still was polite but after 40 minutes taking I seen she was not very smart person and with out basic modals I decided to hung up and call againg to talk to a different person. This time the customer rep was a little more helpful and say that not want has done any thing for me but indid call before and he game the dates and times of my previous calls. I asked to talk to a supervisor. At this point was breathing in a controlled manner trying not to lose my good manners. The Supervisor say right a way “the reps will be fired how that you like it” and your balance will be fixed thanks for your call, he said it sounds like sarcastic but I still gave him the benefit of doubt it was a 1 minute and 30 seconds conversation. Guest what nothing was fixed. I paid it and promese to tell any one every where what happen. It does not finished there. 6 months later I receive a call my line is being cancell and I will pay a bill of $400 plus tax plus another service line. so I call that thing they named Customer service, again. The first one to receive my call said “ok give me a second I will fix it for you” and she hung up then I call again and a nice customer service rep and very polite told me it was a mistake my line is good and they do not know why it was being cancel (I never have been late on my paytments) well it was easy.! I tought ! Then my balance was $602 I called them They apologized the line was not cancel but they where charging me for a candelation fee any way. After talking to a nice guy call Daniel he fixed it for me and I pay $109 I know I was suppose to pay $125 but they owe me $300 from before so….I hope you follow your good jugdment and never never buy a bell service.

  15. 0

    Walter says...

    I called to add a share data plan, the customer rep told me that every thing is ok and I could start using my data right away. Which I did. 15 days later My balance was 300$ over the bill in data usage. I call customers service they told me it was a mistake but every thing is fixed with thing 15 minutes. 30 minutes later the balance was still there. I call again then the Lady who answer if I could call her LADY, told Me that I was A Lier that they never receive a call from me in the last 30 days. And she was very rude, I still was polite but after 40 minutes taking I seen she was not very smart person and with out basic modals I decided to hung up and call againg to talk to a different person. This time the customer rep was a little more helpful and say that not want has done any thing for me but indeed I called before and he game the dates and times of my previous calls. I asked to talk to a supervisor. At this point was breathing in a controlled manner trying not to lose my good manners. The Supervisor say right a way “the reps will be fired how that you like it” and your balance will be fixed thanks for your call, he said it sounds like sarcastic but I still gave him the benefit of doubt it was a 1 minute and 30 seconds conversation. Guest what nothing was fixed. I paid it and promese to tell any one every where what happen. It does not finished there. 6 months later I receive a call my line is being cancell and I will pay a bill of $400 plus tax plus another service line. so I call that thing they named Customer service, again. The first one to receive my call said “ok give me a second I will fix it for you” and she hung up then I call again and a nice customer service rep and very polite told me it was a mistake my line is good and they do not know why it was being cancel (I never have been late on my paytments) well it was easy.! I tought ! Then my balance was $602 I called them They apologized the line was not cancel but they where charging me for a candelation fee any way. After talking to a nice guy call Daniel he fixed it for me and I pay $109 I know I was suppose to pay $125 but they owe me $300 from before so….I hope you follow your good jugdment and never never buy a bell service.

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